Tamar Braxton Vows To Never Wear Spanx Again During "Wendy Williams" Visit

Tamar Braxton is one the latest guests to pay a visit to Wendy Williams self-titled talk show for her new season. The 42-year-old surprised everyone when she stepped on stage wearing nothing but a pair Spanx and as it turns out the fashion move was intentional. When Tamar sat down, Wendy right away asked where her dress was located, leading Tamar to explain that the interview would be the last time she’s wearing Spanx as part her lifestyle change. 

Tamar Braxton Vows To Never Wear Spanx Again During "Wendy Williams" Visit
Earl Gibson III/Getty s

“Everybody talking about Hot Girl Summer, I’m lying, I had a Warm Girl Summer with a filter. I’m not doing that no more, I can’t. My stomach is having several seats on my lap. I can’t live my life like this,” she explained, TooFab. Tamar explained how it’s necessary to feel physically amazing to then feel amazing on a mental level. 

“I challenge myself to become my best self. Period,” she added. “I just got tired stuffing my stomach in my pants. Why we sitting around here fronting and lying about, ‘I feel amazing,’ you do not feel amazing after you eat burger, pizza, fries and three martinis like I like to eat — don’t judge me! — I’m just saying. I just feel like God has a lot in store for me … I want to be mentally ready for it.”

Kendrick Lamar Drops $10 Million On Manhattan Beach Home

Considering Kendrick Lamar has likely spent the majority his past few years either in the studio or on tour, he never had a chance to spend all the money coming in on his own home. He has reportedly been renting in Los Angeles’ South Bay region for years, but he is now going to become a permanent resident Manhattan Beach. After raking in a net $62 million on his DAMN. tour, the TDE artist just purchased a brand-new $9.73 million mansion there. 

Kendrick bought the home in an f-market deal, so photos its interior are not available to the public, but it is known that the 5,350 square foot property contains four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The house is not oceanfront, but there is a view the water from the top patio. Unfortunately, it only has a two-car garage. In order for Kendrick to achieve full rapper status, he will have to add an extension or find some way to protect his other rides (he must have many, right?). Mind you, he’s probably too “HUMBLE” for that. He even bought a $2.65 million home in 2017 for his mother and sister in a Calabasas gated community. Anyone who gets the bag and buys a huge home for his family members before himself must not be too concerned with the flexing lifestyle.

Kendrick Lamar Drops $10 Million On Manhattan Beach HomeGareth Cattermole/Getty s

Puma Basketball Unveils New Sneaker: The Clyde Hardwood

Puma Basketball has ficially announced their newest on-court sneaker – the Puma Clyde Hardwood.

The revived brand introduced the new silhouette last night in New York City with help from the New York Knicks’ Puma ambassadors past and present, including rookie RJ Barrett, second-year forward Kevin Knox, and legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier. 

Puma Basketball Unveils New Sneaker: The Clyde Hardwood

As a nod to the original Puma Clyde sneakers that Frazier wore on the court in the 70s, the Clyde Hardwood pulls design cues from the OG model with a “lifestyle-first” inspired construction that can be worn both on and f the court.

The Clyde Hardwood, priced at $120, will make its retail debut on October 18 in a trio white-based colorways include White/Black, White/Green and White/Pink. Of course, PUMA athletes such as Barrett and Knox, as well as DeAndre Ayton, Terry Rozier, Danny Green, Marvin Bagley III, Michael Porter Jr. and others will also have special edition PEs ready for the start the NBA season.

Check out some additional images the Puma Clyde Hardwood below.

Puma Basketball Unveils New Sneaker: The Clyde Hardwood

Puma Basketball Unveils New Sneaker: The Clyde Hardwood

Gwyneth Paltrow Roasted Online For Naked Instagram Post

Gwyneth Paltrow is one the more interesting Hollywood actresses out there although it’s not always for the best reasons. Paltrow has come under fire for her website and lifestyle brand “Goop” which has promoted some questionable and dubious products in the past. The actress used to be married to the lead singer Coldplay, Chris Martin, and people made fun her, even more, when she called their break up a “conscious uncoupling.”

Now, those who follow “Goop” are questioning her once again after an NSFW image was posted on the brand’s Instagram account. The image depicts a blond woman on a hill, completely naked. The woman has her backside to the camera and you can completely see her butt. This prompted people to comment with some suspicion as to whether or not the woman is Paltrow or another model.

Gwyneth Paltrow Roasted Online For Naked Instagram Post

Amy Sussman/Getty s

One person in the comments was unamused by the photo saying “nothing appealing about her back”. Other commenters felt as though the woman was emaciated, saying “her rib cage is showing.”

With this photo in mind, it’s clear that “Goop” is trying to be as provocative as possible in a day and age where clout chasing gets you further up the social ladder. We’re sure Paltrow doesn’t mind all the attention, even if it is a bit negative.

JPEGMAFIA Shares "All My Heroes Are Cornballs" LP

JPEGMAFIA has released a new album titled All My Heroes Are Cornballs. The LP is the follow-up to last year’s Veteran, which HipHopDX’s Underground Report named as one of the most slept-on projects of 2018.

The Baltimore-bred rapper nicknamed Peggy’s latest work is comprised of 18 tracks. Guests include Helena Deland, Buzzy Lee and Abdu Ali.

View JPEGMAFIA’s All My Heroes Are Cornballs stream, cover art and tracklist below.

JPEGMAFIA Shares "All My Heroes Are Cornballs" LP

1. Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot
2. Kenan Vs. Kel
3. Beta Male Strategies
5. Grimy Waifu
7. Rap Grow Old & Die x No Child Left Behind
8. All My Heroes Are Cornballs
9. BBW
10. PRONE!
11. Lifes Hard, Here’s a Song About Sorrel
12. Thot Tactics
13. Free the Frail f. Helena Deland
14. Post Verified Lifestyle
15. BasicBitchTearGas
16. Dots Freestyle Remix f. Buzzy Lee & Abdu Ali
17. Buttermilk Jesus Type Beat
18. Papi I Missed U

Vince Herbert Accused Of Hiding Money To Avoid Paying Sony A $3.7 Mil Judgment

Sony Music doesn’t play when it comes to their money, and they want Vince Herbert to pay what is owed. Years ago when Herbert was hired by Sony, he was advanced millions dollars in an effort to gather new, rising talent. The deal was, however, that the money would be recouped to the label, but after Herbert didn’t pay any the money back, they sued him.

According to The Blast, Sony won big in court after Herbert allegedly didn’t respond to their lawsuit. A default judgment was made against him to the tune $3.7 million, and in recently filed documents, Sony claims that Herbert has yet to pay up. “No portion the Judgment has been satisfied and the Judgment continues to accrue interest,” they wrote. “Defendant Herbert instead has evaded enforcement through a series shell transactions using an ever expanding list closely held corporate entities as a means to fund and thrive upon a lavish lifestyle at the expense his creditors, including Sony Music.”

Vince Herbert Accused Of Hiding Money To Avoid Paying Sony A $3.7 Mil Judgment
Maury Phillips/Getty s

In layman’s terms, Sony is accusing Herbert hiding money through his business dealings so that he can get away with living the good life while not having to pay on the judgment. Sony even dropped an example or two in the documents, mentioning that until August 2018, Herbert lived in a gated community in Calabasas, California—a city known to host residences the rich and famous.

“Upon information and belief, this home was owned by an entity directly or indirectly controlled by Herbert called Glory Place LLC FKA Heavenly Place LLC,” they stated. “While living at this home, Herbert undertook extraordinary steps to undermine Sony Music’s efforts to serve documents in order to domesticate the Judgment in California. Sony Music had to turn to the California courts to allow for substitute service.” They also noted that Herbert later sold that house for close to $10 million but still didn’t pay them a dime. They’re reportedly hoping that a court will not only investigate Herbert’s financial dealings but make arrangements for them to recoup their millions as soon as possible.

Cons Of Being Vegetarian: Higher Risk Of Stroke New Study Reveals

Being vegetarian may be healthy in many ways, but it also carries its own risks. According to a new study, those who don’t eat meat may be at a higher risk stroke. This is the first study to observe the risk strokes for vegetarians and vegans, and it found that they are at a 20% higher risk than those who eat meat.

Interestingly, pescetarians were not at a higher risk strokes like other non-meat eaters. The study states that this could be due to the fact that they have higher cholesterol levels than normal vegetarians and vegans. Another pro is that vegetarians have a lower risk heart disease than their meat-eating counterparts. They were found to be as much as 22% less at risk.

Cons Of Being Vegetarian: Higher Risk Of Stroke New Study Reveals
Stephen Chernin/Getty s


At the end the day, there is still more research needed. Mark Lawrence and Sarah McNaughton, pressors from Deakin University in Australia, reminded us that these results may not apply to everyone. “Participants were all from the United Kingdom where dietary patterns and other lifestyle behaviors are likely to differ from those prevalent in low and middle-income countries, where most the world’s vegetarians live,” the two scientists insisted.

There are many different kinds diets and other ways to be healthy, make sure you know all the pros and cons whatever strategy you choose.


Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Returns In Three Colorways: Release Details

Kanye West has released a plethora Yeezy models over the last few years and while his lifestyle sneakers tend to be what get the most attention, there is no denying the fashion sense behind his Desert Boot silhouette. This chunky boot is perfect for the Winter and all-terrain surfaces while also maintaining some pretty nice stylistic elements. Over the past few months, it seemed as though the Desert Boot was taking a backseat to some West’s other Yeezy creations but this month, that’s all about to change.

It is rumored that on Saturday, September 14th, the Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot will make its triumphant return in three colorways: Oil, Rock, and Salt. According to @yeezyseason2, the rock model is brown, the salt model is white, while the oil version will come in black and deep brown. Each colorway is fairly solid and if you’re looking for some neutral colored boots for the Winter, these are definitely the way to go.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this release as we will bring you all the latest information once it becomes available. Let us know in the comments how you feel about these boots and whether or not you plan on copping.

Jennifer Lopez Says Turning 50 Was The "Best Moment" Of Her Life

Jennifer Lopez turned 50-years-old on July 24th and had a ballin birthday party in light her milestone number. The “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer recently opened up about her age and it’s just a number since she’s doing far more than she imagined she would be. 

“Did I think I would be doing this at 50? I didn’t think I’d stop, but I didn’t know that it would be the best moment my life,” Jennifer told The Evening Standard  her Hustlers movie and recent It’s My Party Tour. “We’re conditioned to think, as women, that it would be over by now. And the truth is, it’s not like that at all. I find myself growing and getting better every year and that’s exciting.”

Jennifer Lopez Says Turning 50 Was The "Best Moment" Of Her Life
Ethan Miller/Getty s

Elsewhere in the feature, Jennifer gave an update on her wedding plans with Alex Rodrigez since the duo got engaged in March this year

“I have a movie I’m shooting in October Marry Me, with Owen Wilson and Sarah Silverman] and the movie has an album that goes with it, so I’m just a little bit busy right now, and until October, he has the World Series in baseball,” she explained. “We’re going to have to pick a day, pick a time and block it out, but we’re definitely talking about it.”

Adidas Yeezy Powerphase Returns In "Clear Brown" Colorway: Release Details

If you’re a fan Kanye West and his popular Yeezy line, then you’re well aware the Adidas Yeezy Powerphase. The shoe had considerable popularity back in 2017 and was a bit a departure for West when it comes to the designs he typically promotes. Most Ye’s shoes are out the ordinary in terms their silhouette, but the Powerphase looks like your typical lifestyle shoe. Since the original three colorways came out, we haven’t seen another Powerphase since and fans have been wondering when it would eventually make a return.

Well, thanks to a recent release calendar, it seems as though the month September will see our first Powerphase release in over a year. In a post from Instagram sneaker account @yeezyseason2, a “Clear Brown” colorway the Powerphase is set to release in a couple weeks. As the name suggests, the show has a light, sandy brown color that works well within the color pallet set forth by the Powerphase in the past.

As right now, it appears as though this shoe will be released on Wednesday, September 18th although Adidas has yet to make any confirmations. Stay tuned for more information as we will be sure to bring it to you.

Rick Ross Blames a Cocktail of Codeine, Alcohol, and Drugs for Causing Multiple Seizures

In a just-released memoir from rapper Rick Ross, the rapper details how the multiple seizures he suffered in recent years was partially the result of chronic drug abuse.

In the book Hurricanes, which Neil Martinez-Belkin co-wrote with Rick Ross, the rapper describes his rise from a crime-infested neighborhood in a Miami to becoming a major success.  It also details his struggles, including with drugs.

Ross says that he became inspired to write a memoir after being hospitalized in 2018 for seizures, which made headlines at the time. He says that a number of bad decisions on his part were the causes of these seizures, in particular drug abuse.

This drug abuse was centered around codeine, which is an opioid prescribed as cough medicine. Ross not only used codeine recreationally, but he also would drink prescription cough medicine to try to deal with all the stress he was feeling.

But codeine was just part of Ross’ problem. He further mixed codeine with both alcohol and other drugs he was abusing. On top of all of this, he says that he was not getting enough rest and that he was not obeying the orders of his doctors, which included taking medicine for past seizures.

Ross further says that he believes that it was combination of all these things that eventually led to the string of seizures.

Ross insists that, while the seizures he suffered were indeed serious, his condition was not nearly as serious as what was being reported at the time.

He says that reports that he had suffered a heart attack and that doctors had placed him on a life-support system were untrue. He also says that he longer abuses codeine or other drugs, and that he has completely overhauled his lifestyle and diet.

Rick Ross’ 10th album will be coming out soon. It will be entitled Port of Miami 2 and is the sequel to his debut album from 2006.

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike introduced one their most comfortable sneakers this summer – the Air Max 270 React – which combines Nike’s first lifestyle Air unit, the 270, with the brand’s stest, smoothest and most resilient foam, Nike React, to form a new articulation Air Max.

A handful colorful Air Max 270 Reacts have already hit the market, including the beloved “Bauhaus” colorway, and now Nike has plans to drop an equally eye-catching “Electro Green” joint.

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/SneakerNews

The sneaker’s namesake color handles a good portion the silhouette while obsidian handles the midsole and outsole, as well as the detailing on the upper. Yellow appears on the Nike swooshes heel tabs and eyelets, with splashes pink mixed in on the tongue, lace stay stitching and Air Max bubble.

The “Electro Green” Air Max 270 React is slated to launch this Thursday, September 5 for the retail price $150. Continue scrolling for the ficial images.

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/SneakerNews

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/SneakerNews

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/Nike

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/Nike

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/Nike

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/Nike

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/Nike

Nike Air Max 270 React "Electro Green" Release Date Announced

Nike Air Max 270 React Electro Green/Nike

Rick Ross Admits Codeine Caused His String Of Seizures

Miami, FL – Rick Ross ended up in a Miami area hospital last year. For months, it was unclear what exactly landed him there — was it a heart attack? Stroke? Ross has had a history of back-to-back seizures over the years and wasn’t exactly in the best shape.

While speaking to PEOPLE about his new memoir Hurricanes, Ross explains that March 2018 hospitalization served as a wake-up call. He also admits his use of codeine led to his condition.

“It was the codeine,” he says. “That mixed with the things I was drinking, the other drugs I was doing, and on top of not resting. [I don’t think] one particular thing would have killed me. But everything combined?”

The Port Of Miami 2 mastermind adds he wasn’t taking doctor’s orders and refused to take his anti-seizure medication.

“I went I don’t know how long without taking the medication to prove to myself ‘I’m stronger than these other people this shit was diagnosed for,” he says. “I ended up back in the hospital in a worse condition.”

Although Ross was in rough condition, he was never placed on life support and didn’t suffer a heart attack. Since then, he’s made some adjustments to his lifestyle.

“I cut the sodas out and I drink a lot more water,” he says. “That, adding in some vegetables and I get a lot more rest.”

Hurricanes is available on Monday (September 3) in bookstores and on Amazon. 

Zazie Beetz Reveals She Prefers "A Cat Wash" Over Showering, Fans React

Zazie Beetz is the beautiful actress who stars alongside Donald Glover in Atlanta and the talented star from Deadpool and Joker among many other box fice hits. The 28-year-old recently chatted with Into The Gloss about her beauty, makeup and lifestyle routines and revealed that she doesn’t shower too much. 

“I actually think Americans shower too much. I like a cat wash—I do my face, my armpits, and my… intimates,” she explained, detailing her body wash choice when she cleans her parts and how it’s usually a homemade mix. “I’ll use cocoa butter to moisturize. Nostalgic and functional—and it smells wonderful.”

Zazie Beetz Reveals She Prefers "A Cat Wash" Over Showering, Fans React
Tristan Fewings/Getty s

Zazie’s comments on her cat shower routine has sparked some reactions on Twitter with one user writing, “Zazie Beetz didn’t have to tell us that she doesn’t shower ten but here we are.” Another user wrote, “Everyone saying Zazie Beetz doesn’t shower… she said she doesn’t shower as ten as most people and she lit rally listed f her skincare routine she keeps herself clean lmao besides…. baths exist.”

Peep more reactions below and let us know what you think.

Jeezy Calls Tekashi 6ix9ine A "Marketing Genius"

Jeezy has been doing the radio station rounds to promote his new album, TM104: The Legend the SnowmanHis most recent stop was at Big Boy’s Neighbourhood, where he discussed how trap has evolved from when he started out his career. When Big Boy asked who started trap, Jeezy made it clear that he has a traditional understanding the term, naming the person who first showed him how to get money. While, today, trap is largely considered to be a musical genre, Jeezy solely associates it with the dangers the hustling lifestyle that many are forced to adopt in Atlanta in order to survive. “I respect the fact that someone would risk their life to save their family and I just can’t equate that with a sound,” the rapper said. 

Jeezy’s comparing the previous reality trap to the current commercialized aesthetic it transitioned into Big Boy asking for Jeezy’s take on Tekashi 6ix9ine. Jeezy’s response suggested that he sees Tekashi as the epitome trap becoming all about fabricated personas. While Jeezy predicted that Tekashi would not be able to live up to the hard image that he projected, he commended him on his acting and marketing skills.”If he played it smart, he’d be in movies right now. It’s clear to see he’s an actor. An actor can emulate anything. He was emulating the music and then watching what people did to gain clout and he mastered it, so he’s really a marketing genius when you think about it, but that don’t mean he’s a real individual.” 

Watch the interview below for Jeezy’s full analysis trap’s origins and evolution.