Ja Rule Claps Back At 50 Cent With Snitching Accusations

Those old enough to remember owning a PS2 can no doubt attest to the ferocity the 50 Cent vs Ja Rule beef. During the early aughts, 50 Cent waged war against Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, and the entire Murda Inc roster. Though Ja was a commercial mainstay in his own right, the sheer firepower Shady/Aftermath’s star-studded empire proved a formidable foe. Many have come to look back on 50 as the clear victor, while Ja seemed to fade away from the spotlight, his reputation forever shaken. 

Though both men have aged, and theoretically matured,  old wounds never truly heal. In recent months, Ja and 50 Cent have once again taken to exchanging shots, with Rule happily reigniting the feud at the tail end May. Naturally, 50 wasted little time in getting the strap, firing back with a cruel reminder Ja’s Fyre Festival fiasco. Naturally, many old fans flocked to the reawakened grudge match, despite a notable lack any lyrical sparring; the unbridled pettiness was truly something to behold. Today, 50 Cent once again had words for his old foe, taking to Instagram to accuse Rule reporting his IG account. 

Unfortunately, Ja was in no mood. The Murda Inc rapper retaliated in a swift and decisive fashion, clapping back with an IG post his own. “Order PROTECTION!!! 50 Cent aka Curtis Ratson!!!” writes Ja.  “Now go beat on one ya baby mamas… THIS IS YALL HERO!!!” The picture in question features some paperwork labeling 50 an “informant,” as well as an interesting depiction Officer 50. Clearly, Rule has no intention being pushed around. While it’s unclear how far this may go. May the man with the best Photoshop and/or MS Paint skills win.