Evidence Releases ‘Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 1’ Project

Evidence has dropped an instrumental tape on the heels of his surprise album Secrets & Escapes with Brother Ali. The 26-track Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 1 is a collection of previously unreleased beats crafted by the Dilated Peoples member.

The veteran rapper/producer’s latest release continues a series of beat tapes that began with 2003’s Yellow Tape Instrumentals and marks his first solo project since 2018’s Weather Or Not LP. Vinyl and cassette copies are on sale now Fifth Element.

Check out Evidence’s Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 1 stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Evidence Releases 'Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 1' Project

1. Real Diamonds 93706
2. Barcelona
3. Trunk Rattle
4. Reset Button
5. Speaker Cabinet
6. Point A to Point B
7. More Coffee
8. Train Tracks
9. Mach
10. Old ASR
11. Layer Cake
12. Pocket Full of Empty
13. Soviet
14. 1998
15. Italian Horror Story
16. G Shock
17. Shark Tank
18. Don’t Change Squirrel
19. Water Torture
20. Eligh
21. Chicago
22. Composer
23. No More Photos
24. Hypnosis
25. Tuff Gong
26. If You Said Goodbye

Jamie Foxx Now Reported To Be Dating Comedian Natalie Friedman

Another day, another rumour about two people coupling up. After Jamie Foxx seemingly broke up with Katie Holmes people were quick to suggest that he was dating Kate Beckinsale after photos saw them standing close together. However, the Click actress responded to the gossip making it clear it’s all a lie. “I would like to point out that standing next to someone does not mean I am dating them. Currently in line at the dry cleaners and if that’s true I’ve got a hell a problem,” she joked on Instagram. 

Jamie Foxx Now Reported To Be Dating Comedian Natalie Friedman
Kevin Winter/Getty s

The Blast now suggests that Jamie could possibly be dating comedian Natalie Friedman but since the reports are based on images Natalie shared to Instagram  – and one video them dancing closely – we think it’s safe to take the update lightly. 

The images, seen below, are a few weeks late as they show Natalie and her crew attending a Halloween party. “No one: _____
Natalie: Alright I’ll post these Halloween pictures 3 weeks late. Let me get these in real quick before it’s 2020,” she captioned the post. 

Jamie Foxx has yet to respond to any reports his dating life and we don’t think he will until there’s someone serious. 

Carmelo Anthony’s Blazers Usage Revealed Ahead Of His Season Debut

Just two weeks ago, it seemed almost like a longshot that we would see Carmelo Anthony back on an NBA court this season. Players and teams were counting him out but eventually, the Portland Trail Blazers bit the bullet and ended up signing him to a contract. For now, the contract is non-guaranteed but he will be able to get all the money owed to him in the new year if he manages to keep playing up to the team’s standards.

Some fans are apprehensive about Melo’s debut while others are excited to see what he can still do out on the court. Anthony is one the best scorers to ever play the game and whenever he’s on the court, there is an opportunity for some magic. According to Marc Spears ESPN, Melo will be playing quite a bit tonight which means the Blazers already like what they see.

Only time will tell whether or not this experiment works out but as right now, things are up in the air. If Melo plays poorly, this could mean the end his career. On the flip side, if he plays well, he might be able to extend his career by a couple years.

Needless to say, tonight is about to be interesting.

Dave East Speaks On "Survival", Nipsey Hussle, Nas & More

Dave East is doing his interview rounds and sat down to chop it up with the L.A. Leakers. In case you’re living under a rock, East just released his fire debut album Survival and his fans have the project on repeat. In the interview, the Harlem rapper talks about getting the right vibe in the studio, his friendships with Nipsey Hussle and Nas, and more.

East says that a studio session with him is “like a Bob Marley session” with champagne and good vibes. He says that when some people come through with a bad vibe he even tells them to “holla at me later.”

Dave East Speaks On "Survival", Nipsey Hussle, Nas & More
Dave Kotinsky/Getty s

The conversation moved on to Nipsey Hussle where he spoke on the incredible loss and how he can remember conversations with the late Crenshaw rapper. On whether or not he would put out posthumous music with Nip he said, “it’s not easy for me to revisit that just for some money.” He continued saying that if he puts something out with Nipsey Hussle on the record it’ll be for Nipsey’s children. 

On working with Nas, East calls the experience “priceless.” He says that Nas gives him freedom, lets him “do me” and that there was “no compromising for the label” on the album. He likens the experience working with Nas to “making it to the league” after looking up to Michael Jordan as a kid and now being on MJ’s team.

When asked about the best advice he has ever received he instantly says, “mind my business.” And on the advice he would give to a younger version himself he says he’d say the same and then he adds, “and listen to your mother and father.”

For more gems from the interview watch the video below.

Keeping The Same Energy: Billy Danze Talks New Music & M.O.P.’s Legacy

New York, NY – Few groups have managed to endure two decades of an ever-evolving industry without compromise quite like M.O.P. — who seem to have kept the same energy throughout it all.

Having become synonymous with hard-as-nails street-hop, earning an extremely loyal core following, the duo of Lil Fame and Billy Danze tasted significant mainstream success following the release of their fourth LP Warriorz, which contained their now culturally embedded stick-up anthem “Ante Up.”

This year marked 25 years for the group — and next will mark 20 years removed from their pop-culture climax. Fans from both before and after their iconic single can revel in the fact that the Mashed Out Posse is far from finished writing their story.

Though their last album as a group was 2014’s Street Certified EP, they have been working on solo material. But, as Billy Danze tells HipHopDX, nobody should get their status twisted.

“I’m getting a lot of people asking me how it feels to be a solo artist … I’m not a solo artist. I’m just doing a few solo releases,” Billy states. “I’ll never be a solo artist. I will never not be a part of M.O.P.”

His latest 13-song release The Bakers Dozen — a follow up to March’s 6 Pack — is anything but conventional.

Though it’s easy to classify as an LP, by sheer virtue fo the length and depth of the project, Billy clarifies that this is (like the six-song release before it) a single.

“The full project is called The Billy Danze Project,” he reveals. “I’ve been in the music industry for a long time, so I still want to do some things traditionally … but I want to think out of the box. Typically, you have the first single, the second single and then the project.

“So, 6 Pack was my first single … it’s a six-part single. This second single is 13 parts,” he explains. “I owe the people a lot of music. I got to make sure I provide my people what they need. They need good music. It’s why I’m here.”

Billy expresses a noticeable excitement that longtime fans will get more of him as a person with his solo material. “I’ve been confined to 16-bar verses for 20 plus years, so I’ve got to get it all out. Now I can take you on a journey.”

He points to the group’s image as an obstacle in terms of letting fans deeper into his full spectrum. “People always had this thought that [M.O.P.] were just wild animals, right? Like we are these hyenas like we’re not human. We don’t have emotions.”

As the voice of those who grew up — as Billy puts is — in harm’s way, he not only gives fans what they expect on his new singles but also much needed growth they didn’t realize they were missing.

There is a sense of elder statesmanship that permeates at points, though he admits that maintaining the balance is not that difficult, as he is merely just being himself across his catalog.

“I’m not portraying anything,” he says. “I’m glad that people are receptive of my new music because they get to see who I am, as opposed to typecasting me as being somebody whose just yelling on the record all the time.”

When asked about the shift in approach when he rocks alone, he says that the lack of wall-to-wall M.O.P. energy is to be expected.

“To sustain that energy that I had to sustain throughout the 20 years of my career, it’s doable if I’m doing every record with my partner,” he says with a laugh. “Now I have to do this entire project by myself, lyrically.

“I write for performance,” he says, likening the writing process to the role of a director. “I may fall out trying to do what I’ve done over the past two decades by myself.”

2019 has proven to be an amazingly generous year for iconic acts, with names like Black Moon and Gang Starr releasing brand new projects; Billy assures us that new music and shows are on the horizon for M.O.P., and doesn’t rule out ideas like documentaries as potential legacy pieces.

However, as they’ve always done in the past, he says it would have to be their way.

“Everybody is doing these documentaries and things like that, that’s something that we could do. We don’t do what other people do … we don’t make music that way. We don’t perform that way. We don’t market ourselves that way,” he reiterates.

Having been — at various points — part of the game’s most influential labels, from Loud Records to Roc-A-Fella and G-Unit, they’ve seen (and remained consistent) throughout many noticeable shifts. It’s this experience that helped Billy pen “This Thing Of Ours,” one of the tracks he hopes will generate the most conversation on his latest release.

“Why won’t we take care of Hip Hop? Why won’t we take care of this thing that’s taken care of us,” he says. He points to how the genre has segregated itself, and how holding each other back actually stops participants within the culture from growing.

“I’m from Brownsville, Brooklyn … I come from where shit was crawling around the size of my forearm,” he says. “Today, I got four college graduates. Where’d that money come from? That money came from Hip Hop. I paid for three homes. All that money came from Hip Hop. I traveled the world four times … that travel came from Hip Hop. You know what I mean?”

Protecting the genre (as an asset) — a genre that came from within urban communities and grew to become a multi-billion-dollar industry — is something he says needs to be done at all costs, becoming more audibly impassioned as he makes his case.

As part of a duo that was known to pull-up on bootleggers in its heyday, he remains remarkably open-minded. Especially in the face of a new generation obsessed with an almost daunting brand of similarity — often finding itself duped by false authenticity.

Though he may not be the biggest fan of all the faces of the new generation, he is a fan of people who come nothing making positive life choices rather than “putting themselves in harm’s way.” In short, those who Hip Hop gives the same opportunity it once gave two young men from Brownsville.

Steam Billy Danze’s The Baker’s Dozen, below. You can keep up his movements his Instagram.

AR-Ab Reportedly Convicted Of Running ‘Large-Scale’ Drug Trafficking Ring In Philly

Philadelphia, PA – AR-Ab has built a steady following in the Philadelphia area on a foundation of hard-hitting gangsta rap, earning the respects of Drake, Swizz Beatz and Birdman along the way. But evidently, his lyrics weren’t all talk.

On Tuesday (November 19), federal jurors convicted AR-Ab — real name Abdul West — and three members of his crew for turning their Original Block Hustlaz (OBH) record label into a sizable North Philly drug trafficking operation implicated in several murders, according to The Inquirer.

AR-Ab received guilty verdicts on several counts, including conspiracy and distribution of crack cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

“West and his crew transported illegal narcotics across the country to push here on our streets,” Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division Michael T. Harpster said in a press release. “They used violence to maintain their hold on their drug territory, in order to keep the cash rolling in.

“The FBI and our partners on the Violent Gang Safe Streets Task Force are determined to dismantle dangerous trafficking operations like this and bring those involved to justice, as we push every day to make this city safer.”

AR-Ab was officially charged in October 2018 along with eight other men.

He faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison under recidivist provisions in federal drug laws.

Ari Lennox May Be Quitting Music To Join The Army

Dreamville songstress Ari Lennox is understandably very emotional right now. After releasing her stellar album Shea Butter Baby this year, she expected to be recognized by her favorite awards show: the Soul Train Awards. She told all her fans about her disappointment last night, saying that she really wanted to walk away with a win. Although she expects to be snubbed, Soul Train is the one platform that she believed would see her talent. Now that she’s been rejected by them, she doesn’t know what to do with herself and it looks like she may be considering a career change.

Ari Lennox May Be Quitting Music To Join The Army
Leon Bennett/Getty s

Hopefully, Lennox is just being a little overdramatic but, after expressing her feelings post-Soul Train Awards, she’s not willing to sell out and is possibly thinking leaving the music industry. She continued her string tweets, responding to fans and hinting at her musical departure. “You know what I realized? People who genuinely fuck with me understand my frustration,” started Lennox before replying to one fan who wanted a Christmas album from the star. “Naw I quit,” she said.

She then expanded on her thought. “I’m not selling out. So I quit. To all those annoyed with me, you got it. I won’t lose my mind over this shit. I will save my sanity first. I’ll join the damn army.”

The energy that she and Summer Walker have been releasing into the universe is pretty damn similar. We hope these two queens can be comfortable in the industry. They’re both incredibly talented and deserve their props. Ari, please don’t quit!

Tory Lanez Thinks "Rap Is In A Horrible Place" Right Now

Tory Lanez dropped his album, Chixtape 5, on Friday and it would be most accurately categorized as R&B. He sings alongside many this century’s R&B legends, including T-Pain, Jagged Edge, Mya, Ashanti, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and The-Dream. When discussing the project on HOT 97’s “Ebro In The Morning”, he suggests that moving over to the R&B sphere was the right move due to rap being “in a horrible place” right now. 

When asked to expand on why he felt this way, Tory argued that rap music currently sounds formulaic. “Rap has gotten into a repetitive place,” he said. “There’s this one sound that sounds like it’s out an automated box. It’s like, ‘Let’s just go in on it: put a bunch auto-tune on it, hood n**** beat, hood n**** song, it’s good to go.'” 

Tory Lanez Thinks "Rap Is In A Horrible Place" Right NowManny Carabel/Getty s

The Canadian artist acknowledged that he has definitely benefited from borrowing other people’s sounds too, but he thinks there’s a point where it all becomes too cookie-cutter. “Of course we all draw sounds and inspirations from each other. I been one the people who’ve done that too… but I feel like when everybody starts to sound the same and I keep hearing the same drum and the same kick and the same snare and the same hi-hat and the same patterns, it gets to the point where I start saying this shit’s in a bad place right now.”  

Ebro lists Polo G, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and Roddie Rich as examples artists who still manage to carve out their own sound while drawing influence from others. Tory agrees that these artists could be considered as exceptions, but he goes on to discuss how many rappers have copied Young Thug to a fault. “I think Thug is responsible for 75% the rap style that’s going on right now and I don’t think we shed enough light on Thugger for that.” He then commends Thug for calling out all the people who copied his swag on his recent hit, “Hot”. 

Watch this conversation take place at the 10:30-mark in the video below. 

NBA YoungBoy Has A New Girlfriend (Again) & He’s Spoiling Her With A Car

YoungBoy Never Broke Again possibly has some extra money to play with now that he allegedly kicked his mother out her home… The fast-rising Baton Rouge rapper is nothing short problematic, finding his name in the news for lawsuits, arrests, accusations, and much more. On the other side the spectrum, he can be considered one the most consistent artists in the rap game. Each release is as dope as the last and his streaming numbers are pure mayhem. Basically, for the last year, YB has been on top the YouTube charts with little interruption. He cycles through his romantic partners pretty quickly, looking for love in all the wrong places. Selfishly, we can say that we get good music out his break-ups. However, we just want to see the kid happy. He’s ficially dating a new woman and, in order to win her over, he bought her a fresh new Porsche.

NBA YoungBoy Has A New Girlfriend (Again) & He's Spoiling Her With A Car
Erika Goldring/Getty s

According to an unconfirmed report by DJ Akademiks, superstar rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again is already spoiling his new boo with some wheels. A video was shared to the social media commentator’s page, showing a silver whip with a red ribbon and bow attached to the top. As always, the comments are an absolute mess but YoungBoy isn’t letting that affect him. He’s just going to continue getting his money.

Do you think he finally found the one or will he be regretting this decision tomorrow?

Machine Gun Kelly Buys Flashy Whip To Celebrate End Of Young Thug Tour

Continuing his stellar annual campaign, Machine Gun Kelly is capping f his joint tour with Young Thug by copping himself a brand new, very expensive gift. Many believed that after his feud with Eminem, he would be a goner but MGK survived instead simply fading away, actually becoming even more a star. Surprising a ton hip-hop fans, Kellz spent the entire year on movie screens, red carpets, album charts, and stages doing his thing. This has been the best year in his career and he’s building momentum to continue into the new decade. Now, he gets to ride into 2020 in style.

Machine Gun Kelly Buys Flashy Whip To Celebrate End Of Young Thug Tour
David Becker/Getty s

With the end the Justin Bieber Big Tour, Machine Gun Kelly decided to treat himself with some the money he made while on the road. Stopping by the car dealership, the Ohio-born artist opted to walk away with a purple Aston Martin sports car, laying down on top his new whip and marvelling at all he’s accomplished. “Bought myself an end tour present,” wrote the star before showing f some exclusive merch he and Thug designed for the final stop. Almost as if he coordinated his car’s paint job to the new t-shirt, Kellz went for purple tones on both.

Take a look at the gorgeous ride below and let us know how you feel about MGK in the comments.

Lakeith Stanfield Drops Charlamagne Tha God Diss ‘Automatic’ After Receiving ‘Donkey Of The Day’

Lakeith Stanfield’s beef with Charlamagne Tha God has resulted in a diss track. After the radio host gave the star of Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You the “Donkey of the Day” for criticizing The Breakfast Club last week, the 28-year-old actor responded by taking aim at Charlamagne in a song titled “Automatic.”

The Charlamagne vs. Stanfield saga began when the latter called out The Breakfast Club and a few other media outlets for being anti-black. In a since-deleted Instagram post, the Atlanta cast member slammed the popular radio show as well as The Shade Room, Lipstick Alley and WorldStarHipHop.

“It’s a fact that a lot of these platforms are usually or tend to be feeding grounds for negative reinforcement toward BLACK ‘nonconformists,’” he wrote. “They bolster faux vanity and hold a white supremacists scope over black men and women often highlighting negative attributes and downplaying mind expanding ones. They serve as bottomless coward consumption pits and digital, audio, or otherwise slave mentatilty museums. @ all you want.”

Charlamagne reacted on an episode of The Breakfast Club by declaring Stanfield the “Donkey of the Day” and condemning claims of the show being anti-black.

“You can say any and everything about me,” he said. “I’ve damn near heard it all about myself online, but what you won’t do is ever fix your lips to call one of my platforms, especially The Breakfast Club, anti-black … I don’t know what the hell Lakeith Stanfield is talking about, but I do know myself, Charlamagne Tha God, in the nine years that I’ve been on this Breakfast Club, I strive every day to be the perfect balance of ratchetness and righteousness, alright. There isn’t another show out there that goes from Byron Allen to Blac Youngsta like it’s nothing.”

He continued, “Lakeith Stanfield, don’t you ever fix your raggedy-ass mouth to call the author of Black Privilege — because I truly believe it is a privilege to be black — anti-black, OK? Ask all those white people who call up every day complaining about me saying ‘cracka ass cracka’ or ‘mayonnaise’ or why everything gotta be black or white.

“Ask them if I’m anti-black. Don’t ever fix your mouth to call a brother like me anti-black because young king, I know for a fact you don’t take the chances that I do every day in the name of blackness. That’s exactly why you didn’t call out any white media outlets, because your publicist, your agent and those Hollywood executives you work for would have had a fit. You would’ve never taken that chance.”

Stanfield fired back with his “Automatic” single, which featured cover artwork of Charlamagne as a racist caricature and a line directed at the outspoken personality.

“I’m black, I’m Atlanta, I’m the Hall of Fame/Insecure, you afraid, you’s a Charlagmagne/Bitch, that pussy shit that runs yo lips I’m born to trip/I’m mixing up my blood with drugs and guns and gangsta Crip,” he rapped.

Stanfield also addressed Charlamagne’s comments about him in a video posted on social media, playing clips of the “Donkey of the Day” segment and addressing the radio host’s arguments.

Watch that response below.

Phife Dawg & Consequence Trade Queens-Bred Bars On "No Place Like Home" Single

Phife Dawg would’ve turned 49 on Wednesday (November 20) but sadly, the Tribe Called Quest MC passed away in 2015.

In honor of the Hip Hop luminary’s upcoming birthday, ATCQ affiliate Consequence has shared a new song called “No Place Like Home” featuring Phife, which Cons says he started working on at the same time Tribe was crafting its 2016 album, We got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your service. 

“Phife and I worked on ‘No Place Like Home’ in the same time frame as the beginning stages of the last Tribe LP,” Cons said in a press release. “Even though he was living in The Bay during the last years of his life, we kept in touch frequently and I even brought my son Caiden to meet him in person while he was in New York, which led to both of us making a cameo appearance in his last solo video.”

Cons continued, “A couple of months later Phife, unfortunately, passed away and Q Tip asked me to re-join Tribe to help make sure the last LP represented us and Phife’s legacy to the fullest. Once we released We got it from Here, Thank You 4 Your service, I always knew I wanted people to hear this record, but it just felt like the timing had to be right. This year it feels right.”

Phife struggled with diabetes for the majority of his life. He died from complications of the disease on March 22, 2015, a day before the “Flawless” video dropped. Cons believes the new song is the best way to honor him.

“The one thing I know about Phife is that he’s a rapper’s rapper,” he added. “The best gift I could give him for his birthday this year is to let the world hear the ‘5 Foot Assassin’ once again!”

“No Place Like Home” was produced by Consequence and Mike Cash, with additional production from Fede Vindver and Rich Keller and will be available on all digital platforms beginning Wednesday (November 20).

Stream it up top.

Kristaps Porzingis Debuts Hideous New Mavs "City Edition" Jersey

Last week, images leaked the Dallas Mavericks new city edition jerseys and they were pretty interesting, to say the least. The jersey is mostly light blue and fades into navy blue as you go lower down the uniform. Perhaps the worst part it all is the writing on the front which says “Mavs.” This writing is reminiscent Comic Sans but with more a 90s twist. With all that being said, the Mavericks came through with a press release today that showed f the jerseys in all their glory.

Newly acquired star Kristaps Porzingis had the fortune or misfortune depending on your point you, debuting the jersey. As you can imagine, the jersey got plenty laughs on Twitter as people quickly realized just how weird these look.

City Edition jerseys have been fairly polarizing as fans either love them or hate them and there is never an in-between. For the Mavericks, it seems as though their uniforms have fallen short expectations and everyone is making their voice heard on it. It’s rare to find someone who likes these which when you think about it, is actually quite sad.

What do you think these jerseys? Are they as bad as people say they are?

50 Cent Shoots His Shot At Lizzo: "That’s The Love Boat"

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson may be in a committed relationship with Jamira Haines, also known as Cuban Link, but he won’t take his eyes f other women. After deleting his IG account last week, the executive producer Power has been resorting to Twitter for much his trolleryHe was called out for attacking Naturi Naughton’s hairline with a hurtful meme and now, he’s busy shooting his shot at global superstar Lizzo. Life is always interesting for Fif.

50 Cent Shoots His Shot At Lizzo: "That's The Love Boat"
Nicholas Hunt/Getty s

Taking to his prile, 50 Cent shared a video Lizzo sensually moving her body and bouncing her booty, adding his own caption to declare his attraction for the “Truth Hurts” star. “Now that’s the love boat, I’m not saying you can’t Handel it, but you can’t Handel it,” said in his typo-riddled message. He then went on to refer to her as “big y.”

50 Cent isn’t the only man who has taken a liking to Lizzo in the last few months. Her confidence radiates, and we all know that confidence is the iest quality that you can possibly have. The fact that Lizzo can comfortably be herself and identify as “100% that bitch” is special and every little girl should be looking to her as a role model.

Do you see Lizzo and 50 Cent striking up a friendship after this?

Kevin McCall Wants In On Dr. Dre & Kanye West’s "Jesus Is King Part II"

Kevin McCall recently expressed how he wants Chris Brown fans to die and he seemingly believes that such vocal thoughts could help him get placement on Kanye West‘s Jesus Is King II produced by Dr. Dre. By now it’s very clear that the singer is going through some things since he recently got arrested for assaulting a cop at court after he sent out another set questionable statements on Instagram

Kevin McCall Wants In On Dr. Dre & Kanye West's "Jesus Is King Part II"
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Kevin’s latest updates to his Instagram Story sees him sending a message to DJ Battlecat, Dr. Dre and Kanye West asking for a spot on Kanye’s upcoming album. As we know, yesterday it was announced that Dre would be working on the tape and it’s clear Kevin has some FOMO. 

“Hey big bro Battlecat man, it’s your baby bro the other Kevin it’s the little Kevin,” he says. “I’m in ATL and I’m calling in a real big homie favour. I’m tryna get on the Jesus Is King. Kanye West, Dr. Dre is involved.” Kevin continues to explain how Battlecat has a lot influence on him. “Make the introduction, I wanna be on Jesus Is King.” 

We think it’s safe to say Kevin may not be hearing back from Kanye’s camp. What do you guys think?