Snoop Dogg Shares Throwback High School Pic Circa 89′

Insar as hip-hop personalities are concerned, Snoop Dogg has become one the game’s essential Instagram priles. Between the countless memes, the historical throwback pics, and his approachable, down-to-earth sense humor, Snoop has been transparent when it comes to sharing fragments his life. Today, Snoop took it back to the late eighties, long before he’d link up with Dr. Dre and make history. In what can be assumed to be a senior picture from “Poly high 89,” the Doggfather gave us a glimpse the simpler times.

Snoop Dogg Shares Throwback High School Pic Circa 89'

Diane Freed/Getty s

“High school snoopy,” writes the Dogg, alongside the throwback picture. Naturally, his fans flooded the comments with admiration, with one openly wondering whether Snoop had discovered marijuana by this point. In all likelihood, the answer is yes. While he would go on to be discovered by Dr. Dre only three years later, Snoop was already dabbling in the lifestyle. According to a Times prile from 1993, Snoop was arrested on a drug charge one year removed from his high school graduation. 

In that very same Times piece, a fascinating read for anyone interested in hip-hop history, a 22-year-old Snoop spoke out against his decision to sell dope. “I want to stress something to the little kids out there: There ain’t nothin’ cool about selling dope,” he explained. “I did it because I thought it was cool but I was wrong and I went to jail for it. But when I was rappin’ in the county jail, a lot the older inmates told me, ‘Man, you’re too talented to be in here. You need to be outside, not wasting your life away with crime.” Who knows what the game might have looked had without that very same OG intervention. Respect to the legendary Uncle Snoop! 

Halle Berry Flexes Her Rock-Hard Abs In Insane New Picture

Every once in awhile, we’re reminded just how insanely fit Halle Berry is. The 53-year-old actress shouldn’t look as good as she does. However, because the hard work that she consistently puts in at the gym and on her diet, her appearance is still top-notch. Her supermodel looks were on full display in a new upload to social media, which is meant to encourage her fans to get to their lifestyle centers pronto and practice Fitness Friday. We’re sure a few people will be going for a run and working on their workout regimens after seeing this.

Halle Berry Flexes Her Rock-Hard Abs In Insane New Picture
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“One my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? Ripped Abs – and today? I finally got them, and it feels unbelievable,” wrote Halle, proving to the world that, yes, she is absolutely shredded. The star lifted up her shirt to flex her abdominal muscles and, holy crap, she’s looking like an absolute stunner. Still promoting the movie, Halle motivated her followers to set high goals for themselves in the gym so that they too can wake up looking as incredible as she does.

Take a look at Berry’s sculpted figure below and let us know your initial reactions in the comments. Is this enough to get you to watch Bruised, her upcoming fighting film?

Monsta X Moving on Without Wonho ⁠— Despite Desperate Fan Pleas

Monsta X has moved on as a group of six following the departure of Wonho. The group won their most recent appearance on The Show with the song, “Follow.”

26-year-old Wonho left the group last week, confirming the news in a hand-written letter. Fans were upset about his exit, throwing together . The ploy wasn’t enough to bring Wonho back into the fold, though.

The K-pop group has made their first appearance on The Show without their former bandmate. The group thanked their fandom ⁠⁠— collectively known as the Monbebes ⁠— for sticking with them. They promised to ‘rise back up after a fall.’

Many fans are still upset that Wonho left, though. They are sharing their displeasure on social media, saying Monsta X will always be a group of seven.

Wonho left the group amid allegations that he smoked marijuana and owed money. South Korean TV personality Jung Da-eun posted on social media to ask Wonho when he would pay her back ⁠— along with a host of other allegations.

Starship Entertainment rejected those claims but did reveal that Wonho may have been a troubled youth. A rep claims that he was incarcerated in a youth detention center in the past for theft. Wonho himself apologized in a hand-written note for what he called immature behavior in his youth.

“Although I have some immature moments and faults, I tried hard not to become ashamed of myself after I debuted as an idol trainee.”

I am announcing that I am leaving MONSTA X today. I am apologetic for causing harm to the members due to the unfortunate issues related to me. More than anything, I am sorry for disappointing my fans, who believed in me.”

Fans have been encouraging towards Wonho and his rehabilitation efforts. It looks like the Monbebes will continue on without Wonho, too.

Kendrick Lamar’s "M.A.A.D City" Birthed An Unreliable Narrator

A Good Kid in a Maad City but never a liar. Blame it on the youthful features. Kendrick Lamar’s word has been taken at face value since his debut studio album. Positing himself as a man out his element like Donny in The Big Lebowski. Yet from the moment Kendrick Lamar’s instant classic Good Kid Maad City unfolded in full narrative glory, it became clear that Compton was entrenched within his DNA. With that came two important tools for his arsenal. One, an authenticity earned from lived experience. Two, the cognizance to recognize his place within his surrounding social structure and the impact it would have on his rationality.

A Pulitzer Prize winner, Kendrick Lamar has always possessed a genius-level poetic sensibility. Insar as the written word Kenny has proved elite at instilling his songs with literary quality. One such quality is the presence the “unreliable narrator,” which on the surface may seem like a foil for authenticity. One the unreliable narrator’s primary moves is duplicity; what he might recount is a far cry from what actually transpired, leaving us to infer conclusions from the existing texts. Unraveling his motives can be a more strenuous form analysis, but ultimately a more rewarding one. In the case Kendrick Lamar, unreliability is worn like a mask that guards his intentions. It preserves his neutrality, allowing him to visit both sides the moral playground.

Kendrick Lamar's "M.A.A.D City" Birthed An Unreliable Narrator

Kevin Mazur/Getty s

“If I told you I killed a n***a at sixteen, would you believe me? 
Perceive me to be innocent Kendrick you seen in the street
With a basketball and some Now and Laters to eat?
If I mentioned all my skeletons, would you jump in the seat?”

The arguable turning point “maad City,” Kendrick Lamar presented the possibility his own unreliability in the form a philosophical question. By this point his nature as a “Good Kid” has been established; always the observer but never the perpetrator. Songs like “The Art Of Peer Pressure” paint him as a victim even while victimizing others. Moments heroism are directly linked with his prodigious creativity, like his scene-stealing “Backseat Freestyle.” Yet on the album’s explosive centerpiece, Kendrick confronts the violence head-on. His very cadence reflects his environment as it’s presented. Consider the opening segment, which finds his voice hitched in an audible panic. Though his lyrics suggest that his younger self was desensitized to the depravity his environment, his truth is betrayed by his vocal tone. Meticulous performer that he is, Kendrick has no problems planting evidence in every facet his expression. 

Kendrick is acutely aware his position as an unreliable narrator. The tone his lyrics mirrors the instrumental’s urgent first movement, lined with gangsta rap imagery and vengeful calls to action. One might be forgiven for thinking he’s paying homage to his forebears, many whom were long conditioned to the gangbanger’s lifestyle. Themes carried over from “The Art Of Peer Pressure” linger on “Maad City,” most notably the willingness to fit in. His declaration “fuck your truce” is as performative to his peers as it is to the listener. And yet, paired with THC & Sounwave’s production, it feels convincingly badass. Perhaps that’s because Kendrick remains a product Compton as much as those he rides with, which allows his speech to carry authority. Especially to somebody who has never so much as experienced violence second-hand. 

Kendrick Lamar's "M.A.A.D City" Birthed An Unreliable Narrator

Scott Dudelson/Getty s

When the track shifts gears in the second movement, a segue ushered in by the legendary MC Eiht, Kendrick Lamar allows his PTSD to trigger moments sincerity. In yet another connection to “Peer Pressure,” Kendrick directly references his role in abetting a burglary effort. Curiously, he makes no allusion to his own morality when reflecting upon his past. Whether his involvement left his inner “good Kid” shaken is open to interpretation. Seeing as he does leave himself susceptible and possibly even enticed by destructive forces, the answer to Kendrick’s aforementioned “would you believe me” question is made all the more cloudy. Were another rapper to ask the same question, it might be easier to draw a straightforward conclusion. With Kendrick Lamar, however, enough doubt has already settled. Even the slight hint mischief embedded within his tone speaks to his heightened sense self-awareness.

It’s already difficult enough to analyze Kendrick’s own emotional responses to some the more disturbing events in his life. It’s nigh impossible when we have Kendrick consciously manipulating our perceptions an image he’s already spent half an album establishing. By “Maad City’s” end it’s conceivable to imagine a sixteen-year-old Kendrick with smoking gun in hand. “Compton’s Human Sacrifice,” as he so eloquently concludes. Perhaps Kendrick is more intrigued about the ramifications such an act would have on his existing fanbase. Many whom adhere closely to the Good Kid persona on a morality spectrum. Kendrick famously posed a quandary on ToPimp A Butterfly closer “Mortal Man”: when shit hits the fan is you still a fan? At this stage, were Kendrick’s skeletons to emerge and litter the sun-scorched asphalt, at least he had the courtesy to issue a warning. 

Fetty Wap’s Apocalyptic Stay At Rental Home: Damages Revealed

Say it ain’t so, but it appears as if Fetty Wap was on his Kevin McAllister energy. According to The Blast, the rapper is currently facing f against his landlord after allegedly laying waste to his rental home. As they tell it, Fetty’s whirlwind lifestyle resulted in nearly two-hundred thousand dollars worth necessary renovations. It got so bad that the smell marijuana pervaded the very molecules the paint, leading to a full-scale renovation the entire household. 

Fetty Wap's Apocalyptic Stay At Rental Home: Damages Revealed

 Rodin Eckenroth/Getty s

Now, The Blast has detailed some the costs suffered following Fetty’s departure, the likes which would leave Mike Holmes absolutely aghast. It seems as if they commissioned BXD Construction to handle the majority the fix-up, and they certainly didn’t skimp on the painting budget. A re-coast the house’s interior ran them nearly fifteen thousand dollars. Perhaps the most egregious damage was done to the wood floors, which had to be re-done to the tune $33,540. From the sound it, Fetty’s stay was nothing short apocalyptic. 

The pad, located in the Hollywood Hills, was initially rented for a monthly rate $35,000. Seeing as the landlord had to essentially flip the entire place from scratch, he’s suing Fetty for $170,964 in damages. As now, Fetty has yet to respond to the lawsuit. May Lord have mercy on those poor wood floors. Check out the full list damages right here. 


Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Post-Prison Security Will Likely Cost Him Millions: Report

With his sentencing date rapidly approaching, we will soon find out the fate Tekashi 6ix9ine. The majority the hip-hop community is expecting him to be released almost immediately following his next court hearing. After all, the rapper has been complying with the feds and has become one the most notorious informants in music history. The industry is anticipating a clean return to music for him too with one label already signing him for a multi-million dollar deal. Likely choosing to not enter a witness protection program, 6ix9ine is literally risking his life to get back to his superstar lifestyle. In order to remain safe though, he will possibly need to shell out a hefty sum money to his security detail.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Post-Prison Security Will Likely Cost Him Millions: Report
Kevin Mazur/Getty s

Complex reportedly spoke with a team specialists regarding 6ix9ine’s post-jail security situation and, apparently, it will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Tekashi is set to take unprecedented measures to ensure he does not get attacked or worse, hiring a team 24/7 pressionals to take care him. Speaking with one Tek’s former bodyguards, the publication notes that the rapper will possibly have a special team assigned to him. “It entails around-the-clock, live-in security or a rotation shifts agents. Security gets paid to look over their shoulder so their client no longer has to,” said Shamir Bolivar, who used to work with 6ix9ine.

A minimum three agents and a maximum ten is expected to be protecting the star at all times and, over the course one year, security operations will likely cost just over $1 million. That means that 6ix9ine will need to sustain a very successful career to even afford to live. 

Best luck to the young man.

Safaree Whips Out His Jamaican Patois To Speak To His Daughter In The Womb

Safaree Samuels is expecting his first child with his new wife Erica Mena and it’s clear that he’s beyond excited to be a father. “I’m nervous. I’m in shock. I’m in disbelief. It’s very surreal to me. I don’t know what to do but I know I’m going to be great at what I do because I’m great at everything,” he previously stated

Safaree has shared a recent update to Instagram some his father duties he’s taking care before his daughter arrives and one them has him reading to his daughter in the womb so she becomes familiar with his voice. Naturally, being the Jamaican he is he recorded his voice in Patois so his daughter also gets acquainted with her culture even before she’s out the womb. “I just recorded my 1st voicebook for babies in the womb! Should I write a kids book? 😂🤦🏾‍♂️😩 My daughter is gonna have her hands full dealing with a crazy man like me,” he captioned the clip. 

“We’re going to be selective but at the same time, this baby will come out the womb working,” Safaree joked when discussing how their baby will be incorporated into their lifestyle. “I was working very early.  I’m about to pull a DJ Khaled. As soon as this baby comes out, we are working.”

This Famous YouTube Family Is Under Fire Amidst Sexual Assault Allegations

Over the years, Youtube has become a popular go-to when it comes to acquiring an accessible form entertainment. And as its popularity increased, the platform has allowed for many to make serious coins out the daring path the Youtuber lifestyle. Unfortunately, the latter also comes with great cost–much like any form celebrity–privacy becomes a thing the past and all (whether good or bad) is exposed for all to see. Most recently, Youtube couple the Ace Family, who have amassed great wealth along the years from their vlogs and views from 17 million followers, have been under fire. According to Vulture, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, are in the thick legal battles amidst both claims ual assault and extortion. Another YouTuber, Cole Carrigan has excused McBoom raping his friend. The claims were supported by screenshots text messages and alleged photos the victim’s bloody sheets the day after the claimed assault. 

Immediate outrage followed the claims and McBroom has since vehemently denied them, suggesting that Carrigan made up the story to extort the family. And now the Ace family is reportedly suing Carrigan for extortion. Carrigan has not publicly responded to the call for legal actions. We expect more on this later.

Universal Music Group Rebrands College Marketing Program

Universal Music Group has announced its intent to rebrand its college lifestyle marketing program, moving away from the previous UMUSIC Experience format to introduce °1824. It was on Thursday that the company revealed its plan at the invitations, an annual meeting that includes the grograms’s team along with the 85 students in the program.

“Our program has become a proven artist and career development platform,” Senior VP and head the program Todd Goodwin said in a statement. “Over the last four years, we evolved as our capabilities outgrew those traditional college programs. While career development, mentorship and job placement will continue to be central to our success, it became clear we needed to redesign our core program and, in turn, give our team an even larger platform to highlight their creativity by forming °1824.”

The new format the program will focus on giving college reps “actionable roles” on projects for UMG’s outreach. Projects would include influencer marketing, public relations, design, filmmaking, and strategic partnerships. Universal notes that the team was previously working on over 40 projects a month, including the behind-the-scenes series Beyond The Barricade and Chop It Up, the interview series that features artists flying in a helicopter over NYC.

The new °1824 has plans to produce over 100 annual events that will include experiential “experiential activations, screenings, HBCU homecoming events, and more.”  

Cory Booker Read Rosario Dawson A 5-Hour World War II Novel Over The Phone

Rosario Dawson is dating Cory Booker who is currently running to become the next President the United States America. Such a job means lots traveling, debates, events and meetings which means precious downtime with your significant other may not come as easy. However, Cory and Rosario have managed to FaceTime twice a day when they’re not in the same city and even partake in other activities that keep them going. 

Cory Booker Read Rosario Dawson A 5-Hour World War II Novel Over The Phone
Chip Somodevilla/Getty s

The Sin City actress recently chatted with The Washington Post and explained how Cory just finished reading David Benif’s World War II novel “City Thieves” to her over the phone. The book takes about five hours to read out loud and according to a previous interview with Cory from 2016, he’s read the book to one his ex-girlfriends.

“Before I knew it, we were reading the book out loud to each other, over the phone, and I was drawn in,” he said. “Soon we were reading chapters on our own, and she was telling me to slow down and not get too far ahead.” 

We think it’s safe to say his read to Rosario means a lot more. “I feel like I’m dating Captain America, I mean he’s just such an amazing, brilliant, kind, empathetic, beautiful, loving human being,” Rosario said Cory

Jimmy Butler Jokingly Roasts Tyler Herro After Michael Carter-Williams Exchange

Despite losing Dwyane Wade to retirement, Miami Heat fans should have a lot to cheer for this year. For starters, they were able to acquire Jimmy Butler through free agency in the fseason and in the first round the draft, they picked up Tyler Herro. For those who don’t know, Herro is a feisty fensive player who can pretty well shoot from anywhere. He’s a great trash talker who isn’t afraid to get in people’s faces and just like Butler, he has completely embraced the Miami lifestyle. With Butler and Herro in tow, the Heat are going to be incredibly fun to watch.

This was on full display Thursday night as the Heat took on the Orlando Magic in preseason action. In the second half, Herro began to get into it with Michael Carter-Williams and even seemed to be getting the best him. Herro was able to make a quick little three-pointer and continued to exchange words with MCW as they went up the court.

After the game, Butler was asked about Herro’s antics and, course, he decided to roast the young rookie for his play. Essentially, Butler jokes that he would have had Herro removed from the game immediately.

“If I were the ref I would have tossed his little ass,” Butler said before fering some compliments for his teammate.

As the regular season begins, we can’t wait to see what else Herro has in store.

Rick Ross & His Mom Cook Up Some Magic In The Kitchen

Even a boss has a boss. Ask Rick Ross, who likely picked up everything he needed to know from his mother Tommie. Now, their dynamic comes alive in the latest episode Fuse’s “Made From Scratch,” which finds rappers cooking up a storm with their loved ones. In this segment, Renzel holds it down while Tommie whips up some fried catfish, and the banter is both endearing and hilarious.

Rick Ross & His Mom Cook Up Some Magic In The Kitchen

Johnny Nunez/Wire/Getty s 

“We just released a memoir,” says Ross, with a smile. “Your son’s an author. I’ma just keep going as long as I got you. I couldn’t do all this. I couldn’t be creative and count the numbers. Ya’ll was blessed with the genius side the brains, and guess what? I mastered the hustle.” Rozay’s mother smirks, letting her son know that he’s “going too hard,” implying that he oughta slow things down for his own good; lest we forget some Ross’ health scares in recent years, the product a breakneck lifestyle pace. 

While Rick’s mom works magic with the lemon pepper, Rick Ross watches with a drink in hand. Contrary to the in-kitchen dynamic, Mama Ross expresses further concern that her son is “working too hard.” “You taking private jets,” she says. “You jetting here, you jetting there.” Ross counters, no less impervious to a mother’s concern than the lot us. “I’ve been getting rest,” he reassures her, though her gaze speaks to a woman unconvinced.

Check out the full episode “Made From Scratch” below Fuse, which happens to include a segment with A$AP Ferg and his uncle. Once again, it’s an insightful look behind the scenes at the real lives the game’s biggest names. 

Justin Bieber Performs 50 Cent-Inspired Rap ‘Many Men’

Bieber has bars.

Less than two weeks after tying the knot with Hailey Baldwin, the newly-married singer hit the studio to flex his rap skills on Instagram Stories. In his brief freestyle, entitled “Many Men,” he rapped about his hiatus (“Took a couple years off / Shed a couple tears, dawg”), religion (“Been a victim of the system, I’m a Christian with a vision”), gluten-free lifestyle, and his wife.

“My wife, yeah, I put her on a pedestal / My life is like a movie, The Incredibles,” raps Bieber.

He also opened up about taking medication for his depression. “They put me on some medicine / Never thought that my depression would depend on it.”

His rap borrows the hook from 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ classic of the same name: “Many men, wish death upon me / Blood in my eye dog and I can’t see / I’m trying to be what I’m destined to be / And people trying to take my life away.”

Bieber is reportedly back in album mode and has been in the studio working on new music. Last week, he teamed up with country duo Dan + Shay on “10,000 Hours.”

While on Instagram, he also gave fans a tour of his lavish $8.5 million Beverly Hills mansion and said it was up for sale. “I’ll sell it with all the furniture . MAKE AN OFFER,” he wrote.

Master P Takes Aim At WWE After Buying Pro Wrestling Company

Master P is getting into the wrestling business.

During an announcement in front reporters this week, the rapper opened up about his “new lifestyle the elite” and revealed that he has purchased House Glory wrestling. 

“And we gettin’ into wrestling! I’m just tellin’ y’all, Vince McMahon, you in trouble, ’cause I’m ’bout to take over wrestling. A whole different league. HOG … House Glory Wrestling. I’m hiring all the top wrestlers, come over here, WWE, come over here to us.”

The caption on his IG post reads,Our new lifestyle the elite and wealthy tv show is called “Miller’s Family Treasures” and we are making history by bringing Hip Hop to wrestling. We don’t own the NFL, NBA, or MLB but we do own House Glory aka “HOG”. Join the movement#weallwegot@hogwrestling

This isn’t the first time that Master P has dabbled in the world pressional wrestling. He formed the “No Limit Soldiers” stable in WCW and accompanied the squad into battle against the West Texas Rednecks in WCW back in 1999.

The company that Master P purchased, House Glory, was founded in 2012 and is currently run by wrestlers Amazing Red and Brian XL. While it’s certainly a lesser known promotion, a number WWE and AEW stars have passed through HOG during their careers, including the Hardy Boyz, Richochet, EC3, and the Young Bucks.

Offset Calls Out Other Rappers For Smelling Bad

Offset is one the biggest artists in the world, a position that necessitates a lot moving around. In a video segment for HYPEBEAST, the Migos member divulged the essential items that he brings with him while travelling. 

Most the items proved just how boujee a lifestyle the man leads. He detailed the engagement ring that his wife, Cardi B, got him. “It looks like how woman’s ring would probably look, but my wife understood how I like big stones,” Offset shamelessly said while flashing the $750,000 iceberg.

A showcasing several massive chains followed the ring, but then Offset arrived at a more humble item in his belongings. Amid all the dizzying luxury, the Father Four pulled out a bar Dove soap. He then extensively praised the product and shamed fellow rappers for being stinky at times. “Wash yo’ ass. I know a lot you rap boys. Y’all be smelling a lil’ stank too boy. You be spraying yourself with all that cologne. Wash yo’ ass man. My assistant get cussed out if he leave this anywhere cause I don’t like any other soap… Squeaky clean. I like to smell good. I like my skin to shine.”

Watch Offset, the self-care guru, discuss soap at 6:35 mark in the video below.