A$AP Rocky Prosecutors Claim White House Has Not Contacted Them: Report

The #FreeASAPROCKY movement is in full effect but is the White House truly involved in aiding in the rapper’s release? We previously reported that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian petitioned their Oval Office contacts to help get the ball rolling on freeing A$AP Rocky from the custody Swedish ficials. It’s been two weeks since he was arrested on suspicion assault, and President Trump tweeted that he’s going to make some calls to help with the situation.

“Just spoke to @KanyeWest about his friend A$AP Rocky’s incarceration,” he wrote. “I will be calling the very talented Prime Minister Sweden to see what we can do about helping A$AP Rocky. So many people would like to see this quickly resolved!”

Kim took to her Twitter account to honor those who she claims have been working behind the scenes on Rocky’s behalf. “Thank you @realDonaldTrump , @SecPompeo, Jared Kushner & everyone involved with the efforts to Free ASAP Rocky & his two friends,” she said. “Your commitment to justice reform is so appreciated 🙏🏼🤞🏼.”

However, the Swedish Prosecution Authority has issued a statement to Page Six saying that they’ve not received any contact from the President or any government ficial. “We have had no communication with the White House,” they said, adding that even if someone had reached out to them, it is “not possible for the U.S. President to have any influence on the Swedish legal procedure.”

According to Page Six, four U.S. representatives shared in a joint statement that they have contacted the Swedish government. The Swedish Prosecution Authority may not have been directly involved in that correspondence, but there reportedly have been efforts by the United States government to bring Rocky home as soon as possible.

LAPD Raids YG's Hollywood Hills Home After a Massive Police Gunfight

Rapper YG is currently being investigated for murder, and police recently searched his home for evidence that may connect him to the crime.

The 29-year-old artist, whose real name is Keenon Jackson, wasn’t home when Los Angeles police presented the search warrant.  Others were present in YG’s house, however, and one of these persons was arrested on a weapons charge.

YG took to Twitter to proclaim his innocence, stating that he was in the studio and far away from the scene of the crime when the incident occurred.  The incident involved a vehicle that was registered to YG, though there’s not other connection to the rapper.

On July 3rd, the vehicle’s driver and passengers drove recklessly and fired shots in an effort to escape police officers who were in pursuit.  An unarmed civilian was shot and killed by the shooter in YG’s vehicle.

The suspects eventually abandoned the car and escaped on foot.  One individual has been arrested in connection with the episode, but police are currently looking for additional suspects — hence searching YG’s home.

Even if YG is innocent, it seems that he’ll face an uphill battle — and potential charges — when explaining how occupants of a vehicle that’s registered in his name were involved with the shooting of multiple police cars (as well as a pursuant police helicopter) and the murder of an unarmed civilian.

YG — whose stage name is short for Young Gangster — joined the Bloods, a well-known LA-based street gang, in 2006.  YG has also been involved in multiple shootings — including a 2015 episode that saw him shot in the hip while recording — but he hasn’t made a habit of cooperating with police.

At this point, it’s clear that police — and the public — have much to learn about the matter, including why it happened and who exactly was responsible.

More as this one develops.

Melania Trump Gets Involved In A$AP Rocky's Case: 'We're Working With the State Department"

Melania Trump is now intervening on A$AP Rocky’s behalf.

Looks like A$AP Rocky has an unexpected supporter in the White House.  After more than two weeks of detainment in Sweden on flimsy charges, Melania Trump stepped up pressure on Sweden to ‘send him back’ — to the United States, that is.

“We are working with State Department and we hope to get him home soon,” Melania Trump told reporters from the Oval Office on Friday in response to questions about the rapper.  The First Lady was prompted by Trump himself, who credited Melania for raising awareness of the issue to him.

President Trump also addressed the matter, indicating that he had received calls from ‘members of the African-American community’.  But he stopped short of making any demands of Sweden or suggesting next steps.

“A$AP Rocky is a situation in Sweden,” Trump stated.  “Sweden’s a great country and they’re friends of mine, the leadership. And we are going to be calling, we’ll be talking to them, we’ve already started and many, many members of the African-American community have called me — friends of mine, and said could you help?”

Trump then passed the mic to Melania.  “Actually, the one who knew about ASAP Rocky was our first lady, right? She was telling me, ‘can you help ASAP Rocky?’”

Melania then offered her brief statement on the matter.

Trump has also reportedly had conversations with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian about the situation.

A$AP, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was detained by Swedish police earlier this month after an altercation with local Swedes.  Video of the incident strongly indicated that Rocky and his entourage were unfairly attacked, though Swedish officials have detained the rapper while investigating the matter.

As a result of the unexpected incarceration, A$AP Rocky was forced to cancel the remainder of his European tour.  The rapper also complained of putrid conditions and treatment, though pictures of a typical Swedish cell suggest rather sanitary and livable conditions (at least for a prison).

Earlier this week, the U.S. State Department also addressed the situation.

“We are aware that the Stockholm District Court announced it has granted until July 25 for prosecutors to complete their investigation in this case,” the State Department offered. “One of the most important tasks of the Department of State and U.S. embassies and consulates abroad is to provide assistance to U.S. citizens who are detained abroad.”

Sounds like a lot of soft-touch diplomacy, though Rocky is still stuck in a cell — and has been for 17 straight days.  But underneath this issue is a growing sense of anger towards imprisonment against African-Americans in the U.S., for whom long prison detainments while awaiting trial are common.

Just recently, Jay-Z co-produced a documentary about Kalief Browder, a black teenager from the Bronx who was detained for roughly three years on Rikers Island for allegedly stealing a backpack.  Browder spent two years of his three-year detainment in solitary confinement to escape extreme violence from other inmates — all while awaiting trial.

Browder was detained because he couldn’t afford a bail of less than $1,000, and was ultimately cleared of all charges.  Once released, Browder committed suicide at age 22, likely because of the extreme mental and physical abuse trauma experienced in prison.

Following Two Years of Failure, Senate Judiciary Committee Votes to Advance 2019 CASE Act

On October 4th, 2017, two lawmakers proposed a new small claims court for music artists and other content creators.

Representatives Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and Tom Marino (R-PA) introduced the .

According to both lawmakers, piracy and theft affect all copyright owners.  Yet, filing paperwork to file an infringement claim usually costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

The bipartisan bill, they explained, would help “artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, songwriters, authors, and other creators” enforce their rights against unauthorized reproductions.

If passed, the U.S. government would’ve created a dedicated Copyright Claims Board.  Three Copyright Claims Officers – appointed by the Librarian of Congress – would serve a six-year term, adjudicating and settling infringement claims.

In addition, the Register of Copyrights would hire no fewer than two full-time Copyright Claims attorneys.  Copyrights holders could then file claims at a small claims court in the US Copyright Office.  Damage awards would be capped at $30,000.

The CASE Act quickly received support from top organizations in the U.S., including the NMPA and Songwriters Guild of America.

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives largely ignored the bill, leading to its expiration.

Now, the re-introduced CASE Act may finally be enacted.

Moving forward with a small claims court.

In May, Representatives Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and Doug Collins (R-GA) proposed once again.  Aiming to finally set-up the Copyrights Enforcement Board, the bill quickly received support from the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and influential lobbying group the Copyright Alliance.

Senators John Kennedy (R-LA) introduced the same bill in the Senate on May 1st.

Speaking on the importance of the bill’s approval, Tom Kennedy, ASMP’s Executive Director, explained,

Under this legislation, these artists will have a ble alternative to the often prohibitively expensive federal court system, and their creative efforts will be appropriately protected so that they’re incentivized to continue producing works that change how people see their world.

Yet, not everyone agreed with the proposed legislation.

Seeking the bill’s defeat and/or expiration once more, Public Knowledge, a non-profit public interest group, said,

This system, as drafted, is both flatly untenable and unlikely to solve the problems it claims to address.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move the CASE Act out of committee.  This means the full Senate can now vote on the bill’s approval, despite staunch opposition from both Public Knowledge and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

This time, each work infringed would remain capped at $15,000.  Creators could sue for up to $30,000.

The 2019 CASE Act’s co-sponsors include Dick Durbin (D-IL), Thom Tillis (R-NC), Mazie K. Hirono (D-HI), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Tom Udall (D-NM), Kevin Cramer (R-ND), Chris Coons (D-DE), and Patrick Leahy (D-VT).

Praising the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote, Daryl Friedman, the Recording Academy’s Chief Industry, Government, and Member Relations Officer, explained,

With today’s passage of the CASE Act out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, creators are one step closer to defending their work against copyright infringement.  The many independent songwriters, artists, and producers in our membership will finally have effective remedies to protect against the frequent and willful infringement perpetuated daily by violators across the country.


Featured image by Bjoertvedt (CC by 3.0).

The House Passes Bill To Increase Minimum Wage To $15

As reported by CNN, this Thursday, the House passed a bill that would raise the federal minimum wage for the first time in 10 years. Most Democrats voted for the bill, with the overall House vote totalling to 231-199. Three Republicans – Brian Fitzpatrick Pennsylvania, Francis Rooney Florida and Chris Smith New Jersey – also voted pro. With Six Democrats, on the other side, voting against the bill – Anthony Brindisi New York, Joe Cunningham South Carolina, Kendra Horn Oklahoma, Ben McAdams Utah, Kurt Schrader Oregon and Xochitl Torres Small New Mexico. Though this is a small victory for a movement that has taken a little under seven years to make it to this point, there’s reportedly a very small chance that it will actually be taken up in the Republican-controlled Senate.

The “Raise the Wage” Act plans on brining the federal minimum wage up gradually from $7.25 to $15 by the year 2025. But in the current form it takes, the bill has no major support from the Republican side. In March, House Democrats had started the process passing the bill, but struggled greatly in getting support from “more moderate” members. In recent weeks, however, party leaders made some important adjustments to get more lawmakers on board. To be precise, they increased the timeline from five to six years, as well as adding a requirement that the government study the impact the bill would have on the economy after it was put into effect, with the chance for Congress the ability to make adjustments in the future. Fast food workers began protesting for higher pay all the way back in 2012, but at the time, a $15 minimum wage was too ambitious. Since then however, some cities and states (including Seattle, San Francisco, New York City and later all California and NY State) have taken to raising their local minimum wages to $15 an hour on their own accord– including Seattle, San Francisco, New York City and then all California and New York State. McDonald’s only just announced this year that it would stop lobbying against the cause, and even Amazon adopted a $15 minimum rate last year. Most Republicans have voiced opposition to the bill, over concerns that raising the wage to $15 would result in too many jobs lost. The US Chamber Commerce has said that it is indeed willing to raise the minimum wage, but that $15 is “out the question.”

YG’s Home Raided by Cops After Deadly Shooting

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. raided YG’s Hollywood Hills home in connection with a shooting involving a vehicle registered to the rapper.

Sheriff’s sources tell TMZ that the house is leased by YG, but he was not detained or even present during the raid. Deputies obtained a search warrant in connection with a deadly police shootout in Compton earlier this month.

One person on the scene was arrested for a weapons charge and several others were handcuffed and placed in patrol cars while deputies searched the house.

The raid stems from a July 3 incident where shots were fired from inside a black Cadillac Escalade, striking a deputy. An innocent bystander was killed during the crossfire between police and the shooter, leading to a high-speed chase.

The Escalade was registered to YG, who has denied that he was present at the time of the shooting. “I was nowhere near the scene of this incident and had been in a recording studio all day in Hollywood,” he said. “I was there until after midnight on the 4th of July and didn’t learn of these events until after they happened.”

Blac Chyna’s Mom Exposes Wendy Williams’ Coke Habit: "I’ma Knock Her Face Off"

The fact that Blac Chyna has a mother who goes by Tokyo Toni still amazes me but that’s not the point this story. If you’ve been following any developments regarding the former adult dancer, you know that Blac Chyna hasn’t exactly been getting along with her mother. They had a brief moment serenity when Chyna and Toni met up to finally speak about important issues to them, repairing their relationship after Chyna’s appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. The bandaid that they temporarily placed over their scarred wounds started to peel f though and now, there’s a full-on feud between Chyna and her mom again. This time, Wendy Williams is actually being brought into the drama.

Blac Chyna's Mom Exposes Wendy Williams' Coke Habit: "I'ma Knock Her Face Off"
Sarah Morris/Getty s

As if she hasn’t had a rough enough year with her divorce, Wendy is now being exposed after leaving the sober living facility earlier this year with Tokyo Toni threatening to leak the truth about everybody’s favourite talk show host. During a live-stream with her fans, Tokyo Toni reportedly put Wendy on blast, telling her that when she sees her, it’s on sight. “Let me check Wendy Williams’ motherfucking ass bitch. Wendy, I’ma tell you this. Don’t mention my motherfucking name again, or I’m gonna talk about your shit,” warned Chyna’s mom. 

She continued by spewing some straight-up threats, hollering, “Wendy is so gone, that when I see her, I’ma knock her face f. When I see you bitch I’m gonna get a charge. I’ma bust your ass. You said I cried? When I walked in, you was sniffing coke. ‘Heyyy, ohhh’ Eyes was big. You hugged me because I ain’t no sucker.”

Oh man… Alrighty then. So now Wendy is part the Chyna vs. Toni feud. Who do you have winning this?

On This Date In History: Blueface Says He’s Hip Hop’s "Best Lyricist"

Instagram – Confidence is key to being a superior MC — it comes with the territory. Blueface put that bravado on full display during a recent Instagram Live session, proclaiming he was the “best lyricist” in the industry.

Wearing two massive chains and two equally decadent rings, the 21-year-old burgeoning rapper said, “Hey cuz, that’s on my mama and my sis, I’m the best lyricist in the muthafuckin game, bro. I might not have the best flow, sound…but when it comes to wordplay, cuz, come on bro.”

From there, he gave his 4.4 million Instagram followers a little taste of his bars.

“I’m at the Ritz Carlton hotel blowin’ zips/This is a non-smoking room/But can no ho tell me shit/’Cause bitch, I’m the shit,” he spits.

Blueface popped up in headlines recently after his mother aired out their family’s dirty laundry on the ‘Gram. On July 1, she live streamed the “Thotiana” mastermind evicting her and his sister out of his house.

He claimed his mother was doing it all for “clout.”

Despite Former Archivist's Rebuttal, UMG Sticks to Its '22 Lost Master Recordings' Story, Telling Judge to Dismiss a $100 Million Lawsuit Over 2008 Fire

So, just how bad is the damage following the 2008 Universal Studios fire?

According to , very bad.

With the fire destroying Building 6197, which housed master tape catalogs of labels acquired by Universal Music Group (UMG), over 500,000 master recordings were lost.

For years, the major label reportedly hid the event from music artists on its roster.  Affected artists include Soundgarden, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Limp Bizkit, Gwen Stefani, and Blink 182, among many others.

The news has also stalled parent company Vivendi’s sale of up to 50% of UMG.  In addition, an artist collective has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the label.

But according to , the fire wasn’t that bad at all.

Allegedly fielding requests from over 275 artists, the fire only destroyed 22 ‘original masters’ associated with 5 musicians.  In addition, the label lost 424 music-related assets.

While this figure doesn’t sound so bad, just dig a little deeper.  In 2008, UMG filed a contentious lawsuit against NBCUniversal.  The major label claimed “millions” in damages.

This indicates a much higher loss than just 22 masters.

So, who’s right?

Now, following the ‘publication’ of the ‘true loss,’ UMG has targeted the artist collective lawsuit.

Universal Music plays with fire.

In a statement sent to Billboard, Randy Aronson, former Vice President of and Senior Director of Archives at Universal Music Group, revealed his former company has once again “downplayed the losses.”

[UMG’s estimates are] very, very low.

He previously confirmed the 2008 Universal Studios fire led to a total loss of 118,000 to 175,000 music-related assets.  These include ‘historic catalogs’ from Chess, ABC, Impulse, A&M, and many more labels.

By now they should have a fairly decent macro view of what happened with the fire.  It’s all there, it’s all been documented, it’s been 11 years.  Yes, [current UMG officials, including Chief Archivist, Pat Kraus] are new to this.  But the fire isn’t new and they’re in charge of it.  That’s disappointing.

Responding to Kraus’ memo sent on behalf of CEO Lucian Grainge stating the label only lost 22 masters, Aronson said he compiled a “god list” of assets destroyed in the fire.

It should be a definitive list.  ‘Twenty-two losses,’ to me, is as insulting as ‘we really didn’t lose anything.  Nothing to see here.’”

That didn’t affect a follow-up statement from Kraus, who continues to downplay the true losses.

UMG’s Chief Archivist explained,

Our work is just beginning.

Firing back at the lawsuit brought on by the estates of Tom Petty and Tupac Shakur, UMG wrote in a court filing,

The Complaint includes two breach of contract ‘Claims for Relief’ but conspicuously avoids reciting any language from the recording agreements that Plaintiffs accuse UMG of breaching.

The Complaint does not and cannot plead any facts plausibly showing that UMG breached any provision in any contract.

In short, the major label argues it completely owns the rights to the master recordings.  So, artists and their estates can’t sue.

The company’s lawyer, Scott Edelman, wrote all artists signed typical contracts.  These state “all masters … shall, from the inception of their creation, be the sole property of [UMG], in perpetuity, free from any claims by you.”

In fact, the major label apparently disclosed the real losses of the fire years ago.  So, a judge should dismiss the $100 million lawsuit as the statute of limitations has expired.

Continuing on the argument the major label owns the master recordings, Edelman concluded,

Here, the Complaint pleads no facts showing that UMG undertook a conscious and deliberate act to destroy the recordings; and indeed, any such allegation would be implausible, because UMG was deprived of its own property as a result of a fire that it did not start.

The hearing on the motion to dismiss will take place on November 4th.


Featured image by pinguino k (CC by 2.0).

Cardi B Shows Support For Rep. Ilhan Omar Following Trump’s Racist Attack

There’s no doubt that people have felt more comfortable with their racism since Donald Trump got in fice. He’s uttered some nasty things in the past — some which he’s denied — including a recent shot fired at Rep. Ilhan Omar. Now, Trump wasn’t solely aiming at the Somali-born house rep who is also Muslim, but also at other women color. Now, Cardi B might be known for her raunchy lyrics but you have to applaud her for using her platform to raise awareness certain issues including Trump leading a “Send Her Home” chant during a North Carolina rally. 

Cardi B took to Instagram following the viral clip Trump leading a chant calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar to be sent “home,” even though she’s been an American citizen for 20 years. Cardi B shared a gem from Beyonce‘s “Formation” along with a picture the congresswoman. “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation,” Cardi captioned the post. 

Trump essentially called Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is a Democrat, a “hate-filled extremist” which is one the most ironic statements his political career so far. “That’s why I say: If they don’t like it, let them leave,” he said. “If they don’t love it, tell them to leave it. I’m just saying it’s their choice, they can come back when they want,” he added before the crowd started chanting “Send her back!”

Charles Barkley Reveals The Best Player He Ever Guarded

Charles Barkley will most likely go down in history as one the best NBA players ever, who never won a championship. Barkley played 16 years in the NBA and was known for being a beast out on the court. While Barkley developed quite a few rivalries over the years, he’s never been shy to pay respect to those who he felt were worthy adversaries. He knows when to give people their flowers and at a recent charity event, the NBA on TNT analyst revealed who he thought was the best player he’s ever gone up against.

Barkley gave a surprising answer as he said Kevin McHale the Boston Celtics was the best player he ever had to guard. McHale played 17 years in the NBA and won three championships with the Celtics throughout the 80s. He may not be a household name to today’s NBA crowd, but he was definitely a great player at the time.

“He’s one the greatest basketball players ever, and I actually work with him now on television,” Barkley said Sports Illustrated. “He’s the best player I ever played against and had to guard.”

Barkley also said that McHale was practically impossible to stop on defense and that he used to have nightmares about him. Considering Barkley played against the likes Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Magic Johnson, McHale is getting some pretty high praise here.

Timbaland & Jay-Z Lead Legendary Lineup In Throwback Studio Pic

It’s important to shine a light on hip-hop’s iconic meetings the mind, many which transpire behind studio doors, never to be seen by the general public. Yet like jokes at a stand-up comedy event, music simply sounds better during a studio session, in which the creatives behind its construction stand present. With that in mind, one can only imagine what the Magna Carter Holy Grail studio sessions must have been like, given the powerhouse roster talent behind it. 

Timbaland & Jay-Z Lead Legendary Lineup In Throwback Studio Pic

Brian Ach/Getty s

Today, Timbaland came through to share a throwback pic his experience working on Jay’s twelfth studio album, alongside some hip-hop’s most enduring figures. From left to right are himself, Swizz Beatz, the Jigga Man, Pharrell Williams, and Rick Rubin, three out five having contributed production to Jay’s classic The Black Album. Of course, Magna Carter received a lukewarm response upon its arrival, likely spurred by the sheer weight expectation associated with a Jay-Z release. Yet it’s clear that the making- process must have felt truly special, and it wouldn’t be surprising if each man pictured holds the album close to their heart.

Respect to Timbo for sharing a piece hip-hop history! Have you listened to MCHG recently? If so, how does it hold up?

Roddy Ricch Recalls Trapping Out His Granny’s House In His Freshman Freestyle

Roddy Ricch has a gift. He’s easily one the most melodically-superior rappers to have emerged in the last few years, proving that he has the ear and the voice to deliver endless hits. Time will tell where Roddy’s career takes him but all the 2019 XXL Freshman Class members, he’s being scouted extremely favourably. Industry insiders seem to believe that the Compton spitter has what it takes to be the next big thing in the rap game and so far, he’s done everything in his power to prove them right. The journey continues through his stand-out appearance as part the XXL Freshman Freestyles.

Creating a beat out snaps and the clanging  his jewelry, Roddy Ricch may have just delivered the most enjoyable freestyle his class. In fact, we want him to get in the booth right now, find a suitable beat and record this. He’s not spitting anything that pround but his recollection the times he used to trap out his grandmother’s house give us an eye into Roddy’s past. What brought him to this point? How did he become the talented up-and-comer that he is? Learn more in his freestyle.

During his Freshman interview, Roddy spoke about what it was like to work with Nipsey Hussle, his love for Future and his background in Christian rap. Pay attention to Roddy Ricch. He’s doing big things.

Charles Barkley Reveals The Best Player He Ever Guarded

Charles Barkley will most likely go down in history as one the best NBA players ever, who never won a championship. Barkley played 16 years in the NBA and was known for being a beast out on the court. While Barkley developed quite a few rivalries over the years, he’s never been shy to pay respect to those who he felt were worthy adversaries. He knows when to give people their flowers and at a recent charity event, the NBA on TNT analyst revealed who he thought was the best player he’s ever gone up against.

Barkley gave a surprising answer as he said Kevin McHale the Boston Celtics was the best player he ever had to guard. McHale played 17 years in the NBA and won three championships with the Celtics throughout the 80s. He may not be a household name to today’s NBA crowd, but he was definitely a great player at the time.

“He’s one the greatest basketball players ever, and I actually work with him now on television,” Barkley said Sports Illustrated. “He’s the best player I ever played against and had to guard.”

Barkley also said that McHale was practically impossible to stop on defense and that he used to have nightmares about him. Considering Barkley played against the likes Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Magic Johnson, McHale is getting some pretty high praise here.

A$AP Ferg Mistakenly Referred To As A$AP Rocky’s Brother In The Washington Post

A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg undoubtedly have one the strongest bonds in music. The two have been through thick and thin, grieving the loss their mentor A$AP Yams a few years ago and overcoming plenty  other obstacles on the way to where they are now. At times like this, everything becomes so vulnerable. A$AP Rocky is currently facing six years in a Swedish prison after he was arrested for assault. So many us are working to free the Harlem rapper from jail, praying that he gets home safely so that he can continue to impress us all with his art. It has been reported that Kim Kardashian is working directly with the White House to get him back home, which is something we hope happens soon. There has been a lot media coverage surrounding Rocky’s arrest and some it can be confusing to unpack. Especially when major outlets make silly mistakes like this.

The Washington Post is one the most respected journalistic sources in the world but even they get caught up in the chaos sometimes. While A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky are close like brothers, they don’t actually share the same mother and father. The Post accidentally published a piece referring to Ferg as Rocky’s blood relative, which is not factual. The article was written about Ferg’s social post this week, asking for everybody’s help in freeing his AWGE partner. “So crazy to me that he’s still locked up. We doing everything in our power to see he comes home soon. Need all y’all prayers, light and energy,” he wrote.

Continue praying for A$AP Rocky. He’ll make it out this soon.