Ray J's Wife Wants Another Baby But Claims He Can't Get It Up Anymore

Ray J and his spouse Princess Love welcomed their first daughter, Melody, 7 months in the past. The couple is already wanting ahead to increasing their household. During an interview with BET’s Raq Rants, Love expressed her want to have one other child and complained in regards to the couple’s setbacks. According to the younger mom, her man’s failing libido is guilty for the holdup. View the hilarious clip beneath.

The first situation she mentions considerations the frequency the love-making. When requested whether or not child #2 is on the way in which, Princess Love fers a response that shocked Ray J: “I hope so,” she mentioned. “But it’s a must to have intercourse, too. So, it has to go hand-in-hand… We’ve performed it like 3 times.” This was solely the start her grievance.

Ray J's Wife Wants Another Baby But Claims He Can't Get It Up Anymore

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Ray was fast to object. “I am all the time prepared,” Ray J responded. “I’ve by no means been limp.” His spouse was even swifter in her jaw-dropping rebuttal, shutting his claims down with a slight smile on her face.  “You’ve been limp, recently. It does not even stand up anymore.” 

The type predicament they’re coping with is often a personal matter however the lovers appear snug airing our their points. This comes amid the resurfacing some tapes Ray J filmed together with his ex-boo, Kim Kardashian.

Chrissy Teigen Says John Legend Is "Totally Turned On" Even When She Feels "Filthy"

Although Chrissy Teigen has stated that her intercourse life together with her husband is considerably “vanilla,” the pair clearly have intense chemistry. Their connection is noticeable to the general public eye and their gushing about one another is affirmation what many their followers would doubtless assume. The newest out Chrissy’s mouth factors to their unconditional love and sexual urge for food.

Teigen reveals how John is DTF irrespective of the state her look.

This does imply quite a bit contemplating the ever-changing nature a mom’s physique and elegance. While some individuals criticized the entertainer for her fluctuating physique weight and coiffure selections, John Legend has stood by her aspect making her really feel like a intercourse goddess.

Trump Is A One-Pump Chump: Porn Star Stormy Daniels Says He Lasted "2 Minutes"

Stormy Daniels has been giving interviews despite the non-disclosure agreement she was made to sign in 2016. The adult film actress recently opened up to Vogue about her relationship with the current commander in chief, president Donald Trump.

The porn star says that he couldn’t handle a long session sexual intercourse. When the interviewer asked her about the affair, she responded with her own question: “How many details can you really give about two minutes?” The witty reply was questioned by the interviewer who asked if Trump really only lasted 2 minutes. Daniels slightly recants in a surprising way: “Maybe. I’m being generous.”

Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has pleaded guilty in a case that involves him paying Stormy Daniels $130K  in order to acquire her silence. Cohen affirms that this crime was committed when he followed Trump’s orders in anticipation his presidential campaign in 2016. Trump maintains that the relationship he had with his lawyer was distant and that he was not involved with the hush money.

Since then, video footage Cohen boarding Trump’s plane circa 2016 has surfaced. Trump might be facing impeachment and other legal issues. These types consequences would be a hefty price to pay for a 2 minutes romp and broken silence.

Cardi B Turns Into A Sex Fiend Three Weeks After Giving Birth To Kulture

Cardi B is generous with her fans when it comes to sharing her thoughts and expressing her mood. It seems as though the rapper hasn’t much a filter. This is apparent through some her most recent tweets. The “I Like It” artist took to the social media platform to dish about the current state her libido.

She tweeted a photo her husband, Offset, with a tasty caption: “Hey cowboy, I want to take a ride on your horse.”

Since giving birth to her daughter a couple weeks ago, Cardi is likely to still be healing from the labor. One her fans pointed this out by tweeting, “You probably still gotta finish healing first,” followed by a laugh-crying face emoji. The celeb confirmed her plight, typing, “3 weeks and 4 days Yes b*tch I’m counting, wassup!”

In early June, a pregnant Cardi expressed similar feelings since she had to abstain from sex as she approached her due date. She would’ve been down to a ride back then too, but her body simply couldn’t handle it.

Cardi has been working on her post-baby body. Hopefully, she will bounce back and hop on the saddle before the dry spell reaches her sanity.

*Cue “Pony”*