J.I.D & Denzel Curry Praise Blueface's Bars On Twitter

Denzel Curry and J.I.D are two probably the most proficient younger rappers within the sport proper now so for Blueface to get their co-sign is fairly essential. For the previous few weeks, you have probably heard about Blueface, an up-and-coming artist from the West Coast. It seems as if he is being pushed onto us however upon additional inspection, he is truly gaining some fairly essential contacts. Just a few his songs have been on the cusp blowing up as “Studio” marks his most up-to-date effort however “Respect My Cryppin'” is one the tracks that has gained probably the most consideration. Notorious for his inconsistency in staying on the beat, Blueface obtained some reward from Denzel and J.I.D as they quoted him on Twitter.

“Mop the flo cover the moist signal simply to catch em slippin,” tweeted J.I.D alongside a goat emoji. Denzel Curry was fast to acknowledge the lyrics, responding in all caps, “BLUEFACE.” Zeltron and the Dreamville signee aren’t the primary two to take discover. Drake was truly one the primary main co-signs Blueface obtained as the 2 are set to collaborate within the coming weeks. 

If you are not up-to-date in your Blueface information, we put collectively an inventory every little thing you have to know right here. What are your ideas on the younger rapper?

Dirk Nowitzki Thinks Luka Doncic Is A Better Version Of His 20-Year Old Self

Dirk Nowitzki may not be the driving force the Dallas Mavericks like he once was, but he’s still regarded like a “Mamba” within his locker room. Dirk jumped on local Dallas to give his appraisal the team’s youth injection, specifically Luka Doncic. Dirk’s praise comes days after a video surfaced Doncic showing f his training regimen. To anyone that thinks the Euro Leaguer will get bounced around by NBA defenses, think again.

“I could shoot a little bit (at 19), but I never had the court vision, the savviness and the stuff that he brings to the game,” Nowitzki said, 105.3 The Fan. “Just the way he already reads pick-and-rolls. You go under, he shoots. If the man goes over, he kind keeps him behind him like the best, like Chris Paul and these guys do. He does all that. He’s going to be fun — fun to watch.”

Dirk admitted that his words ran the risk putting too much pressure on the 19-year old, but that he will impart all the lesson’s he’s learned along the way. Twenty years ago it was Dirk Nowitzki entering the NBA with similar levels energy and commitment, except the veteran forward seems to think Doncic’s learning curve is beyond his at the same age. Nowitzki doesn’t hand out compliments unless they’ve been earned.

Drake Further De-escalates Kanye West Beef, Welcomes Him To Attend Show

Kanye West’s overture towards Drake didn’t go unnoticed. According to TMZ, the Canadian rapper is willing to call it (their feud) water under the bridge. Kanye West first apologized on Twitter, praising Drake for his cirque du soleil-esque stage dynamics. In the example shown, a giant Scorpion apparatus creeps up from behind. The illusion Drake has created is in reality nothing more than a high resolution 3D projection, as confirmed by those who’ve taken part in the festivities.

Kanye was clearly drawn to the multimedia aspect Drake’s stage presentation. His own “floating stage” apparatus constructed in 2016 bore a similar illusion grandeur. In all seriousness, Kanye’s compliment to Drake doesn’t come without cause for “friendly” competition.

Kanye West has reportedly expressed a willingness to take part in the show somehow, most likely as a spectator. TMZ’s sources have said that Drake will not bar Kanye West from attending any show on the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour. In fact, security have been instructed to let him pass inside under any circumstances. Kanye has adamantly denied passing any information over to Pusha T put towards “The Story Adidon.” Kanye has vowed to attend a Drake concert as a symbol good faith. The opportunity is ripe.

Safaree's "Patois Pipe" Impressed Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez is clearly sex-positive and quite open during interviews. In a promo clip for her appearance on Bossip On We, the reality television star gives her opinion on a particularly high-prile dick pic.

Hernandez was asked what she thought the leaked photos Sarafee Samuel’s penis. The host contextualized the question, naming Joseline’s ex-boo and baby daddy, Stevie J.

Joseline surprised and delighted the hosts with a sizzling answer. The rapper says she needed to rub one out after witnessing the photograph in question.

Alcohol was involved in the interview, which may or may nothave influenced the celebrity’s answer. The stripper turned rapper is currently promoting her new projects, including the production her very own reality television show called Joseline Takes Miami.

Judging from the entertainer’s glow, Hernandez is indeed living “the good Miami life.” She also seems to be enjoying her new suitor. His identity has yet to be revealed. Y’all think she might have taken her fantasies to the next level?”