Swizz Beatz Reveals Why Nas, JAY-Z, Jadakiss & DMX "Posse Cut" Was Left Off "Poison"

Swizz Beatz has been holding onto an enormous posse minimize referred to as “Just Because” for the longest time. 

To my recollection, the tune in query, “Just Because” that includes Nas, Jadakiss, DMX, and Jay-Z over classic Swizz Beatz manufacturing, was solely heard on one event: throughout a heated beat battle involving him and Just Blaze. Those in attendance have been requested to maintain their lips sealed, out respect to the originator.

Swizz Beatz has since revealed that he got here near releasing the tune to the general public. “Just Because” was half the preliminary mockup he’d written for the POISON challenge, however ultimately, he pulled the plug. He defined his determination on TIDAL’s Rap Radar podcast.

“Imagine if I put that file on this album, I don’t suppose so much songs could be getting the eye that they’re getting as a physique work,” Swizz defined. “It took self-discipline, and I needed to take away issues on function…That would have been like the principle factor on individuals’s lists.”

It seems, that at this level his profession, Swizz Beatz values album curation and inventive route, greater than the rest. It stands to motive, that the ultimate draft POISON nonetheless boasted a lot star energy. Nevertheless, I do hope “Just Because” sees the sunshine the day someday quickly. It could be a travesty if the tune received misplaced within the mists time.

YG Says EA Sports CEO Personally Apologized Via Phone

TMZ caught up YG in the wake his STAY DANGEROUS album and the ensuing drama with his “Big Bank” being edited without his consent. YG told the reporter he even received a personal apology from EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson who promised Colin Kaepernick’s name would return to the Madden 19 Soundtrack come Monday when business hours resume. 

YG seemed to appreciate the gesture, but considers the reconciliation well overdue, and the damage done to some degree. As you may recall, YG’s “Big Bank” single was included in the Madden 19 Soundtrack with a line praising Colin Kaepernick’s moral rectitude: “You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick.” The lyric was sung by Big Sean who himself spoke out in defiance the simple act censorship.

While YG has decide not to boycott the game itself, the Compton-rapper will continue to stand behind Colin Kaepernick. “I’m not boycotting Madden, on Bloods!” stated YG when asked if he would backpedal. When it comes to Football on this major consoles, NFL fans have little recourse but to support the Madden franchise, unless they want to divest completely. The NCAA system is fraught by similar issues pertaining to compensation and respectability politics, so help me God.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Angela Yee Converse In Baton Rouge

Right f the bat, it’s evident that YoungBoy is more comfortable in a home environment, seeming more confident as a result. “Where the other dude who be talking all that shit,” laughs YoungBoy, referring to Yee’s co-host Charlamagne. “Nah he cool, I like him though.” He proceeds to reflect on his childhood, explaining that he “never really had much,” and was frequently surrounded by violence. “Coming up here, it ain’t nothin’ but killing,” he explains. “Burglarizing and shit. Car-jacking. It was cool though, my grandmother gave me everything I wanted. She didn’t have much though.”

It’s interesting. He truly seems conflicted at one point, admitting he never had to live the street life. When Angela asks why he pursued it anyway, YoungBoy ponders. “There was a certain lifestyle that I got attached to. I liked it. I ain’t never knew everything was going to go the way it went. I wanted to rap since I was a baby, and I did it though.”

This time around, the interview proved more insightful than another one YoungBoy’s recent chats, which ultimately ended in a love connection sorts. Adorable, maybe, yet ultimately void  any genuine information on the Baton Rouge sensation. This time around, he knew better than to try shooting his shot on Angela Yee, and actually provided some substance for his fans. That’s not to say securing a date f an interview is frowned upon; quite the opposite. It’s merely that the rapper remains somewhat an enigma, and fans are looking to forge a deeper connection with his story. 

It’s funny. The man is relatively st-spoken in interviews, yet eloquent and emotional in his music. Should you be seeking “the real NBA YoungBoy,” perhaps the answer lies on his stellar Until Death Call My Name tape. However, Yee’s decision to tackle the subject in his hood proved a wise choice, as YoungBoy has never seemed so at ease. 

Tekashi 6ix9ine Says Inmates Tried To Slit His Throat In Rikers

Take anything and everything you hear from Tekashi 6ix9ine with a measurable grain salt. TMZ caught up with the controversial rapper shortly he’d posted bail in Harris County, Texas on charged he choked a 16-year old teen who was shadowing him closely with a camera. Tekashi for his part, seemed in good spirits, although he did exhibit what I perceived as nervous energy.

Tekashi went on to explain the scary circumstances his Rikers Island stint, where he claims inmates living in his quarters tried to slit his throat. The NY rapper abjectly described those conditions while carrying yellow show dog around like a sling. The dog’s name in case you were wondering is Louie and apparently it doesn’t grow insecure when it travels in his company. Appearances may be deceiving.

Sensing the camera was recording, 6ix9ine played up his regular antics, upgrading his assault & battery charge to a full blown case murder (she wrote). The interviewer then asked him for a play-by-play account the mall (grab). Tekashi happily shared his account  the fight in a smattering unintelligible sounds, which provoked laughter from those in attendance.

With that being said, Tekashi is now free extradition until his date with destiny. For all we know, he may be fibbing and probably held in solitary for the better sake prison morale.

21 Savage Defends His Face Tats: “If It’s On My face, It’s Deep.”

21 Savage isn’t impervious to the chatter about face tattoos going up. The conversation envelops different segments  the population, with people generally disagreeing on their aesthetic merit. 21 Savage sat down with GQ to discuss the importance his face tats, and how they are distinguishable from those his peers, starting with his neck line.

21 opened about his first face tattoo which he got with his brother Larry, a cursive 21 beside his left eye. Since Larry had passed away, 21 added an RIP at the very top the tattoo along with his name, completing the task honoring his fallen comrade. Given the respectful nature his first two tattoos, 21 has designated his face as a place significance. The tattoos that followed: Block Boy & Death Before Dishonor, and the now infamous dagger between his eyes reflect codified language he only shares with closest allies.

He admits that most the religious imagery appearing on his body is bereft meaning, and only there because it “looks cool,” none which he regrets to this day. Even a “Stewie” tattoo with guns blazing strikes a memory dear to his heart, as do manufacturing emblems such as Ferrari and Maybach. As for the face tats, they ain’t there for sport. 21 Savage says, “If it’s on my face, it’s deep, It’s got to stand for something.”