Ciara Slays Her "Ellen Show" Appearance Performing "Dose" & "Level Up"

Both Ciara’s current singles have been dance-heavy tracks which have sparked Instagram dance challenges in all places. “Level Up” and “Dose” are coming f an upcoming tape by the singer that can be her first venture since 2015’s Jackie. Showing extra like to her music, the 35-year-old paid a go to to The Ellen DeGeneres present to carry out her tracks, slaying a mashup the 2 with a hearth backup dance crew.

“Yeah, I’m tremendous, tremendous enthusiastic about my album. I’ve been having a lot enjoyable engaged on it. I really began recording a bit bit it earlier than I gave start to Sienna in order that was actually enjoyable; dancing round with my large stomach within the studio,” Ciara mentioned her upcoming tape. “But I’ve been engaged on it for a short while, and it’s actually coming collectively, and I can’t wait to share it with my followers.”

She added: “There is a few cool stuff occurring. (Laughs) No, however as soon as it’s prepared I’m undoubtedly going to current it to my followers one of the simplest ways I understand how.”

Check out her full Ellen efficiency beneath.

Ciara Rallies Her Troops For Atlanta Street Pep Rally Dancing To "Dose" Single

Ciara went the additional mile for her newest monitor “Dose” when she headed residence to Atlanta and bought a quantity dancers and followers all within the streets her metropolis to movie a particular video for her single. In the visible beneath, you possibly can see Ciara breaking it down with the ATL skyline within the background, preaching her lyrics: “I am a groundbreaking lady, I get loud once I wanna, Put me down, I am going to go more durable.”

“You by no means know what may occur within the streets Atlanta. Atlanta is a spot I name residence. The place I spent most my life rising up. Atlanta formed me to be who I’m in the present day as an artist. On this evening, we determined to exit within the streets Atlanta and get a little bit bit that ‘Dose,'” Cici says within the video – test it out beneath.

Ciara was just lately featured in Cosmopolitan journal and detailed how no dream was too huge to get, and regardless of her huge targets, no achievement will evaluate to her children and husband. “I believe my biggest accomplishment 10 years from now could be that I might have a profitable life because it pertains to my marriage and being a mother. It’s cool to wish to do all these artistic issues, however it’s no good to realize the world should you lose your soul.”

Hustler's Ambition: 10 Essential Podcasts For Maximizing The Grind

We’re getting deep into September and for many us, this means one thing: a return to the grind. As such, it is imperative for us to gather the discipline, commitment and focus to finish the year strong. Whether you’re a student returning to school seeking that extra motivation, a self-made entrepreneur in need a daily push, or even a dreamer looking to get your journey started—here is a list Podcast crucial to anyone with ambition coursing through their veins. Check them out now, and get to work on becoming the greatest version you. 


Get your daily source inspiration with your hosts, high-performance business coaches Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne. The Empire Podcast delivers quality content with a honed focus on business, entrepreneurship and the art making better life decisions. Every week, our hosts converse with successful business owners and entrepreneurs on creative and efficient ways to convert passions into thriving, long-lasting and pritable business empires.


No-nonsense speaker and entrepreneur Andy Frisella’s MFCEO (Mother Fuckin’ Chief Executive Officer) podcast is the kick in the ass you need to get on your grind immediately. Frisella’s no-bullshit delivery will provide the picker-upper you need to win big at business and life. As best described by Frisella: “the MFCEO Project is for anyone who is sick the fluffy unicorns and rainbows style talking about pursuing goals and priting in business.”

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070 Shake Dumps Julz As Her Manager: "Love You Regardless"

070 Shake has effectively done away with her management group led by Julz 1 AM vibes. We have learned that Shake, who is signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint, is now represented by an Los Angeles-based consortium called Paradigm Agency. Julz née Julz Goddard, first came into contact with Shake in 2016 when her “Proud” single was making the rounds. Since then the name both names have been inseparably linked, though Julz has other interests outside her managing duties. Julz’ “social media” influence has made her an asset to up-and-coming artists such as 070 Shake, that is until now.

The announcement literally came out nowhere like a ton bricks, with 070 Shake instructing her contacts to lose Julz’ contact information and pm her.

After leaving her fans in the cold for a moment, Shake revealed that her split with Julz was simply pressional; that her decision has no bearing on her love for Julz Goddard.

Before that came to to pass, Julz was left wondering herself what had transpired. A Twitter user reacting to Shake’s posts asked Julz to comment on the situation. Julz’ response: “People change…Or maybe she was never who I thought she was in the first place.”

While the breakup appeared to be headed for disaster, the two seem to be playing nice with spotlight turned in their direction. Hopefully both parties can come to some understanding so they can salvage their deep-lying friendship. 

Ciara Shares Intimate Look At The Making Of "Level Up" Music video

Ciara is making a solid comeback. First, she caused social media to lose its breath over a “latex goddess” photoshoot. Then, only a couple days later, a music video was released for her new single entitled “Level Up.” The choreography that propelled the video clip had fans losing their breath in a different way. This time, her following got hype over their own reinterpretations the dance moves she served. The dance craze was formed with thousands remakes.

Cici doesn’t shy away from getting personal with her fanbase. She had joined the fun the viral trend, dancing in her bathrobe. Now, she’s fering an exclusive look at the creation the music video from which all this buzz was spawned.

The intention this project aligned with the message the song. Pushing herself and trying something new in efforts to challenge herself was at the heart Ciara’s vision. She gives props to the choreographer who helped her to that end by adding a unique flair to her music video.

Ciara is encouraging fans to view more exclusive content available on the TraceMe App.

Missy Elliott, Macklemore & Others Rally For Ciara's Inspirational "Level Up" Videos

The latest leg Ciara’s career revolves around inspiring her fans to reach new heights for themselves. Her motivational message has most recently been shared through the music video for her single “Level Up.” Now, other celebrities are joining CiCi in her pursuit the good life. Many have filmed clips themselves sharing the ways in which they plan to create more purpose and meaning for themselves.

Ciara posted a couple these clips to Instagram. The first features Serena Williams who encourages self-love by saying she plans to “be good to myself”. Janelle Monae says her plans involve being “more in the present.”

Others seem attracted to this kind mindfulness too. Lala speaks meditation and Kelly Rowland mentions gratitude.

The second clip features Missy Elliot who looks as good as ever. The icon seems humble as she describes her desire to surround herself with people who “are way more creative” than she is. The clip also includes Chris Pratt talking fitness and Jennifer Hudson setting her aims on an attitude shift by “never allowing other people’s ugly to mess up my beautiful”

Fans can check out more #LevelUp content through the TraceMe app where Ciara intends to share her most intimate behind-the-scenes content.

Ciara Drops A Date While Using The Hashtag That Previously Got Her Dragged

Ciara might be revving up to a pinnacle point in her career. Yesterday, the singer came through with a sultry photo shoot. Her fans went nuts for her “latex-goddess” look. Today, Ciara delivers a more demure photo set. Still, the caption is making many do a double-take. She posted the same three photos on both Twitter and Instagram with captions that all included “#LevelUp 7.18.18.” Her most recent post added “Get Ready To Dance ??” to the tagline.

Fans are going nuts in her feed since the posts point to new music some kind (or a clothing line, smh). The type content has yet to be revealed but a new single is likely since no proper rollout has been made for a full-length album. Then again, the artist might be pulling f her own version a quasi-surprise drop. Either way, the date is exciting since Ciara hasn’t released any full-length projects since Jackie in 2015. 

None her recent efforts have charted in the mainstream sphere since 2016. Of course, this might be due to the star’s personal life. Ciara demonstrated what it means to “#LevelUp” when she ditched Future and married a seemingly better fit. Perhaps her continuous use the controversial hashtag is meant to foreshadow her reaching new heights in her pressional life as well. 

Ciara Faces Serious Backlash After "Level Up" Marriage Tweet

When she’s not posting certified thirst trap material on her Instagram page, R&B singer Ciara is now taking to posting marriage advice? Sure seems like it.

Earlier today, the happily married wife Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tweeted out a video that contains a video clip from a sermon done by pastor John W. Gray III. Supposedly revealing the secret a successful union, the words that were said in the footage she shared were not taken lightly by her fans. 

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Gray preaches some controversial messages in the video, detailing that the scripture says that, “‘He that finds a wife finds a good thing.’ It didn’t say, ‘He that finds a girl that he’s attracted to, who he then begins to date, who he then calls his girlfriend, who he then buys a ring, proposes to and makes her his fiancée, who he then marries later who becomes his wife.” It gets worse when he elaborates: “You’re not a wife when I marry you, you’re a wife when I find you.” Well then…

Needless to say, the Twitterverse did not react kindly to that kind one-sided message, as witnessed by this sampling the replies to Ciara’s tweet:

Besides the implied shaming women who do not fall into this typical stereotype a submissive marriage, there’s also the fact that Ciara called f her engagement to previous partner Future amid rumors infidelity. Looks like she’s got a lot to answer for with this tweet.

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Do you agree with the message the video that she tweeted? Let us know in the comments.