YouTube Rewind 2018 Tackles Everything From Drake & Cardi B To "Fortnite"

As know-how continues to develop, we start to guage moments by how viral they’ve change into. For the previous couple of years, meme tradition has run rampant, making essentially the most mundane issues into web sensations. YouTube is often the place one thing will begin trending. Video content material is crucial in 2018. As all of us have such quick consideration spans, fast movies are typically essentially the most consumed kind content material. If one thing takes over ten minutes your time, you begin to really feel slightly hesitant about diving into it. This 12 months, some fairly loopy issues took f and have become the most-talked-about subjects in the complete world. Fortnite, Okay-Pop, no matter that horrible “Baby Shark” tune comes from… YouTube appeared again in any respect their hottest moments in 2018’s Rewind, bringing again the “In My Feelings” Challenge, the yodelling child, and placing a highlight on Cardi B’s “I Like It.”

The video begins with Will Smith selecting his customized Rewind moments: Fortnite and Marques Brownlee. The Eight-minute video goes on to point out some craziest developments the complete 12 months, spending time at a Okay-Pop efficiency and blasting Drake’s “In My Feelings” for folks to point out f their cringe dance strikes. Looking again on what was standard this 12 months, I am slightly ashamed for us as a group.

Drake's "In My Feelings" Finishes At #1 On Billboard's Songs Of The Summer Chart

Regardless how you felt about Scorpion, it was a project that proved that regardless what Drake puts out, people will eat it up. The rapper’s highly anticipated follow-up to Views was met with mixed reviews upon its release but you can’t deny that Drizzy didn’t serve us with anthems for the summer. One song in particular was the viral “In My Feelings” which took f after Shiggy’s dance challenge. With the assistance Shiggy’s viral dance, Drake has landed his second number one song on ‘s Songs Of The Summer charts.

Drake’s “In My Feelings” is ficially the top song the summer, atleast according to ‘s 2018 Songs Of The Summer charts. The chart itself starts on Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. As “In My Feelings” finishes the seasonal chart at the top, this marks the second year that Drake’s dominated the chart following 2016’s “One Dance.” Drake is now the sixth artist who has two season-ending Songs Of The Summer chart toppers. Jay-Z’s the only other rapper on the list and on both songs, he served as a feature.

Hip hop generally dominated the chart this summer. Cardi B  holds down the runner up spots with “I Like It” at number 2 and Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” at number 3. Drake comes back for the fourth position with “Nice For What” while Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams” holds the 5th spot.

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Drake Admits He Cancelled A Concert To See 11-Year-Old Heart Patient: Watch

All 11-year-old Sia Sanchez wanted for her birthday was to meet the Drake. The adorable young girl has been confined to  Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, as she recovers from one heart surgery while waiting for a new heart altogether. Sanchez made an In My Feelings Challenge video, where she does the viral dance after hopping out her wheelchair instead out a car, and it got Drake’s attention. After seeing the video, and Sanchez’s request that he come to visit her for her birthday, Drizzy pulled up. 

A video the moment Drake walks into Sanchez’s room shows just how excited the young girl was at Drizzy’s arrival. As soon as he peels the curtains back, Sanchez screams as if she just won the lottery. The excited young girl cannot believe her eyes, and is stunned into a moment paralyzation as Drake asks her for a hug. “I’m so happy you came,” squeals Sanchez in the most adorable voice ever. “I kinda canceled a concert so I could come and see you, to be honest with you,” admits Drake as he sits down. Sanchez’s face is priceless as she takes in the news that Drizzy put her above his own concert. 

Drake Visits 11-Year-Old Heart Patient For Her Birthday In Chicago

Last week we posted about Sia Sanchez and how the 11-year-old cutie was hoping Drake would pop by the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago to pay her a visit for her birthday. Sia is in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant and has been there for several weeks, but found time to upload an “In My Feelings Challenge” video to really get Drake’s attention.  

“I just had surgery three weeks ago. The surgery was to help my heart pump,” Sia said in her Instagram video. “I love your music and I was hoping that you could come and cheer me up for my birthday.”

Drizzy got the word, and made Sia’s born day extremely special by showing up at the hospital to hang out and talk about all kinds things. “Me and my love Sia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball,” he captioned a photo smiling wide next to Sia. 

In another photo, Sia poses with a Scorpion hat, that’s clearly her new favourite accessory.  

Heart Patient Seeks Drake As Gift To "Cheer" Her Up On 11th Birthday

It would mean the world to 10-year-old Sia Sanchez if Drake could visit the Lurie Children’s Hospital and cheer her up for her 11th birthday. The little cutie has been at the Chicago hospital for several weeks waiting for a new heart and she found time to do a little dance for the “In My Feelings Challenge” to let Drake know her love for the rapper is real. 

“I just had surgery three weeks ago. The surgery was to help my heart pump,” Sia said in her Instagram video below. “I love your music and I was hoping that you could come and cheer me up for my birthday.”

Drake is performing in Chicago on Friday, August 17th and Saturday, August 18th (Sia’s birthday) and she’s hoping Drizzy can find time to pop by before or after his performances. 

“Sia was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a condition that ten leads to heart failure and need for heart transplantation in order to survive,” the post reads. “Three weeks ago, she underwent open heart surgery in order to connect a VAD (ventricular assist device), which is a mechanical pump that helps support the heart and blood flow in people with heart failure. Most ten, it serves as a bridge to heart transplantation. Each year Lurie Children’s performs only four VADs.”

Shiggy Warns Against "In My Feelings" Challenge

The “Keke challenge” AKA the “In My Feelings Challenge” AKA “Do The Shiggy” is arguably the most viral dance craze the year so far. Some say the viral sensation is what helped push Drake’s song to the top the charts. Shiggy might have started the viral trend but he isn’t down for what it has become. The extra theatrics some participants have added to the original take made the “challenge” interesting at first. Then, things got out hand when people started getting injured in the process.

Shiggy’s concern grew when he realized that some young kids were participating in the dangerous version the trend. He told TMZ how this made him feel while pointing out the fact that he had never intended for moving cars to be part the entertainment.

Some injuries that were caught on camera were shared on social media. One guy legit got run over by a car after slipping on the pavement. For anyone who is still trying to get shiggy with it, please be careful out there.

Drake's “In My Feelings” Video Drops Tomorrow

It looks like Drake is getting ready to drop f the ficial video for his #1 single “In My Feelings.” On Wednesday night, the 6 God took to his IG Story to inform fans that the latest video f Scorpion drops tomorrow.

“In My feelings video tmrw” he wrote across the phone screen while two photos Clair Huxtable the Cosby’s appeared in the photo. It’s unclear exactly what time the video will be premiering, but just know it’s coming Thursday.

We already knew the video had been shot by the photos & clips that surfaced online a couple weeks ago that saw Drizzy down in New Orleans. Director Karena Evans was also spotted down in NO, along with IG star Shiggy, the man responsible for the “In My Feelings” dance challenge that catapulted the record to #1 on the charts. It’s unclear at the moment if Shiggy himself will make a cameo in the video or not, but we’ll know in a matter hours if so.

In addition to that, Drizzy also shared a photo the denim jacket that read “Free JT,” which is named after City Girls’ member Jata “JT” Johnson, who’s currently behind bars at the moment for fraud charges. It’s reported that numerous dancers in the video will be rocking the jacket in her support.

Peep the pics (below) and be sure to check back tomorrow for the full video.

Florida Man Hit By Car While Attempting Drake's "In My Feelings" Challenge

On this week’s edition when doing it for the ‘gram goes terribly wrong, a Florida man got way more than he bargained for in his attempt to go viral.

While Jaylen Norwood originally planned to reach the top ranks the latest “In My Feelings” challenge with a stunt in which he would jump on the hood a moving car while performing the viral dance routine, the Boynton Beach native reached his goal in a much more painful manner when he was struck by the vehicle instead.

According to Norwood, things took a drastic turn when his slides slipped on a wet spot on the ground and the oncoming car hit him as a result.

“Sooo i was originally suppose sic] to jump on the hood the car but i slipped on that damn wet spot and this nigga ran me over,” he wrote. “Keke never loved me lmfaooooo.”

In the video, Norwood seemingly walks away with only a few scratches to tell the story. It’s a remarkable outcome considering the car was moving at a pretty decent speed, striking his upper body and quite possibly, his head.

“Why are you laughing?” his friend behind the camera asks afterwards.

The stunt landed Norwood an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on the late-night host’s show as he explained that his best friend was the one driving the car and that it wasn’t supposed to be going that fast in the first place.

Slipping on oil in the middle the street didn’t help much either.

Shiggy & Backpack Kid Get Into An Intense Dance Battle At ESPY's After-Party

The #DoTheShiggy challenge went worldwide and helped Drake get another number one single under his belt. Drake’s even credited Shiggy for helping his single “In My Feelings” chart so high and become a worldwide phenomenon. Since then, Shiggy went from a popular Instagram figure to making his way to the ESPY’s on Wednesday night. However, Shiggy things got pretty heated at the afterparty when he crossed paths with the Backpack Dance Kid.

Shiggy and Backpack Kid flexed their moves during a dance battle at the ESPY’s after party. Much like the “In My Feelings” dance challenge, Shiggy freestyled the majority his moves while Backpack Kid flexed his own little dance along with “The Whip” but his moves weren’t strong enough to beat Shiggy. Ultimately, Backpack Kid took an L with this one.

Both them were getting egged on by athletes throughout the battle. Lakers’ Josh Hart, Rams Todd Gurley, Magic’s Mo Bamba and Panthers’ Devin Funchess were some the celebrities surrounding Shiggy and Backpack Kid while filming the dance battle and egging both them on. 

It’s been a huge week for Shiggy overall. The Instagram star’s invite to the ESPY’s seems to be based f his viral dance. He also got to party with Drake who thanked him for helping him get another number one single. However, what seems to be the most memorable moment for Shiggy is when he stiff armed Russell Wilson in order to get a flick with Ciara.

Safe to say, Shiggy’s out here living his best life.

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