Rihanna Goes Braless Under Her Killer NYE Gown

Rihanna has been serving tasty appears since she landed within the sport as a candy island lady. Of course, the singer has gone dangerous since these early good lady days and he or she’s received the fashion to match. Her newest eye-catching look was the outfit she rocked throughout New Years’ Eve. RiRi’s form-fitting gown alone was worthy conjuring “Wild Thoughts” and her determination to let the ladies ring within the new period in freedom took the slaying to increased ranges intercourse enchantment. No surprise she’s the one who received away to a couple (kind ) eligible bachelors. Then she made the heart-breaker swag look easy, topping it f with a fur coat worn f one shoulder and classic shades. View the diva-like gear beneath.

Stunting on everybody together with her trend decisions is only one the various parts Rihanna is ready to convey forth this yr. The entrepreneur simply launched new merchandise for her Fenty cosmetics model. She can be planning to roll out her long-awaited album. According to her vocal producer, it sounds “superb” and will likely be well worth the wait. If the entertainer’s upcoming music challenge sounds something like her latest look, followers are in for one jaw-dropping deal with.

Looks Like Spotify Is Testing Out an Apple Watch App

Apple Watch followers have been pining for an official Spotify app for the gadget for just a few years now, however to no avail.

Now, it seems to be like Spotify is testing an Apple Watch app within the newest TestFlight construct.  It contains an Apple Watch app that has just a few restricted options — however nonetheless seems to be promising.

For now, the characteristic is proscribed to a beta implementation, although we are able to get an concept of what the interface seems to be like by means of leaked screenshots.

"Fortnite" Week 10 Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Locations Revealed

The fifth season  Fortnite is drawing to a close, and gamers are completing the last the challenges. Currently, there’s a cube rolling around the map, sparking several theories including the destruction a city and the creation a lava lake. While gamers wait to see what developer Epic Games has up their sleeve for the cube and the next season, there’s one challenge that has become an irritating task. Unless, you have all the directions. 

Epic Games has tasked players with finding 7 jigsaw puzzle pieces in various basements across the map. While a few the basement locations are obvious, locating all seven puzzle pieces is frustrating without a guide. Luckily, we have found a guide for you. You can check out the visual map over at Forbes, or follow their written locations below.

West Shifty Shafts – There are two houses, the one to the south has a puzzle piece in the basement

In Snobby Shores – The second most north house has a basement with a puzzle piece

South Snobby Shores – There are two houses south Snobby, the south most one has a puzzle piece in the basement

Greasy Grove – The main restaurant in Greasy Grove has a basement with a puzzle piece

South Greasy Grove – There is a house on a hill decently far south Greasy Grove that barely even looks like a house, but it has a puzzle piece in the basement.

All Around Risky Reels – There are houses with basements all around Risky Reels to the north, west, south, etc. All should have puzzle pieces

Pleasant Park – There should be a puzzle piece in a basement in a house on the western edge

West Retail Row – There is a house with a basement and puzzle piece a little west Retail Row

Nicki Minaj Showcases The Evolution Of Her Eccentric Style In TBT Photos

Nicki Minaj is not at all the person she was a few years ago. Once upon a time, the artist would opt for shock-worthy costumes à la Lady Gaga in order to get people talking about her. The earlier days her career were filled with colorful looks and eye-catching wigs and although she will still get creative with her style choices, Nicki is much more conservative with her fashion these days. Even that is saying a lot because she’s still one the stars that take the most risks with her looks, even in 2018. With this year being a major one for her in terms the release the long-awaited Queen, the matriarch the Barbs was in a reflective mood yesterday as she showed f a handful her most memorable looks over the years.

She still rocks plenty different hairstyles but after going through a few her favorite moments her career, Nicki is much more reserved in terms her color palette. From lime-green and neon pink looks to the memorable leopard-print locks she rocked, Minaj went through nearly a decade moments to choose just a few to feature in her Instagram gallery. Captioning the post, “Colorful hair don’t care,” the starlet quoted herself from 6ix9ine’s track “FEFE,” which seems incredibly fitting given the content being shared.

As she faces a lot criticism due to the rollout her most recent album and her comments after being “snubbed” at the top spot on Billboard, Nicki’s Queen Radio is seeing a large surge in listeners as she proves to still be one the most controversial artists today.

Mom Achieves "Sex Doll" Look After Major Plastic Surgery: "New Lease Of Life"

Hooked on The Look introduces audiences to a woman from Manchester who has a particular sense style. Cindy Moore’s preferences extend past her fashion choices to her fondness plastic surgery. Thanks to her obsession with a particular aesthetic, she has succeeded in giving herself the appearance a life-sized sex doll.

Moore explains that her current appearance wasn’t exactly premeditated.

Her mom approves at least part her choices.

After the short introduction, Mandy shows f some her assets as she bends over her drawers to pull out some her kinkiest outfits, including a pink “best handjob in town” t-shirt.

Moore, a mother two, is also a businesswoman. She has her own clothing line called Bad Doll as well as a store called Diamond Boutique. Cindy more is enjoying her “new lease life” after having lost a considerable amount weight. Her Instagram selfies are infused with a deeper meaning.

Nicky Minaj Fires Entire Glam Team & Hires SZA's Hairstylist

The past few months have been pretty rough for Nicki Minaj. The stress her album rollout culminated in disappointment and drama. Her first major appearance at the VMAs didn’t get rave reviews either. Her hairstyle earned the artist some harsh criticism. It seems like Nicky is looking to avoid this type situation by wiping out her glam team and hiring skilled replacements.

Her fans had been urging her to ditch the person who was responsible for her mullets and hire a stylist known as Arrogant Tae. She finally gave in.

Her fans were quite happy about her decision and celebrated with some pettiness.

The stylist, who is responsible for SZA’s green “slime” look, shared the news with his following. The artist literally thanks god for the new opportunity.

Post Malone On Fans Wanting Him On "Queer Eye": "They Think I'm Ugly & Smell"

Post Malone is definitely one the most extravagant characters in hip-hop today. While he chooses not to engage in much the dramatic rap beef that has become common on social media today, he does comment on daily happenings on an intermittent basis. With his star power growing after dropping one the most successful albums the year in beerbongs & bentleys, the recording artist continues to add more facial ink in his goal to piss f his mother.

Post has always had a grungy aesthetic, striving while looking like he hasn’t showered in a week. While many people assume he smells like a mix cigarettes, beer and sweat from the way he presents himself, the same critics have probably never been up close to him. Those who do want Malone to get a makeover resorted to practically begging the “Queer Eye” cast to spruce up his look and the demand was so apparent that one the show’s personalities actually asked what was going on. Post replied directly to Karamo Brown with the reason why everyone seems to want him on the show and his answer was as self-aware as it gets.

The “Rockstar” singer wrote, “they just think I’m ugly and smell lol,” before explaining that he didn’t request an appearance on the program despite being a fan. “Love the show tho guys, keep crushing it,” ended Posty. Who are we to judge when Post is making bank and living his best life looking the way he does. If he’s happy, we’re happy. Keep doing you, Post.

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

The Weeknd is fering fans the chance to own one-time only apparel based around his My Dear Melancholy album. The merch drop will only be available for 4 whole days. The 7-piece collection comes replete with memorable lyrics and artwork associated with the EP. The aforementioned elements will be cut and sewn together by hand, including a custom vest entirely outfitted by Levi Strauss & Co. All images have been provided by The Weeknd’s publicist the artist’s own portfolio.

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

 The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection


The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

My Dear Melancholy went straight to number one upon its release at the end March/beginning April. The EP primarily produced by Frank Dukes, explores dark subject matter made apparent at first glance once you see the cover piece. Even the merch line denotes the darker tendencies the Toronto artist.

A rougher textural quality, interwoven fabric and an oversized fit are all elements that tie together his overall aesthetic. Between this capsule launch and the last, The Weeknd has demonstrated subtlety craft, no matter the medium he chooses to explore.

The Weeknd last emerged with a product line in preparation for his Starboy comic with Marvel. The STARBOY Vol. I Issue introduced us to a world in which the battle over good deeds is met with temptation. For his most recent unveiling, The Weeknd prepared a lookbook so potential buyers can see the wears in their prototypical form. Several the My Dear Melancholy-themed model shots are available below, courtesy The Weeknd’s publicist.

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

Just over 3 days and 20 hours remain. You can cop right here, if interested.

Jazmine Sullivan Lost 60 Pounds and Looks COMPLETELY Different

It’s a known fact that Jazmine Sullivan has one the most soulful voices in the industry. Though she doesn’t get the credit she deserves, she can belt out with the best them. Since she stepped on the scene with her 2008 hit, “Need U Bad,” she has proven that she has one the best voices in the game.

For as long as Jazmine has been in the industry, she’s had a voluptuous figure. But recently, the “Need U Bad” singer dropped a ton weight and looks completely different. You may have to do a double take…