Bill Cosby Pays $1.eight Million In Taxes From Jail

After years controversy over the accusations towards him, Bill Cosby was lastly sentenced to between three and ten years in jail for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. Since the decision in September, there have been responses that vary from the questionable to the comparatively extra sane. There’s Young Thug’s Instagram submit implicitly denying the decision, or Snoop Dogg’s the place he makes use of the event to name for justice for Emmet Till. The State California Franchise Tax Board has come just a little late to the social gathering however they’ve determined to take benefit Cosby’s being caught in jail to get the cash he owes them. Bill Cosby Pays $1.8 Million In Taxes From Jail

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Last August, the day earlier than Cosby’s lawyer requested to be faraway from his retrial, the state filed a $1.eight million lien for the taxes owed by Cosby and his spouse Camille from the 12 months 2015 (a lien being a maintain on property till the debt is payed f). The state California has utilized to raise the lien after Cosby payed the just about $2 million from jail. The particular jail known as the Phoenix Pennsylvania’s State Correctional Institute (sure, named after the hen that rises from the ashes, which Cosby doubtless will not do) the place Cosby may find yourself as half their 1200-person workforce hemming pants for $zero.49 an hour.

See photographs the receipt Cosby’s fee right here. 

Quavo & Takeoff Hit With $14Okay Tax Liens

In the land the free and the house the courageous, you higher pay your taxes. Messing round with Uncle Sam’s cash is a criminal offense that nobody has time for. Those who earn hundreds of thousands a 12 months, akin to celebrities, are hit with some the best taxes within the nation. We’ve watched because the IRS destroys careers and repossesses houses so as to get their pay. You would assume the federal government earned the cash themselves with how viciously they are going to tear down anybody who owes an exorbitant quantity in again taxes. When it involves the IRS, it is best to play it protected and stick with the script. 

According to The Blast, Migos members Quavo and Takef have been hit with tax liens attributable to unpaid taxes from two years in the past. According to ficial paperwork, the Georgia Department Revenue filed the tax lien in opposition to Quavo for failing to pay a state tax invoice $14,055. Takef was hit with a lien on the identical day as Quavo for $14,348. While Quavo’s lien has been launched attributable to full fee, Takef’s has but to be launched. A lien may end up in the federal government garnishing your wages or declaring your property as their very own. 

Tyga's Breakup With Kylie Jenner May Have Furthered Tax Issues: Report

Tyga and Kylie Jenner have pushed down a protracted, winding highway to get to the place they’re now. They first met in 2011 when T-Raw carried out at Kendall Jenner’s 16th celebration. From then on, you may see that Kylie was smitten with him. They did not pursue a romantic relationship till years later (when she turned 18) nevertheless it seems as if the California rapper could have been slightly distracted throughout their whole timeline that he forgot to pay his taxes. When they broke up for good, he utterly forgot to file his taxes once more and a few are saying it has to do with the stress his ex-girlfriend getting knocked up by Travis Scott.

The most up-to-date tax lien that Tyga was hit with dates from late August, asking for over $317Okay primarily based on his 2016 earnings. The Blast is reporting that he would have filed his taxes in April 2017, which occurs to be the month he and Kylie known as it quits for the ultimate time. Weeks after their breakup, Kylie was noticed with Travis Scott for the primary time. The life-changing second in Tyga’s life could have distracted him from getting his monetary work finished. If that is not the case, it in all probability simply grew to become sufficient a behavior after not doing taxes since 2011 that he determined to only flow.

Thankfully, Tyga has been on a comeback run, releasing some his finest work in years. We’re excited to see what’s subsequent for the artist as he makes an attempt to show his legacy round.

Nas Reportedly Accused Of Owing Over $300K In Back Taxes

Nas’ album rollout is a little different than usual. With the shocking announcement last week that Kanye West would be producing a new Nas album on top the four projects he had already planned, many fans the rap legend were instantly excited. The 24-year anniversary Illmatic’s release just passed and a return to Nas’ classic roots would please any his diehard supporters, though the mere idea a Nas record dropping in a few months is amazing enough. Yesterday, Kelis detailed the extent her relationship with Nas, stating that he was a blackout drunk who abused her. Stating at one point that she had bruises all over her body, this is likely not the type publicity Nas was expecting in advance his project’s release.

A new report released by Bossip suggests that the legend owes over $300K in back taxes to the state Georgia. Giving Nas even more a potential headache to deal with, the liens state that the rapper owes money from 2007 and 2010, noting that he has paid a portion his tax debt but that he still owes a great deal money. The documents write that Nas has until May 15 to pay the remainder his debt and, if he is unsuccessful in doing so, additional charges will be added.

This is your daily reminder to file your taxes correctly because Uncle Sam is undefeated with an impeccable knockout percentage. We’ll keep you updated on Nas’ legal situation as updates come.