Tekashi 6ix9ine Welcomes Russ To Treyway

Footage Russ’ crew beating up Smokepurpp surfaced on the web last night. This came shortly after Russ’ interview on The Breakfast Club where he boasted that he had footage his crew beating down either Yung Bans or Purpp. Shortly afterward, Tekashi 6ix9ine decided to chime in on the beef on Instagram (before deleting it) and invited Russ to Treyway.

Tekashi 6ix9ine sent an ficial invitation to Russ to join Treyway. The post was deleted shortly after but thankfully, screenshots are forever. It’s unsure what prompted 6ix9ine to do this but he’s known to stir up the pot a bit so this could just be something to get a reaction out people. 

Aside from trolling the rap game, 6ix9ine’s been making some serious moves in recent time. The rainbow-haired rapper appears to have formed a relatively tight relationship with Kanye West ever since the Chicago rapper showed him love on an interview. The two them have been spotted in the studio on two separate occasions including earlier this week while they were both in Columbia. Tekashi also penned a long-term publishing deal with Create Music Group’s newly formed publishing division. 

This all comes shortly after the release his first ever Spanish single, “BEBE” with Annuel AA. Not only did the single mark 6ix9ine’s 10th consecutive charting song, it also debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

Amber Rose Invites Fans To Call & Text Her: "Wishing I Had Someone To Talk To"

Amber Rose is keen on building a tightly knit community. Her efforts extend past her annual SlutWalk. The social media star is now giving her fans direct access to her through a mobile application.

Rose announced her new initiative on Instagram in a short clip. Her following is invited to call and text her through the Collide app.

Although her Collide prile welcomes users with a message that states that Amber Rose is “bored” and yearning for company, the phone calls and text messages entail fees. Still, this is just one the elements that comprise her connection to her growing fanbase. 

The model is also fering financial assistance to women ambition. She promises financial support for those who are working towards specific projects that will benefit them long-term.

Her honesty about her own struggles in another factor that attracts stans. She recently opened up about overcoming trauma caused by abusive relationships. After experiencing three toxic romantic connections, Amber Rose warns others the red flags they can be aware in order to avoid the same cycle abuse.  She is here for y’all, mind, body and soul.

Geoffrey Owens Offered TV Gig By Tyler Perry After Job-Shaming Fiasco

Gefrey Owens has been all over headlines across publications due to his working a regular job. The “Cosby Show” actor was getting dragged online after being spotted working at Trader Joe’s. This public shaming comes to a silver lining now that Owens has received an invitation to a television set for a drama series. 

Tyler Perry came to Twitter to publicly invite Owens to join his team while they film his upcoming project. The timing is serendipitous as the filming starts as soon as next week.

The invitation doesn’t outline what this invitation entails, but it’s definitely a positive start. Perry’s latest films include Night School starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish.

Owens had previously expressed his being devastated at the types responses his employment status received. While many were hateful, other parts social media came to his defense. 

The words support and encouragement multiplied over time, but even the kind words were criticized by some social media users. They claimed that this type rallying wouldn’t actually change the entertainer’s situation. An industry figure finally jumped into the mix with some actual help.