Juice WRLD’s Final Moments Reportedly Involved Pills, 70 LBS. Of Marijuana & Possibly Codeine

Chicago, IL – The sudden death of 21-year-old rapper Juice WRLD sent shockwaves throughout the Hip Hop community on Sunday (December 8).

While his official cause of death has yet to been determined, TMZ reports several people aboard Juice WRLD’s private jet told investigators he took multiple “unknown pills” prior to the fatal seizure at Chicago’s Midway Airport.

They also said he was struggling with an addiction to the powerful painkiller Percocet. Investigators discovered a bottle of codeine cough syrup on the plane as well. Of course, Juice WRLD — who had just turned 21 on December 2 — had previously admitted to struggling with an addiction to lean.

But that wasn’t all investigators found. The FBI seized roughly 70 pounds of marijuana that was stashed in several suitcases. Two of Juice WRLD’s guards who were on the plane, Christopher Long and Henry Dean, were also arrested on weapon charges.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Dean was charged with carrying a concealed firearm at an airport and possessing a high-capacity magazine and metal-piercing bullets, while Long was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. Only one of the guards had a valid permit to carry guns in Illinois, but it’s still illegal to possess them at airports.

In total, three guns were confiscated. Dean and Long are both of out jail and due in court later this month.

Juice WRLD's Final Moments Reportedly Involved Pills, 70 LBS. Of Marijuana & Possibly Codeine

Prior to Juice WRLD’s death, he appeared to be in good spirits. Video of the flight shows the Chi-Town native messing around with his friends and laughing.

As the plane beings to descend, everyone is all smiles until they finally touchdown at Midway. Juice WRLD collapsed shortly after while walking through the airport. When emergency responders arrived on the scene, he was reportedly bleeding from the mouth and still conscious. However, he was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

The Cook County Medical Examiner is expected to conduct an autopsy on Monday (December 9).

Oregon Ducks-Themed Air Jordan 5 Rumored To Release In 2020

One the many perks being a student-athletes at the University Oregon is access to all the Nike gear and apparel, as well as the occasional, limited edition Air Jordan PEs. Over the years we’ve seen some the most coveted sneakers done up in Oregon Ducks colors, including the Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan XIV, just to name a few. 

While those PEs tradtionally remain exclusive to student-athletes, Jordan Brand has shown a willingness to release sneakers that mimic those classic styles. According to sneaker source @Zsneakerheadz and Sneaker Files, there are plans for an Oregon-themed Air Jordan 5 in 2020.

The kicks in question have not yet surfaced but rumors suggest they’ll come equipped with a green upper similar to the Ducks PE shown in the IG post embedded above. That said, the rumored Air Jordan 5 is not expected to include any Oregon Ducks branding, similar to the way the upcoming “UNC” Air Jordan 3 will be void any Tar Heels logos.

Stay tuned for additional details, and click here for a rundown the Top 10 sneakers releasing this month.

Remembering Juice WRLD’s Art Of Freestyling

Yesterday morning, the loss Jarad Anthony Higgins, known to millions fans as Juice WRLD, sent a ripple effect through the community. Fellow artists and listeners alike penned eulogies and homages, highlighting the impact his creativity and content. For many, his emo-inspired take on rap bridged the gap between genre barriers, widening the scope his impact to a variety demographics. And while many his more popular singles ranging from “Robbery,” “Lucid Dreams,” and “All Girls Are The Same” centered around melancholic melodies, Juice’s sensibilities as an emcee garnered a unique type respect from his contemporaries. 

In a heartfelt Instagram post, fellow lyricist YBN Cordae paid respects to his friend, highlighting a commonality between them. “We shared the same bus,(your bus lol) and never slept cuz we’d be up freestyling for HOURS,” he wrote. “Since then a lifelong brotherhood was built.” A bond forged through a mutual appreciation for hip-hop music and the art lyricism, Juice WRLD and Cordae’s friendship served to highlight one the former’s status as a student the game. If it wasn’t always apparent from his musical choices, his admiration and aptitude for the act freestyling was pro in itself. His sheer prowess in that department was enough to make a believer out hip-hop media’s favorite stoic, Funkmaster Flex. The old-head archetype in his final form, Flex’s face could only contort with pleasure as Juice delivered bar-after-bar, many which appeared to be rattled f-top.

While Juice WRLD’s prolific work ethic led to many musical memories preserved, perhaps none shine brighter than his impressive stop on Tim Westwood TV. In a clip that has since garnered over five million views, Juice WRLD rapped for fifty-two minutes straight over some Eminem’s most popular beats, going completely f the dome. A feat that not many emcees would dare attempt, let alone pull f with quotables to match. For many, this video will serve as a reminder Juice’s talent, what separated him from others in his class. To be sitting on such keen lyrical instincts, using them sparingly and thus, making them all the more impressive. His preservation a seemingly lost art–the unwritten freestyle–speaks to a mentality well beyond his years. Clearly, Juice WRLD held an appreciation for the culture’s foundational roots and his predecessors.

The aforementioned “hour-long freestyle” has been embedded below, a bittersweet reminder the young man’s legacy. Between the flow-switches, eerily foreshadowing lyrics, the palpable sense fun, and the endearing lulls as he concocts his next move, Juice’s freestyle clinic may very well stand as a defining artistic moment. Even when his lyrics bridge the topic death, which certainly hurts given the circumstances, his clear sense enjoyment is a strong enough counterweight. Rest in peace, Juice WRLD. One the best freestylers we’ve seen in recent memory. 

Kyle Lowry Fires Back At Heckler In Philadelphia: "Come See Me!"

Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry wasn’t feeling the love when he returned to his native Philadelphia on Sunday night. 

Following Toronto’s 110-104 loss to the Sixers at Wells Fargo Center, a heckler caught Lowry’s attention as he was headed to the locker room – and Lowry responded in a very Philly manner. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Marcus Hayes, Lowry fired back at the boisterous fan by shouting “Come see me!” several times.

Lowry, who was born and raised in North Philadelphia and played his college ball at Villanova, shed some more light on the incident during his post-game media availability. 

“I don’t know him,” said Lowry, per ESPN. “He talks too much, but he isn’t worth my time.”

When asked if he was surprised by the fan’s actions, Lowry replied, “No. It’s Philadelphia. I respect it.” He added with a smile, “When I come home, I’m going to be there, so if they’ve got a problem, they can find me.”

The five-time All Star led the Raptors with 26 points, six rebounds and five assists in his return to the City Brotherly Love. Up next is a trip to Chicago for a matchup with the Bulls on Monday night, followed by a three-game home stand.

Cardi B Addresses "Press" Flopping In Vogue Cover Story

Cardi B just became the first female rapper to grace the cover American Vogue (and the first to grace it with her daughter in her arms). I suppose we could have expected this after she appeared in the publication’s “73 Questions” video segment and also because she has been breaking down doors since she stepped into the spotlight. Cardi’s cover story – which is titled “Unfiltered, Unapologetic, Unbowed” – dives into fame, motherhood and her forthcoming sophomore album. The Bronx star opens up about how things she reads online about herself could get to her, but “if she’s] playing with her] daughter, she forgets] about the issues.” 

One the harsh critiques that she mentions pertains to the reception her most recent single, “Press”, which released in May. “I thought ‘Press’ was fun and it was gangsta, and then because it didn’t perform as good as my other songs, people was like, ‘Oh, she’s a flop; oh, she’s dying out,’ Cardi said. “This whole year has just been a lot for me. I feel like people are just so tired me winning. I will look for my name on Twitter, and it’s like hate tweets, hate tweets, hate tweets.”

After these sorts reactions, the pressure weighs even heavier on Cardi as she prepares her next album. “The first time it was just me being myself,” she explained. “I didn’t even care if people was gonna like it or not. When I found out I did so good, I’m like, is this a big number? Everybody was like, yes, this is a huge number. So it’s scary because it’s like, now you got to top your first album, and then it’s like, damn. I wonder if people are gonna relate to the new things, to the new life, to the new shit that I gotta talk about now. Music is changing. I feel like people just wanna hear twerk-twerk music, but it’s like, is that just a phase? I probably need a y song. I need a lot turn-up songs. I need a slow song, a personal song. And those are harder for me—I always need help when it comes to talking about my feelings. It’s hard for me to be st, period. So it’s a lot thoughts, a lot pressure. It’s really like a job.”

At the end the day, though, Cardi keeps thriving. Watch her make it rain in a Nigerian strip club this past weekend

Cardi B’s Waist & Abs Look SNATCHED In Africa Photos

For real though, I’m not even exaggerating with this outrageous headline. After spending tons cash inside a Nigerian strip club, Cardi B took advantage her weekend in Africa by taking some stunning photos celebrating the culture. The superstar rapper proved to us all that she’s been working her ass f in the gym, flaunting body goals in a couple pictures uploaded to her social media channels.

After giving birth to her baby last year, Cardi B has experienced a notable body bounce-back, getting her abs in check and seriously looking shredded in some new pictures. Inviting her fans to “turn the fuck up” with her in Africa, Bardi rocked the Ghana flag on her latex bodysuit, even donning a special wig for the occasion. The colors the country were dyed into her hair, completing the look. In a secondary post, Cardi said goodbye to the African country, wearing a flowy outfit that showed f her stomach and, oh lord, she’s looking good. From her tiny waist to her sculpted abs, Cardi B is reminding everyone that she’s seriously one the best looking women in the rap game. 

For somebody that spent less than twenty-four hours in Ghana, she sure was proud to share her experience with the world. We’re looking forward to more this, Cardi.

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Releasing For The First Time This Month: Details

Kanye West and Adidas have a number Yeezy releases planned for the final weeks 2019, including multiple Yeezy Boost 350 V2s, a new Yeezy Boost 700 V2 and the first-ever Yeezy Boost 380. Additionally, sneaker source Yeezy Mafia reports that the glow-in-the-dark “Azael” Yeezy 700 V3 is also ficially slated to launch on December 23. 

The Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 “Azael” feature a mesh construction with reflective 3M detailing throughout. The kicks are also highlighted by web-like, rubber overlays that cover the upper and emit a greenish glow once the lights go out. Unlike the previous Yeezy 700s, the 700 V3 is void the beloved Boost cushioning and instead utilizes an all-new, yet-to-be-named, technology beneath the silhouette. 

Releasing on December 23, it is believed that the Yeezy 700 V3 will retail for $180, making them one the cheapest Yeezys to date. Continue scrolling for the ficial images and stay tuned for a list retailers that will have the kicks in stock later this month.

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Releasing For The First Time This Month: Details


Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Releasing For The First Time This Month: Details


Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Releasing For The First Time This Month: Details


Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Releasing For The First Time This Month: Details

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Azael/House Heat

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Releasing For The First Time This Month: Details

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Azael/House Heat

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Releasing For The First Time This Month: Details

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Azael/House Heat

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Releasing For The First Time This Month: Details

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Azael/House Heat

Beyoncé Uses Grills & Braids To Announce Ivy Park’s New Partnership With Adidas

Whenever Beyoncé appears on a magazine cover, it’s a momentous occasion. Her photo shoots are never short magical and her new spread in Elle is no exception, which Bey conceptualized with her Lemonade collaborator and Queen & Slim director, Melina Matsoukas. The prile focuses on Beyoncé announces the return IVY PARK, her athleisure company that she became the sole owner last year. It was heavily reported when Beyoncé bought out the company to nudge out the British billionaire, who was her partner and faced accusations ual harassment. IVY PARK’s new line will arrive on January 18th as a partnership with adidas.

The Elle piece reveals that IVY PARK will feature gender-neutral styles going forward, a decision which resulted from Bey seeing so many men rocking her previous collections. IVY PARK will also branch out to shoes, taking on some adidas’ silhouettes.

Several pieces from the new collection can be seen in the Elle spread – which are paired with high-end couture, like Gucci coats, in everyday spaces – but Beyoncé also took to Instagram to share a separate set photos promoting IVY PARK’s return. The IG posts show “IVY PARK” spelled out in Bey’s beaded braids and also shining in her metallic grills.

Start saving funds for January 18th! 

Juice WRLD Death: Last-Known Video Of Rapper Alive Surfaces

Rest in peace to the incomparable Juice WRLD. The talented 21-year-old artist from Chicago was an enigmatic character, impacting the music industry immediately upon his arrival and quickly rising to become one the most popular artists in the entire world. His hit singles “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are The Same” are gonna hit differently now and, upon hearing the news, many revisited his tribute track “Legends,” which was penned after the passing XXXTentacion last year. The rapper sings at the beginning: “What’s the 27 club?/We ain’t making it past 21.” Juice WRLD passed away just days after celebrating his twenty-first birthday. As people continue to react to the tragic announcement his death, the last-known video the rapper alive has surfaced online, showing him in good spirits, fooling around with his team on his plane to Chicago.

Juice WRLD Death: Last-Known Video Of Rapper Alive Surfaces
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

A video shared by DJ Akademiks contains what is believed to be the final video Juice WRLD before he suffered a fatal seizure in Chicago’s Midway Airport. He could be seen pulling a prank on one his homies, grabbing a water bottle and dousing him as he slept, emptying the liquids in his face. The Chicago star was laughing, smiling, and appeared to be having a good time.

We’re sending positive thoughts, prayers, and condolences to the friends, family and loved ones Juice WRLD. Rest in peace to a young king.

Air Jordan 11 "Bred" Foot Locker Locations Revealed: How To Cop

If you’re a big fan Michael Jordan‘s signature sneakers and were also a fan the Chicago Bulls, then you’re probably a big fan the Air Jordan 11 “Bred.” The shoe came out in 1996 and is easily one the best sneakers to ever be released by Jordan Brand. Over the years, there have been various retros the sneaker which are immediately scooped up by sneakerheads and resellers alike. Coming into 2019, there were a ton rumors that the “Bred” 11s would be coming back and eventually, those rumors became a reality.

On Saturday, December 14th, the Air Jordan 11 “Bred” will be hitting store shelves and according to @zsneakerheadz, the stock numbers are plentiful. Jordan Brand has decided to make this shoe a GR which means if you want them, you’ll be able to cop without having to worry about the shoe selling out. In the Instagram post below, you can see all the different Foot Locker locations that will be carrying the sneaker. As you can see, pretty well every store in the nation will have the shoe which is great news for all you sneakerheads out there.

Let us know in the comments below if you plan on copping these.

Beyoncé Does Not Have Residency In Las Vegas Planned

Beyoncé does not have a Las Vegas residency planned after all.

A rep for the singer spoke with Variety, confirming that the reports initially sparked by the LoveBScott website were not true.

The report is “absolutely not true,” the rep tells the publication.

Beyoncé Does Not Have Residency In Las Vegas Planned

 Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

Previously, “sources” revealed that Beyoncé had plans to announce the ficial residency in 2020 and that the residency would make Beyoncé the highest-paid entertainer in the city.

If reports were true, it would have been Beyoncé’s first residency since performing a series shows at the Wynn las Vegas’ Encore Theater in 2009, staging the live album I Am… Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn las vegas. All the while, fans maintain that Beyoncé would only set up any sort touring vehicle with an album in tow. Without one in sight, a residency would have been pretty out the ordinary.

Currently, a number stars occupy residencies in the city with Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and Janet Jackson among them.

The next year will add even more to the rotation with Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars and Diana Ross among the lineup talent slated to kick f residencies in 2020.

Lil Nas X Opens Up About The Struggles Of Fame

Lil Nas X has been among the host young talent who made their mark on 2019 in a major ay, but most recently the characteristically humorous figure took to Twitter to open up about what he described to be “extremely low” moments.

“I usually deal with my sad times in private because I don’t like for my fans or family to feel sorry for me,” he penned in a tweet. “This year had a lot very high ups and extremely low downs. when u get to that hotel room and it’s just you, you do a lot thinking. small things become so BIG.”

“i like to pretend hate and shit don’t get to me, but subconsciously it eats away at me,” he added. “feeling like u have the world and knowing it can all go away at any time is scary. with all this being said i want anybody who cared enough to read this to just live in the moment. love u guys.”

The moment transparency arrives in the midst growing concerns surrounding the topic mental health and well-being in the entertainment industry, especially as they pertain to younger artists.

Pringles Unveils Self-Feeding Headset For Die-Hard Gamers

The gaming industry is as big as its ever been. With the rapid evolution technology in recent times, gaming has become even more a global phenomenon backed by a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone’s been trying to get in on it, too. Many companies have figured out ways to tap into the market with creative devices that can help the gaming experience.

Pringles are the latest to come into the game. Now, chips are essentially the perfect snack for gaming but it gets hard when you’re deep into the game. You got to pause the game, grab some chips, and wipe your hands from the grease if you’re down for good hygiene. Pringles, however, has made this process a bit easier. They’ve introduced the “Hunger Hammer” which is made up several 3D-printed components that are supposed to be attached to the Razer headset. Much like a beer hat, the Pringles are attached to the headset and feed through a mechanical arm. 

Unfortunately, this is only a prototype that likely won’t actually end up becoming a real product. It seems like Pringles just toyed with the idea and don’t see this actually becoming a necessity for gamers, nor do they actually have any plans to turn this into a product that could be available on the market Perhaps it’s for the better. 

"Just Mercy" Trailer With Jamie Foxx & Michael B. Jordan Plays On More Emotions

Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx were in Toronto two months ago to premiere their upcoming film Just Mercy that’s set to hit theaters everywhere later this month. The film is based on a true story that follows Harvard-educated lawyer Bryan Stevenson (played by Michael) who heads to Yellowhammer State to help Walter McMillian (Jamie) get f after he was wrongfully accused murdering a white woman. 

"Just Mercy" Trailer With Jamie Foxx & Michael B. Jordan Plays On More Emotions
Emma McIntyre/Getty s

The new trailer for the film is just as emotional and hard-hitting as the first as it showcases the feelings Walter’s family endured as their father was sentenced to the electric chair. The under two-minute clip also shows the determination Bryan had in the case, promising not to give up until Walter was a free man. “I think we can build a case strong enough to bring him home,” Michael’s character says in the trailer. “And I’m not going to stop until I’ve done that.”

“What appealed most was being able to share Bryan’s inspiring story and shed light on those affected by the inequities and implications our current criminal justice system,” Michael said when discussing why this role was important to him. “It’s easy to ignore statistics; it’s harder when you put a human face to it. I hope that giving more context to something that’s been happening for such a long time and understanding that it’s still happening will give people a sense appreciation for the freedom that we have, but also motivate them to demand answers for the injustices that are continually happening today.”

Hip Hop Week In Review: The Game Drops Final Album & Eminem Disses Nick Cannon Again

HipHopDX – This week in Hip Hop, The Game released his Born 2 Rap album with a diss to older brother Big Fase 100. Also, Eminem and Nick Cannon are back to exchanging barbs and Wack 100 said Nipsey Hussle wasn’t a legend.

The Game Releases Born 2 Rap

The Game released Born 2 Rap, his last album (allegedly), on Friday (December 6).

On the 25-track LP, Game takes shots at rapper Big Fase 100 — who happens to be his older brother — on the song “Hug The Block.”

“I was LeBron, you were supposed to be my Rich Paul/Baby to Slim when a nigga got rich dawg/But your love turn to hate that’s what we split for/When the fuck you get soft/And start talkin’ behind my back like baby mamas when they pissed off,” Game spit on the track.

Fase responded with a post to Instagram of a picture featuring biblical figures Cain and Abel.

Listen to The Game’s swan song Born 2 Rap here.

Eminem Disses Nick Cannon

Eminem and Nick Cannon have been industry enemies for years. This week, the two went back-and-forth again song and radio.

On Fat Joe’s Family Ties album, Eminem took a stab at Nick Cannon on the song “Lord Above” featuring Mary J. Blige. Joey Crack described it as the most “disrespectful” rap ever.

Following the track’s release, Cannon went on his Power 106 morning show and said Em’s diss wasn’t worthy of a response. But Cannon has since proposed Eminem come on an episode of Wild ‘N Out to battle it out.

Listen to Eminem’s verse on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” here.

Wack 100 Declares Nipsey Hussle’s Not A Legend

Even though Wack 100 said he was going to chill on the Nipsey Hussle commentary, this week he took things a step further by saying Nip wasn’t a legend.

“What’s a legend? Define a legend. Let’s keep it real,” Wack told TMZ cameras. “If Dr. Dre died right now, we’d say we lost a legend, right? Based upon what? Numbers, right? Body of work, right? How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album, right? This not no personal shit. This is real shit.”

His comments didn’t sit too well with a few big names in the industry such as T.I. and Meek Mill. Both took issue with Wack’s statement.

As a result, Wack called out T.I. for allegedly being a snitch like Tekashi 6ix9ine and reminded everyone about the time he participated in a crime tip line PSA commercial. T.I. offered his paperwork, which disputes Wack’s claim, as a response.

Wack doubled down on his perspective with Nick Cannon on Power 106.

Read more about Wack 100 versus everyone here.


– The Game — Born 2 Rap
– Griselda Records — WWCD
– Alchemist & Action Bronson — Lamb Over Rice
– Dave East — Survival

#DXclusives: Rubi Rose, Armen Keleshian and KSI

Rubi Rose Talks Juggling Both A Hip Hop & College Career

Rising star Rubi Rose spoke with HipHopDX about how she got her start while also attending college.

“It’s definitely hard, but it’s worth it,” she told DX. “If you want to do something, you stick through it and you do it. And I want to do (music and school), so I’m going to finish. It’s no biggie.”

Read the full Rubi Rose interview here.

Armen Keleshian Spills The Secrets On Being A Successful Hip Hop Photographer

Celebrity photographer Armen Keleshian spoke with DX about how he got his start, which he credits to Steve Lobel.

“Pretty much everything changed,” he revealed. “So when I moved to L.A., I hit up Steve and we had met in Lebanon when he brought out J. Cole at the time. I said, ‘Yo, I’m in L.A., I’d love an opportunity to come shadow you. If you ever need content, I’d love to come and shoot.’Just getting them going around. And Steve said, ‘I got you.’”

Check out the full Armen Keleshian interview here.

KSI Reacts To Logan Paul Thinking He Was Going To Win Their Fight

British rapper and YouTube personality KSI beat Logan Paul in a boxing match and spoke to DX about the social media star talking a lot of trash ahead of their fight.

“I expected him to bring more to the fight,” he said. “I thought he would really try to fight me because he had so much talk and confidence.”

Watch the full KSI interview here.