Bungie Announces It’s Splitting With Activision But Keeping "Destiny"

Destiny 2 is one the most important video games on the planet. Bungie struck gold with the sport after creating Halo for Microst. After Bungie left the Halo collection, they teamed up with Activision to carry the world Destiny. The recreation had a number of expansions that stored followers addicted earlier than launching Destiny 2 in 2017. A 12 months and a half later, the sport goes robust because of expansive updates, raids, and tons multiplayer adventures. With Destiny 2 performing so properly, Bungie felt that it was time to take the management utterly. The firm introduced that they’ve assumed full publishing for Destiny, successfully ending their relationship with Activision.

“When we first launched our partnership with Activision in 2010, the gaming business was in a reasonably totally different place,” Bungie stated in an announcement. “As an impartial studio getting down to construct a model new expertise, we wished a companion prepared to take an enormous leap religion with us. We had a imaginative and prescient for Destiny that we believed in, however to launch a recreation that magnitude, we would have liked the help a longtime publishing companion.”

“We have loved a profitable eight-year run and want to thank Activision for his or her partnership on Destiny,” Bungie continued. “Looking forward, we’re excited to announce plans for Activision to switch publishing rights for Destiny to Bungie.”


"Halo: Infinite" Confirmed As Direct Sequel To "Halo 5"

The Halo series has gotten increased criticism over the years. What began as one the best first-person shooters all time turned into a full-blown franchise for Microst. They split with Bungie, the studio that originally brought Halo to life, and created 343 Industries to handle the even growing Halo universe. Both Bungie and 343 Industries committed to spin-fs such as Halo: Reach, Halo Wars, and Halo: Spartan Assault. There were also books created to flesh out the tales heroes that fought The Covenant throughout space and time. Now, according to Gamespot, Microst has revealed that their next Halo game will not be a spin-f, but will instead continue the original story laid down starting in the first game. 

343’s Jeff Easterling described the new Halo game as Halo 6. “It is Halo 6,” Easterling stated during a recent Mixer broadcast. “You should just consider it Halo 6. Don’t think it as a weird prequel kind thing. It’s the next story. It’s the next chapter in what is going on.” That’s great news. 343 Studio head Chris Lee also confirmed that Halo: Infinite is a direct sequel to Halo 5: Guardians. Microst gave fans a first look at Halo: Infinite at this year’s E3 convention. 

"Halo" Live Action Series Will Feature Master Chief As A Main Character

Cue the Halo choir. Showtime announced their plan to deliver fans the Halo franchise an authentic and epic live-action series, and it appears that they are taking their mission seriously. That’s amazing to hear, coming from a lifelong Halo player. Studios have been trying to bring Halo onto the big screen for years, but have failed at their attempts. Halo: Nightfall scratched the surface, but Steven Spielberg and Showtime plan on taking the franchise to the next level. The best way to do that would be to bring Master Chief along for the ride, which is exactly what they have planned. 

As first reported by IGN, Showtime’s President Programming Gary Levine revealed that the still-in-development live-action series will feature Master Chief as a main character. He won’t be the only protagonist on the show though. Levine also revealed that the show will take place in multiple locations on several planets, but will respect Halo canon. At the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Levine and Showtime President and CEO David Nevins touched on several aspects the upcoming series, which they plan on releasing in 2020.

“We made a conscious decision to hire a writer not known for sci-fi and not known for big battle movies, because that’s already baked into the Halo franchise and we will service that, but we also wanted to ensure that we were getting beneath the formidable armor the Spartans and really getting inside the human drama so it felt like it belonged on Showtime,” Levine stated. “As David said, our hopes and dreams are that it will have enormous appeal to Halo fans and will also appeal to Showtime drama fans.”