Confusing Optical Illusion Hand Trick Goes Viral & Sparks New Internet Challenge

A new internet challenge is taking the virtual world by storm, and luckily, this time no one needs to injure themselves. We’ve seen idiotic challenges such as the hot water challenge, where kids get their skinned burned f by boiling liquid. The optical illusion hand challenge has left half the internet scratching their heads, while the other half has uploaded videos themselves doing the trick as well.

Twitter user @Kay_dera, whose real name is Chidera Kemakolam, uploaded a video herself performing the trick online. The optical illusion is easy, Kemakolam places one opened hand out then places the fingers her other hand between her fingers on her outstretched hand. In a quick instant, Kemakolam balls the open hand into a fist, and opens up the hand with the intertwined fingers. The result the trick gives the appearance that her hands have switched places. 

Her video was viewed millions times, but Kemakolam told Business Insider that she never planned for her video to go viral. “I didn’t come up with the challenge,” she stated. “I just saw it on Instagram and took a stab at it and thought it was cool, so I just posted it on Twitter not really thinking it was going to get that viral.”


"Fire Challenge" Leaves 12-Year-Old Girl With Massive Burns: "Looked Like A Fireball"

Remeber those harmless yet hilarious internet challenges like ALS ice bucket challenge or the mannequin challenge? They’ve been replaced by dangerous pranks like the Tide Pod challenge and the fire challenge. Although the fire challenge is not new, it’s making a comeback. As reported by The Washington Post, 12-year-old Timiyah Landers decided to try the fire challenge, and now she’s laying up in the hospital. 

Brandi Owens, Landers’ mother, spoke with The Post about the horrific incident. Owens claims that she had just finished serving her daughter and her friends breakfast when she decided to go take a nap with her fiancee. Owens says Landers and her friends are usually occupied by the internet or endless talking, but not on this day. After a few minutes, Owens says she heard a strange popping noise. The popping was apparently the sound her daughter being lit on fire and cooked to a crisp. Soon after, Owens witnessed her child run down the hallway in flames. She  “looked like a fireball,” Owens stated. “She was yelling, ‘Help me.’ ”

Owens’s fiance, Marquell Sholar, got Landers to the bathtub while Owens ripped f the burning clothes with her bare hands. Landers was taken to the hospital soon after, and suffered from second and third-degree burns.

Teen Hospitalized After Hot Water Challenge: "My Skin Just Fell Off My Chest"

Somehow, internet challenges find new ways to get children into trouble. Years ago, teens shoved down large amounts  cinnamon or attempted to drink whole gallons milk. What was once just a funny way to get involved in internet antics has escalated to full-blown madness. While the “In My Feelings” challenge didn’t end with too many injuries, there was still a fair share people who got hurt trying to jump out cars. 

A few years back, the ice bucket challenge helped raise money and awareness for ALS. Teens took that idea and flipped it, opting to drench themselves or a friend in boiling hot water instead. 15-year-old Kyland Clark, who lives in Indianapolis, became a victim the challenge when his friends poured boiling hot water on him while he was sleeping. 

Clark told WNDU that he and his friend were looking up the challenge online before he went to sleep. While he was passed out, his friend boiled the hot water and dumped it on Clark. “I looked down at my chest, and my skin just fell f my chest, and then I went and I looked in a mirror and then I had skin falling f right here and on my face,” Clark explained. The pigmentation on his face and chest are completely burned f. He was in the hospital for about a week following the incident, and his skin should return to normal within a few months. 

Florida Man Hit By Car While Attempting Drake's "In My Feelings" Challenge

On this week’s edition when doing it for the ‘gram goes terribly wrong, a Florida man got way more than he bargained for in his attempt to go viral.

While Jaylen Norwood originally planned to reach the top ranks the latest “In My Feelings” challenge with a stunt in which he would jump on the hood a moving car while performing the viral dance routine, the Boynton Beach native reached his goal in a much more painful manner when he was struck by the vehicle instead.

According to Norwood, things took a drastic turn when his slides slipped on a wet spot on the ground and the oncoming car hit him as a result.

“Sooo i was originally suppose sic] to jump on the hood the car but i slipped on that damn wet spot and this nigga ran me over,” he wrote. “Keke never loved me lmfaooooo.”

In the video, Norwood seemingly walks away with only a few scratches to tell the story. It’s a remarkable outcome considering the car was moving at a pretty decent speed, striking his upper body and quite possibly, his head.

“Why are you laughing?” his friend behind the camera asks afterwards.

The stunt landed Norwood an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on the late-night host’s show as he explained that his best friend was the one driving the car and that it wasn’t supposed to be going that fast in the first place.

Slipping on oil in the middle the street didn’t help much either.