Trae Young Explains What Annoys Him About Luka Doncic Comparisons

Trae Young and Luka Doncic are some the most talented basketball players in the NBA right now. What’s interesting about these two players is that they were traded for one another on draft night. The Hawks had originally taken Doncic while the Mavericks had taken Young. So far, both these players have been fantastic for their respective teams although if you were to ask who’s better, many would say Doncic. In an interview with ESPN, Young expressed how annoyed he is with the comparisons and what it will take for them to stop.

“Retirement,” Young joked. “I think that’s what it’s gonna take. We’re going to be compared throughout our whole careers. That’s fine, that’s what it’s going to be — it happened on draft night, and I don’t think it’ll stop until we’re both retired.”

Trae Young Explains What Annoys Him About Luka Doncic Comparisons

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Young went on to say that he understands where these comparisons come from although it doesn’t stop them from being tiresome.

“Yeah. For me, it bothers me — I just love playing basketball, I know he does. So it bothers me because it’s annoying just getting asked about it all the time,” Young said. “But I know it comes with it. I didn’t ask for it to happen, but it happened… It’s two totally different situations, two totally different players. He’s playing well, I’m playing well. Just let it be.”

Who do you think is better, Doncic or Young? Make your case in the comments below.

Tom Brady’s Dad Divulges On His Son’s Future With The Patriots

This season has been an interesting one for the New England Patriots. At 10-2, they are tied for one the best records in the entire NFL but have been struggling on the fensive side the ball. Tom Brady has been having a hard time over the last few games and it has started to impact the Patriots’ results. With that being said, there are now questions surrounding Brady’s future and whether or not he will still be a member the Patriots as next season.

In an interview with Karen Guregian Boston, Brady’s father spoke about his son’s tenure with the Patriots and whether or not it would last any longer. As he explains, it’s really up to the likes Bill Belichick who never tells people what he plans on doing.

Tom Brady's Dad Divulges On His Son's Future With The Patriots

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“You know, I don’t know. It’s hard for me to envision him playing somewhere else. He wants to play. But ultimately, it’s Bill’s decision,” Brady Sr. said. “Nobody really knows. Bill doesn’t tip his hand. There’s just been insinuations here and there. This is really kind between those two. They got to decide what they want. If Bill says he doesn’t want Tommy, and Tommy wants to play, well, Joe Montana went to Kansas City … just because Bill decides he wants to move on, that won’t dictate Tommy’s future. I’m sure there are a few other teams in the league that would want him.”

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl this season, it will be a lot harder for the Patriots to part ways with Brady. If they somehow lose out in the first round, perhaps there will be some credence to the rumors. Either way, this could certainly prove to be an interesting saga.

Jimmy Butler Delivers Bold Take On The Miami Heat’s Chances

When Jimmy Butler signed with the Miami Heat, fans knew things were about to get interesting. Butler is known for being a dynamic scorer and capable defender although sometimes, he can be a little hard on his teammates, which has led to some burned bridges. Despite his reputation, Butler has been able to develop some great chemistry with his Heat teammates and after 20 games, the team sits at a record 15-5 which has them at the upper echelon the Eastern Conference.

In a recent interview with Anthony Chiang The Miami Herald, Butler was asked about the team’s hot start and what he’s been able to learn. As he explains, only the Heat can beat themselves on any given night.

Jimmy Butler Delivers Bold Take On The Miami Heat's Chances

Kevin C. Cox/Getty s

“We’re capable it. We are,” Butler said. “When we lock in and we worry about ourselves and we get lost in it and play hard, we’re going to be a very good team. Coach, he has a way making sure that we’re prepared, that we’re ready to go. Like we always say, I think we’re the only team that can beat us.”

For now, the Heat look as though they could do some serious damage in the playfs although it remains to be seen if they can keep up this pace. As it stands, the Heat are definitely one the most exciting teams to watch right now.

Willie Nelson Stop Smoking Weed After It Nearly "Killed" Him

Some you might think that you smoke a lot but there are very few that can out smoke Willie Nelson. The OG country singer has been championing cannabis use for a long time but at the age 86, he has announced that he’ll be hanging up the towel. 

Willie Nelson Stop Smoking Weed After It Nearly "Killed" Him
Rick Kern/Getty s

During a recent interview with KSAT in San Antonio, Willie Nelson revealed that he doesn’t smoke anymore and it’s due to health reasons, unfortunately. He explained that he’s found it more difficult to breathe in recent times. “I have abused my lungs quite a bit in the past, so breathing is a little more difficult these days and I have to be careful,” he said. Nelson was forced to push back his tour dates in late August due to breathing problems.

“I started smoking cedar bark, went from that to cigarettes to whatever,” Nelson continued. “And that almost killed me.” He admits that he’s much more focused on his health these days because it. “I don’t smoke anymore — take better care myself.”

Willie Nelson was an early advocate cannabis during a time when it wasn’t widely accepted. He’d preach about its medical benefits throughout his career. Snoop Dogg even admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Willie Nelson is, in fact, the only person who’s ever out smoked him.

Carmelo Anthony Reveals What He Almost Did Before Blazers Deal

Carmelo Anthony is back in the NBA and fans couldn’t be happier. The prolific scorer was having a hard time finding his footing in the league this year as teams continuously passed on him for not being able to play defense. For a while, it truly seemed as though Melo would never get back into the NBA but luckily, the Portland Trail Blazers gave him a well-deserved chance.

In a new interview with ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Anthony spoke out on his struggles to get back into the NBA and how he almost had to take drastic measures as things just weren’t going his way.

“I was preparin’ myself,” Anthony said. “And I had prepared myself to kinda just walk away from the game — if the right situation didn’t come about.”

Carmelo Anthony Reveals What He Almost Did Before Blazers Deal

Katharine Lotze/Getty s

Moving on from that, Melo spoke about his new role in Portland and how he is in the perfect situation to succeed. He doesn’t need to worry about being something he isn’t and so far, his teammates have all been incredibly supportive.

“If I were just to go to a team and to a situation just to be on the team and it didn’t work out, it was gonna come back on me anyway,” he said. “Like, the blame is gonna be on me anyway. So a situation like Portland, where I could just come in and just play my game and have a group guys that really want me, and the organization that want me. There’s no better feelin’ than when you feel wanted.”

It remains to be seen how the Melo experiment will work out in the end but so far, it’s been an exciting journey and we can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon.

Jerry Jones Gives Ambiguous Answer To Cowboys Head Coach Question

Jerry Jones is easily one the most notorious and famous owners in all sports so it’s only natural that fans his team want to know what he’s thinking. As the owner and general manager the Dallas Cowboys, Jones has the vast majority the team’s power and does everything from negotiating contracts to making big roster decisions. Jones is also in charge who gets to coach his team which has been a sore spot over the last few years. 

The Cowboys currently sit at a record 6-6 and fans are starting to get fed up. They’ve been calling for the firing Jason Garrett although Jones has been quite adamant about that not happening. According to reporter Jon Machota, Jones could be changing his tune. In a recent interview, Jones said Garrett will coach in 2020 but was ambiguous about whether it would be with the Cowboys or not.

This has led some Cowboys fans to believe that Garrett could indeed be fired and that Jones wants to remain complimentary to his longtime head coach. For now, though, it’s all just hearsay as we will only know Jones’ decision once the season is over. It seems like a guarantee at this point that Garrett will finish out the season in Dallas so if you support the Cowboys, you shouldn’t get ahead yourself.

Heading into the last four games the season, “America’s Team” will be in a dog fight for the NFC East Championship. They’ll certainly need a lot help getting there.

Jimmy Butler Delivers Harsh Criticism Of Former 76ers Teammates

Jimmy Butler is one those athletes that say exactly what they’re thinking, which is why he is so polarizing. When he was on the Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves, Butler was criticized for being harsh on his teammates and expecting the best out them at any given moment. Butler has admitted to not being the most talented player but he is confident that he is, in fact, the hardest working.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill, Butler was asked about his time with the Philadelphia 76ers and his relationship with his teammates. At one point, Butler was asked if his Sixers peers worked as hard as him, which led to an honest, yet Butler-esque answer.

Jimmy Butler Delivers Harsh Criticism Of Former 76ers Teammates

Mitchell Leff/Getty s

“No,” Butler said. “But everybody don’t do that. Everybody don’t work like that.” Compared to some his other teams, Butler had a fairly healthy relationship with his Sixers contemporaries although it’s clear where he stands on their work ethic. Not everyone can be in the gym at 4 in the morning, which is what ultimately separates Butler from other guys in the league.

Now that he’s on the Miami Heat with a plethora young talent, it will be interesting to see if his work habits end up rubbing f on his teammates who are still learning a lot about the game.

Jimmy Butler Reveals Who The Most "Unstoppable" NBA Player Is

Jimmy Butler is one the most entertaining players in the NBA and after a few seasons in the league, he knows better than anyone else who some the most unstoppable players in the game are. Butler was recently interviewed by The Players’ Tribune where he spoke about who he thinks the most unstoppable player is and his answer shouldn’t be all that surprising, especially if you’re a fan those who rack up points.

As Butler so eloquently explains, James harden the Houston Rockets is the man who just cannot be stopped right now. Due to his insane averages and ability to shoot from anywhere, Butler believes you would be hardpressed to find anyone similar or better.

Jimmy Butler Reveals Who The Most "Unstoppable" NBA Player Is

Takashi Aoyama/Getty s

Per Butler:

“The guy is averaging 39-and-a-half points. In the streets, that’s 40. That’s James Harden. I mean, he’s a lefty. You want a mid-range pull-up, you want a floater, you want a layup, you want a dunk, you want a free throw.

He’s legendary for his step-back. You can say that it’s a travel, you can say it’s not a travel. Ref doesn’t call it, so I’m all for it. Find a way to stop it, travel or not.”

Harden has consistently been one the most prolific scorers in the league and continues to impress fans with his stats. If he keeps this up, he will have a serious case in calling himself the greatest scorer ever. With that being said, you can see where Butler is coming from.

Anthony Davis Explains How LeBron James Has Surprised Him So Far

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been the biggest dynamic duo in the league this season their play has propelled the team to a 12-2 record. The Los Angeles Lakers look poised to win the championship this season and fans are excited to see what they’re able to do down the stretch. While LeBron was on the team last season, this is Davis’ first stint with the squad and so far, he’s enjoying it quite a bit.

His chemistry with LeBron wasn’t a given from the start but they’ve been quite the pair so far. In a recent interview, Davis spoke about his relationship with LeBron and what makes him stand out from other teammates he’s had.

Anthony Davis Explains How LeBron James Has Surprised Him So Far

Christian Petersen/Getty s

“It’s really how selfless he is,” Davis said to Bill Difilppo Uproxx. “Bron really wants to get other guys involved, he don’t really take that many shots unless he has to — sometimes, he takes one or two shots in a whole quarter, trying to get other guys involved. You don’t really see that … you see it when you’re not on the team, but to be in it and to see that he really cares about his teammates and wants everyone to be better around him, it’s something that definitely surprised me.”

As we head into the deeper portion the season, it will be interesting to see if these two can keep up their pace. There are some big expectations for both them and if they live up to it, they’ll go down as one the best duos ever. 

The Pretty Things — The Most Important Band You Don't Know

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Phil May from the band, The Pretty Things. One of the most influential people in rock history, and you’ve probably never heard of him.

Phil May is a founder of a band called The Pretty Things.  He founded the group with Dick Taylor in 1963.  Taylor had previously been in a band called Little Boy Blue And The Blue Boys with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  That group would eventually become The Rolling Stones.

The two bands would ultimately go in very different directions artistically, but early on, they were somewhat rivalrous. There was even an instance in which Jagger himself insisted that The Pretty Things not be allowed to perform alongside the Rolling Stones — more on that in the interview.

The Pretty Things were born in an era in which rock music was still something risqué.  This would pose a problem for the band as they became the first British band to get busted for drug possession.  In an era in which parents were already weary about letting their kids listen to The Beatles, The Pretty Things were something parents definitely didn’t want their kids to listen to.

The band would undergo numerous changes throughout their history.  They had 33 members over the years and the band went through numerous artistic changes as rock music evolved between 1963 and 2019. They evolved from rhythm-and-blues to psychedelic to a more traditional ‘classic rock’. Interestingly, the band was banned from New Zealand for their corrupting influence on youths, according to May.

The Pretty Things have had a profound influence on music as we know it.

They had rock superstars such as David Bowie and Steven Tyler as fans.  Bowie even covered two of their songs on his album Pin Ups, and May discusses in the interview how much of a super-fan he was.  More controversially, their album S.F. Sorrow was the world’s first rock opera.  It was an album that clearly influenced The Who’s Pete Townsend and their album, Tommy, although Townsend refutes that fervently.  In the interview, May discusses how he knows that Townsend had listened to it. Things got heated — listen to the interview for more on that.

The Pretty Things — The Most Important Band You Don't Know

My copy of “The Final Bow” by The Pretty Things

When you look at The Pretty Things’ catalog of work, you may start to wonder why you haven’t heard of them — especially if you’re savvy in classic rock.  There are a few reasons why, and we delve into those in this podcast, but it boils down to the industry focusing on commerce over innovation.  This is a natural byproduct of business as it intersects with art.

The band wanted to try new things, make great music, and not be confined to making albums that sounded like their previous releases.  This presented a problem for labels, who were focused intently on their ROI.

The band remained strong and continued to release albums, even despite this.  The band did recently put on a farewell show, The Final Bow, with special guests like David Gilmour and Van Morrison. You can purchase the vinyl and DVD combo from Burning Shed.

Check out the podcast to learn more about the band and one of rock-and-roll’s most interesting stories!

John Cena Addresses Randy Orton’s Wrestlemania Challenge

John Cena’s WWE appearances are few and far between nowadays but he always seems to come around for the biggest pay-per-view event the year, Wrestlemania. There are still approximately five more months before Wrestlemania 36 takes place in Tampa, Florida but WWE veteran Randy Orton is already throwing his hat in the ring for a match with Cena in April.

The Viper issued the following challenge on IG earlier this week: “Why yes @johncena I am up for a challenge, are you? Let’s say ohhhh I dunno, #Wrestlemania36 maybe? Or does Hollywood have you booked solid? #WM36

Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso informed Cena Orton’s IG post during a recent interview and the 16-time champ revealed that he plans to be at Wrestlemania 36 – but it’s up to the WWE to decide his opponent. 

“I wasn’t even aware that. I never make the matches, I’m just grateful to be able to perform in WWE. Every day away from it, I miss it more and more and more. I’m becoming more honest with myself about how much I miss it. I’m very eager to get back into a WWE ring soon.

And on the subject WrestleMania, I can tell you this—I haven’t missed a WrestleMania since my first appearance at WrestleMania 19, and I do not plan to miss a WrestleMania for decades to come.”

Of course, if he were truly adamant about having a match with Orton we’re sure Vince McMahon would oblige. Cena last appeared in the WWE at Wrestlemania 35 back in April, when he reprised his role as the “Dr. Thuganomics” for a segment with Elias. He is currently tied with Ric Flair for the most WWE Championship title reigns (16), and one would assume he’ll get an opportunity to break that record when he’s good and ready.

John Cena Addresses Randy Orton's Wrestlemania Challenge

Ethan Miller/Getty s

Antonio Brown Not Expected To Return This Season

Although there is still time for a team to sign Antonio Brown, it doesn’t look like that will happen this season. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Brown is not expected to play in the NFL this season. The polarizing NFL wideout is scheduled to meet with the league this Thursday to address the ual assault allegations he faces. If Brown were to get an fer from any the teams that have been in contact with him, the NFL would be prepared to place him on the commissioner’s exempt list, according to sources. If he is placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, the team that signed him would have to pay him until the league’s investigation is resolved, even if he is not allowed to play. Sources also claim that Brown is not fully cooperating with the investigation. He has yet to turn over all the evidence the NFL has requested.

Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN that he is “confident Antonio will play again this season.” “I believe the NFL should clear him after they interview him this week, and I expect he will be signed shortly after that,” Rosenhaus stated. Brown seemed less open to returning just last week. In a since-deleted tweet, Brown went in on the NFL.”Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly,” he wrote. “Making money f my sweat and blood Fuck the NFL] I’ll never play in that shit treat black people the worse! Clear my name and go fuck your self.”

49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy After Calling Erin Andrews ‘Baby’

Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers improved to 8-0 on the season with a 28-25 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night, thanks to a monster effort from the 27-year old QB.

Jimmy G completed 28 his 37 pass attempts for 317 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions, which resulted in a 136.9 QB rating. Needless to say, he was feeling pretty damn good after the win – so good that he decided to shoot his shot at Erin Andrews during the post-game interview. When asked about the team’s eight-game winning streak, Garoppolo responded, “It feels great, baby,” and twitter lost it’s collective minds.

Check out the video clip, as well as the reactions, in the tweets embedded below.

Next up for the Niners is a Monday night home game against the Seattle Seahawks on November 11.

“Our team has done a good job winning in different ways this year,” Garoppolo said, per ESPN. “Whether it’s fense, special teams, defense or mixing and matching all them. That’s how you create a good football team. You’re not relying on one part and everyone’s playing tomorrow. Complimentary football.

“That’s where we’re at right now.”

Lonzo Ball Reveals Who’s The Hardest Player To Compete Against: Watch

Lonzo Ball is about to embark on his third season in the NBA and after two full seasons, Ball has seen his fair share phenomenal players. When you’re going up against pressionals each and every night, you’re going to see some extraordinary talent and Ball is no different. The eldest Ball brother has an appreciation for the players he has played against as well as those he has played with himself. 

In a recent interview, Ball was asked about which player in the league was the hardest to compete against. As it turns out. Ball’s Los Angeles Lakers teammate from last year, LeBron James, was at the top the list. Ball says LeBron is especially difficult to play against in practice and can make you look like a fool pretty easily.

From there, Lonzo went on to speak about the sheer size and strength his Pelicans teammate Zion Williamson. For now, Zion is out for two months with a knee injury but when he comes back, he’s expected to be a monstrous force in the league. Fans are excited to see what Williamson can bring to the table and Ball is already certain his potential.

Needless to say, Ball is more inspired by his teammates than his competitors.

Antonio Brown Tweets About Buying XFL, Writing Movie Scripts & More

Antonio Brown has been spending his day on Twitter and it’s led to a number interesting moments. For starters, Brown was asked if he’d be willing to play in the XFL by one fan, to which the ex-NFL player responded, “I’ll buy the XFL tell @VinceMcMahon his league will only last 3 weeks max.” 

Brown also responded to a conspiracy theory from a fan about his legal trouble and why he’s not in the league anymore. Brown wrote, “All was calculated moves to put me in this position truth comes soon they be rushing me back so they don’t look bad.” 

Later, he spoke about working on movie scripts during his time away from the game, “Working on writing ✍️ some movie scripts thinking the perfect story I experienced with my camera man last year he got shot on way back to Miami the Theo Story! Coming soon stay Tune.”

Fans refused to let up on correcting his poor grammar, so the ex-wide-receiver finally wrote, “This not English class sir it’s Twitter Iu] probably have zero education yourself.” 

The most recent update on Brown’s situation with the league came yesterday from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. Fowler wrote on Twitter, “From @SportsCenter this AM, Antonio Brown vs. NFL looks like a standf. People close to Brown say he’s been ready to interview w/ league, but separate source says NFL feels like it’s waiting on Brown. Teams won’t sign him until cleared up, so Brown continues to train in S. Fla.”