Watch Ashanti Pay Tribute To Biggie: "I’m A Rapper At Heart"

It’s been five years since Ashanti‘s Braveheart, and while the R&B sensation has been making industry moves by picking up acting roles and expanding her portfolio, fans are eagerly awaiting her next project. In a recent interview with Ebony, the singer mentioned how she thought there was something missing in today’s R&B scene: “I feel like there’s a void. I feel like people want it, but there’s not a lot true, passionate, R&B music, when you think about it. Telling a story, being vulnerable and being visual.”

Watch Ashanti Pay Tribute To Biggie: "I'm A Rapper At Heart"

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It seems like the interview really got Ashanti missing old-school artists, like The Notorious B.I.G, who would have celebrated his 47th birthday yesterday, since the songstress took to Instagram to post a dedication post in the late rapper’s memory last night.

She posts the heartfelt caption honoring his legend, “RIP BIG 🙏🏽 #Classics we still rockin 22plus years later 👑 #NY I’m a rapper at heart 😩😭” to go along with the signature picture B.I.G, from his Ready To Die album. Accompanying the picture, is a video (which you can check out on her Instagram, below) an “impromptu” performance by Ashanti with Anthony Anderson, in which the two perform an homage to Biggie’s “One More Chance.”

How do y’all think she’s sounding?

Lil Cease Apologizes To Lil Kim For Testifying Against Her

New York, NY – The Notorious B.I.G. would have turned 47 on Tuesday (May 21), but his life was cut tragically short when he was gunned down in March 1997 at the ripe age of 24.

To honor the slain rap legend, several of his friends and collaborators gathered at an intimate New York City dinner to pay their respects.

Lil Kim and Lil Cease were both in attendance at the inaugural B.I.G. birthday dinner event — which could have been awkward.

In 2005, Cease testified against Kim in her perjury trial. After serving a year in jail, she cut off her friendship with her fellow Junior M.A.F.I.A. member. But on Tuesday night, Cease had a chance to apologize to her and the two ultimately ended up hugging it out.

“I apologize for the things I have done that may have hurt you or affected you or made you feel bad,” he said Kim nodded her head. “I genuinely apologize, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You not my real sister, but you are my sister, I love you for life. I thank you for bringing this energy here.”

When Cease testified against Kim 14 years ago, he explained how he felt like he had no other option. In a 2005 article published by MTV, he admitted there was bad blood brewing between them at the time and noted the U.S. government required him to appear in court.

“Me and Kim wasn’t on good terms for the moment, and she made it clear to the world that she didn’t want to have anything to do with me and my peoples,” he said. “So she wasn’t trying to call us to her defense. Being that we was witnesses there, the U.S. government subpoenaed us. And there’s nothing you can do about that.

“When you’re subpoenaed, you either come or they take your ass to jail. It’s just that simple.”

Kim was convicted of lying to a Grand Jury in relation to a 2001 shooting at the Hot 97 offices in New York City. Cease was baffled that she thought she could somehow get away with it.

“She’s supposed to have caught the picture that they were trying to put [her] away,” Cease said in 2005. “But she felt like she could beat them, and I don’t know what she was trying to do with that. These federal people knew everything. They had phone taps, they had the video cameras from the [shooting at Hot 97]. They had that all on tape. They had pictures, they had two-way messages.

“Remember, [the shooting] was in 2001. So they worked on it for about two or three years, and they pulled everybody in there. My peoples, Rock and Gutta, they copped out to the case once they knew they couldn’t win it. Shorty thought she could take it further, and she did what she thought she had to do.”

Watch Cease apologize to Kim above.

Wendy Williams’ Son & Husband Square Up In Parking Lot, Police Called: Report

The world Wendy Williams continues to get messier and messier in front our very own eyes. In all fairness, she makes a living f everybody else’s “tea” so this seems to be more karma’s work than anything else. We all know that she and her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, have been going through a sloppy divorce which trickled into both their pressional lives. However, it appears as if their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., isn’t necessarily happy about Kevin Hunter’s demand for spousal support. 

According to TMZ, Kevin Hunter Sr. and Kevin Hunter Jr. got into a physical fight earlier today and the police were called on the scene. The fight apparently went down near their New Jersey home. Wendy reportedly dropped f her 18-year-old at the house to pick something up. She left and was going to come back to pick him up. However, Kevin Hunter Jr. was unaware that his father was there, although things between them have been copacetic since the divorce.

The two later went to the store right after midnight but reportedly got into it over Kevin Hunter’s demand for spousal support. Kevin Sr. then went in on her son and accused Wendy “brainwashing” him. Things reportedly escalated after that with Kevin Sr. putting his son in a headlock. Kevin Jr. reportedly punched his dad in the face.

Police later investigated the incident. Hunter shared a statement shortly after, saying that this won’t turn into any sort legal thing. “I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally. Things are not always how they appear,” he said. 

Wendy Williams' Son & Husband Square Up In Parking Lot, Police Called: Report
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Lil Cease Offers Heartfelt Apology To Lil Kim At B.I.G’s Birthday Dinner

Yesterday marked what would have been the Notorious B.I.G.’s forty-seventh birthday, a reminder his enduring legacy. While hip-hop took to social media to commemorate the iconic legend, many his friends and former collaborators met to break bread at a celebratory dinner. The occasion marked the inaugural launch the B.I.G birthday dinner, which brought many the Notorious one’s associates together. Some  said associates were Lil Kim and Lil Cease, who used to run together during Junior M.A.F.I.A’s heydey. Unfortunately, the once steady friendship disintegrated after Cease testified against Lil Kim during her perjury trial in 2005; after spending a year in prison, Kim washed her hands Cease. 

Now, however, Lil Cease has decided to make things right to the best his ability. During the dinner, Cease took the mic to address Kim directly. “I apologize for the things I have done that may have hurt you or affected you or made you feel bad,” he begins, his voice thick with emotion. “I genuinely apologize, I love you from the bottom my heart. You not my real sister, but you are my sister, I love you for life. I thank you for bringing this energy here.” The words appear to move Lil Kim, who proceeds to pull Cease into an embrace. The onlookers applaud the reunion, as does the hip-hop community at large.

At the time the trial, Lil Cease spoke with MTV about his rationale behind testifying, explaining that he felt like he didn’t have a choice in the matter. “Me and Kim wasn’t on good terms for the moment, and she made it clear to the world that she didn’t want to have anything to do with me and my peoples. So she wasn’t trying to call us to her defense,” Cease explained, back in 2005. “Being that we was witnesses there, the U.S. government subpoenaed us. And there’s nothing you can do about that. When you’re subpoenaed, you either come or they take your ass to jail. It’s just that simple.”

Despite the rough history between both parties, it’s great to seem them moving past it, and finding peace at B.I.G’s birthday, all places. Rest in peace to the Notorious B.I.G, and respect to Kim and Cease for keeping it real with one another. 

Conor McGregor Gunning For Floyd Mayweather Rematch: "I Would Win"

One the greatest combat sports events the last decade occurred back in August 2017 when Conor McGregor battled it out in the boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather. No one gave McGregor a shot to win, which was a smart bet as Floyd eventually won the fight in the tenth round. Since then, McGregor has been in one UFC fight, which he ultimately lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov. While Mcgregor seeks a comeback in the UFC, it appears as though he’d be just as happy to have a rematch against Mayweather. 

“I would like to rematch him under boxing rules, again, and I believe I would win,” McGregor told Tony Robbins on his podcast. “Actually, there I go again with that fake humbleness, I know I would win.”

McGregor then went into vast detail about Mayweather’s style during the fight and how the Irish fighter actually believes he dominated the early stages the bout.

“He never fought like that in his entire career, but he was forced to fight that way because he was getting beaten,” Conor said. “The approach caught me f guard. I was not prepared for it, I was not used to it and he walked me down and end up getting the stoppage.”

A rematch with Mayweather is probably a longshot at this point but if it were to happen, it would surely be another blockbuster event.

The Notorious B.I.G. Getting Brooklyn Street Named In His Honor

Brooklyn, NY – A block in Brooklyn where The Notorious B.I.G. spent his formative years is being named in his honor. Rolling Stone reports the stretch of St. James Place between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street will now be called Christopher Wallace Way.

Last Wednesday (May 15), the Brooklyn Community Board 2 voted to approve the re-naming petition 33 to one, with four abstentions. The dedication is expected to be approved by the City Council and Mayor Bill De Blasio soon.

“Honoring Biggie symbolizes more than just one man,” initiative leader LeRoy McCarthy said. “It symbolizes a culture. It symbolizes a borough. It symbolizes a people, and Hip Hop is worldwide.”

In a video clip of the Community Board 2 hearing, Juliet Cullen-Cheung — Transportation and Public Safety Committee Board Chair — said the effort to dedicate Christopher Wallace Way has received support from Council Member Laurie Cumbo and New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, despite pushback from those who take issue with the profanity and misogyny in Biggie’s lyrics.

To that, Cullen-Cheung said, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is a champion of feminist rights, is happy with her moniker, Notorious RBG.”

The initiative got off the ground several years ago but was initially shut down.

“[The Notorious B.I.G.] started selling drugs at 12,” CB2 committee member’s Lucy Koteen said at the time. “He was a school dropout at 17. He was arrested for drugs and weapons charge. He was arrested for parole violations. He was arrested in North Carolina for crack cocaine. In 1996 he was again arrested for assault.

“He had a violent death and physically the man is not exactly a role model for youth. I don’t see how this guy was a role model and frankly it offends me.”

But, Hip Hop has clearly prevailed and Christopher Wallace Way will finally become a reality. According to Billboard, the dedication ceremony is scheduled for June 10. Several members of Biggie’s family are expected to the public ceremony, including his mother Voletta Wallace.

May 21 (today) just happens to be the slain rapper’s 47th birthday. Bump some Biggie in his honor above.

Kim & Kanye West Decided On Psalm West’s Name The Day He Was Born

Kim and Kanye West are now proud parents four beautiful children. North, Saint, Chicago and more recently Psalm West who was born just over a week ago  surrogacy. “We celebrated our baby boy about a week ago and now he’s here! He’s so perfect!” Kim previously stated  her newborn, adding, “I was freaking out for nothing because he is the most calm and chill all my babies so far and everyone loves him so much.”

Sources now tell US Weekly that Psalm’s name was decided the day he was born even though they had some options before his arrival. “All the kids are so excited for the new baby. It’s a very special time,” the insider adds. “Kim and Kanye are so happy. Four kids] is the same as three in terms how much they have on their plate. Their life is totally rooted in their family.”

Kim & Kanye West Decided On Psalm West's Name The Day He Was Born
Alo Ceballos/GC s

The name Kim and Kanye’s son was revealed to the world from a screenshot a test message Kim received from her husband. “Beautiful Mother’s Day. With the arrival our fourth child. We are blessed beyond measure. We have everything we need,” Ye wrote

Kehlani Debuts Firey Red Hair In New Instagram Photo

Singer Kehlani has been keeping busy with motherly duties as late. The artist recently shared a first face picture her adorable baby girl, Adeya. The photo sparked accolades and sweet words from both celebrities and fans. The picture came shortly the vocalist released an array different shots herself with her baby, without ever truly revealing the child’s face. Hence, fans were pleased with the surprised look at the newborn. While the R&B songstress recently teased the arrival a new album, she recently chose to revamp her hairstyle. Perhaps to tease a switch in persona and as such, what we may expect from her new music. 

In the Instagram photo, which was shared Kehlani’s ficial account, the singer is seen rocking firey-red curls. The bright colored hairstyle matches her adorable dimples which she naturally flaunts. Furthermore, keeping up with the artists’ fiery personality, she gives the finger with a cheeky smile. Kehlani looks very happy and we are certain her adorable baby girl is the reason behind it. Or maybe she is still recuperating from the overwhelming feelings she felt after Beyonce, herself, congratulated her on the arrival her new baby. Either way, she looks good.

Rihanna’s Now Living In London & Fans Are Freaking Out

Rihanna skipped out on the Met Gala this year and now it all makes sense since she’s apparently residing in London. The “Work” singer recently launched her first luxury brand and it seems like living on that side the pond is best for her. The news broke after the singer was interviewed by The New York Times and was asked what she appreciated most about living in the city. 

Rihanna's Now Living In London & Fans Are Freaking Out
 Francois Nel/Getty s

Rihanna detailed how she loves being able to walk “around the block” without being recognized but she always tries to be incognito. Needless to say, fans living in London are all kinds happy that Rihanna is calling their city home. 

I live 10 minutes away from Rihanna’s house and you think you can talk to me like we’re mates. My price has ficially gone up, ya’ll niggas are BROKE. Unless you live next to Beyonce, don’t talk to me pls… South London bums,” one user wrote, while another added: “rihanna just been living in london for 2 years and getting away with it lmao.”

Peep more hilarious reactions below:

Happy Birthday Notorious B.I.G: Hip-Hop Celebrates A Legend

Today, The Notorious B.I.G, real name Christopher Wallace, would have turned forty-seven years old; given that it’s been over twenty years since his death, the idea a veteran Biggie, still navigating the game amidst its current climate, feels difficult to imagine. Yet it might have been, had the young rapper not been slain on March 9th, 1997. Can you imagine, an OG Biggie? Sadly, such a reality will never manifest. All we can really do is look back on his legacy, and the music he left behind. 

Happy Birthday Notorious B.I.G: Hip-Hop Celebrates A Legend

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty s

Many in the rap game have taken a moment to pay respects to Big, wishing the late icon a happy birthday. Some, like Diddy and Jadakiss, actually collaborated with him; others simply understand the importance what he contributed to New York, as well as hip-hop culture at large. Check out some the well-wishers below, and take a moment to reflect on your favorite Biggie line.

When I was in school, another late icon Reggie “Combat Jack” Ossé was a guest speaker during a class. He shared a story about his experience with B.I.G, having spent time in a recording studio while the rapper and his entourage were in the middle a bender. When it came time for Big to record his vocals, he was passed out, a box pizza beside him. As Jack told it, Biggie was finally roused from slumber, and proceeded to absolutely murder his vocals in one take, never losing a step. The sheer level artistry the young man possessed remains impressive even now, and every so ten, hip-hop fans should journey backward through his catalog, if only to be reminded a simple fact: there’s a reason many still call him the GOAT.

Happy birthday Big!

Billie Eilish Calls Ariana Grande A "F**king King" Who Knows What She’s Doing

Billie Eilish is the 17-year-old who’s taken over the Billboard charts and most your streaming platforms due to her beloved album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? At one point, Billie was the second most streamed artist behind Ariana Grande and it all makes sense now considering just how much a fan Billie is the “Needy” singer. 

“Ariana is a f**king king! Like a king,” Billie told Entertainment Tonight at the 2019 ASCAP Pop Music Awards. “She is just so… God, man, and the sh*t that she’s been through. I don’t know if I have respect for anyone like I have for her, honestly.”

According to Billie, she’s secured the texting rights with Ariana, sometimes picking her brain on the industry. “You can just tell she knows what the f**k she’s doing, and even if she doesn’t realize it, she knows what the f**k she’s doing. And it’s really impressive,” Billie added. “She just deals with it so well. It’s so impressive.”

Billie Eilish Calls Ariana Grande A "F**king King" Who Knows What She's Doing
Lester Cohen/Getty s 

On the topic her seemingly never-ending success, Billie is through the ro. “I’m just happy about it, you know. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to be…I’ve been having to talk about myself in the third person because I don’t know how to be like, ‘I just did that, I just did this.'”

Justin Bieber Announces Collaboration With Deodorant Brand

After releasing his latest track with Ed Sheeran dubbed “I Don’t Care,” Justin Bieber is now making moves into the beauty industry. The “Sorry” singer shared an image to Instagram with a caption announcing his collaboration with Schmidt’s, writing: “Ready for Here + Now… new collab coming this Fall with @schmidtsnaturals.” 

PEOPLE reports that Justin’s roll-out deodorants with the brand will be available at the end summer and are made with cruelty-free, vegan and plant-based ingredients. “The time was right to make something happen and bring to life an exclusive product collaboration that will bring new fans into the naturals category,” Schmidt’s CEO and co-founder Michael Cammarata told the publication. “If Justin can make the switch from conventional to natural, it’s a choice that’s open to everyone.”

Justin Bieber Announces Collaboration With Deodorant Brand
Neil Mockford/GC s

Michael detailed how the company has worked closely with Justin to make sure he and his team are happy with the product they will be sharing with the world and Bieber’s fan base. 

“It’s more than just a deodorant; it’s a lifestyle and a connection to those around you,” he added. “It’s about the small, but intentional choices we make every day that help us to lead happier and healthier lives, mentally and physically.”

T.I. & Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle Episode 6: Gucci Ban In Tip Household & Monica’s Divorce

In this week’s T.I. And Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle episode, the Harris crew takes aim at luxury fashion brand Gucci, while Monica is pushed to her limit and forced to finally rely on her circle for support and guidance.  

Read last week’s recap here

Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

Gucci Ban 

Not content with simply voicing his disgust with luxury fashion brand Gucci over their recent use  blackface in a sweater design, T.I. links up with local activists for a roundtable discussion about how to move forward as a united front. 

Motivated to impact their bottom line, Tip first calls for, at the very least, a 90-day-boycott purchasing any Gucci goods in an attempt to slash their quarterly earnings report.

“I’m not fighting for my respect no more,” says T.I., delivering an impassioned speech to the roundtable explaining the impetus behind his call to action. “I’m fighting for my children’s respect…and they children’s respect. Our communities spend the most money with these corporations and are the most disrespected. The only way we can demand this type respect is to stop spending our money.” 

“I feel like our people were met with disrespect,” Tip continues. “And we must meet that with opposition.” 

Toya’s Commitment Struggles  

Still focused on repairing their fractured relationship, Toya and her sister Beedy join LeToya and Tiny for a much-needed night out. With the alcohol freely flowing, (not enough to make Toya’s bedroom alter ego “Mocha Latte” come out, unfortunately) the conversation soon turns to a recap their recent shared “trust bootcamp” experience. 

While each the ladies were satisfied with their own individual experience, they all soon realized that they have a common takeaway from the therapy session– their friend Monica may need more help than she’s been letting on.

“She said she’s tired being the ‘strong one’ and nobody checking on her,” says Tiny, revealing that Monica is hard-pressed to ask her friends for a shoulder to lean on. 

“We all just need to call her and check on her,” says Toya, increasingly worried about her longtime friend. “It’s easy to get busy with our own lives and assume everything is fine but, you know, check on your strong friends.”

Bringing some levity into their heavy conversation, Toya brings up the prospect a possible commitment ceremony with boyfriend Red sometime in the near future. Unable to contain their laughter, the girls brush f Toya’s suggestion while likening it to little more than a “friendship ring.” Explaining her reasoning behind keeping any and all legality out their union, Toya explains that she’s not able to handle the prospect possibly getting divorced for a third time. With two failed marriages already under her belt, Toya’s status as a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe makes perfect sense. 

<p”>”The divorce word, it f—in’ scares me, it really does,” says Toya. “I’ve been hurt in both my marriages. To Wayne and Memphis. I didn’t imagine that shit could go like that. I don’t wanna go through it again.” 

Monica Takes Some Time For Herself 

Taking Tip and Tiny up on their longstanding fer, Monica drops her boys f in their care for the day in order to check some items f her to-do list and to get ready for her upcoming video shoot. 

“Everybody’s pockets and stomachs are full…I know you got it,” says Monica as she leaves T.I. in charge Rocko and Melo. 

Eager to impart his message impactful opposition to the children under his care, Tip takes the gang to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Historical Park in order to show them just how powerful protests can be. 

“I’m hoping the King Center will help all the kids understand the meaning and the impact protest and how they helped the civil rights movement…the same way they could help us today.” says Tip, motivated to inspire change in Messiah, Major, King, Melo and Rocko. 

While most the kids are down with the message and ready to learn about their history, King’s head is clearly in the studio as he’d much rather be making beats than spending a day out with his old man. On his way out the center, King starts up a conversation with his mother on the low about an upcoming tour proposition made to him by Members Only. Tiny, while in agreement with her husband about the importance education in King’s life also believes that he should take up their fer and join them for their North America/European tour dates. 

The catch? The tour is promotional only for King, and his parents would have to cough up his living expenses while he travels the world without collecting a single paycheck for his performances. Clearly, this will be a hard sell for T.I.

Marriage Or Nothing 

Unfortunately for Toya, Red wasn’t too keen on her commitment ceremony proposal. Winding down in bed together at the end the day, Toya opens up and lets her man know just how happy she is to have him as her rock and support system. Emboldened by her own admission, Toya tells Red that she’s more than down for a commitment ceremony to seal their bond.

“I’m not havin’ no damn commitment ceremony,” says Red, not at all sold on the idea. “What is gonna be the difference? Weddin’ or nothing. Whenever it’s time…weddin’ or nothin’.”

Later dropping the bombshell that he wouldn’t be wearing a ring even if they did eventually tie the knot, it seems like Toya and her man won’t be exchanging “I do’s” anytime soon.

Check On Your Strong Friend 

True to her word, Toya swings by Monica’s hotel room to check up on her and see how she’s handling all the stress dumped on her lately. As the two sit down for an intimate conversation, Toya is floored by Monica revealing that she’s in the beginning stages going through a divorce. Completely unaware her friend’s painful and private struggle, Toya fers her support while Monica fights back tears and refuses to reveal on camera exactly why her marriage is crumbling. 

“I really wanna keep it on the low for now…nobody else knows anything that’s really going on beyond my mom…I just didn’t expect to be a 38-year-old, single mom 3,” says Monica, sharing the weight her burden with her longtime friend. 

As Toya has been through two divorces herself, she promises to keep the severity Monica’s personal struggle to herself and continues to fer her the support she so desperately needs. 

“You strong, you gonna be OK,” says a sympathetic Toya. “You always there for everyone…and we here for you.”

Bye Bye, Gucci 

Spring-boarding f his previous 90-day Gucci boycott, T.I. takes it upon himself to rid his entire household all Gucci (and Prada, as Tip deems them problematic as well) products. Tossing all Tiny’s high-end duds in a bag, his wife retaliates by dropping the bombshell King’s upcoming tour on her husband. Understandably, Tip is far from ready to drop 100k on his son’s next venture when King doesn’t even have a complete project on the market. While combing through his wardrobe, King follows up on his mom’s admission and has the audacity to tell (not ask) his father about his spot on the Members Only tour. 

Teyana Taylor Behind The Camera 

Teyana Taylor and Monica go way back. Not only is Monica the godmother to Teyana’s daughter Iman (Junie), but the “Maybe” artist is also the director spearheading the R&B singer’s latest music video for her “Commitment” single. In the video, Monica wields a gun after finding her man in the arms another woman.

“In this video, you’re gonna see another side me,” says Monica over B-roll footage the visual, depicting her character walking up to her cheating man gripping a gun before pulling the trigger. “Even though I don’t run around discussing my personal life, I will say that this video is allowing me to get some stuff out.”

Jenelle Evans Storms Off After Being Called Out For Negative Colin Kaepernick Posts

Things got personal between Teen Moms 2 star, Jenelle Evans, and the reunion show’s co-host, Nessa Diab this Monday night. The reality television star stormed out the reunion show after remarks made by Diab, which came to the defense her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick, and the negative comments Evans posted about Kaepernick online. “You posted hateful comments on social media about my family, about my man Colin Kaepernick,” said Diab, drawing a comparison between what angered Jenelle about a fellow co-star, and the comment made by Evans about Diab’s own boyfriend on social media. “You knew that.”

Evans seemed confused by the remark. “I posted them? When did I post it?” she asked innocently. Diab was prepared, however, pulling up screenshots a negative Facebook post Evans published 9 months ago. “I’ve never seen that,” Evans insisted. “I honestly have no idea who your boyfriend is or husband…”

“He’s been on set. This is an open, healthy conversation I would like to have with you,” Diab assured her. “Please understand something. My man used his platform to peacefully protest systemic oppression in this country, specifically police brutality against black people. Men, women and children dying, wrongfully dying, and people who are doing this are not being held accountable.”

“That is the issue. It has nothing to do with military men, military women, okay?” Evans persisted. “Because they fought for our constitution to peacefully protest. I would have appreciated if you had contacted me. I would have been more than happy to have a healthy conversation. I don’t know anything about your husband, I swear to God,” an emotional Evans said, standing up from her seat. “I’m done with this bulls**t. This is exactly why I didn’t f**king want to come here. This is about my storyline and you want to bring up your issues. You want to bring up ‘Teen Mom’ to bring up your issues. I’m not doing this, you got your show.”

At this point, Evans took to dramatically storming out. “F**k everyone,” Evans shouted. “Get me the f**k outta here. F**k all you. F**k this show, I’m done,” she concluded, dropping her microphone.

DJ Khaled Grabs Cardi B & 21 Savage For Explosive “Wish Wish” Video

DJ Khaled left flames all over timelines yesterday (May 20) with his new video “Wish Wish,” featuring Cardi B and 21 Savage.

Directed by Elf Rivera and Khaled, the visual keeps eyes peeled with bursts of flames, explosions, motocross bikes, and some plugging from Fashion Nova and CÎROC.

View this post on Instagram

#PART1 Happy Monday!! Here’s ANOTHERONE PON THEY DOME 🎯! THEY don’t want me to have ANOTHER SMASH ANTHEM!! SO we gon give em another one!! AND the video too!! PON THEY DOME !!!!🎯 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 @djkhaled feat. @iamcardib and @21savage #WISHWISH the MOVIE out now on @vevo and @youtubemusic!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I WILL NEVER STOP!!! #FANLUV LETS GO!!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 #FATHEROFASAHD AVAILABLE NOW!!! STREAM IT 24/7!! BREAK THE SERVER!! PON YOUR 🎯 Directed by @eifrivera and @djkhaled @wethebestmusic @rocnation @epicrecords core team! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

A post shared by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

“Wish Wish,” is the latest visual from DJ Khaled’s new album Father of Asahd, following up from his collaboration with SZA in “Just Us.”

Earlier this week Khaled made an appearance on Saturday Night Live bringing out Lil Wayne, SZA, Meek Mill, J Balvin, Big Sean, John Legend, Jeremih, and Lil Baby.

Check out “Wish Wish” above.