Kevin Hart's First Appearance Since Oscars Dropout Is A Major Flex

Kevin Hart nearly tweeted himself out a job when addressing the criticism he acquired for some his previous tweets. Posts that have been deemed homophobic resurfaced on-line, with many social media customers in search of an apology from the comic. Hart did acknowledge the state of affairs and the upset with out fering any actual indicators regret. Although the entertainer will now not be internet hosting subsequent 12 months’s Oscar awards, he nonetheless has a lot to have fun.

The actor filmed himself whereas onstage in entrance an enormous crowd in Australia throughout his paradoxically named Irresponsible Tour. He expresses gratitude for his followers who’ve contributed to each his Aussie exhibits’ promoting out. His caption reads, “Making the world chortle is ceaselessly a precedence. Blessed to have the ability to convey laughter on a world stage and do what I like.” Kevin appears to stay unbothered by the backlash and the misplaced alternative it induced.

Fellow comedians have come to his protection lately. Nick Cannon identified the double requirements the trade by retweeting equally fensive content material printed by white feminine entertainers, posts that haven’t ushered adverse results into the ladies’s careers. Tony Rock additionally took time to elucidate the idea humor as inclusion.

Lil Duval Earns First Hot 100 Entry With "Living My Best Life"

Isn’t that something?

Comedian Lil Duval has earned a song in Billboard Hot 100 chart with his viral “Smile (Living My Best Life)” hit. The cut, featuring Snoop Dogg and Ball Greezy, debuts at No. 83 on the chart after reeling in 4 million U.S. streams and selling 4,000 downloads in the week ending August 30t, as indicated by Nielsen Music.

Already on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, it climbs from No. 48 to No. 34 while also debuting at No. 48 on the Radio Songs charts. Elsewhere on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart, he sits at the top 10 after moving from No. 11 to No. 9

For Ball Greezy, this also marks the “Nice & Slow” rapper’s first Billboard Hot 100 entry while Snoop Dogg tallies up his 41st career visit on the chart, marking the first time he’s been in the Hot 11 since 2015 when he, Bilal, Anna Wise, and Kendrick Lamar hit No. 99 with Kenny’s “Institutionalized.”

“It’s not about the money, it’s not about success. It’s about how you feel,” Duval previously explained the inspiration behind the track while speaking with Angie Martinez last month. “Even if they took everything from me, I’m still good. I don’t let money run me. I don’t let the fame run me. I let me run me, and all this other shit is a bonus.”

White Man Cleverly Avoids Lil Duval's "N-Word" Bait While Performing On Stage

A few months back, a snippet a young white girl using the N-word on stage during a Kendrick Lamar concert began circulating the internet. The girl meant no malice, as she was just repeating a Kendrick lyric. Still, the internet was split on their reactions. While some believed that the girl should have edited herself, others did not see the issue with quoting lyrics. While singing the N-word in the audience is one thing (who’s going to stop a packed stadium from singing along?), going on stage and dropping the controversial word is another thing altogether. Several internet warriors that defended the white girl argued that people don’t edit their lyrics, and it would be strange if they did. That hollow argument has been put to rest by one socially aware white man at a Lil Duval concert. 

Duval recently embarked on a comedy-fueled music career, and he was performing his single “Smile (Living My Best Life)” on stage with three fans this past weekend. The chorus to the song goes, “I’m living my best life, ain’t goin’ back and forth with you niggas.” Lil Duval holds the mic up for one girl to sing the chorus, which she blares out with confidence. Next, he approaches a dancing white man, who sings along until the N-word pops up. The Caucasian male halted his entire body movement as he edited the word out, proving that every muscle in his body was dedicated to not saying the N-word. After the brief pause, he continues to dance and wins the approval Lil Duval and the entire audience. 

Lil Duval Visits Breakfast Club, Hints At Retiring The Pimp Shtick For Someone "Special"

Comedian/entertainer Lil Duval was the latest guest to air on the Breakfast Club this past week. The panel watched in awe as Lil Duval spoke his decade-long journey to where he is today. Not until the age 41 had Duval experience “virality” in the “truest” form, not the fleeting joy a hard-won Twitter argument, but a solid month “virality” like he’s experiencing as we speak. His breakout single “Smile B*tch” has effectively championed the “living my best life” challenge, taking us briefly into orbit as we seek answers for the “moon landing,” among other things.

We learned that it was indeed DJ Envy that advised him to clean up “Smile B*tch” so it could reach a wider audience. Duval complied and the song went viral. Apparently the success the record led to a label him a contract he inevitably because he couldn’t fathom being “locked down” for ten albums, it simply worked against his lifestyle.

Lil Duval revealed that the new spark in his life is in fact a love interest, a woman he’s shared a romantic friendship with for years. Could this be the cuffing checkpoint in the timeline? Duval is the least bit romantic, but maybe  his hold over the “bro code” has loosened just a bit. Peep the rest the interview down below. Lil Duval does seem genuinely happy at this point his life.

Future Joins Lil Duval In Doing The "Living My Best Life" Challenge

Future is the latest celeb/rapper to take the Lil Duval “Living My Best Life” challenge to heart. The Atlanta heavyweight jumped on Instagram and bbegan documenting his leisure suite, a series vignettes which included a ton wasted liquor, an improvisational piano set, and the boarding a private jet.

Every step the way, Future sang “I’m Living My Best,” words bestowed to the World by Lil Duval in his new song “Smile B*tch.” The record has spurred a bunch “socially acceptable” stunts including one by Duval himself where he smokes a joint in a department store. 

Future has earned his vacation time after pulling f a series orchestrated maneuvers. First he curated both sides to the Superfly soundtrack, performing on a great number the songs. It was his first experience in an executive role other this day-to-day functions as the CEO  Freebandz, a subsidiary Sony Music. 

Then on July 6th he unveiled Beastmode 2, the follow up to his genre-defining collaboration with producer Zaytoven. So when you see the usually reserved Future Hendricks pouring expensive liquor into a wading pool, know for certain he’s earned his right to say, “I’m not going back and forth with you ******, I’m living my best life.”