Alec Baldwin Disapproves Of Daughter's IG Thirst Trap: "No. Just…No."

Alec Baldwin generally presents himself as a laidback dude but he seems to run a tight ship when it comes to his kids. The actor isn’t here for his daughter showing f her assets on the internet. Ireland Basinger Baldwin posted a flagrant thirst trap on Instagram yesterday and her father couldn’t help but let her know he ain’t having it.

The blond model uploaded a picture herself straddling a motorcycle. The photo is slightly suggestive as leans over the rod while wearing what seems to be a black bikini and cowboy boots. Ireland glances over her shoulder all sultry-like. Although her eyes make contact with the camera’s lens, most her fanbase would probably focus on all the plump skin she’s showing f.

Alec Baldwin’s response was short and somewhat funny: “No. Just…No.” Many people sided with him, saying that the pose was “unnecessary.” Others expressed their belief that grown women should be able to flaunt their bodies however they choose to do so, regardless what their fathers might think. 

Alec Baldwin Disapproves Of Daughter's IG Thirst Trap: "No. Just...No."

Balwin might be feeling like his little girl is slipping through his fingers. His brother Stephen Baldwin could also be sharing a similar sentiment as he will soon be “giving away” his daughter, Hailey Baldwin, in marriage to Justin Beiber.