Meek Mill Says Next Album Will Have A "Surprise-Release," Previews Kaepernick Song

Meek Mill advised the New York Post that he intends on releasing his subsequent album on a shock date if in any respect potential. Indubitably impressed by Eminem’s Kamikaze assault, Meek Mill hopes the tactic will engender a component shock, and presumably give him the peace thoughts to go about his enterprise with out tons media scrutiny (Nicki’s dealings with the media come to thoughts).

“I am not really giving out a launch date, it’s a shock album,” the Philly rapper is quoted as saying. Within the identical New York Post article, Meek Mill additionally hinted at a track devoted to Colin Kaepernick showing on the document. He even previewed a number of the strains from the track.

Since getting back from jail, Meek Mill has solely teased his present type in visitor spots and on his EP Legends the Summer which debuted in July. As for his dedication to Colin Kaepernick, the exiled footballer and Meek have been stated to keep in touch throughout his incarceration. You’ll must preserve your eyes and ears peeled for the drop.

City Girls Prepare For JT's Disruptive Prison Bid In "Point Blank Period:" Watch

Coach K and Pee, the masterminds behind Quality Control Music have managed to push boundaries wherever they set foot, but molding two female rappers was unprecedented territory for the consultancy. City Girls are the first to earn the distinction, and their story is not without an even number pitfalls and triumphs.

Point Blank Period, produced in conjunction with Mass Appeal gives fans a look at JT and Yung Miami in more intimate quarters, provided the former is imprisoned on credit card fraud, but even so filmmakers have done a remarkable job at piecing together old footage posted on social media at different stages their artistic development. 

On a personal note, the documentary shows the bond the two women have forged almost out necessity. Within the scope the film, real unprocessed moments personal strife are brought to light. One instantly comes to mind, a scene in which Yung Miami willingly checks in on JT’s son Face Time with his mother away in prison.

Much Point Blank Period was pre-recorded to include both women bartering against the invisible laws holding them back, only momentarily it would seem. Within minutes watching, their sisterhood becomes perceivable and good manners come into play when the situation calls for them, as you’ll come to understand after watching this deeply humanizing portrait two rappers on the rise.

Prisoners Are Currently On Nationwide Strike In An Effort To Improve Conditions

Prisoners in 21 American cities started their 19-day strike yesterday, on the anniversary the killing George Jackson, a jailed African-American activist.

Inmates are describing their prison conditions as “modern day slavery” and they have outlined 10 national demands on the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee website for immediate improvements. Some these demands include being paid the minimum wage in their state for prison labor, voting rights for ex-felons to be reinstated, and “over-sentencing and parole denials Black and brown humans.”

The strikes are being facilitated by Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, a network imprisoned peoples rights activists based out Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina, where seven inmates died in April this year during a riot. During their strike prisoners are refusing to work, organizing sit-ins, putting a pause on their commissary spending, and refusing to eat food in some instances.

Lea Johnson, pressor law at University Florida’s Levin College Law, told USA Today, “If the strike is widespread enough, it could be effective. These circumstances like poor labor conditions, poor prison conditions, unpaid labor, and lack access to mental health treatment exist seemingly behind closed doors. By going on a national strike, you pull back the curtain and it can force legislators to act.”

United States cities that are confirmed to be participating include: Seattle; Portland; Sacramento; San Jose; Corona; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Omaha; San Antonio; Asheville; Black Mountain; Atlanta; Fort Lauderdale; Des Moines; Chicago; Columbus; Minneapolis; Philadelphia; Boston; and Brooklyn, New York.

The protests are set to run until September 9th, the 47-year anniversary the massacre that left 40 dead at Attica Correctional Facility.

Master P Holds Rally Calling For C-Murder's Prison Release

Over the past week, there’s been some major revelations in C-Murder’s case. Last week, one the key witnesses in the trial recanted his testimony and revealed that detectives and prosecutors threatened to filed criminal charges from another matter if he doesn’t make false statements. Shortly after, another key witness also recanted his testimony. C-Murder’s lawyer filed documents to have the conviction overturned. Yesterday, Master P held a rally calling for his brother’s freedom.

Master P hosted a rally calling for C-Murder’s freedom on the Xavier University campus yesterday following a charity celebrity basketball event. The No Limit CEO said that P is currently in good spirits and continued to call for Murder’s release from prison.

“Corey got his head up. He’s in good spirits. It’s time for him to come home an innocent man.” He said, “They have no more witnesses. They already came and recanted their statements.”

Those in attendance were began chanting “Free Corey Miller” during the rally. Master P also brought out C-Murder’s lawyer out to speak.

“You know, it’s pretty neat to see all the support because you know, I’ve met with the D.A. a couple times already, I’m getting into conversations going and a lot the times, you feel like you’re fighting against the world.” He said, “Justice needs to be served for the family that victim but an innocent man in jail for something he didn’t do is no justice.”

Master P also shared some final words and reiterated that this isn’t just about C-Murder but about all innocent people that are behind bars.

“Corey told me, he say, ‘If somebody committed a crime, they should be incarcerated.’ I mean, he’s a tough guy, he’s not perfect.” P said. “But he told me, he said, ‘Big brother, I know I made a lot mistakes. I named myself what I named myself. I’ve been convicted for my music but you know what? That can’t stop an innocent man and music is not a crime and naming yourself something is not a crime.’ Evidence shows that he is innocent. We can’t wait to get him home. We love y’all. “

Peep the full clip below.