Iggy Azalea Swats The Body Shamers With Quantum Butt Jiggle

Iggy Azalea isn’t 100 years old, and her butt isn’t completely made carbon fiber, that would be a first in modern medicine. Hip hop observers have started keeping count the skin pics that have surfaced, or their ratio in relation to actual musical ferings from the naturalized American. Before you lose count altogether, consider the talent quotient required a person standing in nine-inch talons. Iggy’s “femme” identity is more defensible than questions her authenticity that shape our perception. Iggy’s “level investment” is something we’ll have to either forgive or forget.

Here Iggy Azalea is setting the record straight on the “perfect” bum, by pointing out that she too has cellulite. Iggy Azalea’s IG posting re-centers the issue her body, by incorporating a discursive friend. Together they fend f wolves that arrive daily in her comment section(s). The “imperfect” butt jiggle, as Iggy has effectively framed it, isn’t without a secondary intention: a thirst trap consummate proportions. 

Her latest video with rumored boo Tyga, proved for one that pole dance lessons have become more than a vestige in the sports gauntlet. Her butt blemishes, although less perceptible under strobe lighting, are quietly creaking in the back store. Let ‘er breathe why don’t you?