Will Smith Braves Dark & Cavernous Territory In The Name Of "Art"

With his PG-rated dad vibe and absolutely legendary body work, Will Smith has more than earned his OG status. He’s pretty much done it all, from rapping, to movies, to rapping about movies, to landing Oscar nominations, to scaling bridges in the name viral challenges. Therefore, when it comes to art analysis, Will Smith has proven himself to be a ble authority on the topic. Today, Will took to the Gram to ponder one life’s essential questions, as studied by academic and philosopher for centuries: what is art?

Evidently, Will Smith may or may not have the answer. “At what point does something go from just a piece metal or just some wood, to expand into the concept art?” As he waxes poetic, the camera pans, revealing the statue on which he leans: the notorious bull, complete with gargantuan balls and surprisingly photorealistic anus. 

“When you know that something has been created from deep down inside someone’s heart and soul,” proclaims Will. He proceeds to open the floor, gently resting his hand in the open crevice, boldly venturing where no man has dared gone before. Unless you’ve played Bloodborne. In which case, you’ve no doubt gone to such unholy places.