Lil Yachty & Burberry Perry Are Officially Cool Again

Some say it popped f over a Pokemon card, as some the largest feuds ten do. Others speculate that inventive variations drove the pair aside. Regardless the why, one thing led to a falling out between Lil Yachty and his former collaborator Burberry Perry, often known as TheGoodPerry. In truth, the pair hasn’t labored collectively since Summer Songs 2, which dropped on July 20th, 2016. The challenge marked Yachty’s first launch after Lil Boat, the album that helped land him a spot within the mainstream highlight.

However, the falling out led to an entire radio silence that continued into early 2018, on the very least. Sadly, many Yachty’s followers thought-about his work with Perry to be amongst his greatest and brazenly lamented the pair’s break up. Given Boat’s shut relationship together with his fanbase, it is doubtless that he heard Perry questions extra ten than not. Such was certainly the case throughout his latest Instagram AMA, which befell two nights in the past. This time, nonetheless, introduced good tidings to these involved.

Upon being requested whether or not this really was the tip Yachty and Good Perry, Boat responded by saying “WE BACK COOL NOW SO U NEVER NO IDK.” While that is hardly a affirmation any music to return, keep in mind that relationships corresponding to this should ten be mended by way of child steps. Respect to Lil Boat for mending fences.

Lil Yachty Reveals The High Cost Of Sporting Heavy "Ice"

Lil Yachty has been having fun with a busy 2018 marketing campaign, sliding by means of with two solo efforts in Lil Boat 2 and Nuthin 2 Prove. Though his long-fabled collaboration tape with Takef has been, for probably the most half, delayed indefinitely, that hasn’t stopped Boat from displaying his face for a spread media endeavors. Today, he joins the likes Action Bronson, Cardi B, and Post Malone, as one the numerous artists which have related with GQ for his or her “Actually Me,” phase. In case you’ve got by no means seen it, the method is easy. Artists hit up the web, make accounts on numerous social media platforms, and reply the questions unsuspecting followers.

In what some would possibly constitutes as a detion conventional character, Yachty truly reveals that he spends the bulk his time going jewellery free. “Tell you the reality, once I’m at house and I am going someplace, and I don’t put on it. I solely put on it for stuff like this. It’s heavy. It takes a very long time to placed on. It’s chilly.” He does, nonetheless, reveal that his favourite piece jewellery is his enamel. “I might get everlasting diamond enamel if I did not have cash strikes to make.” Peep the complete phase beneath.

Lil Yachty & Drake Post Up Like Smiling Went Outta Style

I need a photo with Drake
Because my Instagram is weak as fuck”

Such is life these days, in which an Instagram photo with Drake is a bucket list goal for many young rappers. Today, the King Teens Lil Boat can ficially cross it f his own, no doubt enjoying the benefits a Quality Control roster spot. It stands to reason that Boat has been rolling tight with the Migos for a minute, having collaborated on the upcoming Glacier Boyz project among other endeavours. Clearly tagging along for the ongoing Aubrey & The Three Amigos tour, Lil Yachty found himself posting up alongside Drake for a mean-mugging photo.

The photo, captioned by QC with a simple pair emojis, boat and owl for each respective parties, leaves one wondering if a collaboration will ever come to fruition. We’ve already seen Drake thrive alongside fellow QC artist Lil Baby, and it stands to reason that Boat could prove a worthwhile collaborator should the given track call for it. In the meantime, enjoy seeing two hip-hop stars linking up for a Kodak moment. 

Lil Yachty Shares "Disrespect" Tour Dates With "Little Sister" Bhad Bhabie

It’s normally a good sign when social media stans are running up angrily to voice their frustration over an omission. This is exactly what occurred when Lil Yachty announced his Disrespect Tour on Instagram to a chorus : where’s ____ at?. Incidentally, you can’t please everybody, and even if you could, who’s to say your vindinctive side wouldn’t win you over.

The Disrespect Tour will take him and his guest Bhad Bhabie all across the United States beginning on October 24th in Baltimore, Maryland. The young emcee whom he considers “his little sister,” just completed a mini tour her own, in which the turnout over exceeded expectations, at least in my mind.

After commencing the tour in Baltimore, Yachty and his sis will cover the rest the North East, before turning their attention to the Mid West in November. By the end the month, barring any logjams, they hope to be on the West Coast, where the tour is expected to wrap up in Santa Cruz, California.

Yachty’s music is ubiquitous with younger fans, so the bulk order tickets will be charged to parent’s credit cards. Those who wish to secure tickets, no matter the age, must wait until tomorrow at 10 am. Best luck.

Lil Yachty Pays Homage To Chief Keef: "I Been Lookin Up To Him Since Hiskool"

When Chief Keef proclaimed that they truly “Love Sosa,” he wasn’t lying. The Chicago rapper has become somewhat an influential figure, especially among the younger generation rap stars. The crazy thing, however, is Sosa’s own age. Consider that the man has only turned twenty-three today. It certainly feels like he’s been in the game for an eternity, especially given the prolific nature his discography. Though not everyone has grown accustomed to Keef’s musical stylings, it’s clear that he has a loyal fan in Lil Boat. 

Taking to Twitter, Yachty voiced his opinions on Keef’s impact, while wishing the rapper a happy birthday with a heartfelt message. “It’s crazy dis man chief keef is only 23 cus I been lookin up to him since hiskool,” writes Yachty, “we only a year apart wtf dis n*** a goat hbd sosa.” It really puts Keef’s grind in perspective, and one has to wonder how he’ll be remembered in the next five years. Hell, artists have retired after shorter careers. 

In the mean time, let us enjoy Keef’s bonafide classics and reflect on the impact he’s had on the rap game.  

Lil Yachty Channels His Inner Animal Handler On "Celebrity Fear Factor"

Regardless how you feel about Lil Yachty’s music, The Boat has consistently remained an entertaining and endearing hip-hop personality, garnering himself a loyal band devotees. Not only that, but Yachty’s been one the game’s more ambitious young grinders, actively seeking new and varied ways to diversify his income. Today, Boat has found himself on the notorious competitive game show, Celebrity Fear Factor. 

Boat took to Instagram to share a preview up one the upcoming challenges, which will in all likelihood lead to hilarity. “I’m afraid everything,” writes Yachty, in the accompanying caption “I don’t think this is gonna be a good time for me.” In the clip itself, Yachty attempts to wrangle a Turkey, looking like a man faced with the supernatural. “Watching Yachty is hilarious,” says fellow contestant Tyga. “He’s such a character, I knew it would be a problem for him.” Be sure to peep the hilarious footage below.

Though rappers and game-shows may feel like an unlikely combination, let’s not forget about the legendary episode the all-rapper Weakest Link, which featured a cast Xzibit, DJ Quik, Nate Dogg, and more. Seeing as this latest episode  Fear Factor is set to include Lil Yachty, Tyga, and Ludacris, it may very well prove an entertaining watch for hip-hop fans nationwide. Catch Yachty’s episode on the premiere MTV’s Celebrity Fear Factor, July 17th at 10/9c.

Lil Yachty Shares How XXXTentacion's Death Gave Him A New Perspective

Lil Yachty has won over legions fans through his affable and laid back demeanor. Though generally a barrel laughs, Lil Boat took a serious turn during his recent interview with Big Boy Big Boy’s neighborhood. 

When the late XXXTentacion is brought up, Yachty takes a moment to reflect on the situation. Vowing to undergo a personal change, Yachty opens up, saying “this past week, it’s been a lot going on. With that, it just really opened my eyes on life.” Big Boy soon caught on to what Yachty was referring to, and asked him about X directly. Yachty continues, saying “as a person I just want to be a better person to the community. I always had that dream but he was really acting on it. You can say something all day and say you wanna be this person all day, but you gotta really act on it. And this past week at his funeral, it really made me look at life a whole lot differently. Making me cherish it more, and the things that I have, the position that I’m in.”

He proceeds to vow that moving forward, he’ll make an effort to be a part his community. “I want to be a different person,” muses Yachty. “I been a good person, I’ve always been a good person, but I want to be the best person, in a serious way. I really want to be like, active. I want to help, and learn more about what’s going on in the world.” 

Sounds like Yachty is on the path to enlightenment. Say what you will about the young man’s music, but it’s hard not to respect him. Peep the video below – X talk kicks f around the 17 minute mark.