Machine Gun Kelly Is The Latest Victim Of The "Ligma Death Hoax"

The expedience at which faux information travels is alarmingly fast. Machine Gun Kelly, contemporary f his profession spotlight joust with Eminem, is the newest celeb to fall sufferer to a loss of life hoax precipitated by a fictitious drug known as “Ligma.” The first celeb to have his followers adequately deceived by Internet trolls posing as information reporters was eSports phenom Ninja. His “loss of life hoax” by means “Ligma” was reported utilizing a dummy account, which invariably duped quite a bit non-believers into believing one thing fairly nonsensical.

The “loss of life hoax” is being perceived as a well-timed joke by Internet trolls who additionally occur to be hardcore Eminem followers by extension. Although final I heard, nobody is definitely preserving depend an MGK-Marshall scoreline. 

Not eveyone was fooled into considering MGK was lifeless, however not sufficient individuals on the outside-looking-in took a second to ponder this severe query: what the hell is “LIGMA” in any case? It sounds prefer it belongs to the Phoenician alphabet, nevertheless it actually holds no worth by any means, past the very fact it was created by “ninja_hunter” who later noticed his creation co-opted by a number of different Internet entities.

MGK will not be lifeless. Much respect to those that exercised their proper to Google. An enormous thumbs all the way down to all of the mooks who fell entice to “Ligma” but once more.