Kanye West Still Lovin' Candace Owens, Posts Drawing Of Her & Friends

Kanye West is back on his Candace Owens bullskit, so you know it’s about to get testy on the battlefront. After relaunching his Instagram page a few days ago, Kanye West didn’t waste any hitting the publish button. His most recent post focuses on his tenuous relationship with the liberal media, but also the people he respects in life. See for yourself. 

Within the comment section the sketch drawing, some fans failed to read the underlying message, focusing solely on his drawing skills. But the majority commenters seemed to comprehend the very essence the character grouping. The drawing contains scratchy depictions ten people, some carry heavy connotations, others like Consequence, GLC and Reese LaFlare are simply drawn because Kanye likes their company. It’s a strange mock-up, any way you look at it.

The characters who are most contentious are Candace Owens, Chance the Rapper and Jim Brown all for particularly different reasons, one would think. Jim Brown is a powerful figure in Black History for his decision to shape his own destiny following a contract dispute in the White male-dominated NFL.

Brown would go onto moonlight as a screen actor and Civil Rights activist, after calling it quits on his playing career. He did so at the peak his powers. Candace Owens, as you know, is a conservative pundit Kanye has grown to adore. Chance the Rapper is favorite the liberal media, but also one Kanye’s close friends and collaborators. Taylor.. well that’s just Chance’s brother, don’t get it twisted.

50 Cent Reacts To Mural Painting Of Himself As Tekashi 6ix9ine: "What The F*ck"

50 Cent has been getting clowned online since linking up with Tekashi 6ix9ine. The announcement their collaboration prompted parts Fifty’s following to question the rap veteran’s credibility. Others kept it light and reacted with humor.

A photoshopped picture 50 Cent surfaced online last week. The rapper popped f on his Instagram when he got hold the image. This week, the upsetting picture has been made into a mural. The painted wall seems to have been erected by a social media user named @lushsux. 

The artist posted the reference photo online only 5 days ago with a caption that simply asked, “wall?” Apparently, it took him less than a week to spot his location, get the job done and enrage/discourage 50 Cent. 

The rapper shared a video clip the image with a caption that expresses his current feelings towards this chapter trolling. And this time, he remembered to add his slogan into the mix.

Both 50 Cent and Tekashi are known on social media for their trolling skills. We’ll see if @lushsux earned himself a rebuttal with this work art. The mural artist already has his own plans.

Artist Envisions A Nike x Dragon Ball Z Sneaker Collaboration

The Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collection took the Internet by storm, as many sneakerheads and fans the classic anime series were elated that this limited edition collection was actually happening. However, some people were taken aback by collaboration, including sneaker enthusiast Matthew Walsh, who took to Instagram to reveal a set images he had designed for a Nike x Dragon Ball Z collection. 

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Walsh began reworking the confirmed roster characters who inspired the Adidas outing, including Goku, Shenron, Frieza, Majin Buu, Vegeta, Cell and Son Gohan. Walsh then added some new characters into the mix such as Master Roshi, Bulma, Trunks and Cooler, as he reimagined classic Nike silhouettes and colourways to mimic the character’s outfits. 

For example, the Air Max 1 features the orange and blue colouring Goku’s garb, while also emblazoning a Nimbus cloud branding on the heel, while the Air Max 95 is envisioned in the grey and purple combination found on Frieza’s person. Nike’s latest sneaker, the Epic React, is given a pink upper in honour Bulma, while the Air VapourMax is rendered in a Shenron-esque green upper perfectly accented with red, all while sitting atop a gold outsole. 

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Peep the images from this fantasy collaboration below: