Freddie Gibbs Channels "Big Zaddy Kane" In Spoof Music Video

Freddie Gibbs dropped a puzzling new video titled “Lets Make Some Cash” in which he plays an 80s casanova in the mold Gerald Levert or a slightly impish version Big Daddy Kane. Bear in mind, Big Daddy Kane is no stranger to euphemistic language, as demonstrated by his 1991 Playgirl Spread, a decision which split fans into factions: one more accepting than the other. Then again, a master his domain can no wrong when fully invested in his character. Gibbs’ transformation into Freddie Kane for one is a splendid tale seduction, intended for the purpose his own bemusement, and maybe yours too.

“Freddie Kane” begins his unveiling with his back turned. 808s and a basic symphony fills the air to get the ball rolling. Money signs cloud the screen, a ripple current catches your eye, so to depict time travel. All these effects paint Freddie in a light we’ve never seen him in. Almost instantaneously we forget the Tupac comparisons, and the inexpressible sigh that comes with his regular expression.

Freddie’s new spo comes f the heels his latest release, a self-titled project which acts as a preclude for the more comprehensive and perhaps serious Bandana LP. A few the songs from the album trailer were spos as well, namely “Smokin’’That TKO,” and “Bitch You Better Clean Them Sheets.”