Chloe Sevigny And Kristen Stewart Recreate a Centuries-Old Murder In "Lizzie"

A trailer has debuted for the new movie Lizzie, starring Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny. The movie is based on the well-known story Lizzie Borden who, in the 19th century, stood trial for murdering her parents by repeatedly chopping them with a hatchet. She wasn’t convicted and returned to live in the town where the killing took place.

Up until the present day people have still been wondering if Lizzie did it; the case has been dissected for years and has already a a screen adaptation in the form the TV series Lizzie Borden Took An Ax, and now the movie, which gives us an answer: yes. The trailer shows Sevigny (who plays Lizzie) quite clearly chopping someone to bits, with blood splattering on her naked body and that her lover Bridget, played by Kristen Stewart. 

As for the real case, Sevigny said, in an interview on the red carpet the Sundance Film Festival, where the movie premiered, “I’d be really horrified if she did and really disappointed if she didn’t.”

The movie is set to release in the fall and the anticipation is already high. Check out the trailer below: