Travis Barker Opens Up About Overcoming Harrowing Health Scares

Travis Barker understands something about dedication. A legend in his own right, Travis has forged a place in musical history as an iconic drummer through his work in Blink 182, Plus 44, and contributing to various hip-hop remixes. You’d be hard pressed to find a music fan unfamiliar with his name. Yet last year proved a harrowing experience for Barker, who found himself dealing with blood clots in his arms, which ultimately developed into a Staph Infection. Despite the fact that the clots remain a constant presence, Barker has rallied in spite it, letting the game know he’s ready to join Lil Wayne in an epic summer tour.

Speaking with Yahoo, Barker opened up about his health scares, explaining how only death could prevent him from taking the stage. “Obviously it’s safety first, but once I was on blood thinners, I had great doctors and a great team behind me giving me advice and stuff, I started playing again,” says Travis. “I just don’t take no for an answer. And unfortunately with my condition, my blood clots, if something did happen it’s not like I’d have a chance to do anything about it. I guess with my history, stuff I’ve overcome, my plane crash, has just given me strength to overcome stuff.”

“I think since I’ve been in this band, I’ve always gotten hurt,” he reflects. “I’d hit Mark like, I think I hurt my foot, but tour is still on, I’ll see you in a weke. Or, I broke my hand in Plus 44, we did a whole entire tour with me playing with one hand. alluding to his bandmates. I think they’re used to it. As long as I’m not dead, they know I’m going to tour.”

Shout out to Travis Barker for holding it down in the face several near-death-experiences, and coming out on the other side with a positive outlook. Check out the video below.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Celebrates NBA Draft With 82-Inch Wingspan Box

Zion Williamson is expected to be drafted first overall by the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday night at the 2019 NBA Draft. Williamson was one the most exciting players in college basketball last season and will be an incredible pick up for a team that missed the playfs last season. Zion has an opportunity to be one the best players in the game for years to come and as you would imagine, the people Louisiana and New Orleans are excited about his potential.

To mark the occasion, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has put together an 82-inch wingspan box which pays homage Zion’s humongous wingspan. This huge order will bring you 77 boneless wings, 11 biscuits, and 11 servings cajun fries. All this will cost you a hefty $74.69 and will be a great companion piece to your NBA Draft viewing experience. According to Hypebeast, the wingspan box will only be available at Popeyes on Canal Street in New Orleans. This fer will only be available on draft day which is, course, tomorrow.

If you’re going to be in New Orleans tomorrow, don’t be alarmed if you see some huge boxes chicken being carried around. At least now you’ll know what it’s all about.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Celebrates NBA Draft With 82-Inch Wingspan Box


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Celebrates NBA Draft With 82-Inch Wingspan Box


Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Antlia" Drops This Week: Closer Look

Kanye West and Adidas have a plethora Yeezy Boost 350 V2s releasing in the coming weeks, including a trio new colorways that’ll be available in specific regions across the globe.

For instance, the “Antlia” Yeezy Boost 350 V2, which will be available through European retailers, as well as Yeezy Supply.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Antlia" Drops This Week: Closer Look

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Antlia/

The Antlia Yeezy is highlighted by shades yellow throughout the primeknit upper along with a semi-translucent midsole and a gum outsole beneath the beloved Boost cushioning. 

Priced at $220, the kicks will be available this Saturday, June 22 European retailers such as Asphalt GoldCaliroots, JD, and Size?. Kid’s and infant sizes will also be available. 

Check out some the ficial photos below, and click here to preview the “Synth” Yeezy Boost 350 V2 releasing this weekend.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Antlia" Drops This Week: Closer Look

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Antlia/

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Antlia" Drops This Week: Closer Look

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Antlia/

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Antlia" Drops This Week: Closer Look

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Antlia/

NBA YoungBoy & Boosie Badazz Have A Mixtape Full Of Baton Rouge Fire

It feels like half the collaborative projects that get announced never actually get released. In the last couple years, rappers have been on a heavy collaborative tip, working with anybody and everybody on full-length bodies work. We saw Juice WRLD and Future team up, 21 Savage and Offset, Lil Baby and Gunna, and too many more to list f. Those are the duos that have actually come through with some work together too. For every collab tape that’s released, there’s one that seemingly gets shelved. Hopefully, the project that Boosie Badazz and NBA YoungBoy have been recording sees the light day soon because that’s one mashup we want to hear.

NBA YoungBoy & Boosie Badazz Have A Mixtape Full Of Baton Rouge Fire
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

The two artists from Louisiana may have been born into different generations but they share so many similarities. They both have a gritty quality to them where their raps sound 100% authentic. Baton Rouge rappers usually pride themselves on their street experiences and between Boosie and YoungBoy, they’ve each got tons knowledge on their side. Currently incarcerated, YoungBoy Never Broke Again is hoping to get out soon but because his role in a Miami shooting, he’s being held behind bars indefinitely. His previous work with Kevin Gates showed us that he strives while spitting alongside Baton Rouge veterans so we’re stoked to hear about Boosie and YoungBoy teaming up on a tape.

Boosie Badazz announced that they have a catalog hits ready to go whenever YoungBoy gets out jail, becoming the latest to advocate for his release. “FREE @nba_youngboy #shakeback them kids need you young n***a real talk,” wrote Boo. “WE GOT A TAPE THATS 🔥 LETS TALK N GET THIS SHIT TO THE STREETS N MAKE SOME MONEY 💰‼️”

Is this something you wanna hear?

Quick Or Classic: What’s Best For An Album?

At a time where fans are inundated with more new music than ever before, those that hope to take all the spoils  fame and fortune need to seize upon their 15 minutes in a timely fashion. Many artists are now placing an emphasis on keeping their heads above ground rather than hibernating in a studio for months on end, thanks to the rise digital media and the obsoletion physical sales. The rate at which hip-hop projects are being recorded and released is at a near-dizzying rate.

Whether they’re contractually bound by a 360-deal or walking the tight rope financial insecurity versus creative freedom, the newfound emphasis on turning projects round with increased efficiency has become a recurring trend late– and it makes sense, given the industry’s sister trend towards brevity.

In a recent interview with Complex, the inimitable Rico Nasty detailed her recent dalliance with an accelerated timeline on the Kenny Beats-assisted Anger Management. Recorded in an intense period self-imposed exile, they re-emerged five days later with a nine-track project that’s among the most well received in her catalogue. For the New Yorker, working with the increasingly prolific producer for a sustained period time proved to be a rewarding experience.

“Well it was really fun to be locked in the studio for a week,” she said. “A lot times, I’m super busy and I might really like a tone my voice, and then two weeks later, I come back and the tone is different because the air is different, studio is different, the vibe is different, the engineer is different. So, it was really cool working with Kenny, working with the same engineer, the same producer, the same vibe, and going to the same studio.”

Quick Or Classic: What's Best For An Album?

Juice WRLD – Frazer Harrison/Getty s

Crafted in a vacuum that was free outside influence, this lightning-quick turn-around has been mirrored in the work Juice WRLD. In spite its exhaustive duration 72 minutes, he’s been adamant that not only was Death Race For Love laid down in four days time, but that “every song but two or three them on the new album are all freestyles.” A method that he adopted on 2018’s Goodbye And Good Riddance save for the international smash “Lucid Dreams,” his sentiments about how he simply “poured his soul into it” echoes Denzel Curry remarks to HNHH about the construction last month’s ZUU: “Oh, I freestyled the whole thing. Went from mind to mic. The pen and the pad is the middle-man if you already know what you’re going to say.”

Perhaps most alarmingly all, the process that governed Migos’ overwrought Culture II is one that– on paper at least– feels like it’s born a general apathy towards their output. As relayed to Pigeons and Planes, DJ Durel has said that “We’ll do one song in 20 minutes. If they really want to take their time on it, they’ll take 40 or 45 minutes. No more.” While he is insistent that it’s not an abdication their artistic duty but a by-product “the zone” which means “there’s no way you can stop them from laying down a good song,” the lukewarm response and complaints listener fatigue that greeted its release leads to debate over whether this tact is the most effective.

After all, both Nas and Kanye West have conceded that it took them at least four years to craft Illmaticand The College Dropout while iconic projects such as Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt and The Miseducation Lauryn Hill took upwards a year from conception to release. Now that the quickening pace a recording process is worn as a badge honor, the concern lies in the possibility that musical growth or development will be cast aside in favour retaining social media traction and keeping the business side a musical career afloat.

While the music industry at large accumulates over $43 billion a year, those actually making the music only see a scant $5 billion that. In tandem with this finding, the same Citigroup report also highlighted one two paradigm shifts that helps explain why artists may feel pressured to work so quickly. 

“The music industry is in the midst two pround changes. First, consumers are increasingly opting to rent — rather than buy — music. Second, the demise physical music has prompted artists to tour more ten, driving significant growth in concerts and festivals.”

So, in an era that is predicated on a need for low risks and high rewards, the argument in favour the hastened production would be that it skirts around the possibility spending months or years honing a project only for it to arrive to a tepid response, which by extension, could hinder a worldwide demand for tour dates, and everything that follows. In many ways, the organic benefits this are best encapsulated by Chance The Rapper’s 10 Day Tape that was made during a suspension from school and largely put him on the map.

Quick Or Classic: What's Best For An Album?

Jay-Z – Kevork Djansezian/Getty s

For artists that are still cutting their teeth, they don’t have the luxury time that’s afforded to a camp like TDE, Lil Wayne’s five-year journey to Tha Carter V or Dr. Dre’s ability to rear his head once every decade. Instead, they’re opting to employ an instinctual style that has its roots in the lauded creative process Hov, Drake and others. Throughout the duration his 2004 documentary and concert film Fade To Black, producers ranging from Timbaland to Rick Rubin marvelled at Jay’s ability to show up, get in the booth and “remember 20-30 raps” in his head. A creative formula that he describes as his “rain man,” Hov has stressed that “I don’t suggest that for everyone. For me it was a natural thing.”

In a similar vein, the 6 God has referenced that many his biggest hits come to fruition in an almost serendipitous fashion but his remarks after the release Nothing Was The Same in 2013 strike at the core the issue:

“A lot my hit songs I’ve written in a very short period time, ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home,’ I felt like we finished that in like two hours…I’m not a guy that does 40 songs for a project and picks 13 them… I don’t really dispose too many songs. I have stuff that didn’t make this album, definitely. But I don’t have 20 or 30 them. I have four or five records that just didn’t make it because again I was trying to keep it concise.”

Through these two examples from hip-hop’s ruling class, we see that while pouring over every single syllable can be counterproductive, the fast-food method working can be equally counterproductive for the sprawling, hour-plus mega album that ten exists today. In this sense, burgeoning artists that are hellbent on an efficient use studio time should seemingly aim towards the concise projects Denzel Curry and Rico Nasty rather than a bloated collection that is optimized for the reductive algorithms streaming services such as Culture II. Ultimately, the studies have shown that it’s the billowing pockets the industry that’ll be thickened rather than the artists themselves in such an endeavour.

Sound f with your opinion on the matter in the comments.

Ashanti Uncovers Thirst-Triggering Thighs In Tiny Pink Bikini Poolside

Ashanti just dropped another one, in our DJ Khaled voice. The famed singer was chilling by the pool recently and thought it best to let us in on her relaxation session. Two posts were shared  the singer and songwriter’s ficial Instagram page and revealed to its 4.7 million followers all Ashanti’s best assets. Herein, the R&B star is sporting a teeny-tiny pink bikini with a crocheted shawl, which she drags behind as she strikes a pose. Her body is more than goals, it is simply life. Moreover, the photos give us a full view Ashanti’s thickalicious thighs, which she has previously featured in a series other thirst traps. Can Ashanti do any wrong? We don’t think so

 Aside from her obvious good looks, the latest news surrounding Ashanti includes new music. The vocalist recently collaborated with Nigerian-bred artist Willie XO on the new single, “Early In The Morning.” Moreover, the duo made sure to fer fans some exciting new visuals for the single as well. Ashanti can be seen herein rocking colorful bikinis in paradise-like scenes as the two enjoy a tropical vacation. The R&B hitmaker plays the part a loving girlfriend to Willie XO. 

Kawhi Leonard & Serge Ibaka Hilariously Discuss Championship Diet

Kawhi Leonard just led the Toronto Raptors to their first ever championship and he was able to win his second NBA Finals MVP trophy in the process. Over the last week, Leonard and the Raptors have been celebrating pretty hard with the festivities culminating in the parade that took place in Toronto on Monday. Serge Ibaka and Kawhi were two the biggest attractions the day as it was apparent that the two were having a very good time and let’s be honest, we all know why.

Ibaka is famous around the league for being a chef sorts who loves to cook and have his teammates try his creations. With this in mind, Ibaka is always asking his teammates about their diets especially now that they’re NBA champions. Kawhi was the first person he asked and the Board Man himself had a pretty hilarious reaction to it all.

“I’m just drinking alcohol and eating desserts, all the time,” Kawhi said in a manner that lets you know he had been enjoying himself for most that day.

If you remember, Ibaka had Kawhi on his YouTube show a while back and had him try beef penis. During the video, Ibaka asked the superstar if he would stay in Toronto which didn’t elicit much an answer. If he does come back to Toronto, the team will have a solid chance at repeating as champions next season.

Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Settle Dog Mauling Suit With Former Business Associate

Joe Budden and ex-gal pal Cyn Santana have just agreed to settle a lawsuit which accused them letting their dog maim a former business acquaintance. According to court papers obtained by BOSSIP, a woman named Darrielle Weeks previously sued the reality star exes for allegedly allowing their dog to attack her two years ago as she attempted entering their $3 million house rental in Montclair, NJ for a business meeting, 

Weeks suit alleged that the unleashed dog ferociously bit her on her stomach, leaving scars, adding that Santana and Budden shouldn’t have allowed the dog to roam freely when they (apparently) knew the dog was dangerous. Budden and Santana both denied owning the Cane Corso breed dog, and said that Weeks wasn’t legally on their property when she got bit – according to the same court papers. A judge referred the case to arbitration earlier this year, but after the arbitrator ruled that Budden was 100 percent liable for the incident and awarded Weeks $12,000, the rapper and his ex asked for a new trial. The case was scheduled to begin June 17, but last week, Weeks’ lawyer wrote the judge to say that the two parties had settled. It was unclear Tuesday what the settlement terms were, but all signs point to some sort financial agreement.

The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” stars split earlier this year, but recent rumours have audiences believing that the breakup could have all been staged in an attempt to boost the show’s ratings.

XXXTentacion’s Son Gekyume Looks Just Like His Dad In Latest Photo

So many XXXTentacion’s friends and family have been reflecting on their favourite moments with the star this week, remembering all that he contributed to music on the one-year anniversary his death. The rapper was tragically murdered in Florida last year after leaving a motorsports store and four men have been charged with his shooting. Several days after his passing, X’s mom announced that he had left behind a final gift to the world: his unborn son Gekyume Onfroy. A few months ago, Gekyume made his way into the world and we’ve already seen a couple photos the toddler. DJ Scheme posted one the more recent images Yume to his page, showing us how quickly the little boy is growing up and ensuring that he knows all about his father.

In the shot, the tot wears a custom “Yume” t-shirt and on his head, he rocks a piece his father’s merchandise. The white beanie reads “Sincerely, XXX,” which is quite ironic considering who is wearing it. As he gets older, Gekyume starts to look more and more like his dad. They share some the same facial characteristics, especially in their eyes and noses.

As long as X’s mom, his baby mama and his friends are around Gekyume, you can rest assured that he will grow up with the most positive outlook his father. 

LeBron James Shows Off New And Improved Hairline, Internet Brings The Jokes

The Los Angeles Lakers will have a whole new look next season, and so will LeBron James’ ten discussed hairline. 

LeBron recently shared a video his new and improved hair, which looks to have completely restored itself from a year ago, when fans were comparing his receding follicles to the Liberty Bell. Take a look at the old LeBron and his rejuvenated flow in the tweets embedded below.

Whether LeBron’s got a perfect edge up or a series bald patches on his dome, Lakers fans won’t care as long as he helps deliver an NBA championship. The team’s odds increased tenfold when they acquired All Star center Anthony Davis in a blockbuster trade with the New Orleans Pelicans, but there is still some work to be done.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Bobby Marks, the Lakers are currently in the process trying to rework the deal with New Orleans in order to create enough cap space for another max contract.

Cardi B Wears Racy Fishnet Dress With Offset At Takeoff’s Surprise Birthday Party

Takef had a huge year last year, finally releasing his debut solo album The Last Rocket and proving his status as arguably the strongest lyricist in the Migos. The talented trio has learned to combine their strengths to create something beautiful, becoming one the most popular rap groups all time. The youngest the bunch celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday yesterday with his closest friends, being surprised by a big bash with sweet drinks and lots love. Although all eyes were on Takef, Cardi B managed to steal some his spotlight when she walked in the spot in a full fishnet dress, leaving very little to the imagination and flaunting her famous curves.

Cardi B Wears Racy Fishnet Dress With Offset At Takef's Surprise Birthday Party
Tabatha Fireman/Getty s

Cardi B is always rocking something glamorous. Last night though, she decided to dress down, pulling through in a bra and panties with black fishnets over her underwear. She showed up with her husband Offset, who helped his family member ring in a new year life. The theme the party was pretty sweet — literally — with sugary drinks, candy and cake being served in abundance. “Takef’s Drank Factory” was a highlight from the event, which you can see in the video below.

The night was documented on social media with each member the trio sharing their favourite moments on their stories. Take a look at the fun below.

Lil Pump Cries To XXXTentacion’s Music In Emotional Video

It’s crazy to think that one full year has passed since we lost XXXTentacion. The talented Florida rapper was in the midst blending several genres to create his own lane, flipping scripts and earning major success as a recording artist. Since his passing, his art has taken f even further with “SAD!” reaching one billion streams and several posthumous albums being introduced to us. As we wait for the next body work to be presented alongside a documentary on his life, Lil Pump couldn’t help but revisit some X’s old music and when he heard his friend’s voice, he broke down in tears.

Lil Pump Cries To XXXTentacion's Music In Emotional Video
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty s

We know Lil Pump as somewhat a goball. His social media presence rivals that a total buffoon with the rapper uploading videos himself urinating on stacks cash, pretending to quit drinking lean, and more. This is a side his that we rarely get to witness but while he was travelling to his next destination in the car, Pump threw on XXXTentacion’s “Revenge” and could no longer hold his emotions. After a full year reflection, wishing things could have ended differently for his friend, Pump just broke down in tears remembering the good times they shared together.

The video was uploaded to Pump’s IG story and has been reposted by several outlets. The rapper attempts to retain his composure but his eyes are red, puffy and watery as he sniffles throughout the clip. The “Gucci Gang” artist isn’t the only person having a hard time coping with Jahseh’s death. Trippie Redd, Smokepurpp, Lil Skies, and others all paid their respects on social media yesterday.

Google Claps Back At Genius’ Lyric Theft Claims: "We Do Not Crawl Or Scrape" For Lyrics

A few days ago, we reported on the lyric-focused platform Genius accusing Google copyright theft. Genius Media Group has spent the last decade aggregating lyrics from rappers, pop stars, and other musicians for years. The platform now claims that Google has been using their lyrics to populate its search engine results. The report initially came from the Wall Street Journal and reflected Genius’ knowledge the issue since back in 2017. The Genius Media Group execs penned a letter to Google wherein they requested for them to not use the lyrics from the platform as it violates both the company’s terms service and antitrust law. And ever since the weighty accusations, Google has finally fered a response. 

Google Claps Back At Genius' Lyric Theft Claims: "We Do Not Crawl Or Scrape" For Lyrics

Phil Walter/Getty s

According to HYPEBEAST, the tech giant has answered in the form a blog post and explained how and where its lyrics were sourced from. From their statement, we find the following assertions: “We do not crawl or scrape websites to source these lyrics. The lyrics that you see in information boxes on Search come directly from lyrics content providers.” Furthermore, Google announced that it will soon provide some form attribution to third parties where they source their information to increase transparency.

Jimmy Butler Will be Aggressively Pursued By The Rockets: Report

Jimmy Butler was a stud fensive player for the Philadelphia 76ers and if it weren’t for him, the team would have had a much tougher time against the Toronto Raptors who were just barely able to beat them in seven games. It has been reported that Butler will not exercise his player option and will be seeking a new contract in free agency. Thanks to Butler’s play this season, he will certainly be one the biggest draws out there and it appears as though one team, in particular, will be doing everything it can to get the player on their squad.

As you would imagine, this team is the Houston Rockets, who are rumored to be shrouded in turmoil thanks to some bad blood between Chris Paul and James Harden. Rockets GM Daryl Morey has denied these reports and explained how the team is looking to add another star which is a bill Butler certainly fits.

The Houston Chronicle‘s Brian T. Smith reported last night that the Rockets are expected to be aggressive in their pursuit Butler as they feel his presence can make them an instant Title threat. 

With the Golden State Warriors’ best players out with injuries for the majority next season, the Rockets are in prime position to win the Western Conference and Butler would help make that a real possibility.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Met Face-To-Face With Accuser After Groping Incident

Cuba Gooding Jr. recently turned himself in over groping allegations. And since his arrest, he was spotted with his lawyer’s family. Although other serious claims have been tied to the actor, retrieved footage from a surveillance tape is now challenging one these claims. We previously reported on a woman claiming that the famed entertained had forcibly touched her. That is by grabbing both her thigh and breast. Footage the latter was revealed by TMZ and did show Cuba Gooding Jr. getting increasingly close with his accuser despite his girlfriend sitting right next to him. Well, TMZ has now combed through some the footage and found a final encounter between the accuser and Gooding.

The video stamp shows that at 11:19 PM, moments after the alleged groping occurred, Cuba and his girlfriend Claudine DeNiro, along with the accuser, all walked into the rotop deck section the Magic Hour Rotop Lounge. The ensuing interaction shows the accuser attempting to stick by Cuba and his girlfriend, but she gets intercepted by a security guard who gestures for her to walk in another direction. Though it remains unclear what was precisely going on, we can assume the accuser was attempting to speak with Cuba. The question is why?