SoundCloud Mobile Uploads Are Finally Here Here's The Basics

SoundCloud mobile uploads have finally arrived in the latest update for iOS users.

SoundCloud now allows iPhone users to upload tracks to their account using the app. Android users will have to wait as the feature is still ‘coming soon.’ SoundCloud is embracing mobile uploads at a time when most of the world’s only internet access is through their phone.

A report from 2019 found that by 2025, three-quarters of internet users will access it from their smartphone. The study estimates that around 2 billion people only accessed the internet their phones in 2019. Smartphone-only growth is led by people in countries like China, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

SoundCloud mobile uploads allow people to share their creations with the world, using only a smartphone.

SoundCloud Mobile Uploads Are Finally Here  Here's The Basics

Here’s how to use the feature on the iOS app. Tap the upward-pointing arrow on the top right of the home screen. Then choose any supported audio file on your phone. Lossless HD files like FLAC, WAV, ALAC, or AIFF have the best audio quality.

SoundCloud Mobile Uploads Are Finally Here  Here's The Basics

Once the song is uploaded, you’ll be presented with a screen to correct metadata. Make sure everything is correct, add artwork, a title, check genres, and add a description of the track right from your smartphone. You can even check whether you want the track to be public or private.

Once you tap save, the track will display on your public SoundCloud profile. SoundCloud even features integration with Instagram Stories for quick-sharing tracks among your followers.

SoundCloud mobile uploads are the single feature users have wanted for years. Now the mobile app allows , Spotlight, and profile editing as part of its mobile toolkit. That gives grassroots artists everything they need to maintain an online presence using their smartphone.

It’s a wise choice on SoundCloud’s part – expanding its mobile presence means more artists are likely to choose it as a platform.


You Can Now Listen to Pandora on Apple Watch Without an iPhone

Pandora has updated its Apple Watch app, making it a truly standalone experience for listeners.

You can now stream your favorite tunes – no iPhone required. Pandora is one of the first music services to offer this feature. Other services like Apple Music need listeners to pre-load music onto the Apple Watch to listen while the phone is out of range.

“Leave the phone at home and bring all of your listening with you thanks to our updated Apple Watch app,” the update reads. “Now, you can stream your favorite music and podcasts straight from your wrist – no phone required.”

The new Pandora app requires an Apple Watch running watchOS 6 or higher.

Apple Watch support is a key strategy in updating the Pandora experience. In 2019, the company completely redesigned the Apple Watch app. That update included offline playback support for users to pre-load their chosen music and playlists.

Pandora also overhauled its macOS app around this time. The overhaul included new tech called station Modes. These six modes offer new ways to listen to Pandora Music. Each mode has a different music function and responds to thumbs up in different ways.

Pandora station modes include the default ‘My Station’ and five other modes. ‘Crowd Faves’ plays only the most popular tracks. ‘Discovery’ brings artists and tracks to the front that wouldn’t usually play on the station. ‘Deep Cuts’ focuses on lesser-known tracks by artists that would typically play on the station. ‘Newly Released’ plays only the newest music from artists on the station, if available.

‘Artist Only’ mode allows to listen to music only from the artist used to seed the Pandora station. Due to licensing requirements, the ‘Artist Only’ mode requires a Pandora Premium subscription to enjoy. Free listeners can activate a temporary Pandora Premium session by viewing an ad.


YouTube TV Is Blocking Apple In-App Subscriptions Starting in March

YouTube TV is stopping support for in-app subscriptions on Apple devices altogether in March.

Google’s TV streaming service already stopped accepting new subscribers from iPhone and iPad devices. A new email obtained by MacRumors shows YouTube warning customers of the new change. Apple device owners will need to re-subscribe to YouTube TV through a web browser.

“You’ll be billed for one final month of service, and then your in-app purchase subscription will be canceled automatically on your billing date after March 13,” the email reads.

YouTube would rather risk losing Apple customers entirely than continue sharing revenue.

The App Store revenue share model of 30% to Apple, 70% to the app owner is controversial. Spotify raised it as a point in its anti-trust , describing it as a tax their competitor isn’t forced to pay.

The 30/70% revenue split for the first year is the standard across the mobile industry. Google charges the same fee for apps on its Google Play Store.

Other streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu, and Spotify don’t allow in-app subscriptions. YouTube TV costs $54.99 to offset the cost of Apple’s fee, but it seems they’re done with the feature altogether. That should come as a bonus to current subscribers on iOS devices – at least you’ll be paying less for YouTube TV now.

It’s not surprising YouTube is moving this way – recurring revenue from subscriptions are how tech companies are supporting themselves. Google is under pressure to turn and into serious competitors to Apple and Spotify. Getting 100% of those subscription fees instead of sharing with Apple is one way to do that.

Apple Music on Google Play requires an established Apple ID, but it doesn’t use Google’s app store to collect payments. Will Google ever drop YouTube support from Apple TV? Well, Amazon’s Fire TV lost YouTube support for the better part of a year over Google and Amazon fighting.

Blac Chyna Claims Rob Kardashian’s Exaggerating Injuries In Lawsuit

Blac Chyna is accusing Rob Kardashian lying about the severity his injuries in their assault lawsuit, claiming she only broke his heart that evening. According to TMZ, Blac Chyna filed documents in court requesting that Rob Kardashian’s assault lawsuit against her gets thrown out. In the documents, she denied that she ever choking the father Dream with an iPhone charger and beating him aggressively. Instead, she insisted that she solely broke his heart during the alleged altercation. /

Blac Chyna Claims Rob Kardashian's Exaggerating Injuries In Lawsuit

Rob claimed that she was under the influence when the incident happened. The allegations stem from an incident in December 2016 that she claims were exaggerated when the lawsuit was filed. She and Rob were living at Kylie Jenner’s home following the birth their daughter but the incident prompted Blac Chyna to move out.

In addition to denying that she attacked him, she addressed the allegation surrounding a gun. Blac Chyna said Rob testified that she took a gun, pointed it at him, and told his friends that she kill him if “he messes up.” Blac Chyna clapped back at the claim, saying it was solely a joke and everyone knew it. She maintained that she never had any intention pulling the trigger on him.

Blac Chyna wants Rob’s assault case tossed arguing that no actual assault occurred and Rob never actually sustained any real injuries. The judge has yet to rule. 

Apple Poaches Warner Music Exec for Head of New Streaming Initiative

Jeff Bronikowski has left the Warner Music exec team to join Apple. He is the new head of Global Strategic Music Initiatives.

Neither Apple nor Bronikowski have commented publicly on the transition – AppleInsider discovered the LinkedIn update on Bronikowski’s page. His most recent position was as a Senior Vice President at Warner Music for three years.

Before that, he worked as a Senior Vice President at Universal Music Group for 11 years. Bronikowski’s LinkedIn page also cites positions at Yahoo, AOL, and Echo Nest for a mix of tech and music experience. Bronikowski graduated from Georgetown University and holds an MBA from NYU’s School of Business.

Apple appears to be poaching serious talent to step up its global music streaming service. Spotify still holds the lead on global subscribers but hires like Bronikowski may help change that.

At last count, Apple confirmed 60 million paid subscribers for Apple Music. Spotify shared it has around 124 million premium subscriptions globally.

Warner Music can’t seem to stop losing its leadership talent to digital services. Two former Warner Music execs lead TikTok’s team. Facebook’s music team is led by another former Warner Music executive – . Even is now headed by Dan Chalmers, a former London-based Warner exec.

Apple’s subscription-driven future means it is looking to beef up the number of Apple Music paid users. Recurring revenue models are essential for survival in an era when smartphone sales are declining. Smartphone hardware has reached a plateau in innovation despite their sky-high prices. That means the average person keeps their phone longer than Apple would like.

Aside from incremental camera improvements, a smartphone from five years ago is just as functional as those released this year. (That is, unless you purchased an iPhone. Apple was recently for slowing down older iPhones to make people upgrade.)

Its expanded list of also evidences Apple’s further push into the music industry.

DaBaby’s Baby Mama Exposes Him For Allegedly Getting Another Woman Pregnant

Just a week ago, DaBaby and his baby mama, MeMe, were broadcasting their romance on Instagram, documenting their trip to the Superbowl. They took a private jet to Miami – DaBaby showed MeMe massaging his feet while on board the flight – and went on a nice boat ride when they got there. A mere week later, their relationship appears to be in shambles, all thanks to the discovery a text conversation in the Charlotte rapper’s phone. 

MeMe has taken to Instagram to expose her man for allegedly impregnating another woman. On her Instagram Story, she posted a photo DaBaby‘s incriminating text convo, which is dated December 30. An unnamed sidepiece tells him that she doesn’t “feel good” and he responds by trying to arrange a meetup. He then requests her account information so he can pay for her transportation. “Don’t fall for the cap,” MeMe typed out on top the photo. “Another child on the way and it ain’t me.” She continued criticizing him for his capping ways. “Your favorite rapper is the number 1 capper,” she reveals. “Don’t believe half what social media is showing you.”

In another post to her story, MeMe is heard telling DaBaby, “I’m gonna show all your fans that you’re policing your child’s mother.” While we don’t find out exactly what form “policing” she is referring to exactly, we know there is some drama going down in the Kirk household. In light this situation, we could say that DaBaby’s cheating anthem, “iPhone”, did not age well. 

Apple Fined $27 Million In France for Intentional iPhone Slow Down

A French regulator has fined Apple over $27 million for the iPhone slow down scandal.

Apple admits it is guilty of slowing down older iPhones and making battery management features worse. But the company denies the intent of slowing down phones is to force users into upgrading them. Investigators disagreed.

Apple admits to the allegations in 2017 but claims the slow down intends to reduce CPU demand. Since Apple has been called out on the practice, and iPhone sales continue to slow, Apple now focuses on a . That model includes subscriptions for games, news, movies & TV, music, and even an Apple-branded credit card.

Apple says the iPhone slow down scheme was necessary to ‘prevent premature shutdowns and jerky performance.’

Consumer groups and governments across the world were outraged at the news. French authorities investigated the issue in 2018 to see if Apple was participating in a form of planned obsolescence.

Apple apologized and offered discount battery replacements for $29 for old iPhone users. Around 11 million people participated in that battery replacement program.

Apple says the slow down issue isn’t relevant in its newest iPhone 11 – which can keep the battery healthy longer. The judgment also includes a banner on Apple France’s page. The banner says Apple is found to have committed a deceptive business practice and paid a fine to settle the matter.

Apple says factors like low charge, cold climates, and natural battery degradation were reasons for the iPhone slow down practice. Apple says the feature was first implemented for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPhone SE.

The scandal has brought up many right to repair questions, since replacing the battery fixes the issue. Apple intentionally makes all of its hardware hard for the end-user to repair, likely to encourage upgrades over keeping an older device. Perhaps that practice is something French regulators can investigate next.

Does the Album Even Matter Anymore? Guns n' Roses Unsure

Slash recently spoke about the future of Guns n’ Roses music releases in an interview. The interview about his new Gibson selection revealed his thoughts on the future of the album as a release format.

The interview quickly veered into whether GNR is working on new material. “There’s been no definitive answer on anything, and I’ll just keep to that,” he said. “Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics.”

Slash blamed that fact on the state of the music industry. He has lamented the changes and low royalty rates music streaming pays in . He says the focus on streaming means traditionally released albums might not be the best format anymore.

“There’s a handful of people who said, ‘Yeah, make a record and go old school.’ And there’s a handful of people that are like, ‘We don’t even know what buying a record is anymore!” he told the interviewer.

It sounds like GNR is working on new material, but there are no definitive plans on how to release it.

Some notable opponents to the music streaming industry have recently given up the fight. Jay-Z recently gave in on his two-year boycott and returned his catalog to Spotify.

For now, Slash seems content to be touring with GNR and promoting his new guitar collection. The new Slash collection from Gibson is designed to be affordable and includes two acoustic guitars.

Does the Album Even Matter Anymore?  Guns n' Roses Unsure

Slash jokes that the J-45 in his collection is the J-45S with a few tweaks for his tastes. Namely, the neck is longer, and more time was taken to make sure the piezo is right. So what’s coming next in the Slash guitar line-up?

He says he doesn’t want to speak out of turn, but that he would like to do an Epiphone line. “What we’re discussing now is doing another Goldtop, instead of it being a Custom Shop model,” he added. “I love Goldtops, so I would love to have that.”

Frank Ocean Releases New "Blonded" Merch

Frank Ocean is coming for our wallets once again. Everything the man does is drenched in so much anticipation and mystery that it’s hard to not jump at the opportunity to participate in whatever it is he is fering. Oh, Frank’s selling an adhesive metal phone ring with a rotating ring stand and emblazoned Blonded logo? Take my money! That’s just one the items included in the elusive artist’s latest merchandise drop. 

Blonded is clearly not just associated with Frank’s 2016 album, but has become his whole brand, since he continues to create within this theme. On Friday, Frank shared a variety products through his website, Aside from the phone ring, you could purchase an iPhone case (if you have one the latest models), silk boxer shorts, cozy socks, sweatpants and hoodies. All the items feature the Blonded logo printed on them, which results in them being prestigious and pricey. You never know when Frank will make his next move, but you do know how rabid his fanbase is, so jump on these products fast before they sell out! 

Frank Ocean has been confirmed as the Sunday headliner Coachella this year. Perhaps he will a bring custom merch booth to the desert as he did when touring Blonde in 2017. 

Now You Can Buy Louis Vuitton Wireless Earbuds (Price: $1,090 a Pair)

Master & Dynamic has partnered with Louis Vuitton to release a new set of stylish luxury earbuds.

The Horizon Earphones are updated this year with Louis Vuitton styling in five different styles. They clock in at an eye-watering $1,090 per pair. The actual design of the earbuds is identical to the M&D $299 MW07 earbuds. Of course, the premium mark-up comes with the Louis Vuitton name.

Now You Can Buy Louis Vuitton Wireless Earbuds (Price: $1,090 a Pair)

These earbuds cost more than the baseline iPhone 11 Pro.

M&D says these Louis Vuitton earbuds come with some upgrades over last year’s offering. Namely, they now offer up to 10 hours of listening time, ambient listening, and improved active noise cancellation.

The new case can charge them wirelessly and offers 20 hours of battery life. The case is a stainless steel case inspired by the shape of the Tambour Horizon watch, a Louis Vuitton smartwatch.

Now You Can Buy Louis Vuitton Wireless Earbuds (Price: $1,090 a Pair)

M&D says these Louis Vuitton earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 and a connection range of 100 feet.

The $840 mark-up isn’t for everyone, but you can bet there’s a market for these. Paying $1K for a pair of luxury-branded earbuds is almost as outrageous as all the luxury phone releases in the 2010s. At least the styling for these earbuds is appealing and not gaudy, like some luxury products.

They are nice looking, but I’m not sure they are ‘pay the price of a new phone’ nice-looking. These earbuds come in five different colors, including bright red, pristine white, jet black, pink, and neon yellow.

Now You Can Buy Louis Vuitton Wireless Earbuds (Price: $1,090 a Pair)

Users can choose between the Louis Vuitton logo or its flower branding on the earbuds. If you’re paying that much for a pair of luxury earbuds, you probably want everyone to know it, right?

For everyone else in the market for luxury earbuds, M&D’s wireless earbuds are priced in line with Apple AirPods. They come in four regular colors and four unique patterns.

Tyler, The Creator Has Perfect Response To Anybody Criticizing His iPhone 7

Whoever has been wasting their time trying to roast Tyler, The Creator for still using his iPhone 7 should just give up. There is no use trying to clown the man for something so… unimportant. At the end the day, if he’s had no reason to replace the cellular device, then why would he be flaunting the brand new iPhone 11 with three cameras on the back? Clearly, he enjoys his old school phone, preferring to use it until the battery runs out and then copping something new. In fact, the next person who comes through trying to diss Tyler for his phone will be met with a swift retort that he’s already tried out on Twitter.

Tyler, The Creator Has Perfect Response To Anybody Criticizing His iPhone 7
Kevin Winter/Getty s

Don’t come for Tyler if you don’t have your own situation in check yet. Especially if you’re still living at home or you’ve got roommates, there’s no point in trying. Taking to social media, the Grammy-nominated IGOR rapper told fans that he’s sick the iPhone 7 slander, writing: “N***as be like eW tYlEr u hAvE aN iPhOnE 7 and im like eww u have a roommate leave me alone.” At least Tyler has himself a nice little mansion to go home to with his iPhone 7.

What’s wrong with having an older model the iPhone when you’ve got endless cash to buy a new one whenever you want? Obviously, Tyler is just feeling the old design.

DaBaby Released From Jail Amid Battery Charge

DaBaby is a free man.

The “Suge” rapper was released from Miami’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after posting $1,500 bail on Saturday evening.

DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, was arrested by Miami police on Thursday after he and members of his entourage allegedly robbed and attacked a concert promoter who reportedly shortchanged DaBaby on his payment.

According to TMZ, DaBaby was reportedly owed $30,000 for a performance at Cafe Iguana Pines, but the promoter showed up with only $20,000. After counting the money, DaBaby’s crew allegedly beat and robbed the man of an iPhone 7, $80, and a credit card before dousing him with apple juice.

Upon his arrest, authorities discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest in Texas for organized criminal activity following a fight at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport where a food stand worker was attacked. The charges in that case were later dropped, but it’s unclear why.

DaBaby was charged with battery in connection to the robbery investigation. He is set to appear in court on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, he is wasting no time getting back to work. Just hours after his release, DaBaby posted a photo of a recording mic on Instagram Stories.

The 28-year-old rapper is nominated for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song at the Grammy Awards on Jan. 26. He is also set to perform in Miami during the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest on Jan. 30.

Swizz Beatz Claps Back at Baby Mama After She Calls Out Alicia Keys

Swizz Beatz is dealing with more baby mama drama.

The producer clapped back at Jahna Sebastian, the mother of his daughter Nicole, after she called out his wife Alicia Keys. In a since-deleted Instagram video, Swizz is seen dancing with his mother in his new $20 million La Jolla mansion. He took aim at his baby mama in the caption: “These BMs playing with me like my mom don’t carry the 40 at all times BX.”

The video comes just days after Sebastian called out Keys for “overstepping” her boundaries as a stepmother.

“I am the only Mother to my child,” Jahna wrote on Instagram. “I am the One raising her, who gave her life, British Citizenship, knowledge, and everything else. I am not only the biological mother, I am THE MOTHER. This will remain forever.”

She also claimed that Alicia asked that her daughter refer to her as “Umi,” the Arabic word for mother. “No one else will be called any kind of ‘mom’ name in English, Arabic, not an ‘Umi’ or anything else in other language by her,” added Jahna. “I will not let nobody bribe her and change her by using material things against me, iPhones and other things. She will be raised as a human being, who cares for humanity and stands by the right principles.”

Swizz responded to Jahna in the comments, saying Nicole chose to call Keys “Umi” and that Jahna should have called him personally instead of making their business public. Jahna claims Alicia does not call her or answer her texts. Following their public dispute, Swizz deactivated his entire Instagram account.

Alicia previously had issues with Mashonda, the mother of Swizz’s 13-year-old son Kasseem Dean, Jr., but they were able to move past their differences. Last year, Mashonda published a book called Blend: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family with a foreword by Alicia. In 2016, Alicia penned a song about their “Blended Family.”

Apple Made Over $6 Billion Selling AirPods This Year

Apple AirPods sales nearly doubled this year as they crossed the $6 billion threshold. Analysts believe the wireless earbuds could sell even more next year.

Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst for Bernstein, predicts that Apple could sell 85 million AirPods in 2020. That would generate about $15 billion in revenue for the company. If sales of wireless earbuds continue at this rate, the product could become Apple’s third-largest business.

Sacconaghi is consistently rated as one of the top investor analysts for IT hardware and electronics manufacturing.

The AirPods Pro model is already sold out for the holiday season both online and in-stores. Some people are scalping the Pro buds on eBay for a $100 premium for the holidays. AirPods Pro starts at $249, while the regular AirPods start at $159.

The noise-cancellation feature of the is an attractive feature, too. The Pro model features active noise-cancellation, which uses microphones to detect low-frequency noise and neutralize it before it reaches the ear. The functionality can be turned on and off and features a transparency mode for safe driving and walking for users of the device.

Sacconaghi is quick to note that the upward trajectory of AirPods may be short-lived. Right now, iPhone and iPad users are eager to snap up new tech that works with their jackless devices. As those users purchase the earbuds, there are fewer potential customers for the device.

Sacconaghi says the steep adoption curve and rapid saturation may lead to a decrease in sales. He predicts will slow down by 2021 to single-digit growth rates. That might not be too surprising, considering most companies now have a wireless earbud option.

Audiophiles will pass on the tiny earbuds in favor of something with a richer sound. But for the general public looking for a new Bluetooth option, the AirPods seem to fit the bill.

Apple May Be Developing an iPhone Without Any Ports

A well-respected Apple analyst is predicting that Apple’s 2021 flagship iPhone will be completely wireless, meaning that it will have no ports whatsoever.

Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a long history of accurate predictions relating to future Apple products, believes that the 2021 flagship iPhone will come without a Lightning port, which has been standard on iPhones since 2013 when the company introduced the iPhone 5. Instead of the port — and in lieu of the USB-C port many have been hoping it would have — the device will charge and sync completely wirelessly.

The question is whether anyone will care about this, apart from companies that make Lightning cables. For many years now, Apple’s flagship iPhones have come without headphone jacks. While there was at first some pushback against this, and many still prefer the sound quality of wired earphones, most users have come to grudgingly accept the change.

But it is unlikely that Apple will receive anywhere near the same negative reaction due to the elimination of a Lightning port, just as long as the device charges and syncs wirelessly as well as it does with a wired connection. Even if it does not, it is hard to imagine that this alone will lead iPhone users toward Android.

Those who like a fully wired iPhone will not be left out in the cold.

Kuo is also predicting that Apple will be releasing the long-awaited iPhone SE 2 next year. This device is expected to look much like the current iPhone 8, with a 4.7″ LCD display and both a Lightning port and a headphone jack. At the same time, the device will likely have internal specs comparable with recent flagship devices, along with an unbeatable price.

Also expected next year are four flagship iPhones that will support 5G. These devices will all have OLED screens, with the two high-end phones having triple cameras and big screens and the two low-end having dual cameras and smaller screens.