Cardi B's Private Jet Makes Emergency Landing & She's Pissed

Cardi B was travelling again to New York after a fast cease in Los Angeles to see her child however issues did not precisely go as deliberate. The star was solely on the West Coast for seven hours earlier than hopping on a jet to get some work executed in her dwelling state, however she ended up touchdown in Chicago for an emergency.

Fortunately, the singer wasn’t in any critical hazard. There had been no mechanical damages to the non-public aircraft and her life was by no means threatened. TMZ is reporting that the jet needed to make a cease in Chi-Town as a result of any person on board wanted medical help. It’s unclear who was sick however they had been reportedly not half  the singer’s crew. Cardi up to date her Instagram story all through the ordeal as she clearly wasn’t impressed that her route wasn’t accomplished. “We needed to do an emergency touchdown in Chicago,” mentioned the rapper. “Let me let you know one thing, I am not taking no extra fucking jets, I do not give a fuck bro. These kind shits do not occur in fucking Delta.” 

Let me let you know one thing Cardi, you do not need to be flying Delta on a regular basis. That’s no knock on them both – it is truly a fairly snug airline. However, in case you’ve obtained the cash to fly non-public, do it. This is a minor mishap and you will get again to enterprise very quickly.

50 Cent Posts Up As Jet-Setting "Rap Tycoon": "Who The F*ck Said I Can't Rap?"

50 Cent ten uses his social media platforms to comment on hot topics or troll his haters. When he isn’t up to those kinds antics, his following can ten catch the rapper flexing. 

His latest post depicts the entertainer as a boss. Fifty uploaded a photoset himself posing on a jet landing in black and white gear, mixing casual style with affluent taste. His caption isn’t about his next destination. It reflects the bigger picture instead: the entrepreneur was on, has been on and will always be on.

He doesn’t specify who “they” are, but he might be referring to those who bashed his last single. After a hiatus spent away from the production original music for his personal projects, the rap veteran came through with “Get The Strap.” Some fans were second-guessing his choice collaborators.

Either way, there is no doubt the dude is doing well for himself. At this point, he’s more than a triple-threat. 

Future Calls Bullsh*t On Woman Claiming He Promised "To Fly Her Out"

There’s no better to fight f an inquisition into your private life, than to handle biz yourself. Future did just that, responding to an Instagram user who made one “their exchanges” public. The Instagram user, going by the handle @real.shyanne posted a screen cap in which “Wya? Im bout to fly you out.” It’s unclear what spurred the conversation, but “Shyanne” as we’ll call her, mentioned in passing that Future’s solicitation was essentially her meal ticket: “Welp thats my mil ticket , bye yall.”

Then the post started to gain traction on the social media platform, and Future soon took notice, where he refuted ever coming into contact with hers truly. His response: “Dats cap.., it was allll a dream! Nice Photoshop, enjoy.”

Believe what you will, but several Instagram chimed in with their support, others ragged on her completely, giving her comment section the pretense a gender clash, some arguing for/against “clout chasing,” others more suspicious Future and his rumored exploits. This minor clash follows weeks  misapprehension over cryptic Tweets, many thought you were directed at Ciara, but alas it doesn’t really matter. 

If Future is right to frame the screen cap a “photoshop,” it would represent one the many perils being famous for which rappers like himself must cope with daily. There’s also a minor chance he caught lackin’ on the web. The jury’s is out.

Iggy Azalea Twerks With A Bucket Of KFC On Her Butt

Iggy Azalea has been enjoying the summer, surviving by releasing a few singles and showing f her assets any chance she gets. If you follow her on Instagram, you know that the majority her recent posts are either twerking videos, flattering photos showing f her behind or promo for her new songs. As the release date for Survive The Summer nears, Iggy seems destined to keep her audience’s interest piqued and if they’re not entirely messing with her music, at least she’s getting IG likes. 

Posing next to a jet, the Australian recording artist crouched down, showing f her curves to her millions followers. In the gallery, Iggy made sure to give the fans yet another twerking video, marking her millionth twerk clip in just a few weeks. Sure, she’s only posted about a dozen but it definitely feels like more when it’s almost all she’s been doing. It has been working for her though as reception has been strong for “Kream” so far. 

Keeping us all confused and somewhat intrigued, Azalea showed f her twerking abilities by bouncing a KFC bucket fried chicken on her ass in front the jet, leaving us wondering what on earth even made her think doing this. She didn’t go too far before her friend in the background grabbed the chicken as it was about to fall but the exhibit is still pretty interesting.

Survive The Summer is currently scheduled to release August 3. Are you looking forward to it or can it wait?

Future Joins Lil Duval In Doing The "Living My Best Life" Challenge

Future is the latest celeb/rapper to take the Lil Duval “Living My Best Life” challenge to heart. The Atlanta heavyweight jumped on Instagram and bbegan documenting his leisure suite, a series vignettes which included a ton wasted liquor, an improvisational piano set, and the boarding a private jet.

Every step the way, Future sang “I’m Living My Best,” words bestowed to the World by Lil Duval in his new song “Smile B*tch.” The record has spurred a bunch “socially acceptable” stunts including one by Duval himself where he smokes a joint in a department store. 

Future has earned his vacation time after pulling f a series orchestrated maneuvers. First he curated both sides to the Superfly soundtrack, performing on a great number the songs. It was his first experience in an executive role other this day-to-day functions as the CEO  Freebandz, a subsidiary Sony Music. 

Then on July 6th he unveiled Beastmode 2, the follow up to his genre-defining collaboration with producer Zaytoven. So when you see the usually reserved Future Hendricks pouring expensive liquor into a wading pool, know for certain he’s earned his right to say, “I’m not going back and forth with you ******, I’m living my best life.”

The Weeknd's Manager, Cash, NAV, Gunna & Wheezy Take Private Jet To New Music

Wheezy has been kicking it with a sparkly squad that includes NAV, Gunna, and The Weeknd’s manager, Amir “Cash” Esmailian. In the spirit this generation’s “picture or it didn’t happen” concept, Wheezy posted a photo the group to his Instagram today. The four music heads posed in front a private plane. The homie, The Weeknd, might have been the one snapping the picture. Who knows? Either way, it is safe to say that new music may be on the horizon.

Numerous collaborations have already been birthed between members this new crew. NAV has previously collaborated with his Canadian fellow, The Weeknd. You can find the artists’ respective styles coalescing on NAV’s “Some Way,” a track f his self-titled debut. NAV can be found alongside Metro Moomin on Gunna’s “Carsick.” Gunna returns the favor by adding his own sauce to NAV’s “Eat.” As for Wheezy, well, he has been jamming behind the scenes with all the current favorites. This includes, from our pictured batch, Gunna for his track “Don’t Give Up.” 

Between all these collaborations, fans can start speculating about what a collaborative project featuring these players might sound like. In the meantime, they can check out our latest Fire Emoji playlist. 

Regular, Degular Lady Gets A Whole Jet To Herself Thanks To A Mix-Up At The Airport

A woman who identified herself as Beth got superstar treatment when her flight from Rochester, N.Y. to Washington, D.C. got canceled on Tuesday, January 2. Beth was accidentally rebooked for a jet only meant for crew members.

“I got a whole plane to myself,” she wrote on , alongside a photo her Kool-Aid smile, which all left us wondering “Why don’t things like this ever happen to us?”

Here’s how she told the story, according to Daily Mail:

“I realized something was wrong when I was the only one in the waiting area 45 minutes before take f. One the airport agents came over while I was waiting and asked if that was the flight I was waiting for then said ‘I knew this would happen.’ When my flight was canceled about 8 hours earlier a confused agent gave me and half the passengers a seat for the plane in the pic before another agent realized everyone could go on an earlier flight. They made an announcement on the speaker but I’d already left to go back to my parent’s house nearby to wait for the next few hours. I was never contacted about the flight change.”

Only the plane’s two pilots and one flight attendant, who fered her food and beverages, were on the jet. What a way to start 2018.