Azealia Banks Confirms Jack Dorsey "Spiritual Pact," Still Has 1 Of His Hair Strands

Azealia Banks has confirmed the rumors regarding half her interplay with the Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey. A supply revealed that the pair had struck a deal. Banks would craft a safety amulet for the tech mogul and Dorsey would promote her subsequent mixtape on his social media platform. The rapper has opened as much as Business Insiderin regards to the encounter that led to their “religious pact.”

Azealia Banks Confirms Jack Dorsey "Spiritual Pact," Still Has 1 Of His Hair Strands
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“We have this awkward dinner turkey slices, asparagus, and tomato as he’s on one thing known as the Bulletpro Diet … the meals was nasty, so I had some drinks and we saved speaking,” Banks stated. During their dialog, Dorsey opened up about receiving threats from ISIS in a propaganda video. Banks fered to cowl him with a safety spell for which she would wish some strands his hair.

Their deal wasn’t closed, nevertheless. Dorsey by no means tweeted about her mixtape.

“Quite a bit articles stated I put a hex on him however I did not,” Banks stated. “I’ve no cause to want him hurt. But we made a religious pact and he was speculated to make good on his finish.”

They haven’t been in touch for the previous couple years. One strand his beard hair continues to be within the rapper’s possession, tucked inside an envelope and saved in storage. 

Twitter CEO Sent Beard Hairs To Azealia Banks For Protective Amulet, Says Colleague

Nick Bilton, a author at Vanity Fair, not too long ago revealed a function illustrating Jack Dorsey’s unconventional persona because the CEO Twitter. An sudden aspect was talked about within the piece, connecting Dorsey to the notorious Azealia Banks. Apparently, Bilton receives gossip in regards to the tech big usually since he had written a ebook in regards to the firm. Bilton wrote, “Once, a supply who labored with him instructed me Dorsey had despatched a rapper his beard shavings to make him an amulet that might defend him from evildoers.”

Twitter CEO Sent Beard Hairs To Azealia Banks For Protective Amulet, Says Colleague
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Azealia Banks did tweet about this situation again in 2016. The CEO agreed to advertise her mixtape in trade for a protecting amulet however failed to carry up his finish the deal, in line with the emcee.

This marks one more occasion Azealia Banks’ wild claims being supported by one other occasion years later. Sis retains shelling out excessive tales that by some means find yourself being true. Just ask Elon Musk, one other tech mogul. 

Twitter CEO Says They Are Perfecting Edit Button: "We Can’t Just Rush It Out"

By this time subsequent yr, Twitter might have an entire totally different idea and format. After talks dropping the “Like” button and hiding the irrelevant follower rely, the platform’s CEO Jack Dorsey has now publically mentioned the latter in addition to the a lot dreamed about Edit Button.

Discussing follower rely and the way the platform beforehand enlarged the font somebody’s follower quantity, Jack defined the way it “put all of the emphasis, not aspiring to, on that quantity how many individuals observe” a consumer, making individuals seemingly simply considering having it go up. 

“So while you open Twitter and also you see that quantity is 5. It is definitely incentivizing you to extend that quantity. That might have been proper 12 years in the past, however I do not assume it’s proper as we speak,” he added,  SlashDot. “I do not assume that is the quantity you ought to be centered on. I believe what’s extra vital is the quantity significant conversations you are having on the platform. How many occasions do you obtain a reply?” 

As for the anticipated edit button, it is at present being labored on so when it does arrive, it is all the things we’d like. “You have to concentrate to what are the use instances for the edit button,” Jack added. “So much individuals need the edit button as a result of they need to shortly repair a mistake they made. Like a misspelling or tweeting the unsuitable URL. That’s much more achievable than permitting individuals to edit any tweet all the way in which again in time.”

Twitter Will Take Kanye's Advice & Remove "Like" Button

Twitter and different social networks have at all times confronted robust decisions in the case of who and what to censor, whereas nonetheless selling free speech and wholesome debate on their web site. After intense deliberation about methods to enhance debate, the Telegraph experiences that Twitter has determined to take away the “like” button. As for when, it is going to apparently occur “quickly.” In a sometimes canny assertion Twitter neither confirmed nor denied if they might take away the button:

In different phrases, sure, they are going to be eradicating it, a lot to the enjoyment one their most prolific and controversial customers, Kanye West, who tweeted about this very difficulty in September:

Kanye even had a dialog with the top  Jack Dorsey, the top Twitter, about this very difficulty (Dorsey not too long ago mentioned he is “not a fan the heart-shaped button”). Perhaps public opinion will lastly come again behind Mr. West.


Twitter Will Now Alert Users When A Reported Tweet Is Removed

Twitter is making an attempt to make their providers extra clear for customers. With that in thoughts, the positioning is implementing a brand new technique for reported tweets. Twitter customers who report tweets that violate Twitter’s pointers will now be capable to inform if their actions resulted in a deleted publish. The social media web site introduced on Wednesday that they might show a message for tweets that violate their phrases service. The reasoning behind this new technique is that customers can now discern whether or not a tweet was deleted by the consumer themselves, or if Twitter needed to step in a take away the assertion. 

In a weblog publish to customers, Twitter introduced that, “Now, as soon as we have required a Tweet to be deleted, we are going to show a discover stating that the Tweet is unavailable as a result of it violated the Twitter Rules together with a hyperlink to the Rules and an article that gives extra element on how we implement our guidelines. This discover will likely be displayed on each the account’s prile and the particular Tweet for 14 days after the Tweet is deleted. You’ll see this alteration rolling out to each the app and on within the coming weeks.”

The new technique will likely be carried out throughout the subsequent few weeks.

Kanye West's Criticism Of Twitter Could Lead CEO To Change Follower Feature

Earlier in the present day, Kanye West shared his ideas on how society values follower counts and social media. “We ought to be capable of take part in social media with out having to point out what number of followers or likes we’ve,” he wrote on Twitter. “Just like how we will flip f the feedback we should always be capable of flip f the show followers. This has an intense unfavourable affect on our self value.”  While Kanye’s recognized for spewing out no matter is on his thoughts by means of social media, it seems to be like his newest concept could result in some change on the social media platform.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey seems to be contemplating Kanye West’s suggestion about turning f follower counts on Twitter. ‘Ye took to Instagram to share a screenshot a textual content alternate he had with Dosey. The Twitter CEO mentioned that they’ve already been fascinated about fixing how follower counts and likes are displayed on their social media community.

“We’ve been considering deeply concerning the follower and like counts, and what that incentivizes. We need to change,” Dorsey wrote in a textual content message to Kanye which was posted with permission. “What made sense 12 years in the past does not’ make sense in the present day. At least for us. Us making that quantity daring and massive incentivized individuals to need to improve it, and really feel dangerous in the event that they could not. That’s not proper. We need to incentivize contribution to the worldwide dialog and consciousness.”

We’ll need to see when and if this variation will happen. 

Peep the publish beneath.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Conservative Employees "Feel Silenced"

In a new interview, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that the company’s more conservative employees ten have trouble speaking out because their workplace’s more liberal environment.

It was while speaking with writer Jay Rosen in a newly published interview on Recode that the tech magnate explained the situation. 

“I think it’s more and more important to at least clarify what our own bias leans towards, and just express it. I’d rather know what someone biases to rather than try to interpret through their actions,” Dorsey explained. “So, if we can say that, and also have the freedom to evolve and change, then at least people know it, and I think it allows us to remove that a little bit more from the work, but it has to be proven out in our actions as well …] we have a lot conservative-leaning folks in the company as well, and to be honest, they don’t feel safe to express their opinions at the company.”

“They do feel silenced by just the general swirl what they perceive to be the broader percentage leanings within the company, and I don’t think that’s fair or right,” he added. “We should make sure that everyone feels safe to express themselves within the company, no matter where they come from and what their background is.”

This arrives as the latest in a string statements and press appearances made by Dorsey and other execs at Twitter following accusations from the Trump administration and other members the GOP that Twitter, among other media companies, has been censoring positive posts and information about the presidency and the Republican party.

In the interview, Rosen questions Dorsey on his methods, asking if he ever encourages his more conservative employees to speak up while still being aware the backlash they may receive from the general public

“It’s easier said than done,” responds Dorsey. “I was a kid that was very shy. I grew up with a speech impediment. It taught me not to speak at all, and I eventually got over that and speaking up in a collection 3,000 people where you make an assumption that they potentially think differently than you or believe differently is hard. It does require sacrificing a lot your ego and your intellect in being vulnerable for a minute.”

You can catch the rather candid conversation in full here.

Twitter Hints At New Online Status & Threaded Conversations

Social media apps seem to be doing as much as they can to make its users have less privacy. From Facebook incorporating a green online status and Snapchat’s map feature that shows exactly where you are, to Instagram showing the last time you were active. Everyone’s Internet surfing habits are becoming public and Twitter is hopping on the bandwagon. The social media platform is seemingly following the same path since the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, sent out a tweet hinting at a couple new adds.

“Playing with some new Twitter features: presence (who else is on Twitter right now?) and threading (easier to read convos),” he wrote next to some examples.  

A few users were quick to respond to the idea, asking Jack to not make Twitter have an online presence. “Not a fan presence in this kind space so would prefer opt-in if it happens. The reply threading looks promising and could be a big improvement as long as there’s still a way to read a thread without interruption,” Staci D Kramer wrote. 

Not too long ago Kim Kardashian tweeted how she had a chat with Jack at Kanye’s birthday party, asking him to please add an edit button. Only time will tell. 

Twitter CEO Slammed For Eating Chick-Fil-A Despite Owner's Anti-LGBT Views

Jack Dorsey, the brains behind Twitter, has come under fire for giving business to Chick-Fil-A, a company’s whose owner, Dan Cathy, has expressed some staunch anti-LGBT views in the past. Taking to his widely-popular social media platform, Dorsey shared an image the purchases, and subsequent savings, he was able to access through a mobile app promotion. 

As a result, Dorsey was dragged online for his support a corporation whose CEO has openly denounced gay marriage in favour more traditional and conservative values. Soledad O’Brien, a former news anchor with CNN, notes the irony in supporting Chick-Fil-A, tweeting how “this is an interesting company to boost during Pride month.”

Dorsey directly responded to O’Brien’s tweet, noting how he had “completely forgot about their background.” 

However, many have begun to criticize Dorsey and O’Brien for publicly shaming a company that has never had any reported claims mistreatment towards LGBT staff or customers, and continually make charitable donations to the community.