11 Years Ago Today, Kanye West Was In The Car Accident That Changed His Life…Here’s The Entire Story

Did you know who Kanye West was on October 23, 2002?

Maybe, if you were a hardcore rap fan, but probably not. Up to that point, Kanye West had a name mostly from his production work: the Chicago-native produced the bulk Jay Z’s 2001 classic, The Blueprint. But he wasn’t known as a rapper: he would literally make his rapping debut a month later, appearing on Jay Z’s “The Bounce” (rapping as Ray Ray, for some reason).

But, in short, he was a nobody to most.

So when news came out that the rapper was in a serious car accident on October 23, 2002, many people just shrugged. No one knew that moment would probably end up being the most important moment his career.

That night would be the inspiration for Kanye West’s first true big hit, “Through the Wire.”

But, what happened that night? Throughout the years, Kanye has told the story a number times. Essentially, after finishing a late night session with Beanie Sigel, Peedi Crack and The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye left the studio in L.A., at around 3AM, in his rented Lexus. While in the car, he was cut f and he ran head-on into traffic, colliding with another car just blocks away from the W Hotel.

The accident was devastating; he had to have reconstructive surgery for his face. Kanye was laid up in the hospital for weeks. He had no health insurance, paying for everything out pocket.

Years later, while pushing Late Registration, Kanye talked about the incident in an interview with USA Today, saying:

However, there are parts that Kanye seemed to have left out. Last year, DJ Whoo Kid, who apparently was in the studio before Kanye left, talked about what happened that night.

According to the DJ, Ludacris was also in the studio. Kanye, trying to impress everyone, started spitting verses that Ludacris wasn’t trying to hear:

According to Whoo Kid, Kanye would leave the session furious.

Weeks after the accident, Kanye West would go back to the studio, loop up Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire” and create “Through the Wire,” a song he rapped with a broken jaw.

The song wouldn’t reach the world until early 2003, when the track was on his debut mixtape, Get Well Soon. The tape was mostly a mixture tracks that Kanye West produced. But there were also a couple Kanye West songs, including unreleased classics like “Home” and “My Way.” (There were also a couple tracks that would appear on College Dropout, like “Jesus Walks” and “Two Words”).

After the song floated on the mixtape scene for a while, Kanye West, who wasn’t getting much label support from Roc-A-Fella at the time, took $30 grand, hooked up with Coodie and Chike and shot a cozy video.

The video premiered in November 2003 and the rest is kinda history. The song was the first single f Kanye West’s classic debut College Dropout, which released on February 10, 2004.

Nothing’s been the same since.

#TBT: Nas Explains The Influence Michael Jackson Had Over His Record

Today marks the 24th anniversary Nas‘ iconic song “It Ain’t Hard to Tell.”

The track closes his influential Illmatic album and it’s notable for featuring a heavy sample  Michael Jackson‘s “Human Nature.” In the clip below, Nas explains how MJ was pivotal to the feel the song.

It seems like great minds are always influenced by the ones before them. If you want more details behind Nas’ critical track, you can swipe through to watch him discuss the lyrics with a Harvard poetry pressor!

LeBron James Will Reportedly Be Captain Of One All Star Team

The 2018 NBA All Star starters, and the two captains, will ficially be announced tonight at 6pm ET on TNT, prior to the Thursday night double-header. That said, Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon has already revealed that LeBron James will be one the captains.

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LeBron, who led all-voters after the second round returns was revealed, reportedly won the overall fan vote for the second straight year. As Vardon notes, that likely means LeBron will get the first pick in the upcoming All Star draft.

The 10 All Star starters will be determined by a combination fans (50% the vote), current players (25%) and basketball media (25%). At last count, Steph Curry led the Western Conference by a narrow margin over his teammate Kevin Durant, who has already expressed that he does not want be tasked with picking his All Star teammates.

Whoever comes out the West will be named the captain the other All Star team, opposite LeBron James. Details the All Star draft have not been announced, but NBA commissioner Adam Silver has already stated that it won’t be televised.

The NBA All Star reserves, as voted on by the NBA coaches, will be announced during a TNT broadcast on January 23rd. The results the draft will follow on January 25th.