Amoeba Music Shop Fires Shots At "Lil" Rappers By Placing Them All Together

Imagine making a section in your store for every single “Lil” rapper in the world. While not many people purchase physical copies their music anymore, Amoeba Music still operates on a daily basis in Los Angeles, welcoming visitors from around the world to cop vintage records from the landmark. You may remember that one the first golden Travis Scott heads that popped up in anticipation Astroworld was actually atop the famous record store. The staff at Amoeba decided to have some fun today, echoing many people’s sentiments by calling for more originality with rap names as they classified ever “Lil” rapper in one section at the shop.

Shout-out to the Hip Hop Heads sub on for taking a photo the display, which features a few physical copies Lil Pump’s self-titled project and an album by Lil Scrappy. Curiously, Lil Yachty ended up getting his own dedicated section directly below it. Perhaps one the employees is a Lil Boat fan?

In their defense, it has gotten pretty out hand how the majority rappers have “Lil” as a prefix in their names. Whether this was a conscious piece commentary by the store or they just didn’t have the room to make one section for each artist, you’ve got to admit it’s kind funny.

Amoeba Music Shop Fires Shots At "Lil" Rappers By Placing Them All Together

Russ Takes Aim At The Youth Movement With Smooth Bars On Funk Flex

“If you get fended, then I was talking about you,” prefaces Russ, as he graces the Hot 97 studios for a session with Funkmaster Flex. Flex obliges, sensing a kindred spirit is near; the look in his eyes seems covetous, as his stomach growls loudly for “bars,” his only sustenance. Throwing on the smooth 50 Cent & Mobb Deep “Outta Control Remix,” Russ wastes little time in going to work, letting the locks flow uninhibited. Though haters will be quick to dole out L’s, Russ is actually kinda nice on this, putting the amorphous sea “lils” on blast.

“Can’t even tell ya’ll apart, Lil Who, Young What? Another dick riding clout chaser screaming ‘fuck Russ?” raps Russ. “How original, ya’ll still think it’s fly to go to Florida,” he spits. “I took a yacht from Sardinia to Corsica.” He continues to pick up steam, showcasing a slick sense humor with lines like “you get fended cause you’re bitch made, you were the kind kid to wear a cape in sixth grade.”

It’s gotten to the point where praising Russ feels like a faux pas for the young and impressionable; still, one must give credit where credit is due. It does raise an interesting question: how are we to differentiate between genuine opinion and misguided attempt to fit in? In the mean time, peep Russ on Flex, and sound f below.