Lil Tracy Goes Off: "Fat Nick Gave Lil Peep A Hundred Percocets For His Birthday"

Yesterday, Lil Peep’s posthumous Come Over When You’re Sober II kicked f its rollout with a brand new single “Cry Alone.” While many followers rejoiced at seeing Peep’s misplaced second album, the drop appeared to set off one thing in former pal and collaborator Lil Tracy. The rapper, inebriated by his personal admission, took to Instagram to let fly a heated rant, largely directed at Peep’s circle Fat Nick and Bexey. 

“Ya’ll n***s fakin’ bruh,” vents Tracy. “Suck a fuckin’ dick you fats fuck, Fat Nick suck a dick n***a, sup n****? Fuck all these n****z bro, I am calling you out.” He continues, clearly in an agitated state. “Let me see these n****z bro, I am slapping shit.” Eventually, Tracy cools right down to a level, explaining the rationale behind his anger. “When I fell out with Peep, everyone was ‘aw man, fuck Tracy man, he loopy man, he do not know what he speaking about…We occurring tour with Peep, fuck this n***a person.’ Look what occur man,” says Tracy. “That’s when Peep, RIP, that is when that shit occurred.” He is, course alluding to Lil Peep’s dying, seeing as he handed away whereas on tour.

“Fat Nick suck a dick n****, Bexey suck a dick n****,” says Tracy. “I am not saying ya’ll wasn’t mates with Peep. It’s not even about being finest mates with Peep. I do not care about that shit, trigger me and Peep weren’t even cool on the finish. It’s the best way all these n***s carrying all this shit bruh, it is lame! Ya’ll going f a n***a that ain’t even right here no extra.” 

He continues to set his sights on Fat Nick, who clearly performed a job in ruffling his feathers. “Peep instructed me he did not even fuck with you want that,” says Tracy. “Don’t lie, what occurred on Peep birthday? Fat Nick gave him 100 percocets for his birthday. What variety pal is that? I miss my n****a peep, bruh! On gang!”

Check out the heated video under. 

Lil Tracy Posts Photo From Hospital Bed After Having A Heart Attack

Lil Tracy has been dropping a decent amount music this year. Most notably, he dropped a country song, prompting Lil Uzi Vert to hop on the remix “Like A Farmer.” A very close friend Lil Peep’s before his passing, Tracy hasn’t quite been able to click with a mainstream crowd in the last year. As the man continues to work hard on his craft, he’s suffered a setback in his health, updating fans from the hospital that he had just experienced a heart attack. 

He’s been known to troll on social media but this looks to be a legit thing. Taking a photo himself laying in a hospital bed, Tracy has monitors strapped to his chest to keep track his cardiac activity. The caption his photo is pretty straightforward as he simply let fans know, “I just had a heart attack.” His supporters are pouring in love for the artist in his comments section, wishing him well as he recovers from such a scary incident. He does not explain what he was doing in the lead-up to his health scare.

Our prayers go out to Tracy as he recovers from his heart attack. Get well soon!

Lil Uzi Vert To Appear On Lil Tracy's "Like A Farmer" Remix

Last week, frequent Lil Peep collaborator, Lil Tracy, dropped f his wonky take on a country song, “Like A Farmer.” The track showcased Tracy’s flexibility and his best cowboy accent, but the idea a rapped country song will never not be weird. 

Speaking weird, who out there in the rap game is weirder than Lil Uzi Vert? How great is it then, that Lil Uzi Vert will actually be featured on the “Like A Farmer” remix? 

During an Instagram live session, Lil Tracy shared a brief snippet the new collaboration between the two. The video shows part Uzi’s verse, and he’s definitely working in the spirit the song. While his country accent doesn’t go quite as deep as Lil Tracy’s, he’s changed his voice to a point where its almost unrecognizable. In the clip, he raps about his tractor, taking his girl to Texas but treating it like Dubai, and selling “chickens” by the quarter. 

This isn’t the first Lil Uzi Vert remix that was revealed today. Chicago rapper, Juice WRLD, also shared a clip a collaboration between him and Uzi, this time on his song “Lucid Dreams.” While that’s all well and good, if it doesn’t feature Uzi rapping about how he’s in Colorado Springs like it’s Bora Bora, then what’s even the point?

You can check out the clip Uzi’s country remix down below. Maybe this is a sign that one the 1500 songs Uzi and Young Thug have together might be a country song as well.