Post Malone "Has A New Lease On Life" After Surviving Flight Scare

Post Malone survived the scare a lifetime when his private jet was forced to land haphazardly before its destination  London Luton Airport for a scheduled performance at Reading and Leeds festivals. The emergency landing called for an immediate beer-in-hand, and a flurry “thank yous” to the support staff that kept him alive.

Posty described the situation to TMZ as a “sensor flipping f” causing smoke inhalation in the passenger part the plane (as well as the cockpit one would assume). The singer/rapper admitted that he hates flying but his “Awesome Flight Crew” can ten make it bearable, because he has utmost confidence in their ability to navigate high-risk situations, like the one that presented itself.

Malone’s first reaction to the due process an emergency landing, was to assemble all his loved ones into a massive group text and write “hey guys I love you,” before alerting them a possibility disaster. 

For maneuvering the risky situation, Post Malone has rewarded the “Awesome Flight Crew” with lifetime passes to any his shows, and basically “whatever they want” from him, for the rest their lives. As previously reported, the crew successfully convinced Post Malone to re-enter the plane after forcing the emergency landing, for they had to complete a brief stop in their trajectory back to NY.