Boosie Badazz Recalls Drunkenly Sliding Into Nicki Minaj & Rihanna DMs

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are in most men’s top five list celebrity women. However, getting a response from either them is unlikely, even if you’re a celebrity. Boosie Badazz recently revealed that he slid in both their DM’s and unfortunately, got no response.

Boosie Badazz is one the many men that have slid in celebrity DMs. The rapper recently spoke to Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed on REAL 92.3 about his new artist, Lil Blurry, his blues album and more. Around the 25:52 mark, the conversation shifted to Boosie’s “spank bank” and the top five women in the industry he would sleep with. 

“You know, Rihanna gotta make the list. I would love to spank her bank. I would love to spank Nicki Minaj] bank also,” he admitted. “I done slid in all they DM’s.”

After revealing that he’s tried to get in contact with the leading females music, the rapper said that he was unsuccessful in his attempt.

“I was fucked up,” Boosie said. “I don’t know. I think I just said, ‘wassup.’ I don’t know, I think I was horny that night. I think I said, ‘You need a real n***a.’ I don’t know what the fuck I said. I was scrolling and that mothafucka was looking so good. I say, ‘FUCK THAT, I’m a real n***a, you heard?'”

Later in the interview, Boosie explained that he’s not against sending dick pics.

Peep the interview. 

Boosie Badazz Signs 12-Year Old Rapper Lil Blurry

In growing the reach his Bad Azz music Syndicate, Boosie Badazz has announced his latest signee, California’s own Lil Blurry. It was in a new video that the 12-year old Blurry was poste dup with Boosie and announced the news.

“I’m with my big bro Boosie, we just got the paperwork done,” Blurry announces while dapping up Boosie. “Be on the lookout for what we got coming next.”

“It’s going down,” Boosie adds in confirmation. “Billion-dollar kid. We taking over the industry. We sitting down, we making big moves. It’s up.”

Lil blurry is relatively new, outfitted with a rather short catalog, but Boosie is clearly keen on trends and in comprehending that in 2018, one song is sometimes all it takes to get to the bag.

Blurry now joins a family that includes the likes Yung Bleu, Koly P, Wavy, OG Dre, and B Will. Boosie has been hard at work on the business aspect , looking to create an imprint with longevity in mind.

“It’s just about branding Boosie, whatever,” Boosie told XXLearlier in the year. “It can be a doll in Walmart. Anything. I’m just trying to brand anything that can go on forever and make money. I’m trying to brand us as Boosie the brand. I want investors to know—’cause I’m always looking for investors and people with real money—I want all these people to look at me and say, ‘I don’t know what it is about this little guy with his haircut, but when we put money behind him he’s not failing.’”