Shaq Knew He Wanted To DJ After Attending Public Enemy & LL Cool J Concert

As a jack all trades, Shaquille O’Neal wears many hats. The sports mogul, commentator, investor, and basketball legend keeps himself busy with several projects, including racing around the globe to DJ some the hottest and most exclusive parties and festivals. DJ Diesel has been spinning on the ones and twos since the late 1980s when Shaq was just a teenage kid searching for his passion. 

“I started DJing in ’87, ’88,” he told Swisher Sweets during a “Shaq At Sea” interview. “I went to an LL Cool J, Public Enemy concert and I saw my favorite DJ, Terminator X. I was a kid at age 13, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. It was all dreams. I want to be a DJ. I want to be a cop. I want to be a businessman. I want to be in the NBA. So, I practiced everything.”

It’s obvious, and expected, that Shaq applies basketball concepts and terms to other aspects his life. As he explained the feeling he experiences when he’s up there hyping the crowd and watching them dance to his music, Shaq said, “To me, DJing is my Game 7. I always grew up on adrenaline. In 2011, when I was forced to retire I didn’t have the adrenaline thing going. I went to a concert known as Tomorrow World, there was 500,000 people jumping up and down. So, whenever I DJ, I just want them to jump up and down. It gives me the feeling a Game 7.”

He mentions that his favorite tunes to play is “hard bass music” because he likes tackling more difficult tracks that other DJs avoid. While there are top dog DJs that are internationally known, including the likes Tiesto and Skrillex, Shaq wants them to know that he’s ready to climb the ranks in the DJ world. “It ain’t no phones. It ain’t no selfies. They just want to hear you jam.”

Master P Questions BET Awards Honoring Nipsey Hussle Posthumously

Master P has always described himself as a person who keeps it real, and he did just that when he recently spoke about his late friend, Nipsey Hussle. The No Limit Records CEO sat down with Rolling Out to discuss Nipsey receiving worldwide attention after his murder. According to P, Nipsey’s new notoriety was confusing to him because the Victory Lap rapper should have received more recognition in life. 

“Me and Nipsey was tight, man,” P said. “That was my little partner. I was showing him the game, showing him the ropes. I had a lot respect for him, he had a lot respect for me. I don’t normally just hang out and go in the studio with just anybody. He was special. My thing was to the world: why make him special after he’s gone? This man did so much while he was here, and nobody cared. His last album was two years ago and it’s] now like, the biggest record around the world now.”

He also called out BET for their recent award show where they made Nipsey a central figure the ceremony, including having a blue carpet. “BET gave him a Humanitarian Award and Male Artist the Year,” P continued. “I thought that was strange. What about the year before? That’s the same album. Ain’t nothin’ changed. He ain’t even get a chance to go on the main stage the previous year]. He was on the pre-show. Him and YG. That’s my dog so you know I know. We talked about this stuff. So, he really upset about that. You remember last year when he went to the BET Awards, he got into it with the security guards ’cause he act like he ain’t know who he was.”

“So, how do we get from there…now, if I would have did that, I wouldn’t have even been invited to the awards the next year,” P said, suggesting that if Nipsey was still alive, he possibly wouldn’t have been invited to this year’s ceremony. “Let’s be honest. So, that’s what I’m saying. You going with what’s hot, the trending topics, instead what’s right. I mean, Nipsey’s my dog, but Snoop Dogg] has been doing stuff in those communities for at least 15 years. I’ve been in those same communities for over 21 years. Think about it. Me and YG mama been feeding the people at least five, six years. Why he didn’t get no award?”

Blueface Shooting Trial To Begin Next Month

Last November, Blueface was arrested in the Newhall area Santa Clarita, California following what investigators claim was a shooting accompanied by an accident on the 14 freeway. According to reports, it was around 10:00 p.m. when shots were fired at a gas station after a man described as a Hispanic male was suspected robbing a driver a Mercedes.

Immediately following the altercation on a nearby highway, there were two vehicles involved in an alleged shooting where occupants both vehicles fired upon the other. While details are scarce, a car crash occurred when the rapper’s vehicle reportedly hit the freeway median. Blueface was arrested on charges suspicion assault with a deadly weapon. His jury trial will begin on August 16.

Back in February, the rapper was arrested once again after it was reported that the Los Angeles Police Department had been alerted that there were rappers in downtown L.A. carrying large amounts cash and wearing expensive jewelryTMZ reports that ficers only responded to the neighborhood because it was a location known to be a high-crime area, but when they arrived Blueface and his entourage allegedly tossed their weapons and scattered. The rapper was arrested on a charge felony possession carrying a loaded firearm and later released on bond. For that case, he is reportedly facing three years in jail.

Irv Gotti Explains What Went Down At S.O.B.’s, Says "GUHH" Producers Set Him Up

Irv Gotti wants no parts reality drama, but it looks as if he was placed right in the middle it while filming Growing Up Hip Hop. A video clip went viral recently showing Irv and Ja Rule engaged in a shouting match with unidentified men at S.O.B.’s in New York City. Almost immediately rumors began to circulate that the men were irate because they were being denied entry into the club which resulted in a few teasing words from Ja’s foe, 50 Cent.

With a desire to lay all the gossip to rest, a cool, calm, and collected Irv visited Philly’s Power 99 radio station on Friday. Irv plainly stated that he’s done with GUHH and wants f the show, immediately. “We were shooting Growing Up Hip Hop, the reality show,” he said. “It’s now a reality show that I want them to remove me f because I told them the furthest thing that I wanted was beef. You know, ‘reality beef’ and drama, and they played that card yesterday. They really played themselves. The commotion was because that, not because we couldn’t get in the club. It was some ‘reality drama.'”

Irv revealed that before he was filmed, he “begged” producers not to put him or his family in the middle arguments because that isn’t how they present themselves. He claims he told them that he has great kids who don’t get involved in beefs or fights, so they would participate if production could respect that request. Irv told the radio station that he notified production that if they tried anything slick, he would step out character and possibly “get violent.”

“They did it yesterday,” Irv continued. “It was the season finale. They had us there with me and my kids. Ja’s son is performing, he’s trying to be a rapper and everything. Ja gets on stage with Charli Baltimore, she gets on stage they perform. I mean, everyone is happy. Then when we get f stage, they stick some girl in front us] who I don’t even know, and she starts dissing me, Ja, and Charli. That’s when all the commotion started.”

In the video clip the altercation, Irv can be heard yelling at the producers, “Y’all set me up!” He explained that he was frustrated because he begged them not to do something like this. “Me and Ja, we get active. I know people may think whatever, but we’re like, real guys.”

“I was on super ten because they had the audacity to do that with my children there,” he noted. “You put my children in harm’s way. I don’t want to be on Growing Up Hip Hop no more. I told them to remove me from it. I don’t want any parts the show. I regret doing it because it ain’t no real money. And guys, I’m doing great.”

R. Kelly’s Former Employee Pleads Not Guilty To Conspiracy Charges

A little over a week ago, R. Kelly was taken into custody on 13 new federal charges, however, he isn’t the only person facing a lengthy prison sentence this time around. Two men who previously worked for Kelly, employee Milton “June” Brown and former business manager Derrel McDavid, were also recently arrested.

Kelly faces a slew charges associated with child pornography and intimidation witnesses related to his 2008 case. Both Brown and McDavid have been charged with conspiracy to receive child pornography, while McDavid has another conspiracy to obstruct justice. There are reports that detectives have discovered nearly two dozen videotapes that show Kelly engaging in sexual acts with minors.

Brown, who reportedly worked for Kelly for two decades between 1997 to 2018, had a court appearance on Friday where he entered a not guilty plea. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Brown was released on bond and if he is convicted in his forthcoming trial, he faces up to 20 years in prison. Meanwhile, McDavid was granted a $500K bond last week and was released, as well. Kelly has also pleaded not guilty but was denied bond earlier this week in Illinois. His next court date for that case isn’t until September. Yet, Kelly faces charges in New York and will be transferred there to make his August 2 court appearance.

A$AP Rocky Prosecutors Claim White House Has Not Contacted Them: Report

The #FreeASAPROCKY movement is in full effect but is the White House truly involved in aiding in the rapper’s release? We previously reported that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian petitioned their Oval Office contacts to help get the ball rolling on freeing A$AP Rocky from the custody Swedish ficials. It’s been two weeks since he was arrested on suspicion assault, and President Trump tweeted that he’s going to make some calls to help with the situation.

“Just spoke to @KanyeWest about his friend A$AP Rocky’s incarceration,” he wrote. “I will be calling the very talented Prime Minister Sweden to see what we can do about helping A$AP Rocky. So many people would like to see this quickly resolved!”

Kim took to her Twitter account to honor those who she claims have been working behind the scenes on Rocky’s behalf. “Thank you @realDonaldTrump , @SecPompeo, Jared Kushner & everyone involved with the efforts to Free ASAP Rocky & his two friends,” she said. “Your commitment to justice reform is so appreciated 🙏🏼🤞🏼.”

However, the Swedish Prosecution Authority has issued a statement to Page Six saying that they’ve not received any contact from the President or any government ficial. “We have had no communication with the White House,” they said, adding that even if someone had reached out to them, it is “not possible for the U.S. President to have any influence on the Swedish legal procedure.”

According to Page Six, four U.S. representatives shared in a joint statement that they have contacted the Swedish government. The Swedish Prosecution Authority may not have been directly involved in that correspondence, but there reportedly have been efforts by the United States government to bring Rocky home as soon as possible.

Tyler, The Creator Acknowledges Taking #1 Spot Over DJ Khaled

There was quite a bit controversy surrounding Tyler, The Creator’s album IGORHis experimental hit record came in at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, topping DJ Khaled‘s star-studded production, Father Asahd. Because Khaled enlisted dozens heavy-hitters as features on his record, there were many in the industry who believed Father Asahd was guaranteed to take the No. 1 spot for weeks to come. 

Yet, Tyler, The Creator‘s beautifully woven IGOR—an album swimming with music greats its own—claimed victory the first week its release. Reports surfaced that tens thousands Khaled’s purchases weren’t counted due to a bundling mix-up, but whatever the case was didn’t take away from the fact that Tyler crafted a No. 1 record.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Tyler finally addresses taking that top spot above Khaled. He said he released IGOR with the belief that the album would be misunderstood and wouldn’t be received well with the public. “I f*cking spent so much time on this sh*t, and whether or not people like it, whatever the f*ck, I just want the idea executed,” he said. “And when that happened, and it goes number one, bro, that sh*t means a lot. I didn’t think people would like this album based on everyone hating Cherry Bomb so f*cking much.”

He added, “So when I put this out and it beat first week, and again, I don’t make sh*t to beat first week or be radio or whatever, but for this work art and that album cover and these videos and me doing this suit-wig thing—and this is no disrespect to Khaled or anyone, but this n*gga had every person in the industry, everyone on that f*cking album. Everyone. Everyone. Cardi B, 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Post Malone, Beyoncé, Jay. Everyone who sells billions records…and the fact that I beat him with this, that isn’t parallel to all the popping music right now, was f*cking crazy, bro. Are you serious? Like, that was insane to me.”

XXXTentacion Joke Has Been Yanked Off Air, Comedienne Responsible Issues Statement

Comedian Dina Hashem’s name may have been trending on Friday, but it wasn’t because her jokes were all the rage with the public. Comedy Central shared a clip Hashem doing standup where she made an XXXTentacion joke that some viewed as distasteful. “He was shot, he was on his way to buy a car with $50K in cash and somebody shot him and took the money,” she said. “Which is very tragic but I think also it would be a very good Venmo commercial. That’s the first thing I thought when I heard that.”

Audience members in the video chuckled at the quip, but the social media backlash was heavy. Many XXXTentacion’s friends and fans bashed the comedienne, even resorting to storming her Instagram with scathing comments. This has forced Hashem to issue a statement saying that the clip will never be shown on-air again.

XXXTentacion Joke Has Been Yanked Off Air, Comedienne Responsible Issues Statement
Rob Kim/Getty s

“I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, that’s never what I want,” she wrote in an Instagram message. “I’m a comic and use jokes to try and make dark topics less painful but I realize not everyone feels that way, and I don’t want anyone to feel badly. It was taken down and won’t air on TV.” Technically, she didn’t apologize, but it’s close enough. However, forgiveness is a fickle thing as XXXTentacion supporters continue to troll the comedian. 

Hashem certainly isn’t the only comedian who has come under scrutiny for jokes that many deemed to be inappropriate. Kevin Hart backed out hosting the Oscars after some claimed that he spewed homophobic jokes. Louis CK came under fire for his remarks about Parkland shooting survivors. Bill Maher caught heat for what some claimed were racist jokes he made during an interview with a congressman. Others include Gilbert Gottfried, Stephen Colbert, Chris Rock, George Carlin, and just about anyone on Saturday Night Live. How far is considered too far?

T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Harris Snaps At IG User Who Questions Her Relationship With Tiny

You’re always treading in dangerous territory when you allow people to ask you questions on Instagram. The social media platform lets users opt-in for a “ask me anything” feature on their Instagram Stories, and celebrities love taking advantage it because it makes them come across as more relatable. However, when a person has hundreds thousands followers, not all them are lurking because they’re fans.

T.I.‘s teenage daughter Deyjah Harris has received her fair share strange responses on her IG, but she’s been able to maintain her own level Harris-inherited Clap Back in order to keep people in line. Recently, she gave followers the opportunity to pose their questions to her, but one person rubbed her the wrong way.

“Why you ain’t post tiny for her b-day,” one person said to Deyjah about her step-mother. “I get the feeling you really don’t f*ck with her.” Deyjah didn’t mince words with her response. “See that’s your problem,” she began. “You think a post equates to the love, admiration, respect, etc. that I have for her? while you so busy worrying about why a post THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU wasn’t made, i was too busy making sure my gratitude and adoration was shown and expressed with actions.”

She ended her statement by saying, “I mean, i’ve literally checked everywhere on my receipt and i have yet to see as to where the hell i bought your opinion at.” The high school graduate has learned from her family well.

Deb Antney Praises Nicki Minaj, Explains Her Lack Of Respect For Today’s Female Rap Artists

Many Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta fans may have heard Debra “Ms. Deb” Antney because reality television, but she’s been a formidable force in the music industry for quite some time. The Mizay Entertainment founder and CEO has handled clients including Gucci Mane, French Montana, Nicki Minaj, and her son, Waka Flocka. She’s helped to shape the careers some our favorite top-selling artists, and in a recent interview with Street Certified Podcast, she shared her thoughts on the ongoing criticism Nicki Minaj.

For years, people have pointed the finger at the Queen rapper with claims that she doesn’t respect the female hip hop artists that have come before her. This has ten caused quarrels for Minaj, but Ms. Deb clarified that not only was Minaj one the hardest working rappers she’s ever dealt with, she always gave respect to women who helped pave the way.

“Nicki changed it for me for women,” Deb said. “When I watched how hard that girl—that girl worked hard. I mean, we could have knock-down drag-outs, but when she went on that stage or she went on that interview, you would never know nothing was going on. She worked. She didn’t allow nothing to stop her nor interfere with anything that she was doing. That’s why with women…she made it hard for me now. She set that bar high. Regardless what people say. People talk about, ‘Oh, she so nasty, she so this.’ But y’all think about it], y’all ragged that girl. You ragged her. And she paid homage to a lot people. I’m a lot people, but I’m not a hater to women. That, I’m not, and I’m not gonna stand for that. Period. We do no hating, but she paid a lot homage. How much homage people wanted her to pay? I don’t know. But she did pay a lot homage.”

The rap beef between Minaj and Cardi B turned physical at a New York Fashion Week event, something that set Ms. Deb on edge. “Even for now, I hate the fact that they bring Nicki and Cardi together,” Deb continued. “They’re two different people. Nicki and Cardi are not the same artist. So for people to bring them two against each other, I think it’s horrible. I was more angrier with Nicki for feeding in. You understand what I’m saying? You don’t have a reason to feed in. That platform, that bar you set is so high. If anything, you uplift her. That’s how this is supposed to be. I don’t respect a female out there in hip hop right now, because I ain’t seen one bring another one up.”

“In my day, even though you had the Queen Latifahs and the MC Lytes and all these women—they battled, but they all performed and supported,” she added. “You can’t even go to a concert with a bunch women on the stage. It’s not gonna happen ’cause the ego-trippin’ and the way that they all are. They’re just selfish as I don’t know what, so right now I don’t respect none ’em because you not coming back and uplifting anybody else that was out there. People forget so quickly where they come from and what they] did to get to where they] are.”

Yung Joc Is Open To Televising Wedding But Doesn’t Want Money For It

After years relationship drama, some which has unfolded on-screen for reality television viewers, Yung Joc is getting married. Earlier this week, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans watched as the Georgia rapper dropped to one knee and proposed to his longtime girlfriend, attorney Kendra Robinson. Considering his sordid romantic relationships with LHHA castmates Karlie Redd and Kadiyah Lewis, it was surprising to find out that Joc and Kendra have been together for years. However, they battled through the reality TV drama and have been able to make their partnership work.

TMZ claims that they’ve spoken with the newly engaged rapper and he’s stated that being with a woman such as Kendra has caused him to change his creeping, cheating ways. According to the outlet, Joc said that he also wants to be an inspiration to other men out there that they, too, can find themselves a good woman once they buckle down. 

Whenever there’s a reality TV wedding on the horizon, VH1 loves to swoop in and capitalize on it if they can. There haven’t been any formal announcements Joc and Kendra receiving their own wedding spin-f special or series, but Joc isn’t opposed to the idea. He said that he would love to do something the sort if he got the opportunity, however, he noted that he wouldn’t want to take any money for it. The rapper just wants the public to know that it’s possible for everyone to change their past behaviors and develop new reputations. Would you tune in and watch Joc and Kendra jump the broom?

Wendy Williams Calls Out Aubrey O’Day Over Diddy Criticism

For most 2019, Wendy Williams‘s name was dragged through the media. The news her divorce from her estranged husband Kevin Hunter was revealed along with rumors that he’d impregnated his longtime mistress. Williams lived in a sober living residence, took a break from hosting her show to get her personal life in order, and was ridiculed on social media by celebrities and the public alike. Many believed that the experience would cause Williams to shift her ten scathing remarks on her talk show, but the gossip queen is back in her groove and is as biting as ever.

It’s been formally announced that Diddy will be returning with another season  Making The Band, and former cast member and Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day has had a few words for her former label-head. Aubrey has made repeated claims that Diddy abandoned Danity Kane, verbally abused group members, and dropped them without warning

Wendy discussed the controversy on a recent episode her show, beginning by calling Aubrey the “Beyoncé Danity Kane.” That was a warm opening, but within seconds the tide turned. “Aubrey, you know I like you, but I’m calling it like I see it,” Williams said. “You’re more successful at reality TV than you are with music. I don’t know one Aubrey or Danity Kane] song and that’s real. Do you? Clap if you do.” There were only a few audience members who responded before Williams went on to list the reality television shows Aubrey’s been cast in.

Wendy Williams Calls Out Aubrey O'Day Over Diddy Criticism
Jason Kempin/Getty s

“So, she’s good at that, but maybe not so much with the singing,” Williams continued. “Listen, Aubrey, sour grapes. He might not have finished with Danity Kane but maybe that’s because you all thought you were bigger than you really were and you weren’t listening to the master. Like I said before: Lil Kim was created by Puffy. She’s a legend and an icon. Faith Evans. Mary J. Blige. Biggie Smalls. Janelle Monae. French Montana. Machine Gun Kelly. Where do you wanna go with this Aubrey? Get your facts.”

Aubrey caught wind Williams’s words and made the talk show host an fer. “Ma, u got so much to say when I’m not sitting in front you, why don’t you be a real one and run your mouth like this face to face. I dare you. I’ll clear my f*cking calendar. 😘”

G-Eazy & Jada Pinkett Smith Call Out Sweden’s Perceived Racist Treatment Of A$AP Rocky

G-Eazy was arrested in Sweden last year on drug and assault charges, but his situation played out way differently than A$AP Rocky’s current predicament.

After TMZ ran a story calling out Sweden’s seemingly racist actions toward the A$AP Mob rapper, G-Eazy hopped on Instagram and threw in his two cents. G-Eazy admits the reason he was out of jail so quickly is likely due to his white privilege.

“Facts. This is the sad truth… The difference between me and Rocky’s treatment and process in Sweden brings to mind two concepts that disgustingly go hand in hand: white privilege and systemic racism,” he wrote. “Let’s call it what it is. He should not be behind bars right now.

“My heart goes out to my brother @asaprocky and his team. We’re riding for yall. #JusticeForRocky #FreeRocky.”

Jada Pinkett Smith also chimed in Twitter and agreed with G-Eazy’s sentiments.

“Hold it … G-Eazy got to strike a deal a day and half after possession of drugs and assault charges???” she tweeted on Friday (July 19). “But you’re holding Rocky. We got the message loud and clear Sweden. Trust me … we got it.”

On Friday morning, a judge ruled Rocky will remain behind the bars of a Swedish jail until prosectors decide whether to indict him on the assault charges. They are expected to make their final decision by July 25.

In the meantime, several of Rocky’s peers have showed their support by launching a Swedish boycott, including Tyler, The Creator and T.I.

Rocky was arrested in Stockholm on July 2 after he got into an altercation with a group of men who accused Rocky of breaking his headphones.

Megan Thee Stallion Rivals Future’s "Hot Boy" Playlist With One For The Hot Girls

The battle between the Hot Girls and Hot Boys this summer has been real. With Megan Thee Stallion leading for the ladies and Future reppin’ for the guys, things have been intense. But what’s a summer without an ficial playlist? Although Future became the de facto leader the Hot Boys, he simply embraced the title for what it is and came through with a Spotify playlist titled, “Hot Boy Summer.” He decided to drop this before Megan had the chance to so you know the Hot Girls were begging for their own soundtrack for the summer.

Megan had to let the Hot Girls know that their soundtrack was coming. After Future released his playlist, she quoted the playlist and wrote, “Lol don’t worry HOT GIRLS I’m abt to drop my playlist brb.” Within two hours, the “Hot Girl Summer” playlist was live on Spotify and included songs from herself, Chris Brown, Young Thug, City Girls, YG, Lil Kim, Remy Ma, and more. As for Future, he actually included some Megan Thee Stallion to the playlist, along with other songs from himself, DJ Mustard, Meek Mill, Drake, and more.

With a month and a half left in the summer, we’re going to see who ends up winning the summer. The Hot Boys or Hot Girls?

Peep Future and Megan Thee Stallion’s respective playlists below. 

Kyrie Irving Describes What Position SpongeBob Characters Would Play

Nike and Kyrie Irving have ficially announced plans to release a special edition SpongeBob SquarePants sneaker collection next month in celebration the show’s 20th anniversary. The pack will include colorways inspired by SpongeBob & Patrick, as well as Squidward, Sandy and Mr. Krabs.

Ahead the release, Kyrie spoke with GQ Magazine about all things SpongeBob SquarePants, which included some talk about where each the characters would fit in on a basketball court. Here’s what Irving had to say about that, according to GQ’s Cam Wolf:

Squidward is a shooting guard. He’s the most selfish one. He just shoots his own shots. He doesn’t care what’s going on.

SpongeBob is really like… positionless. He can play the 3/4, go to the 1.

Mr. Krabs is like the power forward. He’s literally the muscle the group. He’s always giving different business ideas on how to spend money and like, “The Krusty Krab is the best ever!” and he’s competing with the Chum Bucket. He’s like the Charles Oakley. Weight god who’s coming in, but there are also teaching moments in it.

In regards to which character would be the most talented, the All Star point guard told GQ, “Sandy, easy.” Irving was also asked to name his favorite character (SpongeBob), as well as other details about how the SpongeBob x Nike sneaker collab came to life. 

Check out the full interview in the tweet embedded below, and click here for ficial images the SpongeBob x Kyrie 5 pack.