Marvel’s "Eternals" Shows First Footage At CCXP, Described As "Epic"

Ever since Disney and Marvel announced Eternals, fans have been watering at the mouth, waiting for the chance to see some footage. The Eternals are beings that live for centuries upon centuries, and were worshipped as Gods by the early people Earth. Some Eternals, such as Thena, influenced the Greeks to believe in Athena, or so the comic book goes. The film will be different for Marvel, as the company dives into mythology and religion while keeping things grounded in the MCU. 

According to CBR, footage from The Eternals was shown at Brazil’s CCXP. The footage allegedly shows the Eternals throughout 7,000 years history. “These people and this planet have changed all us. We must protect them,” was quoted from the footage. “Was raw footage from set and looks completely different than any other MCU film they’ve made. King Jack Kirby fans will freak,” tweeted one viewer. According to those attending CCXP’s Marvel panel, it was announced that Eternals would rely on mythological aspects, focusing on the foundations mythology and human history as we know it. The footage purportedly showed the Eternals saving humans throughout several famous points in history. One reporter called the film “epic.”

Eternals stars Richard Madden as Ikaris, Angelina Jolie as Thena, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Kit Harington as Dane Whitman, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Lauren Ridlf as Makkari, Lia McHugh as Sprite, Don Lee as Gilgamesh, Barry Keoghan as Druig, and Gemma Chan as Sersi. Eternals drops on November 6, 2020.

Dwight Howard Hits A Rare Three-Pointer And NBA Twitter Erupts

Dwight Howard has always been known as a large center who can dunk, get blocks, and play some shutdown defense. When it comes to his shooting ability, Howard has never been known as a marksman and heading into last night’s game against the Utah Jazz, Howard only had six made three-point shots in his entire career. 

During garbage time, the Lakers were already up by 20 and Howard figured he would experiment a little bit. As you can see in the clip below, this experimentation paid f as Howard hit a quick three that had fans questioning what they had just seen. It was a pretty good shot although you can tell Howard was just a little hesitant about whether or not he really wanted to do it.

This latest shot is yet another example how Howard has been able to revitalize his entire career this season. There were questions as to whether or not Howard could still play at a high level in the NBA but this season, Howard has been proving all the doubters wrong. While his stat lines have been modest, he has been able to make a huge impact and Lakers fans are loving it.

Check out some the best reactions to the three-point shot, below.

Anthony Davis Reportedly Needed IV Fluids During Lakers Win

Anthony Davis has been a huge addition to the Los Angeles Lakers this season and continues to put up big numbers as the team keeps winning games. Last night, Davis matched LeBron James point for point as they both finished with 25. The Lakers were finally able to defeat a top tier team in the Western Conference which was, course, the Denver Nuggets. Interestingly enough, Davis was battling an illness the entire game as he had flu-like symptoms.

Somehow, Davis was able to push through and had himself a great game. According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, AD had his fair share adversity throughout the game and during the intermission, he needed IV fluids to keep him going. This kind treatment isn’t exactly rare although it serves as an indicator for just how hard Davis is willing to push through for his team.

The Lakers will certainly want to keep Davis healthy this season as he has a history injuries. While the flu is something that can eventually pass, you never want to see your star player strain themselves too much. Luckily, the situation wasn’t too dire and AD was able to give the Lakers a solid 37 minutes.

With last night’s win, the Lakers are now 18-3 on the season.

Alex Caruso Delivers Scintillating Put-Back Dunk: NBA Twitter Reacts

Alex Caruso is one the biggest enigmas in the NBA right now. At first glance, he doesn’t look like a guy who is dunking on people at a feverish pace. Despite his low-key appearance, Caruso has managed to take NBA Twitter by storm with a plethora scintillating highlights including some put-back dunks. The Lakers player became a bit an internet legend last season when he had a huge game that had LeBron James in a state shock.

Last night, the Lakers were able to defeat the Denver Nuggets and once again, Caruso came through with a huge highlight. In the clip below, Danny Green misses a three-point shot and Caruso comes out nowhere to throw down the put-back dunk. It was yet another example Caruso stealing the show even with a modest stat line.

As soon as the clip hit the internet, fans immediately took to Twitter to make jokes and comment on what Caruso was able to do. Despite numerous examples his athleticism, fans continue to be mystified by him and it always makes for some hilarity. Lakers fans are starting to fall in love with Caruso and the internet is following suit.

Check out some the best reactions to the dunk, below.

US-Based Speaker Manufacturing Could Die Under Tariffs, says Misco

The Misco speaker company is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. But CEO Dan Dirge warns the company’s future is uncertain due to tariffs.

Misco employs about 100 people in the Minneapolis area and manufacturers speakers. Speakers for musicians, home theater buffs, and even drive-thru restaurants. Digre says the speaker manufacturing industry in the United States is dying and Misco is one of the only factories left.

Even the Misco factory in Minnesota imports some of its components from China. Now the company pays a 25% tariff on those imports, making it impossible to turn a profit. Digre says if he gave up on American manufacturing and moved to China, he’d only pay a 15% import tax.

Each time Misco imports components, the company gets a bill from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Digre says most people think China is paying those tariffs when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“A surprising number of people that I talk to — you know, smart, intelligent, well-read people — think that somehow China is paying the tariffs.”

So far, Misco has passed the cost on to customers by raising prices. They’ve also asked component suppliers for a discount because of the tariffs. Most of the extra cost from these tariffs is absorbed by the company itself, though.

Digre says the unpredictability of with China is a huge concern for Misco’s future.

“A tweet could come out this afternoon that could dramatically change a tariff rate.”

For now, Digre says he’s traveling the Philippines to look for alternate components. He doesn’t want to shutter the factory in Minnesota, but the import tariffs may bring that about.

“We’re trying to keep building speakers here in the U.S., but there’s only a couple of us left in the country to do it. And if these tariffs go on a lot longer, I don’t know if there will be anybody left in this country to do it.”

Stephen A. Smith Delivers Blistering Assessment Of Baker Mayfield: Watch

Baker Mayfield was highly touted by pundits following last season as he set the rookie record for touchdown passes in a season. This season has been a huge step backward for Mayfield as the Browns have had an abysmal passing game despite boasting the services both Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. Mayfield has faced a bevy criticism this season and at times, he has had some words to throw back at the media.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is among some the harshest critics in the sports world and on Monday, Mayfield was in his sights. During First take, Smith unleashed yet another rant, this time opining about Mayfield’s antics and how he seems more concerned with being a celebrity than an actual quarterback. As he points out, Mayfield has more commercials than wins this season.

Everyone at the First Take desk seemed to agree with Smith although we’re sure Mayfield will have something to say about this. The Browns QB continues to get into spats with FS1 host Colin Cowherd and we imagine Smith will be no different. Of course, we know Smith is up to the task when it comes to this kind thing we shall see how it plays out.

Do you agree with Smith’s assessment or is he being too harsh?

Texans Linebackers Show Up To Patriots Game In SWAT Suits: Watch

Last night was huge for the Houston Texans as they proved to the football world just how good they are. Deshaun Watson has been touted as an elite quarterback and pundits wanted to see how he would do against someone like Tom Brady. In the end, the Texans won the game by a score 28-22 and Watson was phenomenal. As right now, the Texans are first place in the AFC South and seem to have a stranglehold on the division which is something many people predicted to start the year.

Prior to yesterday’s game, the Texans’ defensive core was being heavily scrutinized due to their pre-game attire. As you can see in the video below, the team’s linebackers came into the stadium dressed like a SWAT team. It’s a pretty badass sight to see but some felt as though it was a little too heavy-handed and that the Patriots would make them pay.

Of course, the Texans linebackers came out on top which shows just how great this whole gimmick was. Brady was rendered useless for the first half the game and the LB squad had a lot to do with that. Typically, these gimmicks don’t work out very well but last night was the odd example it paying f and we’re here for it.

If the Texans and Patriots meet again in the playfs, we’re excited to see what the linebackers have in store for next time.

LeBron James Angrily Rips His Teammates For Jogging: Watch

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been phenomenal this season and coming into yesterday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks, they had a record 17-2. Luka Doncic ended up sinking the Lakers ship as he went f and gave them a huge win against the league’s best team. The Lakers struggled throughout the second half and eventually, they were down by over 20 points heading into the last quarter. Effort seemed to be a big issue for the Lakers and at one point in the second quarter, LeBron let his team know they weren’t going hard enough.

In the clip below, LeBron scores a basket at the buzzer and immediately calls his team over to give them a few words. He appears to be yelling at them for jogging up the court as opposed to putting in a full effort. Everyone has a smile on their face which leads us to believe the anger was somewhat tongue in cheek. 

Clearly, LeBron’s pep talk didn’t really work because the team ended up losing. When you’re on a ten-game winning streak, it can be quite difficult to keep up your pace so it’s not surprising they lost. The Mavericks are looking like a team that could do some serious damage this season and the Lakers finally ran into a hot hand.

LeBron and company are going to need to buckle down defensively if they want any shot at going far in the playfs.

Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0 Rumored To Return In 2020: Details

Tom Sachs and Nike came through with an incredible collaboration a few years ago called the Nike Mars Yard. In fact, the shoe was so good that it eventually got a second version with brand new materials. If you were to look at the colors the sneaker, you would immediately realize just how perfect the name is. 

The upper is covered in brown suede while red finds its way on the Nike swoosh. These colors are supposed to match the tones that are found on the actual planet Mars. Essentially, these are walking shoes made for space exploration and Tom Sachs’ creation has quickly become a legendary collaboration. According to Ovrnundr, a new version the sneaker with better materials is being slated for the Spring 2020, which is huge news for the sneaker community.

Resale prices for the Mars Yard 2.0 are already in the thousands dollars and this restock probably won’t change that. It’s rumored that there will be 8,000 pairs on the market so your chances getting them are next to none although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. These are well worth the effort.

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you plan on copping these.

Dak Prescott & Cowboys Fans Ruthlessly Trolled By Bills Players: Watch

Last night, the NFL had a gambit Thanksgiving Day games including an afternoon matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Despite having a better record, the Bills came in as an underdog but defeated the Cowboys by a score 26-15. It was a huge win that helped the Bills improve their record to a respectable 9-3. If it wasn’t for the fact they play in the same division as the New England Patriots, they could probably get a bye to the divisional round the playfs although that probably isn’t in the cards.

During their merciless defeat the Cowboys, some the Bills players had a ton fun with the Dallas fans as well as their quarterback Dak Prescott. Numerous players on the Bills sideline began taunting the Cowboys crowd and promptly tell them that their quarterback sucks, albeit in much nice terms.

After the game, the Cowboys players were fairly distraught over the loss especially since they are now 3-6 in their last nine games despite going 3-0 to start the season. The Cowboys are a team in decline while the Bills are beginning to show people they have a real shot at doing some damage come playf time.

If you’re a Cowboys fan, this has got to be a troubling time.

Camila Cabello Enlists DaBaby for New Album

In less than two weeks, Camila Cabello is set to release her highly-anticipated sophomore album Romance.

In addition to the hit “Señorita” with boyfriend Shawn Mendes, the project will feature a collaboration with DaBaby, who appears on “My Oh My.” According to The Sun, the “deliciously carnal” song is “her naughtiest yet — and sounds like a sequel to global hit Havana,” her chart-topping collaboration with Young Thug.

“My mama doesn’t trust him, he’s only here for one thing but, so am I,” Camila sings on the track, adding, “I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl / Tonight I don’t want to be her.”

Other highlights include the vulnerable “Easy,” the break-up anthem “Feel It Twice,” and piano-driven “First Man,” inspired by her father.

Romance, the follow-up to Camila’s self-titled 2018 debut, is due Dec. 6. “Intimate, passionate, and deliciously modern in production — there is no stopping Camila,” writes The Sun.

DaBaby has had an epic year himself. In addition to releasing his No. 1 album KIRK in September, he has collaborated with Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, and J. Cole.

Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Collab Revealed In Greater Detail: Photos

If you’re a fan the Air Jordan 5, 2020 is a momentous occasion as it is the 30th anniversary the classic and iconic sneaker. Whenever a big anniversary comes around, Jordan Brand goes all out and that’s exactly what they’re doing for the Jordan 5. There are some big retros on the horizon and there will also be a huge collab with Virgil Abloh’s signature brand, Off-White.

Over the past few weeks, there have been some teasers the shoe but realistically, it’s only been one or two images here and there. Thanks to the Instagram sneaker accoount @kickwhoshow, we now have a string images showing f some the finer details on the Off-White x Air Jordan 5 collab. As you can see, the shoe is mostly blackish grey with a deconstructed upper. Off-White branding is placed on the side panels while a yellow gum bottom rounds out the details.

For now, the Off-White x Air Jordan 5 is believed to be released in the Spring 2020 but that’s only a tentative release date. Stay tuned for more details as we will be sure to bring you all the latest updates. 

Let us know in the comments what you think this sneaker so far.

Seth Rollins Goes Full Heel During WWE Monday Night Raw: Watch

For years now, Seth Rollins has been seen as one the most popular wrestlers in the company and there was a time where he was the good guy who was consistently being given huge fights that filled fans with joyous wonder. Over the past few months now, the narrative surrounding Rollins has changed quite a bit. Thanks to his storylines and social media presence, Rollins is quickly turning into a despised heel that people want to see get beat up at every opportunity.

During last night’s episode WWE Monday Night Raw, Rollins was at his heel’ish ways once again as he began to address some the fighters during a “Town Hall.” Rollins was wearing a suit and told everyone that they were ruining the WWE. Of course, Kevin Owens didn’t take too kindly to this and handled Rollins in the only way he knows how.

Later in the night, Owens challenged Rollins to a real match and they eventually had it. Unfortunately, AOP came in the ring and began to gang up on Owens which ended the fight before fans could get a proper conclusion. With this rivalry underway, the audience is interested to see how it all plays out.

Now that Rollins is fully established as the heel, things are about to get entertaining.

Air Jordan 14 "Black Ferrari" Coming Soon: Official Images Revealed

Earlier this year, Jordan Brand dropped the “Yellow Ferrari” Air Jordan 14 which was a huge hit amongst sneaker fanatics. The colorway was meant as a follow up to the Air Jordan 14 “Ferrari” which featured red suede. Jumpman is looking to keep the momentum their Ferrari series alive as now they are coming through with this incredibly stealthy model the AJ14, dubbed “Black Ferrari.”

As you can see from the ficial images below, the sneaker is covered in black material with red accents on the midsole, outsole, and even the insole. Overall, it’s one those shoes that just looks amazing in photos and we can imagine it looks even better on-feet. If you’re a fan the Jordan 14, this is one the best colorways you will see this year and is a must cop for the Holiday season. 

For now, these are being slated for a Monday, December 2nd release date with a price $200 USD. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on copping these and if not, let us know why. For all the car fans out there, you have to give these ones a chance.

Air Jordan 14 "Black Ferrari" Coming Soon: Official s Revealed


Air Jordan 14 "Black Ferrari" Coming Soon: Official s Revealed


Air Jordan 14 "Black Ferrari" Coming Soon: Official s Revealed


Air Jordan 14 "Black Ferrari" Coming Soon: Official s Revealed


Air Jordan 14 "Black Ferrari" Coming Soon: Official s Revealed


Kemba Walker Injury Status Revealed After Scary Neck Incident

Kemba Walker was one the biggest free agents on the market this summer and as soon as the free agency period opened up, he signed with the Boston Celtics. Walker could have received the super-max contract from the Hornets but when they decided not to give it to him, he left to join one the most historic teams in league history. So far, the Celtics have been dominant in the Eastern Conference and Walker has been a huge part that. 

On Friday night, Celtics fans were waiting with bated breath when Walker ran into his own teammate headfirst, resulting in a neck injury. Walker was stabilized and taken f on a stretcher which led to some concerned teammates and fans. According to Tim Bontemps ESPN, Walker’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked. He is being listed as day-to-day with a sprained neck. 

Based on this latest update, it appears like Walker won’t be playing against the Sacramento Kings on Monday night but he hasn’t been ruled out for the rest the week. It seems like the Celtics are purposely keeping the timetable ambiguous, which leaves time for Walker to fully recover.

You never want to see a player go down like that so it’s good to see the injury isn’t as bad as what many originally feared.