Aubrey O’Day Breaks Down Today’s Radio Payola Practices

Last year, Aubrey O’Day went on “Sway In the Morning” and exposed modern day payola practices. The full interview has mysteriously and suspiciously disappeared from the Internet, but a clip has resurfaced in which she breaks down how much money artists different genres pay to secure spots in radio rotation. Considering the Danity Kane member was on a radio show while pulling out these receipts about illegal radio practices, she got herself into some touchy territory. However, Sway weighs in on the topic, appearing to nod along in agreement. At one point, he even corrects Aubrey by interjecting, “That’s minimal,” while she is listing the prices that some pay for a hit record. 

“There’s a price on urban radio, there’s a price on pop radio and people don’t understand,” Aubrey says. “As independent artists, it’s like 60k for urban, 160k for pop, and it’s not the same type payola that happened when everybody got busted for it when the program directors were collecting it, because now that’s illegal. It’s through an independent party, usually someone who worked for one the majors – who had ben fired or left – and then they hustle these records influentially to the radio and if you have the right money and backing, you can do it to eliminate all other sources.” 

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Immature’s Romeo Confirms Brandy Norwood Caused Him To Go Blind In One Eye

Prior to Marques Houston becoming a solo artist, the R&B singer was a member the group Immature. The teens primarily sang innocent love songs, but they were a hit and toured the world, performing for their young, and mature, fans. Each them had their own nicknames: Marques was “Batman,” Kelton Kessee was “LDB,” and Jerome Jones was known as “Romeo.”

Immature's Romeo Confirms Brandy Norwood Caused Him To Go Blind In One Eye
Paras Griffin/Getty s

The latter stood out from the other two because he sported a black eye patch, and while some thought it was a fashion statement, Jerome shared years ago that it stemmed from an incident that happened with fellow singer Brandy Norwood. Rumors circulated that the Moesha actress was responsible for Romeo’s eye injury, but while the gossip made it seem as if it was a purposeful move, Jerome confirmed in a recent interview with Nick Cannon that it was all an accident.

Cannon asked about the patch and the rumors about Brandy, and Jerome explained, “Yeah, her and Half Pint had got into it. She had a book in her hand, just tossed it back, not thinking anyone or I was that close. Cut my retina. Detached it. And the lens to the eye had fell out and Brandon Adams caught it. He was there with us. So, he’s standing there holding my lens. He’s not knowing what’s going on. Marq come in and we were trying to hide it.”

Marques chimed in that no one wanted to say anything because they wanted to make sure Brandy didn’t get scolded. “I was like ‘What’s going on?’ Rome is on the bed,” Marques said. “I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ Rome is like, ‘Nothing. Nothing.’ Brandy’s like, ‘He don’t want to get me in trouble. Nothing, nothing.'” When he found out, he immediate ran for Chris Stokes and rushed Jerome to the hospital. Unfortunately, he became blind in that eye. Check out the clip below.

Lori Harvey Arrested For Hit & Run: Report

Model Lori Harvey has become quite the celebrity in the last year. Hearing her name thrown around in all the hottest gossip circles, the daughter famed television host and comedian Steve Harvey has been allegedly dating none other than Diddy, one the world’s biggest rap moguls, for the last few months. She’s also been linked to Trey Songz, Future, and Diddy’s own son. Unfortunately, she’s made her way into the headlines once again but, this time, it’s not because who she’s hanging out with.

Lori Harvey Arrested For Hit & Run: Report
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty s

According to OK! Magazine, the star was involved in a “serious” car crash over the weekend, getting arrested after attempting to get away with a hit-and-run. The model was reportedly texting and driving at the same time when her Mercedes-Benz SUV hit another car and flipped over. The driver the other vehicle reportedly pulled her out the car but she attempted to flee before the police arrived. She was apparently arrested on two charges but did not spend the night in jail. “She was arrested for the two charges and released on scene,” says the source. “Not booked. She identified herself properly and signed a written promise to appear in court.”

In other Lori Harvey-related news, some her fans believe she was catching lunch with Future yesterday after both celebs were spotted at Nobu in Malibu.

Steve Harvey & Wife Marjorie Both Recently Spotted Not Wearing Wedding Rings

Could Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie, be having troubles with their marriage at the moment? For the past the month or so, people have noticed that Marjorie had not been wearing her wedding ring. While some may not think that’s a huge deal, Steve was just spotted not wearing his ring either, causing many to speculate the state their marriage at the moment.

Spotted by MTO, Steve posted a picture yesterday on Instagram him and his grandson, and in the picture Steve is clearly not wearing his wedding ring. It’s unclear as for why the talk show host decided to take it f, if there’s a legit reason or purpose, but let’s hope this is more likely a gossip rumor than factual. (see Steve’s pic below).

However, this isn’t the first time that Steve and Marjorie have faced “divorce” rumors. The couple has previously denied any problems with their relationship, but hopefully this is just another rumor.

Check out a pic Marjorie without her wedding ring from a few days ago as well (below).

Kevin Gates Addresses Murder Rumors & Speaks On Oral Sex In New Video

Chances are, you’ve heard a crazy rumor about Kevin Gates during at least one point in his career. The Louisiana-bred rapper has been plagued with controversy after controversy and it feels like each gossip headline gets stranger than the last. The star has managed to stay out trouble for the last year and he’s preparing to release his new album I’m Him. In order to prepare his fans for the drop, he decided to come through with a new video segment, addressing all the crazy things you may have heard about him.

Unfortunately, Gates doesn’t speak on whether he regularly kisses his dog on the mouth or not but he did touch on plenty other topics. Playing a game Facts or Fiction with Amazon Alexa, things got into awkward territory less than one minute through after Alexa asked the artist to confirm whether a mango is the “closest thing to eating vagina.” If you’re a fan Gates, you know that he keeps his fridge fully stocked with mangos and peaches whenever he wants to practice oral , but in his words, it depends on the “type p***y you like to eat.” 

Later on, the 33-year-old confirms that his diamond teeth are permanently fixed into his smile before shutting down the rumor that he killed somebody at the age thirteen. “That’s fiction,” he said with a coy smile on his face. “Where would you hear such a thing, Alexa?”

Learn more about the eccentric rapper below.

Russell Simmons Banned From Yoga Studio In NYC

Russell Simmons is back in the news today, and this time he’s being banned from a yoga studio in NYC following all the allegations rape and sexual misconduct in recent years. According to Page Six, Modo Yoga NYC contacted Simmons on Thursday and notified him he would no longer be allowed on site. The ban comes in response to complaints that were reported by students the studio, where Simmons had been frequently visiting over the past few weeks.

Modo Yoga released a statement on the matter which read: “We do not pass judgment, gossip or comment on any our students . . . However, when we receive complaints from students who are uncomfortable because another student’s alleged conduct outside Modo, we are put in a difficult position.”

Simmons has since reacted publicly to the ban. He reportedly told the paper, “The management invited me, and then said that my presence had ‘triggered some members.’ I’m deeply disappointed and hurt by it. Guilty by accusation, I don’t believe is a good way to go forward.”

Despite claims by several women, the Def Jam co-founder maintains his innocence through out all this. We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.

Paul Mooney Hospitalized After Richard Pryor Jr. Allegations, Atlanta Show Cancelled

Bossip recently reported on comedian Paul Mooney having to cancel his Atlanta show due to health complications. According to the news outlet, the famed performer was expected to bless the stage in a comedy showcase at a local Atlanta comedy club. Unfortunately, ticket holders were told that Mooney would not be apart the show due to health reasons and they were instead fered reimbursement for their tickets. Furthermore, a source from the news outlet Rhymes With Snitch added: “Paul Mooney was supposed to host a comedy showcase at a local Atlanta comedy club tonight but when I called to check if he was still appearing I was told he was in the hospital. The person who answered the phone did not have any other information when I pressed them further.”

Paul Mooney Hospitalized After Richard Pryor Jr. Allegations, Atlanta Show Cancelled

Andrew H. Walker/Getty s

As now, details surrounding the reasons behind Mooney’s hospitalization remain unknown. However, industry gossip claims that Paul Mooney may be attempting to dodge attention from the public eye after allegations have been circulating that the comedian had sexually assaulted Richard Pryor’s son. The latter apparently resulted in their fallout and the end the friendship. Thus, this remains industry chatter which no valid source has confirmed. For now, we can only wish Paul Mooney a speedy recovery. 

Cardi B’s Deposition To Be Unsealed In $5M Cover Art Legal Battle: Report

There’s a new development in some Cardi B legal issue every single day, it seems. She’s facing several lawsuits but she’s not backing down from a single one them. A man sued Cardi B for $5M arguing that she stole his picture for the cover  Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1. Although she’s asked to have the case thrown out entirely, her attempts have proven to be successful yet. However, it looks like her private testimony and documents from the case will be available for the public after a judge ruled against keeping her deposition sealed.

Cardi B's Deposition To Be Unsealed In $5M Cover Art Legal Battle: Report
 Amy Sussman/Getty s

According to The Blast, Cardi’s documents will be filed un-redacted after the man suing her, Kevin Michael Brophy Jr, tried to block the judge from tossing the case by asking for the docs to be sealed. He said these files could be regarded as “‘sensational and gossip-worthy’ and potentially embarrassing to Cardi B as a celebrity” if it ends up being public. 

Unfortunately, the judge didn’t see it that way. “There are neither compelling reasons nor good cause to file these documents under seal,” he said. “The parties do not identify any undesirable effect if they were to publish those images for the first time. Lastly, a generalized concern about ‘gossip’ or possible embarrassment fails to outweigh the presumption in favor access.”

Tough love from the judge. 

Cardi B Berates Bloggers Trying To Discredit Her Album Sales By Revealing DMs

During the last twenty-four hours, Cardi B has been at war with anybody trying to tear her down for her supposed low album sales. The narrative would make sense if Cardi B actually had low album sales but the simple fact the matter is that she doesn’t. Her debut LP Invasion Privacy is still one the top-selling projects the last couple years and it’s not slowing down. She decided to send some subliminals yesterday (possibly to Nicki Minaj) after getting critiqued for not appearing on any recent sales lists. Now, she’s putting the media on blast for trying to spread false information on her name.

Cardi B Berates Bloggers Trying To Discredit Her Album Sales By Revealing DMs
David Becker/Getty s

In the now-deleted posts, Cardi B came for a series bloggers with a scathing message: keep her name out your mouth. Her latest single “Press” speaks on how people are constantly using her name to spew their gossipy nonsense, straying from the truth for some quick clout. In order to prove her point, she shared screenshots from her direct messages after asking a chart-based account to explain their numbers. “Since people and YOuTubers always have a excuse or try to spin shit to discredit me,” she wrote as her caption on the first post, which reveals that her sales have not gone downhill at all in recent weeks. “Its sad at this point. Facts is every place in the world people sing each my songs word by word till this day my album is still selling worldwide top ten. Im so wack im domy sic] do numbers nobody cares why do ya constantly keep my name for ya clickbaits and always have a excuse for my success.”

She continued by singling out two bloggers who have been trashing her exclusively, noting that on their page, the highest-performing videos all center around her music. “So these two motherfuckers right here ya mean to tell me that I need help to make number on my album yet when I go on YA CHANNEL every video that has my name is the one that bring ya the most numbers and views,” she said.

You might not like Cardi B but you’ve got to respect the fact that she’s moving the needle right now.

Cardi B Berates Bloggers Trying To Discredit Her Album Sales By Revealing DMs

Cardi B Berates Bloggers Trying To Discredit Her Album Sales By Revealing DMs

YG Breaks Silence On Slim 400 Shooting: “400 Niggas Don’t Die, The $ Multiply”

Los Angeles, CA – YG was stopped by paparazzi at the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday (July 1) and asked about Slim 400 who was recently shot nine times in Compton. In video obtained by TMZ, the Compton-bred rapper spoke on the incident involving his “Bruisin” collaborator.

Although he was primarily tight-lipped and admitted he hadn’t seen him yet, YG did say, “He’s straight. He’s good.”

He added, “400 niggas don’t die, the money multiply … the homie alive, don’t even worry about nothing. He pulled through already. No, he’s not [up and moving].”

Slim is expected to make a full recovery despite being shot in the upper and lower back, jaw and head. As pointed out by VladTV, Slim’s recovery time is two months and during that period, his jaw will be wired shut. This is reportedly the third time Slim has been shot.

"Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 3" Title Addressed By Director James Gunn

While Avengers: End Game is being prepped for re-release, fans are chatting about the return Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol 3. There is no certainty with regards to the film’s release, when the movie will begin shooting or whether Thor will be apart the new film, considering the Avengers’ ending. When asked about it, Chris Hemsworth told Cinema Blend: “I’ll work with any those guys.” Additionally, for some time now, the movie has been getting some attention because its rumored name. Gossip indicates that the GotG, Vol. 3 will be named Asgardians the Galaxy with reference to Hemsworth’s character Thor. Director and writer James Gunn has since given a bit insight into what is going on because fans are freaking out.

Gunn has shared a screenshot his direct messages on Instagram wherein a devoted fan wrote to him on numerous occasions to beg the director not to name the upcoming film Asgardians the Galaxy. The director took a break from The Suicide Squad to make things perfectly clear for everyone. “Don’t worry,” read the text which appeared on top the direct messages the director received. Thus, we may not have many details, but we know for sure the latter won’t be the name.

T.I’s Wife Tiny Sparks Cheating Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Message

We have been keeping track T.I. & Tiny for some time now with our recapitulations their reality show, T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle. Though the episodes remain drama-filled and entertaining, we must remember that reality television relies on celebrities and their actual real-life problems. For some time now, gossip and chatter garnered around T.I. and Tiny’s relationship. Matter factly, their show was almost cancelled because Tiny had served T.I. with some divorce papers. And despite the numerous claims infidelity by both parties, the couple patched things up and got back to business.

Most recently, however, Tiny reignited the claims trouble in paradise. The XSCAPE singer shared a cryptic message her Instagram story which seemed to allude to her relationship, or perhaps not at all, but it is very easy to assume. The message itself said: “Don’t lose yo b*tch trynna keep up wit a h*e that cant keep up wit yo b*tch.” The shady post was also coupled with “tuff act to follow.” Now, we are not sure who Tiny is talking about, but that message was surely enough to get the gossip going. While we can’t fer any firm details on this, for now, you can tune into their television show if you’re looking to keep up.

Lee Daniels Confirms "Star" Is Canceled Indefinitely: "It Ain’t Happening"

Despite recently telling fans that he would fight tooth and nail to get Star back on the air, Lee Daniels shared on Instagram that it’s not going to happen. The executive producer and creator the hit series looked defeated as he spoke to his followers in the video clip.”Okay, so I got some bad news,” he said. “It ain’t happening. I tried my best, guys. You know, we got some incredible people…I mean, I can’t even list everybody.”

“I’ll say it in a letter. But, in a nutshell, it ain’t happening,” Daniels continued. “I did my best and just know that just like with Precious or Empire, that first season, The Butler, Monster’s Ball…the next thing I do is gon’ be Star. It will exist in all my work. I love you all and the fans that have supported us.”

In the caption, Daniels wrote that he was “at a loss for words to describe my sadness” but reiterated his thanks to those that tuned in to watch the show and helped make it a success. In May, not long after the season finale, it was announced that Star was being canceled after three seasons on the FOX network. There were rumors that the show may find a home on an online streaming service like Netflix, but this most recent announcement has laid that gossip to rest.

Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Evicted From Store After Failing To Pay Rent

The mothers Rick Ross‘ children have built themselves a pretty bad reputation at this point. On one end, Tia Kemp is always trashing her ex-boyfriend on social media and on the other, Lastonia Leviston is failing to pay rent on her businesses. According to Bossip, Leviston has now been evicted from her store after she reportedly refused to pay rent on the space for several months. 

In court documents obtained by the gossip website, a judge has decided that the mother Rozay’s oldest daughter is no longer allowed to rent out a property in a South Florida shopping mall. She has been found guilty by default not paying over $56K in rent on a commercial property she owned in the Pines City Center called Instatiques. The mall sued Leviston back in February when she failed to pay rent on the space after leasing it in December 2018. When she didn’t pay again the following month, things were brought to court and she was eventually forced out the shop. Ross’ baby mama reportedly never responded to the case.

Rick Ross' Baby Mama Evicted From Store After Failing To Pay Rent
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty s

As noted in the report, this is not the first time Leviston has found herself in a court law. She was previously involved in a dispute against 50 Cent, which she won, regarding a sex tape that was leaked between herself and Rick Ross.

John Mayer Ends Khloe Kardashian Dating Rumours, Suspicious On Who Started It

Apparently, people are saying that John Mayer and Khloe Kardashian are a couple? The whole report is something that we didn’t get wind but John did himself and he told Andy Cohen on his self-titled radio show that it’s all a lie. The “Gravity” singer even explained how it’s a bit suspicious how the whole report started. 

“I gotta be honest with you. Little suspicious about the origin the story,” he said, as seen in the video below. “Not sure the call’s not coming from inside the house on this one.” If it is, in fact, true that Khloe or a family member started the rumour, John called it genius. 

John Mayer Ends Khloe Kardashian Dating Rumours, Suspicious On Who Started It
Sean M. Haffey/Getty s

“I will say, if the call is coming from inside the house, it’s diabolical and genius. Because when people start gossiping about you and someone else, and they put your picture together, it gets real suggestive. You’re like, ‘Well, if I do date her], then everything falls into place, because they’re already putting us together.’”

He added: “So it’s a genius idea. I just think I’m post-celebrity relationship, probably, in my life.” As for Khloe’s momager, Kris Jenner, John detailed how he doesn’t want to be noticed by her, if he can help it. 

“I don’t want to be noticed by Kris Kardashian too much. I want a nice, base level respect, and I don’t want to be too far on her radar. It’s hard to explain. She could end me.”