Desiigner Was Dropping Single Until "Real Life Problems" Landed Him In Hospital

Desiigner was minutes away from dropping “2 On” and then the boards came suddenly crashing. Not only did the song not come out as expected but Desiigner ended up in the ICU with a sanitary mask on his muzzle. I’ll let this message  Instagram do his bidding:

So essentially Desiigner was admitted to a clinic or hospital for an unspecified, in the words his handlers. If Desiigner was too weakened by his mystery illness and instructed his handlers to do his bidding, it would be safe to mark the condition his health as grave. “On 2” first appeared on his IG page as a snippet, but has since been taken down. Those who listened to the clip bore witness to Desiigner exclaiming “Still got broads in Atlanta,” as if it were the natural successor to “Panda.” But rest assured, Desiigner is prone to tardiness, so reserve your judgement until we see a little forward movement.

Get well soon!