Tekashi 6ix9ine Appears To Impersonate & Make Fun Of Kodak Black In New Clip

It seems Tekashi 6ix9ine is having some extra enjoyable at Kodak Black’s expense. On Monday, a brand new clip surfaced on-line the self-proclaimed King Of New York imitating and making enjoyable somebody’s voice, though it’s fairly clear its Kodak Black he’s mocking.

“Kna’ I am sayin’, I wanna say thanks to all my followers. Kna’ Im sayin’, My supporters knah’ I am saying? I have not had intercourse kna’ I am sayin’,” 6ix9ine says this with a Southern twang to it as if mocking Kodak Black.

Now I assume there’s an opportunity he isn’t imitating Kodak Black right here as he doesn’t say his identify or something instantly, however everybody is aware of that he’s particularly after their feud final week. Tekashi informed Kodak to “suck his dick” after Kodak mentioned Tekashi wasn’t a greater rapper than him. While Kodak hasn’t actually amused 6ix9ine’s trolling methods ever since, the NY rapper continues to come back for the Florida sensation.

Check out 6ix9ine’s impersonation Kodak Black talking (beneath) and sound f within the feedback. Should Kodak reply or simply ignore Tekashi and hold it shifting?

Man Imitating Eminem's "Kamikaze" Cadence Goes Viral In Cringeworthy Video

Eminem is the talk the internet right now. Who would have thought that in 2018, the man would be praised (and shamed) as severely as he is right now? It’s pretty safe to say that he’s redeemed himself after disappointing a large number folks with Revival with his true revival happening on the surprise Kamikaze from last week. Alongside the hype surrounding the album comes people trying to go head-to-head with the living legend. The most fearless opponent so far has been Machine Gun Kelly, who strapped up and released his own diss track against the “Rap God.” Others are going another route and trying to imitate him, which has proven to be a pretty difficult task in the past.

Many consider rappers like MGK to be sons to Eminem and with the OG’s rapid-fire approach acting as a mainstay on Kamikaze, one man tried his hand at copying Shady’s flow in a video that has now gone viral. If you ask me, the clip itself is ridiculously cringe-worthy. However, a decent chunk people believe he nailed the impression with over 66K retweets on the original post. See for yourself and let us know if you think he did a respectable job.

In case you missed it, Eminem dropped his video for “Fall” earlier today. While the visuals were highly welcome, we’re still waiting on a response to MGK. Maybe it’ll never come and this is just a repeat “Adidon?”

French Montana Imitates Lil Pump On The Beach: "F-ck J. Cole, You Heard?"

After J. Cole had interviewedLil Pump at his studio, it appeared as though all was well between the two. Although Lil Pump has not uttered his “Fuck J. Cole” phrase in the last few weeks on his social media outlets, that doesn’t stop people from still associating the statement with his name. French Montana, for example, may have missed the memo that their beef was seemingly squashed as he brought up the entire “Fuck J. Cole” situation on his Instagram story, making fun his friend Pump while imitating him by the beach.

Having some fun at the water, French poked some fun at his “Welcome to the Party” collaborator, putting on his best Lil Pump impression. Complete with seaweed over his head to mimic Pump’s iconic dreads, French’s hairstyle is notably missing some flashy hair dye. As one must when imitating Jetski, French started f with an exclamation  “Esskeetit,” before saying, “It’s your man Pump, you know what I’m sayin’. Yo, fuck J. Cole, you heard? It’s your man Pump.” Ending f his video with another “Esskeetit,” French unfortunately did not secure any bust down watches or flashy jewelry to complete the ensemble but, considering he was just having some fun by the beach, we’ll let it slide this time.

As one the most notorious personalities on social media, Lil Pump has an infectious energy causing fans to either love or hate him. French is clearly on the young rapper’s side, using his name at the expense some light-hearted fun.