Offset Accepts Cardi B's Rap Battle Challenge: "Can't Wait To End This"

Offset has accepted his wifey’s problem to a rap battle. “Can’t wait to finish this, as soon as and for all @IAmCardiB. See you on @TikTookay tomorrow at 12p PST,” he wrote on Instagram in response to Cardi B’s problem.

Offset and Cardi B can be going bar-for-bar tomorrow on the TikTookay app which is a social media platform designed to create and share movies in addition to livestream. 

“You gon’ be the choose tomorrow to see who’s the higher rapper, me or my spouse, Cardi. Tomorrow, verify us out on the TikTookay app,” he mentioned. “Yessir, tomorrow who gon’ be the higher rapper. You know who gon’ take it house.”

Cardi B initially challenged Offset on Instagram yesterday and mentioned that the loser the battle has to purchase the Christmas decorations for each their properties in Atlanta and New York City.

Aside from the rap battle along with his spouse, Offset is gearing up because the final member the Migos to launch a solo undertaking this 12 months. The rapper has but to share the title or tracklist, however he did reveal that he’ll be holding down the complete undertaking on his personal and not using a single characteristic. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Offset and Cardi B can be livestreaming their rap battle on the TikTookay app at three p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST. 

Lil Xan Doubles Down On Tupac Comments: "What I Said Is What I Said"

Unfortunately for Lil Xan, the comments he made about Tupac during an interview early this year will likely follow him around for the remainder his music career. Tupac is a legend and, especially in hip-hop, it’s important to respect the people who paved the way for you. When he rated Pac’s clout as a two out ten and called his music “boring,” many who would have otherwise given him a chance completely shunned him. Some members the community even “banned” him from the game. For some reason, after working to redeem himself last week, he’s going back to the Tupac fiasco and digging himself an even larger hole.

“I did not do anything,” said Xan during an Instagram Live session. “After the Tupac shit, y’all literally acted like Tupac was your goddamn granddaddy.” The artist acknowledged that Pac is a legend but he went on to defend his controversial comments during the live stream. He continued, “What the fuck? When I said that Tupac shit, y’all acted like you were suckin’ on that guy’s dick or some shit. What I said is what I said. They cut the interview, but I don’t give a fuck.”

Whether or not they altered the interview, it’s odd to hear him still talking about this months after it happened. He should probably consider letting it go and allowing people time to forget it even happened because if he keeps bringing it up, fans will likely continue to get even angrier. Just a tip.

Aretha Franklin's Funeral In Detroit Is Being Live-Streamed

Aretha Franklin’s passing earlier this month was a tragic moment in the music community. The Queen Soul was a major influence for so many artists around the world, bringing her powerful voice to the playlists so many throughout her career. With fans still mourning her loss, the late singer is being laid to rest today in Detroit and a star-studded line-up is set to honor the star’s life. Opting to celebrate the accomplishments in her life rather than dwelling on her departure, the family enlisted a bunch big names from Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill and The Clark Sisters to Ariana Grande.

Anybody wishing to witness the moment as they bid farewell to one the greatest singers in modern memory is able to do so as the funeral is being broadcast live by several outlets, which TMZ is taking part in. At the moment, guests are making their way in and taking their seats as the performances are set to begin soon. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are being prominently featured on TMZ’s stream as they shake hands with Bill Clinton and others.

Aretha Franklin passed away at the age 76 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Rest in Peace to the Queen Soul.

Livestream Teyana Taylor’s "KTSE" Album Listening Event

Just Like the previous three weeks with Ye, Kids See Ghosts, & Nasir, G.O.O.D Music’s Teyana Taylor is hosting a live listening event tonight in Los Angeles for her new album KSTE, which stands for Keep The Same Energy, and luckily it’s being streamed online again. But rather than going through the Wav app or even Youtube like the past couple weeks, Teyana is live streaming her album straight from Twitter, which you can watch right here. 

Unfortunately, there’s still very little information known about the album, outside a possible Lauryn Hill feature, but Def Jam did just share a clip from the listening event earlier that finds T talking about the meaning the project.

“You know you have people that love you and people that like kinda shit on you. People that don’t believe in you and all these other things. And its like when they heard that Kanye was doing my album, they was like ‘nobody wants to hear a Teyana Taylor album.’ Those are people’s exact words. And to keep saying that on twitter and to be honest. was like ‘you know what I want everybody to keep that same energy’ when this album drop,” she says.

While we wait for the ficial album to arrive, check out the livestream it first RIGHT HERE ON TWITTER. Stream expected to start at 11 PM PST, so it’s going to be a late one.

Update: Kim just tweeted out that Kanye has been putting the finishes touches to T’s album while flying back from Paris tonight. She also said it’s “soooo good.” So maybe that’s why the livestream is starting so late because Kanye’s flight? Stay tuned.