Federal Employee's Porn Infects US Government Network With Malware

Pornography is highly-accessible, because of the exponential evolution know-how. Although watching this kind grownup content material would almost certainly be frowned upon in most industries, catching an worker within the act would possibly solely be barely shocking. However, an incident regarding a civil servant’s porn watching has triggered an sudden state of affairs inside the U.S. authorities.

A nationwide authorities community was contaminated with malware on account of an worker’s “intensive historical past” watching porn on his work laptop. According to investigators, the person’s Android mobile phone “was additionally contaminated with malware.”

An audit carried out by the U.S. Department the Interior’s inspector normal discovered U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) community on the EROS Center was jeopardized after an worker clicked by hundreds lewd net pages containing malware, which downloaded into his laptop computer unbeknownst to him. According to the investigation, porn from these compromised pages was “subsequently saved to an unauthorized USB system and private Android mobile phone” which had been then linked to the worker’s government-issued laptop.

A report detailing the problem was launched earlier this month however was dissimilated on the U.S. authorities’s oversight web site, inflicting the problem to stay largely beneath wraps. This might stem from the evaluation the digital incident. A spokesperson for Interior’s inspector has dominated out any nationwide safety points on this case; “the malware helps allow information exfiltration and can also be related to ransomware assaults.”

Yung Bans Adds Fuel To Russ Beef: "We Wit The Shit Off And On The Internet No Cap"

Not only is Yung Bans resentful his manager for speaking out turn, he is trying his best to escalate his feud with Russ. During the melee, the media skirmish that ensued after news broke out that Russ’ crew beat up one Bans and Smokepurpp, management on each side dealt with the repercussions in very different ways.

Smokepurpp’s team seemed intrigued by the potential “beef,” but Yung Bans’ reps took the approach reconciliation, without his consent we’re led to believe. It appears that Yung Bans is very much “here for the smoke” when it comes to “rich heir Russ,” and he has a few backers to prove it. 

Bans further escalated the beef by suggesting “we (he and Russ) wit the shit f and on the internet no cap,” regardless what his manager wrote days before. Bans described his manager’s intervention as a “hack.” He allegedly had to contact Twitter mods to reinstate the old passwords, believe it or not.

Banshas been retweeting any digital magazine who’s shown a willingness to report the “hack job.” He also found a creative ruse for his next insult. “If trash was a young bitch then Russ would go to jail cuz he’s fucking trash…” he tweeted several hours later.

Snapchat Under Fire For "Jewtropolis" Replacing NYC On Apps Map Feature

If you thought Snapchat was the fazed out social media app that nobody uses anymore think again because a lot people have blasted the app for a recent hack. Users who looked at the map feature this morning noticed that “New York” was changed to “Jewtropolis” and according to Snapchat it’s not their fault. The app uses a third party mapping data that Citi Bike also uses and the hackers affected both companies. 

Snapchat replied to a user on Twitter explain how they have “been subject to vandalism” and “are working with our partner Mapbox to get this fixed immediately.”

“The act hate speech that has affected our map users has been resolved,” MapBox said on Twitter. “We will not accept hatred on our platform. We removed the attack within an hour discovery and this is cleared on all maps at this time.”

Big Sean's Twitter Hacked By Lame Threatening An Ariana Grande Sex Tape

Big Sean briefly had his Twitter account hacked by a lame who tried subjecting him to mindless celebrity controversy. The hacks began this morning with a tweet threatening to reveal Ariana Grande nudes, while also claiming she’d been double-timing her current beau with none other than Tekashi 6ix9ine. The hacker asked for a meagre return 500 likes to get the “party” started. All images were captured Big Sean’s Twitter before his account was recovered.

Big Sean's Twitter Hacked By Lame Threatening An Ariana Grande Sex Tape

The hacker’s language didn’t exactly fool anyone on Twitter, the plausibility his claims far too outstretch, even given he and Ariana shared a past relationship. Even so, Twitter users were quick to memefy the best and the worst the ordeal. One user even summoned a jet skiing Jigga man into the discussion.

Incidentally, bare footage Big Sean reading mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel was used against him.

Some users took a tad too far when they dragged the bereavement Big Sean’s late grandmother into the discussion. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a Grandmama’s boy. Being a mama’s boy on the other hand doesn’t give you a free pass.

The most harmless quip made about the hack job were a series Tweets like the one below which poke fun at Big Sean’s perceived mediocrity.

Don’t get gassed, folks.

Lil Yachty Hackers Expose His DM's With 16-Year-Old Girl & Threaten To Leak Music

As he continues to release new music through his collaboration with Valee and a Juice WRLD remix, Lil Yachty is still one the most eccentric characters in the rap game. Disliked by many and loved by the same number people, fans have been divided on Lil Boat’s bubblegum style since he burst onto the scene with “One Night.” Preaching positivity in his music and during interviews, fans were surprised to see what appeared to be a shot at 6ix9ine on his Twitter account. That was until it became evident that his account had been hacked.

Lil Yachty is the most recent victim a hacking epidemic, affecting both Lil Uzi Vert and Gunna in the last few months. While the initial tweet was suspect, there ended up being far worse things to come and the hackers are still at it. The suspects have identified themselves as “Thug.org,” a group individuals named Gurv, Neel, Anthony, Terror, and Rey. Having some fun at the expense Lil Boat, the group threatened to leak his DMs and any unreleased music he’s been working on. That was just the start, though, as they accused the rapper flirting with underage girls. At the time publication, they had shared one alleged direct message sent from Yachty to a 16-year-old girl.

The story is still developing and it’s possible that the hackers are simply lying about everything they’re noticing. It’s also a possibility that the DM posted was altered. See the thread below.

Lil Yachty Hackers Expose His DM's With 16-Year-Old Girl & Threaten To Leak MusicLil Yachty Hackers Expose His DM's With 16-Year-Old Girl & Threaten To Leak MusicLil Yachty Hackers Expose His DM's With 16-Year-Old Girl & Threaten To Leak MusicLil Yachty Hackers Expose His DM's With 16-Year-Old Girl & Threaten To Leak Music