Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Apologizes For "Brownface" Photo

There isn’t anything that anyone has ever done that doesn’t have the potential to rear its ugly head in the future. Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau is finding that out for himself after a photo from 2001 began circulating on the internet. Prior to Wednesday, the picture had never seen the light day, but someone decided it was time to toss a bit controversy Trudeau’s way during his campaign.

According to a lengthy report by Time, Trudeau was teaching at West Point Grey Academy, a private school, that hosted an “Arabian Nights”-themed shindig for parents students along with staff and faculty. The then-29-year-old is seen in a picture posing alongside four women as Trudeau has painted his face and hands a dark color while he wears a robe with a matching turban. The photo is featured in the school’s yearbook.

After Time broke the story, Trudeau was confronted by reporters who wanted to know what he thought about being accused “Brownface.” The Prime Minister said, “In 2001, when I was a teacher in Vancouver, I attended an end–the-year gala where the theme was ‘Arabian Nights’ and I dressed up in an Aladdin costume and put makeup on. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better but I didn’t. And I’m really sorry.”

The beloved political figure has found himself on the receiving end “Cancel Culture” who has deemed him an enemy, while others don’t think he should be vilified for a costume. Check out a few reactions below.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Alleged Kidnapping Footage Leaks Online: Watch

For two days, disgraced rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has taken the stand in his kidnapping trial. Not long ago, the young artist was at the top his game as one the most sought after rappers in the industry, but after being arrested on federal charges including drug trafficking and racketeering, 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, turned state’s witness.

The world has known that Hernandez would be testifying against his gang-affiliated friends, associates, accomplices, and fellow rappers, but now that the time is upon us, his testimony is still shocking. Hernandez told a riveted courtroom that in July 2018 his former friend Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Ellison’s associate only known as “Sha” were responsible for kidnapping and assaulting him.

The New York Daily News shared a report Hernandez’s Wednesday testimony where the rapper stated that his friendship with Ellison dissolved after there were disagreements about how Hernandez’s money was to be shared. Hernandez claimed that even though they were a gang, they were a divided front.

According to Hernandez, it was around 4:00 a.m. when he was at a stoplight and Ellison rammed his SUV from behind with his vehicle. In alleged leaked video footage from dashboard cameras in both the front and the back Hernandez’s vehicle—which was being driven by his driver Jorge Rivera—viewers can both hear and see the confrontation. 

“I’m pleading my heart…yo, don’t shoot,” Hernandez reportedly said on the stand as he recounted the moments during his kidnapping. Hernandez goes along with the men who are accused later beating and robbing him. Hernandez shared that they came to an understanding that if he gave them his jewelry—a Rolex, a spinning 69 chain, a Jigsaw Saw chain, a Cuban link bracelet, four diamond rings, and his My Little Pony necklace—he would be set free. Hernandez shared that the only way he was able to escape was by jumping out the vehicle and making a run for it. He ended up hopping inside a stranger’s car who drove him to a police station. Check out the leaked video footage below.

Drake Dons "Waiting To Exhale" Crew Neck Sweater At Trainer’s Birthday Party

It’s not as if Drake needs an excuse to host a party, but this time he had a good reason. On Wednesday, Drizzy shared a handful photos showing only a hint the celebratory get-together in honor his personal trainer, Jonny Roxx. “Celebrating life with the 6th family…happy birthday @ovoroxx,” Drake wrote as he delivered pictures that focused on his vintage Waiting To Exhale ‘fit.

On the front  his crew neck sweater is the iconic image the 1995 Forest Whitaker-directed, star-studded film with Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Lela Rochon, and Loretta Divine. The film was an adaptation famed author Terry McMillan’s best-selling 1992 novel, and Drake’s sweater includes a quote by McMillan on the back that reads, “I am a black woman exhaling because a woman’s love is a privilege, not a right.”

There’s no telling how Drake got his hands on the sweater, but his money is long. These shirts were made in 1995 and have long-since been out print, but if you scour through the internet, you’ll be able to find a sleeveless one for sale on eBay for $127 and a full t-shirt on Etsy for $378. Meanwhile, the women couldn’t get enough. Check out a few reactions below.

Chris Brown’s Dancer Who’s Suing Him Shares Photos Eye Injuries

The success Chris Brown‘s massive Indigo release continues as the singer is in the thick his IndiGOAT Tour, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune from setbacks. Breezy scored his third No. 1 record with his star-studded project that has become a favorite among fans worldwide, yet while he enjoys the fruits his labor, the singer must attend to a lawsuit by one his back up dancers.

Earlier this month we reported that a woman named Danielle Griffin was hired as a dancer for one Brown’s music videos two years ago. She claims that someone on set poured fake blood into her eyes after telling her the substance was safe. Griffin stated in court documents that the liquid caused harm to her eyes and she’s seeking damages to cover medical bills and loss wages to the tune $25K.

Now, TMZ has obtained one image Griffin’s injury that shows yellow puss oozing from her eyes. You can check that out here. While this seems like something that should be blamed on production or the person responsible for pouring the foreign substance, Griffin holds both Brown and his video production team at fault. It’s said that the video she briefly worked on was for “High End” featuring Young Thug and Future.

The publication also states that they’ve spoken to Griffin’s attorney who shared that the dancer visited three hospitals in a 24 hour period. The injuries to her eyes reportedly forced her to not only miss out on job opportunities but to drop out her master’s degree program, as well.

Fat Joe Claims "All Music Is African" & Claims Caribbean Latinos Are Black

There has been an ongoing conversation in the hip hop culture and beyond regarding ethnic inclusions and exclusions Latinos in the Caribbean. The most recent, and notable, artist to tackle this topic has been Cardi B who has been vocal about her Dominican roots while sharing that she considers herself to be a black woman. She has shared, however, that there are plenty people who don’t share her same views. 

During his visit to Hot 97, New York rapper Fat Joe, who is Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, was involved in a discourse about the controversial topic with Ebro Darden. The talk show host shared a clip the conversation that began with Joe emphasizing “all music is African” and that he’s been in tune with Afro-beats throughout his career.

Things quickly moved from music to the are-Caribbean-Latinos-black dialogue, in which Joe stated that the answer is yes. “All the music is African, but you right, even in Puerto Rico when you go to the Caribbean—alright, let’s speak about Latinos not being black. Latinos are black. In Cuba, at one time, there was eight million Cubans,” Joe said. “Five million, unfortunately, were slaves. Three million were actual Cubans, and the integrated and had babies. Same thing with Puerto Rico when you go to Loíza. You talk about Santeria, that came from the motherland Africa. Sometimes, Latinos may even identify themselves with African and black culture more than black people. This ain’t no crazy thing. Fat Joe ain’t on crack. He know what he talkin’ ’bout.” Thoughts?

Marvin Gaye’s Son’s Resurfaced Music Video Is The Talk Of Social Media

Hailed as one the greatest soulful R&B singers to ever take to a microphone, fans Marvin Gaye’s music span generations. The musician’s life was wrought with controversies as he became a heavy drug abuser and attempted to take his own life on multiple occasions, yet his ability to have his ear to the streets translated into ever song he sang.

Prior to being murdered by his father in 1984, Gaye fathered three children: Frankie, Nona, and his adopted son (his first wife Anna Gordy’s—and her brother Berry Gordy’s—niece’s son) Marvin Gaye III. Although he and his father were rumored to have had a rocky relationship, Marvin III followed in the Motown legend’s footsteps and attempted to have a music career his own. While he didn’t gain much traction on the fame front at the time, a music video from Marvin III titled “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” featuring D’Extra Wiley has resurfaced. The 53-year-old tapped the far opposite Marvin Gaye on the music scale and released a club-dance-electronica-pop type hit that, if we’re honest, we can see being played at a nightclub. Somewhere.

The video itself left the internet with plenty opinions, and social media users weren’t afraid to share them all. The visual stars Marvin III’s wife Wendy Gaye as his leading lady, making the whole project a tad wholesome. Check out the video, and a few reactions, below.

MLB’s Felipe Vazquez Admits To Soliciting 13-Year-Old For Sex

The world Major League Baseball was shaken this weekend after reports surfaced that Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez was arrested on charges soliciting a minor for . The 28-year-old reportedly began corresponding with the now 15-year-old (some publications list her as 16) teen when she was 13-years-old. Vazquez stands accused sending her ually explicit videos, including some that show Vazquez performing ual acts. There are also allegedly messages where the pressional baseball player tells the girl that once the season was over, he wanted them to meet up to have .

Twenty-four hours after we first reported on this, more details regarding the case have emerged per ESPN. The publication shares that Vazquez faces six counts, many which are felonies, including unlawful contact with a minor, statutory ual assault, indecent assault, and corruption a minor. His bail has been denied.

According to the report, Vazquez and the then-13-year-old met in Pittsburgh while he was in the bullpen at PNC Park. They exchanged information and the two kept in contact on social media and through texts. The baseball player told police that he initially didn’t want to communicate with her because she was too young but later admitted that he and the teen traded nude photos. Vazquez also revealed that he did make the hourlong drive to visit her at her home where she got into his car and, according to her, he pulled down her pants and attempted to engage in a ual act. He confirmed with authorities that he did try to have with her on that occasion.

The only reason that this came to light was because the teen’s mother found photos Vazquez on one her daughter’s devices. The league has placed him on leave until they decide what to do.

Jordyn Woods Pens Birthday Note To Jada Pinkett Smith: "Always Watching Our Backs"

Jordyn Woods has been close family friends the Smith family since she was just a baby. The 21-year-old has posted throwback images her and Jaden Smith many times over, solidifying the family’s closeness. When Jordyn was cut from the Kardashian family earlier this year after she kissed Tristan Thompson, it was Jada’s Red Table Talk show she paid a visit to so she could speak her truth with someone she felt comfortable with. Jada recently stated how “a lot things transpired behind-the-scenes” making it “imperative” for her to interview Jordyn on her show. 

In light Jada’s 48th birthday, Jordyn has come through to pen a sweet note about the actress and how much she means to her. “Always watching our backs♥️ Happy Birthday to a woman that means so much to me,” she captioned an image Jada looking over a young Jordyn hugging a baby Jaden. 

“I don’t believe in clapping back, or reacting out emotion,” Jordyn recently explained the Tristan kiss. “I could have handled this a million different ways, but I just went with what felt the most natural to me. Would I ever have wanted this to happen? Never. But sh*t happens. And in the end, I never want to see anyone hurt; I would hate to be the reason for anyone’s pain. We all have to go to sleep with ourselves at night.”

Azealia Banks Shares She Is Releasing A Song Inspired By Elon Musk

It looks like the longstanding feud between Azealia Banks and Elon Musk continues. The drama between these two surfaced in 2018 after Banks had a rift with Musk and his former girlfriend—and Banks’s former friend—music artist Grimes. Banks made claims that Musk was on drugs, she called him an alien, and revealed an alleged private business conversation she overheard him engaged in on the phone while she was visiting his home.

By now, most us know that if Banks has a bone to pick with a foe, she does so brashly and publicly, and it looks like Musk is still a target. Banks made a cryptic post-and-delete announcement on Instagram where she stated that she has an unreleased track titled  In “96′ Corolla (Motorman)” that describes the tale a fictional character named “Alon Dust.” 

“It tells the story an ungrateful technocrat who’s ego become too big for his britches.” She adds, “Set in 3030, a wealthy technocrat devises the perfect scheme to entice poor people into allowing their brains to be used as na interface: Neuralink. The Venture turns out to be catastrophic with his own device being recognized by the stware as a threat. The A.I. Overlord, (originally played by @impoppy, now played by me) sings the soundtrack to his deactivation. The technocrat’s neural activity is cut f satellite, rendering him a vegetable and erasing him as a threat to humanity. The World is saved and the people rejoice.”

Neuralink, course, is Musk’s real-life, highly-clandestine project that, when completed, will help paralyzed individuals to control electronic devices. There are certainly concerns regarding brain reading/threading devices, hence Banks’s story the creator Neuralink’s life being ended by, in her words, a “public execution.” Check out Banks’ now-deleted post below as well as her previous comments about Musk below.

Big Boi & Sleepy Brown Shut Down Andre 3000 Album Rumors: "Lies"

For all you who were thrilled at the prospect having another Andre 3000 album on the horizon, you may want to rein in your excitement. Days ago we reported on Inglewood, California rapper Thurz’s recent chat with Real 92.3’s Home Grown Radio. There was a moment when Thurz was asked what artists he was surprised to meet in person and he mentioned that “3 Stacks,” or Andre 3000,” stopped by Dr. Dre‘s studio while Thurz was there.

The hosts questioned if the Outkast rapper was working on new music and Thurz confirmed that Cupid Valentino has an album on the way. This news not only caused an explosion chatter at the radio station, but online as well. Reports Andre 3000’s forthcoming project circulated quickly, but during a visit to Atlanta’s Majic radio station’s Ryan Cameron Uncensored Speak show, Big Boi and Sleepy Brown called the information “lies.”

Both artists laughed at the story. “He was probably playing some music, but he’s not working on a record,” Big Boi said. “He’s been recording songs for years. Kinda recording, kinda just stacking up, but structured record? Not yet.” Sleepy Brown added, “The story is that he was in the studio with Anderson .Paak when Anderson .Paak was working on his thing and he played him some songs to see if he wanted to work on one them. I guess that guy was in there and] heard the songs.”

Big Boi shared that his Outkast collaborator is currently in Philadelphia shooting a television show. “He personally hit us and said, ‘Look mayne, if I was gon’ do this, y’all be the first to know,'” Sleepy Brown added. The Dungeon Family apparently keeps in contact by texting each other every day, so they sorted that out as soon as the rumors hit the streets. Check it out below.

Lil Wayne Stars In Trailer For “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint”: Watch

After his minor run in with police this past weekend, Lil Wayne is back in the news today, but this time he’s starring in a new promo clip for Ubist’s upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint video game.

The five-minute trailer finds Weezy and some friends throwing on the headsets and showing f the new 4-player co-op gameplay while Weezy’s song “Uproar” plays in the background. At one point, Weezy, who looks to be playing from a mansion on the beach, interrupts the gameplay by answering his phone, and eventually comes back to win the game for them.

“More than anything, the key point all action is to tell a story. And in this spot, we’re telling a story with these characters, not only in the world the game, but we’re telling the story the characters in the world at home,” director David Leitch said about the clip. “You get to see we have fun juxtaposition with the different characters and their voices… but you’ll also see sort a differentiation in their styles from the game and, obviously, their physicality on the couch to their prowess in the game.”

Look for Ghost Recon Breakpoint to hit stores & retailers next month. Check out the trailer (below).

In other news, Lil Wayne is still gearing up for the release his next album, Funueral, which according to him is “all done” and coming later this year. We’ll continue to keep you posted on details with that moving forward.

Mo’Nique’s Multiple Tax Liens Add Up To $620K Owed To The IRS

The tax man is coming after these entertainers with a vengeance. Recently there have been reports that Jermaine Dupri, Offset, and Young Thug have been hit with liens over unpaid taxes, and now Mo’Nique is adding to her alleged bill. Back in 2017, The Blast reported that there were multiple liens against the Academy Award-winning actress: $201K for 2013, $188K for 2014, and $171K for 2015. 

At that time, the exact total taxes reportedly owed by both Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks was $560,625.22, but it looks as if there’s more to be added to that debt. New court documents reportedly show that the Georgia Department Revenue has issued yet another lien against the couple for an additional $60K. This goes back to 2015 and 2016 and includes interest and fees added to the original $31K debt.

According to The Blast, the Department Revenue isn’t going to wait around for long to get the lien paid f. The publication states that if the lien isn’t handled sooner rather than later, the IRS will begin seizing the Hicks’ assets and property. 

Meanwhile, back in April, news circulated that Ja Rule owed the IRS $2 million while DMX reportedly put his home up for sale in an effort to pay f his $1.7 million tax bill. Vince Herbert was said to have owed $4 million in taxes, while Rick Ross had an astounding $5.7 million tax debt.

Klay Thompson’s Latest Sneaker With ANTA Has Been Revealed

Klay Thompson is one the most impressive shooters to ever play the game basketball and this past summer, he signed a huge contract extension with the Golden State Warriors. When it comes to endorsement deals, Thompson is actually one the highest-paid players in the league thanks to his sneaker deal with Chinese company ANTA. While it may not be a traditional sneaker brand, Thompson has been putting in work with ANTA and this season, he will be releasing his fifth silhouette.

This latest silhouette has been revealed and the images below, courtesy Sneaker News, show f what the ANTA KT5 is all about. As you can see, the shoe is made with a plethora materials with an overall colorway black, red, and blue. This first colorway is being called “Klaytheism” which is a pretty hilarious yet clever name. 

If you’re looking to cop these, they will be dropping in the United States sometime in October this year for $120 USD. Stay tuned for all the latest updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Klay Thompson's Latest Sneaker With ANTA Has Been Revealed

  Sneaker News

Klay Thompson's Latest Sneaker With ANTA Has Been Revealed

  Sneaker News

Klay Thompson's Latest Sneaker With ANTA Has Been Revealed

  Sneaker News

Klay Thompson's Latest Sneaker With ANTA Has Been Revealed

  Sneaker News

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low "University Red" Coming Soon: Best Look Yet

Over the past few weeks, Virgil Abloh’s infamous collaborations between his brand Off-White and Nike have been gaining traction online. Almost two years after the release “The Ten” collection, Off-White continues to thrive and within the next month, another collab with Nike will be making its way to consumers. This time, Abloh is lending his signature aesthetic to the Nike Dunk Low which a classic in the Swoosh’s library kicks.

There are three colorways being released, two which have been shown f in detail so far. Of course, those two colorways are the “Pine Green” and “Navy Gold” ferings. As for the “University Red” version, there haven’t been many teaser photos although today we got a clear photo courtesy @hanzuying. As you can see from the photo, the shoe has a silver base and red overlays including the Nike swoosh. There are red laces on the top while orange rope laces are interwoven throughout the upper.

As right now, there is no concrete release date for these so stay tuned for all the latest updates as we will be sure to bring them to you. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on copping these.

Charlamagne Tha God Reflects On 6ix9ine: "We Knew This Wasn’t Going To End Well"

We’re just at the tip the iceberg that is the Tekashi 6ix9ine kidnapping trial, and it seems as if everywhere you turn, someone has an opinion on the rapper turned government informant. Tuesday marked the beginning 6ix9ine’s testimony where he shared that he turned state’s witness the day after he was arrested on federal charges. On Wednesday he’s continued to name the crimes and criminal affiliations his associates and fellow rappers.

This has caused The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God to take a walk down memory lane as he revisited 6ix9ine’s, real name Daniel Hernandez, interview on the radio show in March 2018. Immediately following that appearance, Charlamagne was accused trolling the rapper because he asked him if he believed he was making poor money moves by displaying a “tough guy, gangster persona.” It was at the height Hernandez’s internet trolling and beefs that seemed to be getting a tad serious. 

During the interview, Charlamagne came down heavy on Hernandez, telling him that he would get him some help, maybe even connected with a pastor. DJ Envy mentioned that Hernandez’s behaviors could get him killed, but the rapper was steadfast that he was just fine and would be in the game for the long haul. Charlamagne said, “I hope you have a long career, but let’s see if you’re around next year and I mean that as an artist and as a human being.” 

Charlamagne shared a highlight reel Hernandez’s interview and captioned the video by writing a polite ‘I told you so.’ He wrote, “I remember when all you digital d*ckheads said ‘I was frustrated because this young man out trolled me’ in this interview. I told y’all then I wasn’t attempting to troll him at all, just telling him the truth because I’m a grown ass man who has seen this movie before.”

“We all knew this wasn’t going to end well but it’s hard to get that through to you kids when y’all see someone ‘winning’ because when they so called winning you justify whatever foolishness they are doing then you go and follow the foolishness and find yourself in a f*cked up situation because you chose to follow the wrong energy. Moral the story is ‘If all you do is follow the herd, you’ll just be stepping in shit all day.’ -Wayne W. Dyer.” Watch Charlamagne’s clip and Hernandez’s full interview below.

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I remember when all you digital dickheads said “I was frustrated because this young man out trolled me” in this interview. I told y’all then I wasn’t attempting to troll him at all, just telling him the truth because I’m a grown ass man who has seen this movie before. We all knew this wasn’t going to end well but it’s hard to get that through to you kids when y’all see someone “winning” because when they so called winning you justify whatever foolishness they are doing then you go and follow the foolishness and find yourself in a fucked up situation because you chose to follow the wrong energy. Moral the story is “If all you do is follow the herd, you’ll just be stepping in shit all day.” -Wayne W. Dyer

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