Fat Joe Predicted Tekashi 6ix9ine's Downfall, & He Regrets His Foresight

Fat Joe invited Tekashi 6ix9ine onto his Coca Vision stay steam on TIDAL 9 months in the past, and a warning he gave the rainbow-haired rapper was spot on. In the section, Fat Joe warns Tekashi that the police will likely be coming for him. “One million p.c, they’re plotting on you,” he exclaimed within the video. “You acquired so much power round you, so the query is. Do you wish to achieve success? Do you wish to be the king? Do you wish to be wealthy, do you wish to take care your loved ones? What do you wanna do? ‘Cause I gotta inform you, as an OG… one transfer. They ‘gon attempt to throw you in there. Big time. Do you perceive this?” Apparently, Tekashi did not perceive. Check out the interview beneath on the eight:30 mark.

TMZ caught up with Fat Joe just lately, and requested him the way it felt to appropriately predict how Tekashi can be taken down. “I used to be simply making an attempt to high school him,” Fat Joe admits. “I been by way of that, I had the warmth on me, you already know, I used to be wilin’ within the streets. I attempted to inform him as a younger child, it is my job.” Fat Joe additionally reveals that he was with Tekashi just some weeks in the past in Dubai, and the 2 stayed on the similar lodge. It was then that Tekashi advised Joe that he felt like he was about to be wrapped up in some prison costs. It explains why Tekashi fired his complete workers, in an try to distance himself from the crew. 

Kodak Black Longs For The Campus Life: "What College Should I Go To?"

Imprisonment is objectively a challenging time for anyone. Some people get out and stay out, while others aren’t so lucky. In the case Kodak Black, bets might just be on his achieving the former. Ever since he was released from prison with that new hairdo, the homie seems to have changed. And recently, the next venture the rapper is entertaining involves the college experience.

One Kodak’s latest tweets asks his fans: “What college should I go to?”

Although the idea attending college is generally decreasing in popularity, his following did not hesitate to give him suggestions. Many pointed to the entertainer’s own home state Florida. Others responded with humor.

People probably aren’t worried about having another brother drown in debt from pursuing a college education. Kodak has proved to have a completely different set values than he did prior to going to prison. He recently ditched 100K worth performance opportunities to focus on the production new music. His focus on building the new Kodak Black is undeniable.

The Florida native surprised many people when he studied for, passed his GED and ficially earned his High School Diploma. We are rooting for him when it comes to this next academic challenge.

Future Says Tweets About His Romantic Life Were Misconstrued

Yesterday Future jumped on Twitter to air out a pervading sentimental side we’re only beginning to gauge. The brevity each Tweet left a lot room for interpretation, chance being several us who covered the “angle” may have been misled. But truth be told, if those Tweets were intended as a response to a thread on Zoey Dollaz’ Twitter page, as he so contends, would they not carry some trail correspondence? We’ll have to take him at his word.

The onslaught Tweets began as Future marked the 4-year anniversary his breakup/bachelor status, with a series posts outlining his daily inquisition to remain single and unencumbered. Future expressed that “Love is in the air,” something I interpreted as him to coming to grips with the ephemerality love & desire. An inarguable position would require him to remove innuendo from those remarks.

On the other side the fence Zoey Dollaz was busy answering queries from his fans, some as mundane as “what’s yall favorite snack?” If Future were in fact entering the AMA grace period, would he not have done so on Zoey Dollaz’ page? Something tells me Future was intentionally sarcastic about his romantic push, or deep in regret the day after a tragic overshare.

Charlamagne Tha God Wishes XXXTENTACION Spoke More On Life Rather Than Death

People are still in shock from the news XXXTENTACION’s death. Shortly after the news emerged, a certain clip the late rapper speaking what he hopes his legacy would be after he died. It wasn’t something uncommon for X. As much as he did try to push positivity to his following, he’d also openly speak on how he wish he would be remembered after he died. However, Charlamagne Tha God wishes X would’ve spoke more on life rather than death prior to his murder.

TMZ recently caught up with Charlamagne Tha God at New York City’s Tribeca Film Center and spoke to him about X’s recent death. The radio talk show host explained that he wish that X and more the younger generation would focus more on life and inspire kids that way.

“I don’t know much about XXXTENTACION] but when I did see him, I would see him say things like, ‘kill me so I don’t talk shit’ or I saw him talk about ‘I might die tragically’ and stuff like that.” He said. “Look man, I’m not saying that’s what caused his demise, all I’m saying is that I want to encourage these kids to speak life.”

Charlamagne then went on to say that the OG’s in the game have a role in making sure the younger guys are on a better path in life. 

Peep the whole video below.