Miguel & Model Nazanin Mandi Grab Marriage License In Los Angeles

Love is within the air. It’s at the moment cuffing season, and in every single place you look, persons are falling in love. I’ve lengthy believed that the mix colder climate and the vacations gas the top yr cuffing season. Early people might have huddled up for heat across the colder months, creating some kind programming in our brains that yearns for cuddles, heat, and closeness in the course of the winter. On high that, Christmas and Thanksgiving promote love and happiness, and emotion that’s magnified when two persons are crushing on one another. 

With that in thoughts, it appears to be like like Miguel is getting married. The proficient vocalist and songwriter seems to be locking issues down along with his highschool sweetheart, mannequin Nazanin Mandi. According to TMZ, Miguel went right down to the courthouse on Monday (November 19) in Los Angeles to seize a wedding license. The couple allegedly signed the papers with a bunch buddies in tow to rejoice and cheer for the lovers.

Miguel & Model Nazanin Mandi Grab Marriage License In Los AngelesMike Windle/Getty s for MTV

Miguel has recognized Mandi because the age 18, and he or she’s been his journey or die since earlier than he was a well-known singer. The couple obtained engaged in 2016, and it appears to be like like their busy schedules have lastly opened up sufficient for them to take a dive into the wedding deep finish. 

London's Wireless Festival No Longer Allows Artists To Swear Or Wear Vulgar Clothing

London’s annual Wireless Music Festival has agreed to a brand new time period insurance policies to make sure that it is regular location at Finsbury Park will keep the identical. The Friends Finsbury Park had regular complaints  noise ranges, drug taking, and anti-social behaviour and Live Nation was solely granted a renewal on their license after a brand new set guidelines. 

BBC stories that the brand new circumstances embrace a “request that performers don’t sing or play any vulgar, obscene or banned songs or perform indecent acts or make any vulgar gestures, actions or remarks through the efficiency.” Performers should additionally “not fend most of the people” similar to “apparel which exposes the groin, personal components, buttock or feminine breast(s)”. The final day the competition will now finish 30 minutes sooner than regular and sound limits will even be put into place. 

Past headliners the competition embrace Chance The Rapper, J. Cole, and The Weeknd. The Finsbury Park affiliation are joyful their requests have been met, however their predominant want wanting fewer attendees was rejected. The occasion attracts crowds as much as 37,000 individuals and has sparked 67 complaints about noise. 

Travis Scott's "Maria I'm Drunk" Is Now On Streaming Services

Travis paid the cost and lo and behold, 2015’s “Maria I’m Drunk” is now available on a few streaming services, so plan accordingly. The song featuring Young Thug and Justin Bieber was a much beloved inclusion on Travis’ debut Rodeo, but was only accessible to those who paid for the album. Case in point, that Travis Scott has been employing the bait and switch technique well before he came under fire vis-à-vis a bitter Nicki Minaj. 

Many theories persisted for X amount years about the song’s omission. One theory pertained that Travis had to “unpublish” the song because the Bieber was featured on an earlier Diplo recording titled “Bankroll.” Another legion fans believed that Bieber’s parent label was trying to “white-wash” his image, by removing all Justin rap verses in existence, unpublished or otherwise. Although entirely speculative, the theory is worth a read over here in the Apple Music subreddit.

“Maria I’m Drunk” is available TIDAL & Apple Music, and remains unlockable on Spotify, where the track is simply blackened out within the track list. I never thought fans would lose their shit over a mere loosie, but let the World dream otherwise. 

Faith Evans' Marriage License Excludes The Notorious B.I.G. As First Husband: Report

The legal documents that allowed Faith Evans to elope with Stevie J have virtually changed history. The couple’s marriage license disregards the fact that Evans was ever married to her very first husband, The Notorious B.I.G. whose real name is Christopher Wallace. The young Bad Boy Records label mates had tied the knot in 1994 and were separated shortly before his death in 1997. The marriage license allowed Faith Evans and Stevie J, who is also linked to Bad Boy, to get married in a Las Vegas Hotel room. 

The section that is meant to reflect all previous marriages effectively excludes her first with Biggie. The documents state that the current marriage license was acquired for a second marriage, as opposed to a third one. The previous and only divorce date mentioned is 2012. Faith Evans says the clerk made the mistake. She claims to have clearly stated that her newest husband Stevie J was her third. The omission was not her intention: “Biggie was my first true love, he will always be acknowledged as such. Everyone knows he was my husband.”

Faith Evans' Marriage License Excludes The Notorious B.I.G. As First Husband: Report

Thanks to the singer’s candor, the public also knows about some her sexual escapades with her first love. Faith Evans is also releasing a seemingly intimate music video for her duet with Stevie J. Their single, “A Minute,” drops this week.


Report: Faith Evans And Stevie Are Getting Married?

It seems like Faith Evans and Stevie J are soon to be married. The couple was spotted applying for a marriage license in Las Vegas. It is reported that the documents were filed on Tuesday. The two are already referring to each other as if they were married. A quick exchange on Twitter had Stevie J proclaiming his love to the singer: “I love you Faith Renee Jordan.” Evans, whose last name still appears in her Twitter handle, responded in kind.

This news comes shortly after some their collaborative work was teased on Instagram. Stevie posted behind-the-scenes footage the visuals they shot for their single “A Minute.” The entertainers portray some truly intimate moments on camera. The chemistry palpable and will hopefully last longer than their song’s title.

This might not be a good look for Evans, considering her lover’s history. Just last year, the singer spoke to Angela Yee about her reservations concerning her romantic relationship with Stevie, after having filmed episodes for his reality TV show Leave It To Stevie

Peep the full interview below.

Stüssy Celebrates Bob Marley's Most Iconic Albums In New Summer Collection

The Bob Marley estate has always been up to task, securing a sizeable cut away from the bootleg industry. s Bob Marley have been depoliticized like Mao and Che Guevara before him, all gesturing a yellow book call for revolution. Streetwear company Stüssy had other things in mind when they rolled out a collection graphic tees borrowing his graphic image, all without drawing too closely upon an inextricable political message.

The graphics include artwork from several Bob Marley’s tour posters, artwork, merch etc. A few the t-shirts make reference to his 1978 record Kaya, as well as his iconic imprint Tuff Gong. All images have been provided by the artists.

Stüssy Celebrates Bob Marley's Most Iconic Albums In New Summer Collection

Stüssy Celebrates Bob Marley's Most Iconic Albums In New Summer Collection

Stüssy Celebrates Bob Marley's Most Iconic Albums In New Summer Collection

The longer tees look the part concert merch, with less emphasis on the illusion tie dye and more a historical record each event. Much Bob Marley’s tour posters and cover art preceded an era sensory. Stüssy considered Marley’s simplified reggae aesthetic when they put together the patchwork design.

Streetwear have a way overexploiting a simple idea, something for which Stüssy is not guilty doing. Naysayers will never-the-less remark redundancy posed by Bob Marley imaging, but that in itself is an issue semantics.

Stüssy Celebrates Bob Marley's Most Iconic Albums In New Summer Collection

Stüssy Celebrates Bob Marley's Most Iconic Albums In New Summer Collection

The Stüssy Bob Marley Collection will be available at all chapter stores as  yesterday (July 6th).