Scraps Its Standalone Streaming App,

As continues its growth, the platform is getting rid its standalone live streaming application,

For the uninitiated, is a social media platform that allows users to lip sync to their favorite tracks.  Roughly speaking, it’s sort like Instagram Stories and Vine with a musical focus.

The social media platform is now merging’s standalone application, a two-year-old service live streaming service, into the mainline application.  According to TechCrunch, “The majority live stream viewership was already taking place on’s main app, so it made sense for the company to consolidate the live video alongside the other short, lip sync videos is known for.” has already been removed from the Google Play and App Store.  When a user attempts to go live within, they are presented with the following message:

“Ch-ch-ch-changes! The live streaming you loved in has moved to! Switch to now to keep up with your friends and followers.”

This new migration is also added in’s App Store update text, which states:

“ is becoming part! You can now go live on right now! Plenty live content there!”

The live streaming industry has exploded, and was one the first to enter this sector.

The live streaming platform hit the ground running in May 2016.  It gave users the ability to see how many were watching their live streams.  Beyond a simple viewer count, hearts would bubble across the screen when a viewer “liked” a stream.

There’s actually a similar gesture within Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live, all which is designed to stimulate reward pathways.  In, the viewer was also able to chat with the content creator, opening real-time engagement with users.

One user took to YouTube to voice her frustrations over the sudden shutdown.

Kaytlyn Stewart took to YouTube to voice her concerns and frustrations about the abrupt shutdown  Stewart was a regular user the streaming platform, so she’s unhappy that she had to migrate over to

Stewart also says that she wasn’t receiving any likes, comments, or viewers.  This turns out to be a bug/glitch on’s end, as the migration from one platform to another hasn’t been a smooth process.  Indeed, support for’s features within are being rolled out steadily and in sections.

Looking ahead, is spending $50 million to grow its creator community.  But they’ve been under fire for very poor content moderation capabilities.  With celebrities like Elton John putting in their two cents on hate speech on social media, content moderation is becoming increasingly critical.

In the case, the content moderation option is far more important because most users are underage.  Many are teenagers, but a very large percentage are children.

The exponentially growing social media platform now has 200 million registered users, with 60 million counting as active monthly users.