Mac Miller Performs "Hurt Feelings" Live At The Hotel Café: Watch

Mac Miller’s Swimming Tour with Thundercat & J.I.D begins on October 27th, until then you can feast your eyes on what you could be missing. The following live performance “Hurt Feelings” was recorded at The Hotel Café in Hollywood where he showcased his latest album to a smattering grown folks seated at tables. The tour itself promises to be less intimate, and regrettably so, because as you’ll come to see: Swimming is best served in a relaxed atmosphere slightly more kinetic than a poetry reading, but less boisterous than a college campus setting. Quite fittingly, The Hotel Café fancies itself a “cozy spot (that) boasts a full bar & small bites,” perfectly suited for singer-songwriter types on the brink going pop.

Mac Miller’s rendition “Hurt Feelings” sees him complete his overhaul with a complete rhythm section musicians, even the drummer has a wind chimes set up on the left hand side. By virtue his choosing J.I.D and Thundercat to accompanying, it’ would appear unlikely Mac Miller will have live musicians on hand come October, there simply isn’t enough time or $ to make those consolidations. Those who were lucky see his unplugged gig at The Hotel Café in August were likely being treated to a one-f experience.

Tickets for the Swimming Tour can be purchased right here.

Tinashe Creates New Vibe For "No Drama" In Acoustic Performance

Tinashe has posted a short clip her stripped down performance “No Drama,” on her Instagram account. We have been lucky enough to unearth a full version for your eyes and ears. Tinashe begins by explaining the new arrangement, by way stripping the song down with live instrumentation, and increasing her vocal output in lieu Offset’s absence in this exclusive version.  

Shades purple envelope the group as they perform to a private audience. The standard trap 808s are replaced with a complete and varied drum performance. The musicians collaborate effectively in confidence Tinashe’s vocal lead. It’s no secret that her music is best appreciated by a somewhat discerning audience. Her “nocturnal electronic sensibility” is most comprehensible when the freedom the musical ear is left undeterred.

This session is part the “SONY Lost In Music” series. The series aims to defamiliarize audiences with “unforgettable new musical experiences” their favorite artists.

Watch as Tinashe takes her show on the road to SXSW this weekend. “No Drama”comes f Tinashe’s upcoming sophomore release Joyride. Check out the session for yourself.