LeBron Unfazed By Trump Insults: "That's Like Saying I Can't Play Ball"

LeBron sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to usher within the new King James period in Los Angeles. Don’t entrance, LeBron’s transfer to the West Coast is pushed by extra than simply basketball, simply have a look at all of the query marks surrounding the present Lakers’ roster. That’s the sweetness LeBron West Coast makeover; his success in Tinsel Town would not hinge on him successful the NBA championship now that he is constructed himself a decent leisure empire. Bron Bron broke it down for The Reporter, one measure at a time.

Another important half LeBron James’ grownup life at 33 years previous, is the management function he has accepted inside the sports activities leisure trade. His struggle phrases with Donald Trump has resulted within the president marking him down as Public Enemy No. 1. 

Marisa Guthrie The Reporter listened to LeBron as he defined his positionality. Even the President’s personal spouse sided with Bron when his intelligence “got here beneath hearth.” To that finish, LeBron stays unfazed by the operating commentary emanating from Trump’s Twitter feed. 

“That’s like anyone saying I can not play ball,” James mentioned in the interview. “That would not trouble me in any respect. What bothers me is that he has time to even do this. He has probably the most highly effective job on this planet. Like, you actually received this a lot time which you can touch upon me?”

You can learn the remainder the interview right here.

Michael Jordan & Other NBA Players Defend LeBron After Trump Tweet

A pot shot Donald Trump levied against LeBron James’ intelligence yesterday was not left undefended by the NBA community. Among them, Michael Jordan’s letter support spoke the loudest. Air Jordan relayed his statement to NBC news in response to receiving unwanted attention from the President at the tail end his Tweet: “He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!”

Active players from around the NBA also made their feelings known Twitter, some even postured themselves antithetically. Karl-Anthony Towns questioned the need for pendantics, when the Flint Water Crisis is still an open-ended issue. Donovan Mitchell on the other hand, attacked the president’s emotional maturity.

NBA vet Jared Dudley urged Trump to fall over and croak.

The defense LeBron James brought Anthony Tolliver out hiding.

Bradley Beal let f a sign “fatigue.”

But the best laugh was reserved for the man who conducted the LeBron interview, suffering the worst Trump’s Twitter jab. Don Lemon summarized the situation perfectly by comparing LeBron’s opening a school for at risk children to Donald Trump’s track record false imprisonment. Coincidentally, Trump will be in Ohio today for a campaign rally; what are the chances?

Donald Trump Appears In The Majority Of Google Pics When You Search "Idiot"

Google search has become the de facto method attaining quick information. While many people like to balk at the idea that Google has all the answers, it pretty much does. Of course, you can’t just click on any link, and precise research will reward you with more facts than just clicking the first thing that pops up. Still, when you hop over to Google images, the search is always on point. Search images pandas, the black and white furry bears pop up. If you search images the Rockets, pictures James Harden and Chris Paul will litter your screen. If you search images idiots, Donald Trump is front and center. 

The fact that the president the United States populates almost the entire screen when you do an image search for “idiot” can be attributed to the media. For example, James Harden appears when you search the Rockets because almost every media article online uses the word “Harden” and “Rockets” together. The same can be said for Trump, who has been called an idiot, among other things, by the media constantly. Although the majority pictures are Trump, there are a few surprises in the search as well. Einstein appears as well, but only because the legendary quote, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation idiots.” Perhaps the person that attributed this quote to Einstein is, in fact, the idiot, since it has been proven that the genius never made that statement. A picture  Ash Sarkar, who called the right-winged journalist Piers Morgan an idiot on Good Morning Britain recently, also appears. 

Azealia Banks "No Longer Wants To Exchange Energy With Clueless Millennial Hipsters"

Azealia Banks has been dragged through thick and thin by the media consortium, so it’s no surprise she had this to say about the journalist assigned her story: “I’m realizing that a lot journalists romanticize about getting the opportunity to misunderstand me. Here’s to hoping the interview gods send me someone intelligent, bright, interesting and charismatic to talk to. I would like to feel as though I’m gaining something from the person interviewing me. An exchange energy with Someone on my level.”

Of course the irony her statement lies in the fact she is alternately generalizing the other side the equation. Azealia refers to modern day journalist as “Clueless Millennial Hipsters” but one has to assume she is guilty placating culture as well, as a member the LGBTQ community, or with Hardcore rap, ballroom culture, one vestige after the other.

On a level misrepresentation I do sympathize with Azealia. Her Instagram account has become a necessary tool in her continuous character defense. Azealia Banks ends her rant on a hopeful note, wishing her Gen Z audience can deliver where past interviewers have grossly failed. 

Her video for “Treasure Island” is scheduled for July 13th, her album still without a release date.