Jada Pinkett Smith Speaks On Dissolving Marriages: "It’s Been Really Painful"

Jada Pinkett Smith has turned into a kind wise auntie on social media, thanks to her inspirational content. She ten posts about real issues that affect regular people, making her a most relatable celebrity. 

Yesterday, she came through with a reflection on marriage. In her opinion, this type relationship is bound to evolve as both its parties grow.

Her advice lies in rolling with the punches. Rather than resisting change, she asks people to embrace the evolution even it does ultimately end in a breakup.

The actress’ credibility is definitely aided by her seemingly wonderful relationship with her husband Will Smith. The couple just celebrated a significant milestone in their marriage, having spent close to half  their lives together thus far. Pinkett seems to want this same kind lasting joy within a romantic relationship for her following as well. 

Keke Palmer Celebrates 25th Birthday Like A Baddie: Sultry Pictures & Wisdom

Keke Palmer is a self-proclaimed “millennial diva” and she celebrates her 25th birthday as such. The entertainer took to social media for the occasion.

So far, Palmer posted three sultry shots to Instagram, featuring her youthful self sporting vintage goods. The most recent upload shows Keke in the most glitzy outfit the bunch as she’s adorned in gold. The caption attached to the post is one self-reflection and wisdom.

She starts by acknowledging her attachment to worldly goals and how these potential achievements have had a negative impact on her contentment.

The birthday girl pledges her focus to the gifts the present.

Lil Uzi Vert Previews Unreleased Song In Dance "Trappin' This Way"

Lil Uzi Vert is about to roll out his new project entitled Eternal Atake. In the meantime, he’s keeping his following entertained. His latest fering comes in the form a teaser. Lil Uzi previewed an unreleased track on Instagram.

The upload is a video that demonstrates the artist’s carefree nature. The rapper danced to his upcoming song, watching himself in a bathroom mirror. Uzi busts his moves to what might be the track’s chorus.

His caption addresses his swag and his music: “Breaking in my new @f____white jeans can’t wait 2 wear these . Lots new stuff dropping soon also #eternalatake ++®️”

Uzi Vert has already dropped the cover art for his upcoming project. After that, he entertained his fans with a freestyle video that also features his dancing skills. The masses are well-kept while they wait for the next drop.

Kathy Griffin Dances Topless To Celebrate Manafort & Cohen Verdict

In case you missed it yesterday, two Donald Trump’s closest allies & people next to him in his campaign are now facing prison time after being convicted for their crimes. President Trump‘s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty eight financial crimes and his former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to eight charges as well. It’s a horrible look for the President, who’s name is being tossed around as the one who told Cohen it was okay to the do the crimes.

In the wake the conviction, comedian & actress Kathy Griffien, who’s an outspoken Trump hater, decided to celebrate the news his team going down by jumping on Instagram topless and doing a little dance.

“Celebrating the Manafort and Cohen verdicts…topless, naturally,” she wrote as she stood looking out her house and shook her chest out the window. You don’t see anything, but it’s a very Kathy Griffin move to say the least.

If you recall, Kathy was in a ton heat last year after she posed in a photo with a fake severed head meant to look like Trump. The pic drew outrage on social media, with the president himself calling the picture “sick.” Griffin posted an apology video in which she admitted she “went too far.” However, she has since said she regrets saying sorry and repeatedly took back the apology. So it appears their celebrity rival is very much a thing again, and Kathy is winning right now.

Check out Kathy’s celebration post (below).

Tekashi 6ix9ine: "Remember Y’all Made This Idiot Famous"

Tekashi 6ix9ine is a controversial figure. His quick rise to fame and massive success is balanced out by a fair amount criticism. It seems like the New York native is aware how some people view him. His last post on Instagram hints at the negative perception many people have the artist.

He uploaded a video to his page that featured him bumping to a beat as seen in many his other posts. He flashes the new grill he premiered with an unreleased track yesterday and places attention to his other pieces jewelry, including the infamous “Saw” chain. What sets this post apart is his caption. Rather than declaring himself to be “the hottest n*gga in the game right now,” he decides to lean toward self-deprecation.

His fans reacted in the comments in a multitude ways. Some concentrated on the fact that he was bumping to a song by a different artist. Others focused on his hairstyle, deeming it as “girlie.” Someone called him the “Mexican version Young Ma,” which may be an insult to either them. Most the comments, however, did not focus on the impending trial he awaits. 6ix9ine can face up to three years in prison. 

Kim Kardashian Shares Alternative Booty Photo: Picks Bikini Wedgie

Kim Kardashian’s brand is sustained by her efforts on social media. There is not one day when her fans are left without any virtual content. The public figure ten finds ways to keep things fresh, switching things up from the usual selfie. Today, she came through with a photo herself and her best friend.

The picture frames both women from the back as they pick their wedgies while walking down the beach. Somehow, they manage to make the situation look good in their metallic swimwear. Kim sports a bikini while her friend rocks a one piece. What they have in common is both their hands tugging at the fashion. 

Kardashian posted the pic with a caption that illustrates her intentions behind the unusual content. According to the cosmetics diva, no one can claim to have a “best friendship” without ever having picked wedgies from their butts with their homies.

Last time Kim stunned us with a look, she was serving as vivacious arm candy for her husband Kanye West. Both them wore show-stopping outfits. A tight neon green latex dress for her and suit paired with some undersized Yeezy slides for him. 

Alec Baldwin Disapproves Of Daughter's IG Thirst Trap: "No. Just…No."

Alec Baldwin generally presents himself as a laidback dude but he seems to run a tight ship when it comes to his kids. The actor isn’t here for his daughter showing f her assets on the internet. Ireland Basinger Baldwin posted a flagrant thirst trap on Instagram yesterday and her father couldn’t help but let her know he ain’t having it.

The blond model uploaded a picture herself straddling a motorcycle. The photo is slightly suggestive as leans over the rod while wearing what seems to be a black bikini and cowboy boots. Ireland glances over her shoulder all sultry-like. Although her eyes make contact with the camera’s lens, most her fanbase would probably focus on all the plump skin she’s showing f.

Alec Baldwin’s response was short and somewhat funny: “No. Just…No.” Many people sided with him, saying that the pose was “unnecessary.” Others expressed their belief that grown women should be able to flaunt their bodies however they choose to do so, regardless what their fathers might think. 

Alec Baldwin Disapproves Of Daughter's IG Thirst Trap: "No. Just...No."

Balwin might be feeling like his little girl is slipping through his fingers. His brother Stephen Baldwin could also be sharing a similar sentiment as he will soon be “giving away” his daughter, Hailey Baldwin, in marriage to Justin Beiber. 

Tinashe Is "Wet All By Herself" Post Breakup With NBA Star Ben Simmons

Tinashe is legit known for being pretty. People who didn’t already know her might have been wondering about the “pretty” girl referred to in “FEFE.” The singer keeps up this reputation through her Instagram. The latest photo lives up to her fans expectations flawless looks.

The upload came with a caption a cheeky double-entendre:”…wet all by herself.” The caption is obviously literal, but last time we checked, the artist was single. Based on this picture, singledom suits her well. 

Tinashe seemed to have struggled after the end her last relationship. Her ex-boo, NBA star Ben Simmons, had people thinking she was a stalker. The pop star was said to have been following him and his new girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. She has since addressed the situation online.

Aspiring Female Rapper Gets "69" Face Tattoo Inspired By Tekashi 6ix9ine

“Imitation is a sincerest form flattery” is a known adage, but an aspiring rapper may have taken this message too far in her emulation Tekashi 6ix9ine. The female MC who goes by the moniker “No Foreign” posted a video herself getting a “69” tattoo. 

The chick talks a bit a smack as she gets her new ink. She also takes the occasion to tease her new single: “Single dropping soon lil bitch.”

Of course, the soundtrack to the clip is no other than Tekashi 6ix 9ine. His “FEFE” verse plays in the background while the No Foreign gets “69” carves into her forehead. Tatoo artist is tagged at the end her caption:

Later, she posted the completed ink in a couple photos. She addresses the backlash in her latest upload, as she holds her middle finger up in the photo. The caption says, “…IF YOU MAD.”

Fans are still expressing some shock and horror, while others sip tea, chilling.

One comment dealt with some moral implications.

A commenter explained why he was skeptical about the authenticity the tattoo. If this is, in fact,  a fake tattoo, she’ll most likely lose whatever following is left after all this stunt.

Blac Chyna Boo'd Up With YBN Almighty Jay In New Thigh-Grabbing Instagram Pic

Blac Chyna is still on her cougar tip. There has been no doubt about that since she showed f her new piece, a 19-year-old boxer named Devin Haney. This happened shortly after her breakup with YBN Almighty Jay. It seems like she might have had us fooled since the former couple seems to be back on again in her latest Instagram post.

The picture she shared yesterday features the pair getting quite comfortable on a narrow chair. The nature their relationship seems to be romantic again thanks for their show affection. The teenaged rapper has his arm around the reality television star with his hand grabbing at her thigh like there ain’t nothing to it. Chyna’s caption is short and to the point: a black heart followed by her tagging @ybnalmightyjay.

The criticism has already found its way into the post’s comments section. Some are downright mean while others employ some humor to get their point across. One user wrote, “School start next month don’t u think he should be on a bed time schedule by now.”

Some are questioning the validity this relationship altogether. Another commenter pointed to a business arrangement.

Teyana Taylor Shares Busty "Junie Jugzzzz" Throwback Picture Of Herself In Lingerie

Teyana Taylor continues to be sought after for this bodacious body hers. The singer keeps supplying the demands by showing f her physique in various ways since her debut and more fiercely now that she is a full-fledged grown woman.

Most recently, she shared a picture her physical assets after being transformed by her being pregnant with her daughter. The throwback “mom post” also came with a humorous caption about how a woman’s body changes from becoming a mother. 

This beautiful content is being shared while her fans wait for the release the music videos she promised. The first one she is planning on releasing is a visual treatment for “WTP.” She teased the sexy visuals in a previous Instagram post. Her fit is mostly composed glossy latex and fishnet. The curious can view her getup here.

Teyana’s being a married mother definitely doesn’t tone down her shameless display sex appeal. The last time she was seen twerking her jelly, she was using her man for support. Motherhood looks pretty good on her.

H.E.R. Announces Release Date Of "I Used To Know HER" Project

H.E.R., one RnB most enigmatic figures, is coming out  her low-key stance once again. The artist announced the arrival a new project on her Instagram. She posted a picture an empty polaroid shot with the date “Aug 3rd” signed onto it in marker. The caption that came with the post is the only real source information that exists about the project for now: “Prelude to the album:” Aug 3rd. #IUsedToKnowHER.”

Some speculation has already been made concerning possible collaborations for the artist. After her performance at BET Awards, H.E.R. posted a picture herself and J. Cole. Fans quickly clamored for a collaboration between the two.

Other features based on this logic could include Jazmine Sullivan, a great inspiration for H.E.R. who wrote an affectionate caption for a picture the pair:” One my BIGGEST vocal inspirations. I love you so much! Thank you for showing me love.”

A more plausible appearance might come from Rihanna. Back in March, H.E.R. declared she and RiRi were working on “secret” projects together.

This upcoming project would serve as a follow up to H.E.R. — The B-Sides which combined songs from both her previous EPs H.E.R. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 with 6 additional songs. 

Halsey's New Thirst Trap Is All About That Base

Some people are shook because Halsey’s latest post on Instagram. It may be an illusion, but it seems like the singer has become more consistent with setting thirst traps now that her relationship with G-Eazy is part a played-out script.  

The entertainer most recently shared a picture her, splayed out on a bed looking blasé and content. Whoever took this photo made sure they got the booty shot right. She either enlisted a down *ss girlfriend, a new boo, or some kind assistant. This frame is not the work a tripod. Halsey shared the work art with a short caption: “good night, blood sucker. ♥️”

Halsey has split with her long-time beau, G-Eazy, last month. It seemed like the break might be hard for them both since they had been inseparable from the very first day their romantic relationship. They had been together for over a year before the split. Still, the love remains at the center the former couple. They still share some funny online interactions and seem to have each other’s backs.

The coyly seductive vibe Halsey is riding right now is beautiful. If her newfound singledom is the source, then we’re totally cool with the split. 

Rick Ross' Baby Mama Puts Him On Blast For Allegedly Neglecting His Son

Rick Ross and his baby mother Tia Kemp have been mired in a war words for some time now. The general sentiment coming out Kemp’s corner is that Ross has been an absentee parent. Ross on the other hand is suspicious her motives,saying on the record he believes she is solely after child support. Her latest attestation took place on Instagram Live where she took the argument in a slightly different direction.

Tia challenged Rick Ross to “call his son,” more than once. She even urged him to be a better example to young men across the board, citing the direction he’s taken since his recovery as disappointing. Kemp recalled an email sent to her containing Rick Ross’ new single “Green Gucci Suit. Outside her normal reaction repugnance regarding anything “Rick Ross,” she did feel the song was rather immodest for someone who should be thankful for gripping on for dear life.

Over the course her IG session, Kemp made several invocations her faith, which helped further her cause. Rick Ross then opened up his own IG session in which he reacted directly to those claims by insisting she get more involved in church life, his rationale: it would give her greater sense purpose. Rick Ross also urged her to get on with her life and “move past him.” He ultimately chose not to respond to claims he was a negligible father, having spoken his piece on the subject sometime before.  

50 Cent Hilariously Responds To Papoose’s Recent Clap Back

It looks like 50 Cent has smoke for anyone who wants it. After going back & forth with Jim Jones these past couple weeks on IG, Fif has now moved onto Papoose recently. It all started when 50 gave Papoose’s wife, Remy Ma, a compliment on her IG pic yesterday, saying “Damn Remy you lost mad weight, hey slim.” Apparently, Pap didn’t appreciate Fif jumping in his wife’s comments, and clapped back earlier on Monday, asking 50’s baby mama if she needed a “mature” man in her life.

“Damn, @DaphneJoy no wedding yet? If @50Cent doesn’t marry you… I’ll introduce you to my homeboy. He’s more mature,” Pap replied in the comments.

Of course, 50 Cent caught wind the comment (thanks to our article earlier), and wasn’t going to let Papoose have the last word. In his hilarious trolling ways, Fif decided to respond to the recent clap back by sharing a couple more pictures and memes on IG. The first pic was Remy in lingerie, with the words “blocked” across it. Fif left the caption: “Remy blocked till she can get control her husband and shit. All I said was she lost weight and pap start tripping. I’m not fighting nobody over their wife now.”

And if that wasn’t enough, 50 decided to double down on the clap back and share a couple hilarious memes Pap & Remy at last week’s wedding vow ceremony with some added thoughts to their minds. “Damn I wish you was 50,” the saying said on Remy’s side the picture, while Pap’s said “I know, I wish I was 50 too.”

This all happened Monday night, hours after Fif got at Jim Jones & Floyd Mayweather for some more roasting. Check out the hilarious posts (below) and we’ll keep you posted if Pap responds or any more surfaces from this.

Update: It turns out Papoose wasn’t done either and is sending some more shots back at 50 (see below).