Lipsia – Borracho Feat. Cef (Official Music Video + Interview)

We had the opportunity to sit down with emerging artist ‘Lipsia’ earlier this month. Lipsia recently Lipsia “Borracho” and garnering interest from a global aspect. Check out her latest music video and see her talent for yourself!

– Who is Lipsia outside the studio?

Workaholic is my nickname when I’m outside of the studio. Sometimes in order to standout from others, it is important to change the way you see the world! My work is my lifestyle. The only difference is that Lipsia outside the stage or studio is more sensitive and calm.

– What are your thoughts on the rising influence of campaigns & celebrities on ’saving our planet’ ?

Really good question by the way!

Besides everything , we need to alert others who are not aware about saving this planet. It is important to help people to keep in mind that we are the only creatures that cause major damage to this planet and at the same time we are the only ones  who can save the world.

On the other hand, it is also important every individual first help himself discovering  his own real purpose on earth. Thus, it would be easier contributing positively to this planet.

In addition,everyone was given a talent to rise positivity and help others in someway.We should not forget that This world was built by the dreamers and dreamers are the ones who make the history. That’s why it is so important to believe in yourself and pursuing with your own passions inspiring million people to make a better world.

– What are some personal affirmations you live by?/ What motivates you to stay consistent?

My personal affirmations:

• “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

• “Freedom is your birthright.”

• “You will never be happy if you seek happiness outside”

– Your favourite all time top three songs?

At last-Etta James
Careless whisper- careless whisper
We are the world- Michael Jackson

– What are your plans for the future and any special messages to your fans?

My plan is to cause a huge impact using all my skills and my talents in order to  rise positivity to make this world a better place.

My special message to my fans:

“We all came here to the world for a special reason. So let go your fear and get out from your comfort zone.”

– Any last words from Lipsia? Any advice you want to give to young artists about life or the music industry?

I see many talented musicians around the world waisting their time doing what they don’t love. What comes easy goes easy.

Believe in yourself and live your life by choices not by chances.