J. Prince Thinks Drake & Pusha T's Beef Should Have Had "Some Rules"

In the wake releasing his memoir, The Art & Science Respect, this summer season, J. Prince has been making the press rounds. The legendary OG lately stopped by the LA Leakers, the place dialog in the end turned to the Drake and Pusha T beef. When requested about his involvement in enjoying mediator, Prince had this to say:

During a sit-down with LeBron James, Drake vented concerning the “guidelines engagement,” which he appeared to really feel Pusha broke upon mentioning 40. Styles P and Dave East proceeded to interrupt down why Drizzy was fallacious, that rap beef is a really lawless setting. On that subject, Prince stands in keeping with Drake’s reasoning. “I feel which you can cross the strains music. I consider life and demise is within the tongue,” he mentioned. “You can communicate some issues and reside and communicate some issues and do the alternative dwelling. With that being mentioned and with that being true, you’d need it to be some guidelines, however that is a matter selection.”  

You suppose there ought to be guidelines in rap beef, or is all certainly honest in love and conflict? Peep our personal interview with J. Prince proper right here. 

J Prince Says Pusha T Could Be Smashed Like An Ant At Anytime

In promotion together with his new e book The Art & Science Respect, Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J Prince caught up with TMZ on Thursday, and was requested some questions concerning the Drake & Pusha T beef.

When requested about how Pusha T acquired the information about Drake’s son, J Prince says Pusha is just doing “harm management” proper now following Drake’s interview with LeBron final week, alluding to him probably mendacity about saying he acquired the information from 40. “I might clearly see proper now the act harm management is being displayed by Pusha T as a result of the interview Drake laid on the market. That’s what thats all about. We moved ahead,” J Prince added.

The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO then proceed to name Pusha T an “ant,” and that he might be “smashed” at anytime in the event that they wished to.

“I don’t contemplate this a beef anymore. Pusha is like an ant to us. Like an ant that crawl round you already know? We might smash him any time we selected to if that’s one thing we wished to do, however thats not the case right here you already know? I got here concerned to place this to relaxation and so far as Im involved that is useless, however this strictly an act harm management.”

Check out the transient interview with the legendary J Prince (under).

Styles P & Dave East Break Down Why Drake Is Wrong About Rap Beef Rules

In the wake their glorious Beloved album, Styles P and Dave East hit the Hot 97 studios for a dialogue. Given the continuing fallout from Drake’s detailed dialog with LeBron James, it appears solely pure that the crew would talk about the principles engagement in hip-hop beef – or lack there. 

Ebro refers to a put up Styles made, by which he wrote: “nothing is incorrect with not participating in warfare, it is really the wiser factor to do. But by no means have interaction and count on guidelines, with rap or the streets.” Styles P elaborates on his stance, particularly the place it pertains to rap-battles. “There had been a pair elements Drake] not noted,” says Styles. “Pusha T simply dropped an album. Drake] dropped a diss report the following day, and talked about his spouse. Now he may haven’t did a report and straight up punch Drake within the face when he sees him. Cause that is a violation. He’s about to get married, you do not know how his spouse really feel. You threw her within the battle, and then you definately asking him to observe a tenet?”

Pinero continues, explaining that Pusha T’s veteran standing make him a uniquely formidable foe. “There’s no guidelines on this. He’s heard all of it. And to Drake, you the most important man within the sport, simply chill, there’s nothing incorrect with that.” He makes certain to make clear that he has nothing towards Drake, however does elevate a query: “how does a man say what is the guidelines in a rap battle, that had a ghostwriter earlier than? That’s not honest, dawg. You letting a dude who had a ghostwriter now say what we will do within the grime?”

Both Styles and Dave East proceed to interrupt down the principles beef, with a way authenticity that permeates their latest Beloved album. It’s loopy to assume that Drake’s ghostwriter allegations will proceed to hang-out him for the rest his profession. What do you assume? Is Styles proper, or did Pusha T cross a line by mentioning 40? Still, Styles maintains that Pusha needed to come out swinging, particularly after Drake responded to “Infrared” in a mere day’s time. “If Pusha did not go that tough, you’d have stated he is washed, Drake killed him in a day. He had no alternative!”

J. Prince Claims He Would "Sit Down" With President Trump Too: "I Got Character"

James Prince, AKA J. Prince, is a luminary the music business. The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO is revered for his information and wanted for his perception. During his dialog with Van Lathan for TheRed Pill podcast, he was requested to offer his opinion on the implications Kanye West’s go to to the White House final week.

Many have criticized West for merely wished to interact in dialogue with somebody as polarizing as President Trump, contemplating his endorsement oppressive dogma and the like. The worth such a query is has been put up for analysis and positioned in entrance Prince. Although he won’t share the identical beliefs as Trump, he could be open to a dialogue.

In his opinion, the naysayers are blind to the probabilities such a gathering.

Rap-A-Lot Records Artist Marley G Killed In Nightclub Shooting, YBN Pays Respect

Marley G, a twenty-year-old artist signed to Rap-a-Lot Records has reportedly been shot to demise in a nightclub setting. The particulars the incident are scarce, however followers started pouring out messages sympathy on social media. Marley G, to not be confused with the Marley referenced by Lil Wayne, was a label to YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay, who have been the primary two distinguished figures to substantiate his premature demise on Instagram.

Over the course the summer time, Marley G’s single “I Got ‘Em” was in rotation in choose areas, his unlocked potential and his affiliation with an iconic report label proving simply as advantageous as his late-season push. Numerous rap followers who have been by no means fully-acquainted have reacted indiscriminately to the information as a byproduct some bigger conspiracy. For the time being, there is a hope his music may be loved for a short while earlier than he may be correctly memorialized.

The names related to the present administration staff at Rap-a-Lot have but to touch upon Marley’s killing. It would seem, the taking pictures remains to be wrapped up in an area police investigation. His demise has additionally been confirmed by an Instagram who claims to be his girlfriend (on the time his passing).

Drake Disses Kanye West While Performing "Know Yourself" In Chicago

Although Pusha T is the one who came for Drake earlier this Summer, Drizzy is still harboring resentment in his heart for Kanye West. Just two months ago, Drake was rumored to have a diss song loaded for Pusha T and Kanye West, to strike back after the world-shaking “Story Adidon” diss hit the web. While several fans thought that Drake dragged Kanye into the feud in the same manner Pusha brought Lil Wayne in, speculation from the internet pointed to the idea that Kanye was the one who told Pusha about Drake’s baby. J Prince claiming that Drake’s diss song would have ended Kanye’s career only furthered the speculation. 

It looks like Drake still has a few words for Kanye, after subliminally dissing him throughout the Scorpion album. While performing “Know Yourself,” which happens to be the song at the center the Drake ghostwriting conspiracy that Pusha T used to reignite the feud, Drizzy took a shot at Mr. West. Instead rapping “Then Kanye dropped, it was polos and backpacks/ Man, that was when Ethan was pushin’ a Subaru hatchback,” Drake changed the lyrics to “Then Kanye flopped.”

Kanye’s most recent solo album ye didn’t sell anywhere near as many records as Drake’s Scorpion, which seems to be the point Drizzy is trying to make. It could have been a simple slip the word “dropped,” but Drake seems to be a man who doesn’t confuse his words very ten. The crowd lets out an audible “boo” when he disses Kanye, and Drake even stutters a bit after dropping the lyrical jab. 

Wack 100 Goes Off On Hip-Hop Site For Reporting False 6ix9ine Story

The Game and his manager, Wack 100, have had serious issues with Tekashi 6ix9ine in the past. Their beef earlier this year was highly publicized as Tr3yway and Wack 100 traded shots in a battle the managers. When Tekashi showed up for his court appearance in Texas earlier this week, many outlets were publishing stories about the fact. Hip Hop Overload was one them, writing a headline that Wack 100 had clowned 6ix9ine for hiring security to defend himself from J Prince and his goons. While the story was partly factual, Wack 100 never mentioned J Prince’s name or even the rapper’s Houston location. He simply made a post on Instagram about his security and how 69 is “very safe now.” Noticing the publication had butchered his quote, Wack 100 stepped in and called them out, correcting them and clarifying his comments.

Noting that by spreading fake news, the website is “trying to bring unnecessary violence to the culture,” Wack cleared up what was said in the original post. Attacking Hip Hop Overload, he wrote, “YOU PUNK B-TCH MUTHAFUCKAS WILL BE THE REASON WHY INNOCENT PEOPLE GET HURT. IF YOUR GOING TO REPORT SOMETHING REPORT IT IN THE CORRECT MANNER.” As he did not say anything about 6ix9ine being scared anybody or mention the city he was in, he specified that he was not entirely apologizing to Tekashi but that he was sick the media spewing nonsense out his words.

In fact, he only made the “safe” comment since he sometimes uses the same security team for his family. This is the furthest thing from a truce but it looks like Wack 100 is starting to understand 6ix9ine’s motives a little more.

J. Prince Told Drake Not To Let Pusha T's Diss Interfere With His Movement

It’s been over a month since Pusha T released “The Story Of Adidon” and Drake managed to prosper past it. For a while, many people were thinking that this would be the end the Toronto rapper’s reign but that was just unrealistic. Following the release  Scorpion, the rapper broke several records and became the first artist in history to rack up a billion hits on an album within its first week. In a recent interview, J. Prince revealed the advice that he gave to Drake and it seems to have worked.

J. Prince recently spoke about his relationship with Drake in an interview with Rap-Up TV. The Rap-A-Lot CEO detailed the advice that he gave to Drake following Pusha T’s diss track. 

“When you are a big picture thinker and you have a movement going such as Drake — he has so many moving parts where his career is concerned — then you don’t allow a moment like a Pusha T where somebody is being real disrespectful towards your mother, father, your friend. You don’t allow something so tril to stop a big movement,” Prince said. “Because it’s easy to go there, you know, and things fall apart.”

Prior to this, Prince explained that his relationship with Drake is past music at this point. He said that he considers Drake a son and whether it’s advice or just a laugh, Drake and him chop it up on a frequent basis. 

Peep the interview below. 

J Prince Confirms Drake Has Career-Ending Pusha T Diss But It Will Never Release

The last we heard from J Prince, the Rap-a-Lot Records CEO said he had made an “OG call” to Drake, insisting that he not respond to Pusha T’s ferocious diss track against him, “The Story Adidon.” The possibility a Drake response seemed to become more unlikely after hearing the new information and now even further details have broken out about their conversation. Appearing on Sway in the Morning, J Prince gave context to why he was so against Drizzy clapping back at Push, noting that his response would have ended careers and ruined families.

J Prince and Drake have a long history, dating back to when his son Jas Prince discovered the Canadian on MySpace, giving him an opportunity. Sway prompted the legend to speak on what made him so against the continuation their beef, to which J Prince replied, ” I saw this going to a place that I feel would have ended his career if Drake would’ve put out this song that he had on him.” Noting that lines were crossed, Prince continued by confirming that a response exists, saying, “Oh no doubt about it. The ingredients were overwhelming. I know for a fact that it would’ve been bad for Kanye and my man. It wouldn’t have been good, it’s beyond music at that point. It’s gonna affect the livelihood, it’s gonna interfere with his entire lifestyle from that day forward.”

Drake seems to have given his word to J Prince that he would not retaliate as he prepares to let the situation blow over. The Rap-a-Lot CEO said he does not believe the song will ever see the light day. Listen to audio the interview below.